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The runner/messenger ran from the battle of Marathon to Athens. It was 26 miles. Thats what marathons are based after. When he arrived in Athens he yelled "Nike" meaning 'victory'. Thats where Nike clothing named themselves.
I woulda been killed at birth😖
wahamba kamba
"Number's alone can't guarantee victory" Tell that to Stalin
Kian M.Tamar
Fun Fact: 300 is only 15 minutes long if played at normal speed and not in *slow-motion.*
Fun fact only 299 Spartans died because 1 left
But just how historically accurate was the SLO MO?
Prince Sheo
The main reason why the Persians had much less armour wasn't because of technological inferiority but because of their home territorys conditions and their tactics. Persia was mostly full of vast plains and deserts with a few mountain ranges and hills that have long since been safe from any sort of invasion, so their soldiers wore light armour and brought lighter weapons because they had to run and maneuver constantly in battles. This became a massive detriment to them whenever they invaded Greece because all of the battles there were in much smaller and tighter confines with mountains, hills, rivers, lakes and the very sea preventing them from being a mobile force, their preferred strategy and the strategy they've been equipped for.
The Angry Badger 2506
“Spartans never die. They’re just missing in action.” - Catherine Halsey from the ‘Halo’ series
Martin Anthonyo
Spartan women are actually more than just baby producers, they were super rich. When a spartan husband dies, which happens a lot to a warrior nation state, inherited his wealth, to his wife. And when that wife dies, her children inherited the wealth, and if one of the children are daughters, then they'll get it too. And when the daughters marry a man, with pockets full from inheritance money, when the man she married dies, she inherits his wealth. And this happens over generations, and women of sparta became very rich, and even the kings would make loans to the spartan women just to get by.
Robert Gaudreault
Quick thing, as someone else who has studied the history of Sparta I just want to point out a few things: First of all Spartan society was primarily based around war and had every kid train for it from the age of 7, however, the Spartans saw this as one of the highest honours they could receive. It is impossible to record how the Spartan children thought of the agoge but there's no recorded history of them rejecting it or even their parents rejecting it at any point in society. It is important to keep in mind that people were exposed to war and death a lot more often in those times so it did not seem as bad as it does today, this goes with the pederasty, the Spartans believed the strength of a man was in his sperm so the whole thing was meant for educational purposes alone (it was even a crime for the teacher to develop feelings from the child). Another glaring issue I saw was that the Spartans were recorded to have a very civil society, it is theorized that the Spartan men were not angered as easily because any rage they had they took out on the battlefield, they were probably subjected to harsh environments while at war but there's nothing to prove this. There is a lot more to say but these just seemed like a few misunderstandings, thats all
the persians were actually really good people even by todays standards
The Geek Crusade
Video starts at 0:57 after that ridiculous, unnecessarily long intro.
BIG Dave
Its understandable that Xerxes and the Persian empire were portrayed badly in this western film. The Persians were actually seriously enlightened, slavery was a crime for example and social mobility was actually a thing. Persia made Rome look barbaric.
Rage Quit
so your saying sparta was camping?
Robert McMillan
Numbers don't beat superior tech? Soviet Russia disagrees.
Tom Brady
Who’s here from Assassins Creed Odyssey
Yeah.... NO. You've mistaken history for 2500 year old propaganda poorly translated and exaggerated. Spartans were originally island raiders who invaded the area around Sparta and enslaved the Greek inhabitants making them the lowest caste in the caste hierarchy. This made the spartan citizens extremely wealthy and very paranoid of slave revolts. In terms of government the kings (there were 2) were functionally figure heads outside of war and the real power was in the hands of a council of old wealthy male oligarchs and fabulously wealthy buisnesswomen. The Spartan citizens were closer to nobility. They trained for war like almost every Greek city state but the primary focus was education in fields like philosophy, dance, sports etc. in terms of foreign policy spartan was very reserved and relied on mercenaries, their famous generals and their allies. Athens was by far more aggressive and war focussed. In terms of the actual battle they would rotate out several city states armies holding the pass to let the others rest. The Spartans in fact were reluctant at first to go up against this force. Then after their successes they learned that the Persians had scouted another pass and so a handful of city states including Sparta's 300 (around 1200 total) decided to keep holding and died. Sparta with their fabulous wealth, borders more closed off than North Korea and paranoia of losses then went crazy with the propaganda and built their reputation up so much very few people directly challenged them and they almost never risked a pitch loss to break their propaganda. Then after a few hundred years of this going on their citizenry diminished as the hyper conservative government wouldn't lower standards and so they functionally became more and more overextended until Thebes beat them in the field killing around 30% of their entire citizenry and damaging their reputation so they soon after collapsed into basically actual North Korea.
One key decider was the famous Greek Phalanx formation of locked shields and long spears which proved invaluable not only for this battle, but also the eventual expansion of Alexander. The phalanx was so effective that it would remain so until the advent of the Roman Legion and its Manipular structure which was still in essense a form of the Phalanx. Even to this day, the phalanx is used in combat to some extent, seen extensively in crowd control tactics by police and paramilitary groups.
Ivan Su
If persia’s army were so weak, how did they conquer so much land?
Larry McMorris
Fun movie but is 98% BS
Andrew Pagliaro
Do the Bible next
For everyone who wonders about intro song; It's Escala - Palladio
Theforcer 1
14:42 TITS!!!!!!!!!!
Antonis Ano
You also forgot to mention how the infant spartans were bathed in wine, so the ones who survived supposedly had a better chance of becoming strong warriors. In addition during their trainning they used to drink blood(usually boar's) mixed with honey to supposedly develop stronger immune systems.
"That's gay!" "Yes sir, very gay!" XD I love you.
so did they wipe out their whole civilization and rape all of the fitness models? how much was the gym ticket?
For those who think that Persians *did* take slaves, or that Xerxes was the first king of Persia to permit slavery, that's completely false, Xerxes *never* permitted slavery, neither did any other king in during the Achaemenid dynasty. The only time period in which Persians took slaves was during the Sassanid dynasty, over 700 years after the battle of Thermopylae (the battle shown in the video). And even when they did permit slavery, they were Roman prisoners of war that were only used for farming, if they converted to Zoroastrianism (Persia's major religion at the time) they would be set free, and the owners, nonetheless, were forbidden to act violently towards their slave, they had to treat them humanely. Slaves also had other rights such as keeping gifts to them and they also had three-day breaks. The law also protected slaves, one of these laws was that: _No one may inflict upon slaves a fatal punishment for a single crime... Not even the king himself may slay anyone on the account of one crime._
Don't we do that too but with abortion instead. Hardly seems fair to criticize them for just killing off the defect children when we do it too. We just have the technology to detect defects and kill them before they come out.
queue the unnecessary 1 minute intro
greeks beautiful cultured and good persians bad Like seriously as a half Greek myself I am extremely bothered by how disgustingly inaccurate and biased this movie is. I was in fact so bothered that I [shit you not] left the movie middle ways that's the only time I've EVER done such thing.
LTrain 45
Most of this stuff about Sparta is not true. Just not true. Ridiculously inaccurate. This whole channel is just a guys opinion really
That86guy Patrick
I will say that yes the Spartan society was obviously pretty awful thing today standards but honestly things like that were pretty normal back then
Frost Dearwinter
300 Spartans and 15000 allied troops hold Persians for 2 days then Persians moved around them on another path, allies retreated to defend there homelands Spartans lost :p
This content is top quality you need more views.
Brent McClay
love 300. review was spot on.
Orlanzo Telfer
Great Video...and a Great movie.... I didn't look at it like it was being told from Dillios perspective ..even tho he was narrating the whole movie but it makes perfect sense..the Persians are soulless monsters...and the parts that he couldn't Kno about like the betrayal scean he just describes weird things like a goat head man playing a flute... Because that's the type of weird stuff he imagine would be happening in the Persian camp....again great video
A. M
The only thing in the 300 that's historically accurate is that Spartans fought Persia even then the Spartans didn't fought alone as thousands fighters from other Greek states were in the fight.
10:00 "That's gay" My god that made me laugh
What you say around 11 Minutes isnt fair... at Marathon there was not a real orderly battle... the greek heavy infantery waited hidden at the Dunes as the Persians landed their Ship,and then attacked Cavalery Soldiers who had their Armor and horses still under Deck,Archers who had no Arrows,Infantermen who dont had Shields or Spears.... it was an excellent Ambush and they slaughtered them at the Beach.... from Persian Perspective there was nothing which would have let them thought that their Army organisation is inferior...they just where attacked in the worst moment possible....
Anthro Productions -Theofilos Rigas
Where is the evidence for Leonidas and all his men having sexual relations with children or each other for that matter - point me to the ancient sources, the only ones that actually matter since our modern information comes from these primary sources. I think you will have difficulty finding some primary sources to support your claim.
Alex Burchartz
Kinda messed up the equipment thing. Its not that Persians were behind in Tech more that they were suited for a different kinda warfare, the comment on the Spartans being Heavy Infantry alludes to this but doesn't state it. Persians were made fro warfare in an open environment where Elements of an Army can move more swiftly and harass their enemies, their armor was made to reflect this being light and flexible. Persian soldiers were built for Speed Spartans for Strength
Xander Murdock
There were also 7000 allied Greeks with them at Thermopylae. A few of them stayed with Leonidas, out of emotion. The rest retreated, because Leonidas and the others who stayed held the line.
The Cool Persian
I see a lot of comments talking about how Nick didn't talk about this historical inaccuracy, or this historical inaccuracy, but if you watch the video Nick said how he wouldn't talk about all the historical inaccuracies because the movie's source material was a graphic novel and not history. Believe me, I know how inaccurate this movie is ;)
You missed one memorable fact about Spartans- every year they had a day where they would declare war on the Helots and could freely kill them without any religious accountability. They would go around surrounding territories and slaughter the strongest Helots. This was how they kept them as obedient slaves.
worst human being on earth
may i ask what the intro music is?
John Chaziris
History Buffs Nice video my friend, but i must say that the historical trouth about Spartan's homosexual affairs or pederasty says the opposite. Rhetors from Athens and their allies had accused Spartans (enemies) for pederasty. Xenophon of Athens (430 – 354 BC), a contemporary source, categorically denied any homosexuality in Sparta. Also Aristotle further complains that the lack of homosexuality in Sparta was responsible for the unacceptable way the Spartan women acted. Homosexuality was accepted mostly in the Democratic city states like Athens, Thebes, etc. but not in Sparta. n Laws, Plato takes a more austere stance to homosexuality, stating: ... one certainly should not fail to observe that when male unites with female for procreation the pleasure experienced is held to be due to nature, but contrary to nature when male mates with male or female with female, and that those first guilty of such enormities [the Cretans] were impelled by their slavery to pleasure. And we all accuse the Cretans of concocting the story about Ganymede. Strange thing is that, the ancient historians and Epic poets (before 6th century BC) don't mention homosexuality as something commonness in the time's social life, even in the Homeric version of Ganymedes myth. Another mistake is that Helen of Troy (Lacedaaemon) was in the Mycenaean period (about 1200 BC). The later militaristic state of Sparta established after the Dorians migration (after 1100 BC) estimated about 820 BC by Lycurgus the Spartan (the lawgiver- state reformer).
Little Mac
Thank you!!! Love the fact you told it like it is!!! The Spartans were jackassess and bullies!!
Rango's old dead chann
Couldn't stop laughing at the gay part
Neon Shadow
"300" was an awesome movie. It's an example of a film that actually got me to care about history. Historic movies usually bore me to death but after watching 300, I was interested in learning all I could about the real story. It should be noted that some things, such as the "Immortals" who are explained as demons in the movie, are also historically accurate. People of the time DID believe they were soulless monsters.
D Money 415
They were a special unit in the army that were 300 gay dude.
Ramin bt
This is so biased against the great Persian empire, first of all the Persian empire was the first civilization to abolish slavery and considered all men, women and children equal, had democratically elected governors, had jury controlled courts and even though Alexander the terrible burnt down all of their work and libraries we still know that they were centuries ahead of the rest of the ancient world, now compare that to the barbaric Spartans with their hundreds of thousands of slaves and Athens and their horrible human rights record and oppressive colonies and the thousands of needless deaths that happened during Alexander’s bloody rule you might just get a different picture
Spartan society sounds exactly like what humanity needs right now tbh.
So Greece had early Democracies and early Fascists, interesting.
Keith Graham
The reason the Spanish defeated the Aztec's because the Aztecs would not fight unless the shamen/seers/prophets gave good omens - they did not so the Aztecs waited - and died. If the omens had been good, history may be completely different.
James Rx
Omg so much intro. Awesome video tho :D your avatar toon reminds me of gummi bears the cartoon for some reason. Cheers!
The Outback Tinker
"that's gay".... ROFL
Madalin Grama
I don't like this movie.... But not because of its historical inacuracies. It's because more than 70% of the movie is just fighting, fighting and...more fighting. The fight scenes are great, don;t get me wrong, but it gets really boring after 40 minutes or so.
SiMing Meng
What's the name of the opening music?
William Phillips
Great video. The movie is fucking awesome
Erwin Rommel
romans had best comebacks from cimbrian wars to hannibal to sack of rome
Eric Coldfire
While both Sparta and Athens practiced "bashing shields" with young boys, the "Boy Lover" bit refers to how Athens would groom young boys and adolescent men to keep them looking young and "pure" by shaving facial and body hair. Once a Spartan adolescent reached an age to have said facial and body hair, he was deemed a man and off limits. Because of this restriction, Sparta was considered "bizarre" by the rest of the Greek world. In fact, Aristotle said the reason Spartan women were so "unruly" was because Spartan men, to paraphrase, weren't gay enough. And while on the subject of Ancient Greek Pedophilia, while Athens had women married off and pregnant as young as the age of 13, Spartan women were to wait until they were 18 before having children because it increased the chances of bearing a healthy baby.
Theofanis Lantzakis
You have totally misrepresented Spartan History. Your presentation here is so false that I wonder whether you got your information from Kitto's book 'The Greeks', in which he wrote about mutilation of boys and other concocted rubbish that was born in his sick brain. Regardless of that, you forgot to mention the most important fact about Spartan History... ie. If it wasn't for those Three Hundred men and their leader, you would be speaking a dialect of Persian and you wouldn't be able to make this presentation because there would be no Internet, no computers, no Electricity, etc., and all your female friends and family members, would be uneducated, imprisoned in their homes (probably a cave or tent) and genitally mutilated before puberty. Get your act together and stop looking down the sewer of History.
Chris mallis
5:45 thats COMPLETELY innacurate.. that funny diplomatic intrigue DID happen but not in the peloponessian war.. King Phillip of Macedon had thoughts of invading Sparta and destroying it since even though his kidgdom spanned across the whole Macedonia, he feared their warriors. After their reply, he never invaded Sparta
i swear you've got the most badass video intro of all time.
"That's gay."-Xerxes2k15
4:44 The brevity of Spartan speech lives on in the English word Laconic which means "concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious". Laconia was the region of Greece where the Spartans lived.
what about their 6500 greek states warriors that were in the war
Fact Check
Persians are known for having low IQ and with self beating, their brain work like a dog and scared like a cat.
spartan society nowadays , be like the totalitarian dystopia society of 1984 INSOC + starship trooper's Terran Federation , Would like to know more ?
The Gaming Kitchen
History channel needs to be in touch with you.
Brady Shaver
Can I make a point? At 5:40 that one liner is only partially true and out of context. First off if was king Phillip of Macedon who was challenging Sparta, not the Athenians. Secondly, if it were true that Sparta responded this way, Phillip likely scoffed at this response. It's important to note that by that time in history Sparta was dying. It's extremely conservative ways made them either unwilling or unable to make any major reforms in their society and change with the times. By then the Spartan army probably barely numbered more than 3k. The Spartans still relied on myths of their glorious final stand at Thermopylae and other historic battles to keep their image alive. But they were a dying breed and a shadow of their former glory. In fact Phillip probably didn't attack because he figured it wouldn't be worth it. Sparta had no particularly valuable land or resources so I was a waste of time to conquer her. Hell Sparta really was never conquered so much as it faded away under the weight of the growing empires around it. And then Rome came along and picked up the pieces.
Yiannis Mantheakis
Fun fact: only two kinds of spartans had their names on their graves: soldiers who died in battle and women who died while giving birth. Both were considered heroes . The reasons are obvious.
Sarah Higgs
Xerxes name in Hebrew Asheras (forgive my spelling) actually translates into English as Headache. Therefore his name is literally King Headache.
The Editor 21
Macedonia is greek btw why did you put it persian
Ektoras Orfanakos
History Buffs read some history before making a review. Agis one of kings of Sparta was cripple from birth ;) ! Pedophilia, homosexuality is a huge matter of discussion as different sources state different things (and reasons). You choose a side very easily without valid arguments. By putting Macedonia as a different country (ex. Lydia next to the map) you just differentiate a territory who spoke the same language with Greeks and worship the same gods. If you want to put something else you should write Thrace (you accurate History Buff you). Technological superior enemy? Dude for the love of god. Go back and read the basics. Persians except of amazing cultural civilization had extremely high technological knowledge. They were able to pass via a sea passage more than 300.000 people. The reason of metal against wood armor for example is due to completely different reasons from the ones you mention (different terrains, way of fighting, opponents in general, etc.). As you make all these reviews in order to "provide" knowledge to the world and "protect" them from propaganda maybe you should think twice about the information you provide.
Grahame Nicholson
Many gay historians agree. Yes I bet they do. I guess because the Arts contain a high proportion of gay men and we have only those accounts to go by that it is not surprising that a few of them contain allegations of buggery because gay men could not imagine being in a male environment surrounded by athletic men without plunging into each others anus's. However as an ex soldier and football player I can assure you that straight men have no problem seeing other athletic men and not desiring to bugger them or be buggered by them. So please I understand how in your mind a perfect world would be that all men would love man boy sex that is in your mind and the mind of homosexual pederasts only.
Dragon Dimosthenis
Fun fact: Leonidas was 68 years old in this battle
Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes
14:30 "Dishonourable to use guns, the samurai have been used to shooting eachother for 300 years so what the f**k was he talking about!?" - I laughed so hard
Devin McEvoy
Not to be that guy but I think you don't really have much of a grasp on this historical subject. Xerxes didn't spend 10 years preparing to invade Greece. He had to put down a revolt in Egypt just before he went to fight the Greeks. Darius the Great's plan was nearly complete when he died, but as they do, people revolted. Not only that but the Persians were used to fighting everyone else in the world aside from Greeks with their current weapon system. They used a massive amount of archers supported by a rank or two of light infantry holding short spears and shields. The entire Persian strategy was to whittle enemies down with arrow fire and then use their massively superior cavalry to ride them down once they broke or flank with them. Obviously the Spartans at Thermopole had a massive advantage in positioning and equipment. However, you don't just change all your gear and tactics of your entire military when you are winning every other fight you get into. Plus, lets not forget who won at the Hot Gates. Also, best not to forget who ended up fighting for who in the future. Far more Greek hoplites ended up fighting for the Persians in future wars. Persia didn't need to bet the Greeks in open combat. They just paid them to kill each other which was a ludicrously effective strategy. The Persian army eventually lost to the Greeks in later years but in the end it did pretty much nothing to their power and afterwards they just bought Greeks like toys and smashed them against each other. It's tempting to demonize the Persians because of the whole Eastern vs Western thing but looking at the facts changes how the whole story goes. Not until Alexander the Great came along and really whooped the shit out of the Persians did they have much of a hiccup in their near world domination. Not to mention that by the time of Alexander's death he had taken up the dress, fashion, and manners of the Persian king of kings, in Civ they call that a cultural victory. :P Love your stuff! Keep it truckin'!
as far back in childhood that my memory allows, i've been having the same dream sporadically. in that dream, i was with a bunch of strangers & we were intensely trying to protect someone. i didn't know who this person was but every ounce of fiber in my body was telling me to defend this individual at all cost. i remember feeling a great deal of anxiety or concern, an immense sense of desperation though i can't explain why. then in an instant, like it happened countless of times before, an arrow would always pierce my neck. i would stare at the arrowhead few inches from my face in total disbelief or shock that it went through me, then i'd wake up with heart razing.. every single time. this dream kept occurring throughout my adult & military life. then during the iraq war in '04 fallujah, i happened to pass by an abandoned storage room on base. at the corner of the floor, there was a dusty book titled Gates of Fire, i think it was left there by the previous unit that occupied the base. at first i didn't care because reading books bores me. then i realized how worse our down times were so i took it. it was about the spartans during the battle of thermopylae, told by an esquire. i've heard of the spartans from freshmen history class but never really paid any attention since i'm dozing off majority of the time. but a few days into the book, as i read the part about the remaining spartans trying to prevent the persians from obtaining leonidas' dead body. that very moment, for the first time in my life, i discovered something that i could relate my life long nightmares with. i couldn't believe the similarities in such emotional details. as if the author knew exactly what i was feeling during the nightmare. but perhaps the weirdest part of all, after finishing the book, the nightmares stopped. it's been nearly 15 years & the dream that haunted me since the dawn of my existence had ceased to exist. i still can't explain it to this very day.
Sorry for being blunt but I absolutely hate the animated thing you do at the beginning and end of your videos. The rest is great work, but the animation makes me feel like I'm watching a children's cartoon.
Timothy Issler
I could go on for hours about how bad that film is and I didn't even watch it! But since you didn't, I won't either. Keep up the reviews, Mr. Hodges and crew.
BratzernN Arntzen
This is way over-simplified and you provde little no to sources, I recall you mentioning Herodotus only. Firstly, Sparta is sure as hell glorified and made a legend by dramatics throughout history, with little evidence. They were strong at their peak, during the peloponnesian wars yes, but they had strong political allies within the peloponnesian region. Corinth and Argos most notably have had more reliable sources saying they were the strongest of the greek cities when it came to warfare. Secondly, the training of children from six years until they were adults was single-purposedly a measure of keeping the heliots repressed. Sure, the experience and tough skin helps in war, but they relied on mercenaries and allies as much as the other greek cities.
Swiftie Forever
What the hell is ''MACEDONIA''. I am done.
Lol... I watched that movie with my ex, who was indeed.... Drum roll.... Persian. She hated it. I liked it. Needless to say, it created problems down the road.
the Persians were actually the good guys. there were no slaves in Persia and every nation they conquered was given equal rights. unlike the Greeks who enslaved those that they conquered.
how could HISTORY BUFFS say that the spartans were the greatest warriors of ancient Greece?? it was widely held, even by the Spartans, that the sacred band of Thebes were the greatest warriors
1 minute intro? what the hell, dude
Megaroad Producciones
Please, please, do a historic review on Baahubali movies!!!
Alberto Guevara
You know at the end when all the arrows are going to kill Leonidas like 5 arrows hit him . Terrible aim
“Fine thrust” 😂
Every waking hour dedicated to the art of war i think thats a perfect society
lazyartist Last
fun fact, king Leonidas 1 was one of the few kings of Sparta to actually undergo spartan training. the King's First born son was exempt from the spartan training, and Leonidas, not being the first born was not exempt.
bonomaully kamlesh
Absolutely nonsense and bullshit. They were 300 for sure.
100 Subs No video challenge
Play at 1.25x speed
I'm so glad I stumbled on this. I'm playing through Assassin's Creed: Odyssey right now, set in ancient Greece and dealing with the internal wars between Sparta and Athens. Again, creative liberties are taken to provide the narrative, and I'm totally cool with that. I think this was very well done and well researched, and I'm also happy to know that you didn't pan the movie outright at the end. Frank Miller has such a wonderful way with the pen in his linework, and I'm glad that the film adaptations of his works have continued with that.
Giorgos Nikou
I am from sparta you motherf****
Helen of Troy was from Mycenean Sparta. Long before the Dorians came and made Sparta into a warrior culture.
Several facts that you left out: it was not only the 300 spartans that were there, but 300 spartans and other greeks that added up to 3000 men The Persians went into hand to hand combat the first two days and suffered heavy casualties because they wanted to "make a fair fight", while they have artilleries and archers, which they ended up to use on the third day while flanking from behind