PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Olympic Sports Edition) | Rio 2016

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This week on People are Awesome we’re getting super excited for the Olympic Games in Rio and so we put together a quick compilation of our favorite Olympic sports clips! Including gymnastics, trampoline, taekwondo, football, tennis and more! Got a video you think we should feature next month? Submit it at: /> WATCH NEXT: People are Awesome 2016 - Best of the Year so Far />People are Awesome (Downhill Edition) />MUSIC: Title: F.O.O.L - Showdown iTunes Download Link: />Listen on Spotify: />Video Link: /> More People are Awesome: Facebook: />Instagram: />Vine: />Twitter: />Reddit: />VK: />PAA Spotify Playlist: />Licensing & business enquiries: [email protected] PEOPLE ARE AWESOME is the number one destination for amazing, original videos and compilations of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We feature all sorts of different extreme sports and activities other amazing feats, including parkour, skateboarding, tricking, cliff diving, wingsuit flying, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, acrobatics, calisthenics, cheerleading, freestyle football, basketball dunks, extreme pogo, freerunning, cycling, kayaking, frisbee trick shots, golf, martial arts, BASE jumping and many, many more a host of other action sports! Whether you’re searching in 2015 or any other year, check out our amazing and original action sports videos in HD where we show you why we think people are awesome!

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Willow Spector
im 15 and i cant even do a flip or standing upside down
Mikayeel mirza
You guys know a magic trick click this like button and it will turn blue!!!!
Fly High
If i did some meth i could probably do this stuff
ArnoId Schwarzenegger
At least I 'm good at esports ... :D
Lee Daebak
I'm good at throwing pokeballs. Could I be in this video too?
Nick M
I can't do any of that shit, but at least I won't catch Zika...
I can walk to these places to see people better than me at these. Good enough?
People are Awesome
what's your favorite Olympic event?
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simon Ståhl
People are awesome
giorgi dvalidze
And i am too lazy to get up and make myself a sandwich
Calvin Krause
Gymnastics is lyyyfe
Blood Broz
funny how there wasnt any Rio footage...
Is cheer an olympic sport? O.o
Paard Paard Paard
Where are the showjumpers? Dressage riders? Xc riders?
Ray Wang
00:09 lol so troll
Rachel Halgren
1:38 Emma Rester is so amazing and cute!
Aylee Rocks
The first one
corinne balogach
None of the gymnastics is from rio and none of them are as high as Olympic level skills
elfen lissi
keeley hannason
I can do the gymnastics....but they should do a gymnastics video version
The olympics are kinda just People Are Awesome Live
I can't even walk straight!!! jeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz
Alice Soleng
Nerd Life
im really disappointed in this video. i can do half of these stunts myself. i want to see video of peopke doing stuff that seems nearly impossible. step up your game peopleareawesome.
Britney Lee
Can you please do a cheerleading edition!! Because there was a cheer tumble pass in this video and thats just the beginning of what cheerleaders can do!!💕💕🎀
How can you dislike this?!?!?
I played the wii sports theme over this, it was amazing
Who else saw that dead guy at 2:25
Va Ho
People are just awsome.
horsie H
Where is horse riding
Artur Gevorgyan
0:17 . 0:40 . 0:49 . 1:00 . 1:25 . 1:30 . 2:01 . 2:04 . 2:12 . 2:17 . -> this gym is on Thessaloniki,Greece ! I'm going there for training ♥
Lucy Taylor
Whats do good about getting a football in a net? (1:36)
Definitely people are really awesome of each field of sport they are into. This is a great compilation video for all the players who do in sports.
Aaish Ashraf
people are awsome
crazy video
Awesome talents
Братья Приходько рыбалка мастерство природа
Молодцы какие)
Connor Duquette
0:31 What, is he just going to do a flip on a trampoline? That's not that impressive, I bet I could.... oh. Oh. *Oh.*
Brooklyn and Tianna plays
*Me watching them and I said to my self I need to be athletic out loud and my mom says"how about not sit on the couch with your PJ's on and potato chips in your hand watching Staranger Things on tv then you can be athletic*
Eric Balben
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sorry m8
I saw three sports, one pole vault, one javelin, and the rest were gymnastics.
Mark Parish
salut bonne année 1955 , je suis Joseph et je suis le premier utilisateurs de Internet explorer , je fait actuellement un lets play sur pong, la vidéo sortira prochainement, merci a vous et abonnez vous a ma chaine tontube
Buggs Logic
Isn't using monstercat songs not allowed unless if you pay for their subscription. I thought you weren't allowed to just put the link and detials in anymore?
S. Lawrence
And I'm just sitting here on my couch eating Nutella chocolate chip shortbread cookies......
💛💞💞💞💛👣🇺🇸👣 Thanks for sharing....... (Guy******************* love it, wow=>96%🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷).... NEVER GIVE UP . May God bless for them and All🌴🍏🍌...
Iznovr Gamer
Alvin And The ChipMunks Music
so cool to see how people can I would not do so quickly it yourself ! And I love these kinds of movies !
Stray Cat
Like... I can do a roll, that's all xD These people are amazingly talented and I admire their hard work so much <3
Zea Moore
Poole vaulting is and will always be my favorite Athletics event. The physics, physique and technique of it is nothing short of incredible.
Juan Andresd
Aj Taylor
People are doing all these cool things and I can't even walk right 😐
Kye Furrie
Why is so much of it gymnastics? What about bmx? Archery? Equestrian? Come on guys get creative
Welp, time to hit the gym! This was just too cool to sit still afterwards lol Thanks for uploading this!
00 7
Lol more then half of it is not rio olympics videos
vaibhav pai
Video is awesome what's the music name is anybody????
yeet the meat
All these people doin sick tricks while im here tryna accomplish this crap normally
I wish I found a passion when I was a kid, so I could do this kinda thing
Gymnastics was easily the most difficult and time consuming sport I have ever done. Fun and rewarding, but difficult.
alles klar
0:55 looks like Martin Ødegaard
Андрей Дан
we're judo
that one guy
once being lazy and not moving from your chair is an olympic sport. i might have a chance to win.
Tadeáš Plicka
??????how they do that???
Matthew Rudzinski
Half of this stuff doesn't even take skill!!!
David Miller
We need to get some female gymnasts into tricking.
gabriel mello
Taekwondo Edition pls
Gustavo Alvarado
song name plz
Kieran Bongers
F.O.O.L.... Gotta love the music.
Vicky Mathur
My favourite Olympic event is gymnastics
Χριστόφορος Τούντας
The correct name of the channel I think it must be “SOME PEOPLE ARE AWESOME ”!!But definitely excellent work! Congratulations!!!!!
Paz Lindo
all of them are amazing!!!
Mr. Tibly
These videos just make me feel bad about my self Rip
Sounds like they mixed in some of Who Wants to Party in there :D
Andrew Tarnavsky
Last time I was this early I was never early
Natsu _Dl
The Last One Is Ppeeerrffeeccttt
S.B_B.B Films
will you reply
Kris A
This shows many positive aspects of humanity, primarily health, talent and skills,.. there're many sides to humanity that aren't so noteworthy, lest we forget.
well free running must be an olympic sport
ORLY cheerleading is an Olympic sport now?
Like si has visto a Delantero09 en el 1:35
Edgley Santos
Hong Heng
are these humans?
I've been crying ever since Klance was made canon
Hey, you wanna make this more awesome? Type awesome then click play.
I suddenly feel very self-caucus
L St
Windsurfing is Olympic? Thats quite cool.
Nice title, none of these clicks are from Rio 2016
Uh, I can swim a 32.94 for a 50 freestyle, is that good?
Fabsch Ku98
1:49 hamburg ⚓️❤️
انت مالك
The best video ever
Malte Mejlsing
Why did I eat candy while watching this
gonna attempt this, make sure to call the ambulance asap!
Manthos Gaitanos
2:26 tanner braungardt
Dominic Gartner
its soo cooooool
And I'm over here feeling like a boss for hitting no scope in call of duty