Naruto & Sasuke.Jr Return! 😂 Naruto Group Chat!

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Sasuke Uchiha JR
im back and better.
Anthony Evans
damn naruto kick too children out his house aleast he wasnice about it
Naruto Uzumaki Lord 7th Hokage
1 hour late
MY VIEW!!!!!!!!!
Iwecream X
YESSS !!!!🤣😂🤣
Mxllz. 3x
Srry bro it’s been awhile and my phone got taken bro
Le Jayden
What happened to assume jr when he did that giraffe thing?
Yung Samz
Wowy its been ages since I last commented loool great video man concrats on 6k subs keep it up! :)
Le Jayden
What happened to sasuke jr when he did that giraffe thing
Hicham Bourouis
who here before 63 views
Hicham Bourouis
who here before 65 views
Balance Peace
Bruh again 😂😂😂😂
Aqua Boy Marco
My brain cells were broken by this video
3 hrs late
Kushina Uzumaki
Damn my grandson is bad
xPhantom xCFL
I thought this was dead then it came back out of no where and I didn’t get notified
Brandon Wolford
Make more of these
boruto uzumaki
Is it going to be a Boruto jr again
X Nateness420 X
Sup Pushy!I'm new to the group (as addressed by SmallMight)and I just wanted you to know that.Ill never let you guys down,I'm afully hilarious (not to be self sucky or anything...why did that sound wrong?)Anyways,in occasionally lazy,but it's all good in the hood!Peace Pushy✌️✌️✌️🤘🤘🤘💯💯💯
Masashi Kishimoto
naruto vs Sasuke William
Hey guys
AJ The Skittle God
Hey bro sorry 3 hours late but can u tell me whaf you use edit and tell me if u edited on laptop cause i want to be a youtuber that dose texting so.. ye i left a like bye~ edit: pls reply
Pizza Boy
What app is this
boruto uzumaki
Naruto is op as crap
I'm 101 your welcome
Texting Uchiha
Reversalz Faded
these are cancer
Oh shii I go into my closet and find my son in there eating mr noodle packets says he been in there for 4-5 months while narutos son been crushed by Chou Chou fat ass and ran over by me I mean a car that’s why it’s been so quite around the house