Koragg Fights and Megazord Battles in Power Rangers Mystic Force | Legacy Wars

Koragg's Fights and Megazord Battles in Power Rangers Mystic Force. The Power Rangers face the fierce warrior Koragg in epic battles. Wolf Warrior is also featured in this video. You can now play as Koragg in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Check out the first look gameplay video: /> These scenes came from Power Rangers Mystic Force episodes. . #PowerRangers #GoGoPowerRangers #Hasbro Subscribe for More Power Rangers: /> Shop for Power Rangers here: />Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter: /> All-new episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers air on Nickelodeon.

Legendary Power Rangers
You can now play as Koragg in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Check out the first look gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qCZDjCyddE
One of the coolest villains in all of Power Rangers. He made us really love Mystic Force
Mighty Rudra
In my childhood i knew corrag was villain but still i liked him because of his Badass "ATTITUDE".
Deadbeat King
Damn my childhood was amazing
Me Again
Say what you want about Mystic Force, its still better than anything Saban has put out lately.
disney era power rangers
best villain in mystic force.
Koragg is such a legend
Remember loving it back in the days. Now watching this gives me mix of fan and cringe xD
DragonSkillz XD
How many times does Koragg say 'Wolf Attack!'
Koragg is probably the coolest villain in the power rangers series. Just my opinion.
Hector Dubon
For being a red ranger, Nick has a pretty damn good villain voice
Denis Narcos
When anime meets real life .-.
Salmon Lamb
One of the Power Ranger badasses
Koragg is up there for one of the best villains in power rangers alongside the Psycho Rangers, Zenaku, Green Ranger, Titanium Ranger, Thunder Rangers and the White Ranger
Sabbir Rahman
Here is my childhood... miss u so much
Wolf knight: "You are defeated." Thanks, I didn't know that :D
Drago Ashblade
One of the reasons I like Koragg/Leanbow is he was honorable even though he was made to serve evil
Gameslayer 9000
I've drawn korrags sword its not perfect though
Danni walker
That background explosions never gets old 😏😏
Koragg sometimes forgets he has a shield
DragonSkillz XD
Koragg is basically shredder
DeAngelo McAllister
No wonder koragg only wanted to get the red mystic ranger instead of the whole team I mean nick is the only one who was able to take on koragg by him self and even the other four rangers as a team can't even beat him
adarsh s. Rajput
Koragg is my favourite vilian
Debopam Purakayastha
Koragg is like Katappa of Bahubali or like Karna of Mahabharat
G - Toney
My best Villan/Ranger of all time
Androzani84 Productions
I've got the toy of this guy in an attic somewhere.
Dyro V
Now we need one of Zen Aku if one wasn't already made.
Unknown '
Koragg vs. Zen Aku Who Would Win
Saurabh Tiwari
One of the favourite villain in power rangers History😈
Lev K
thumbnail looks like rick and carl meme
Grady Adair
19:44 Koragg needs to see the guys at Man at Arms to get him a new blade. :)
Al Boudreaux
How much y'all think Koragg's shield and sword of darkness going for these days?
Gameslayer 9000
And I believe in the heart of the cards
Grady Adair
2:12 Koragg must be all like "What in hell is that kind of horse?"
When I was younger I got Final Fantasy Garland vibes from him (Lowkey still get them because of the voice)
Jose Garnier
Wolf warrior vs spd ranger 100. Who was the more op help?
Carmen Setzer
Lost Soul
Note for who's not remember : korrag is the dad of the red ranger and the husband of the snow ranger and snow ranger is the mom of red ranger . but nobody of these know because of the ancient war when the red ranger was sended as a baby to the earth dimension saving his life by the mom . And koragg real color is dark red but when is purple is controlled by the dark magic of the villain of this series. After at the middle of the series everbody discover the truth and koragg become good. And solaire (the golden ranger) is a god and without his exisetence no ranger in all series can transform , dino, mystic,overdrive,ninja,samurai ecc.
It's Rottweiler!
My favorite enemy ranger
Rinkesh Patel
I heard wolf atk 100 time 😂😂😂
Amanique Ivey
Why can't the power rangers beat the korac
Lol it went from “we can take him” to “can’t we talk it over?” In a heartbeat.
Muhammad ThePirateGamer/coaster Lover
That Knight ranger look fire AF they need a whole power rangers knights of Columbus saga
pulukurimadhu pulukuri
Please upload all episodes of mystic force
Ilceia Rodrigues
eu ia. gosta. si. não. force. ingres
Muhammad ThePirateGamer/coaster Lover
I did not know mystic force was this fire the fighting is better than my all time favorite mighty Morphin lol
Ambar Dey
Mystic force will always remain best power Ranger series
vishnu Sudarsanam
People who love korag❤❤ raise your hands
Subrat Ghimire
Koragg is my favourite villain of power ranger
abhishek singh
Bike chalate me concentrate Karo gir Jaoge
Deni Boy
When I was a kid Koragg seemed so OP. The wolf attack always worked. He was so awesome
Justin Slim
Who would win?? Zenaku or koragg?
1-minute Tips
Koragg was the most badass villain
Ryan Wilson
Koragg in his 2nd megazord form reminds me of a machine form of Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh.
art master
sai raj goud
The defender of Truth 💪👏👈✌👌
Terry Kennedy
He missed! How does that hurt them??? This shit STILL hasn't changed
A really good villain and Lembo/ Wolf Warrior is the best one time wonder ranger.
Demon Gaming
The most powerful and respective evil is korragg
yoreka extentia
i have one question.. how strong is wolf attack?
sai raj goud
I say he is legend 😎👈
Julian Warren
If you think about it,Koragg was the Perfect Rival to Nick and helped him Grow as a Wizard
mAuT kA sAuDaGAr
Corrag's costume should be red instead purple
Timos Thomo
koragg the best worrior
Auston Wade
Nick vs leanbow reminds me of tko vs ko
Muhammad ThePirateGamer/coaster Lover
That last fight was epic AF
Veeru Sani
Vinod Hitler
Red karrog vs Blue karrog
Deepen B.K
It's my best show
sal west
pink ranger is kinda cute
Cuba Greece
You think you,re somcool hiya you,re was got recognise man
If we played a drinking game around power rangers first one would have to be take a shot for each time korag says wolf attack😂
Ansari Umar NAVED
I love this power renger mystic force
Sarbarim Terang
Ryukando's lighting eagle is with the ranger wtf
Davinder Singh Gold
Soo nice peles TV on show
sri sri Bud
Koragg is my all time favourite still in 2018
3:45 okay, that's pretty badass
Saurabh Gupta
This is the coolest villain in all power rangers
Stephanie Stephens
omg his sword bent at 6:04 hahahaha
Grady Adair
10:26 can't you just curb-stomp that guy?
I love the theme they gave Koragg
Watching this i just realized... Power Rangers is just live action anime! :D
Mohammed Rizwan
like this video
I wish Leanbow would kept the Wolf Warrior Powers of Koragg then the red one.
Karthick Optimus
How to download power rangers myrstic force episodes in English
Bad ass ranger that made purple go well in armour form, he and Daishi were awesome ranger designs back then, Bandai never really gave em show accurate figures, maybe Hasbro will.
Mostafa Boha
الفيديو ده جميل اوى اجمل فيديو في الكون😙😙😙
aboubakar keita
in the end of the dark wish arc, he give the rangers a second chance to redeem themselves, therefore, giving them his word, no cheating, or double cross, he keep his word on it.
raj navina
Yes I am like power ranger s
Drago Ashblade
The fights in this show were done well
Steve Hudson Magesh
Only for koragg i've watched mystic force
Saba Shaikh
Nice Wow👌🏿☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
ShaZaib Official
Koraggs theme gives me the chills
Mahesh Mahi
upload Telugu episodes
Mario Alberto Spartan
The red ranger sword get curved in the minute 5:31, it was wired.
Joyce Hayes
A wolf centaur......... 👌
Best battle of all time 34:00
Anis-Boss lahchaychi
I love power Ranges mistik foce❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍
kjayy Burks
You can do it