History Buffs: 300

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"Number's alone can't guarantee victory" Tell that to Stalin
I woulda been killed at birth😖
savage 1269
Spartan kid: didn't kill 25 Persians in 5 seconds. Spartans: shame.
10:00 "That's gay" My god that made me laugh
"That's gay!" "Yes sir, very gay!" XD I love you.
Prince Sheo
The main reason why the Persians had much less armour wasn't because of technological inferiority but because of their home territorys conditions and their tactics. Persia was mostly full of vast plains and deserts with a few mountain ranges and hills that have long since been safe from any sort of invasion, so their soldiers wore light armour and brought lighter weapons because they had to run and maneuver constantly in battles. This became a massive detriment to them whenever they invaded Greece because all of the battles there were in much smaller and tighter confines with mountains, hills, rivers, lakes and the very sea preventing them from being a mobile force, their preferred strategy and the strategy they've been equipped for.
Martin Anthonyo
Spartan women are actually more than just baby producers, they were super rich. When a spartan husband dies, which happens a lot to a warrior nation state, inherited his wealth, to his wife. And when that wife dies, her children inherited the wealth, and if one of the children are daughters, then they'll get it too. And when the daughters marry a man, with pockets full from inheritance money, when the man she married dies, she inherits his wealth. And this happens over generations, and women of sparta became very rich, and even the kings would make loans to the spartan women just to get by.
Imagine training for all of this, and dying from a shot arrow.
How did Xerxes get Elephants before Cersei?
The Spartan one-liner quip is known in modern times as a laconic phrase, named after the land of Laconia where the city stood. Unlike the philosophy loving Athenians who were very fond of hearing the sound of their own voice, Spartans were notorious for not speaking more than was absolutely needed. Thus, they acquired the reputation of being simpeltons, despite the fact that Sparta produced two of the classical seven sages of ancient Greece. Here are a few classics : The "If" answer to Phillip of Macedon that was mentioned here was preceded by another exchange. When Phillip sent a menacing letter to Sparta, asking whether he should come as friend or foe, the Spartans responded with "Neither". When a neighboring city that has suffred a drought sent a delegation to Sparta asking for help, the delegates made a long and winded speech before the Spartan assembly, imploring for aid. The Spartans retorted that the speech was so long that by the end of it they could no longer remember the begining. The next day the delegates returned with an empty flour bag, pointed at it and said "This bag needs flour". To this the Spartans answered that they need not have said "this bag" - but nonetheless agreed to provide aid. When a famous Spartan king was being pestered by a man asking who is the perfect Spartan, he annoyingly replied "He who is least like you". It was known that the Spartans discouraged theur people from travelling abroad, fearing they would be spoiled by the affluence and customs of other city states. When an Athenian haughtingly pointed this out to a Spartan, the latter replied "But you, when you come to Sparta, do not become worse, but better." Sometimes other Greeks paid back in kind. When a man from the Italian Greek city of Sybaris, known for it's love of fine dining, came to Sparta, he was invited to eat with the warriors in their mess hall and sample their famous "black broth" - Spartan blood soup made with onion and vinegar. Tasting it, the man proclaimed "Now i understand why Spartans are so fearless in the face of death. Any sane man would rather die a thousand times than live like this".
Ethan Neylan
"numbers don't always win wars" Soviet union: Hold my beer
"Numbers alone can't guarantee Victory" Stalin: **doubt**
When xerxes lost at the battle of salamis, he was so pissed he ordered his men to whip the sea
Nik Nelson
I think you've overlooked the *real* masterpiece: _Meet the Spartans_ .
Skumo Mcbee
"That's Gay". - Xerxes
Brandon Liao
Bruh, that deformed Spartan looks like a flood carrier lmao
One key decider was the famous Greek Phalanx formation of locked shields and long spears which proved invaluable not only for this battle, but also the eventual expansion of Alexander. The phalanx was so effective that it would remain so until the advent of the Roman Legion and its Manipular structure which was still in essense a form of the Phalanx. Even to this day, the phalanx is used in combat to some extent, seen extensively in crowd control tactics by police and paramilitary groups.
"Our arrows will blot out the sun!" "Then we will fight in the shade" Me: "Oh burn!"
Dragon Dimosthenis
Fun fact: Leonidas was 68 years old in this battle
TedCIty GAMing
With all respect This is the same way Persians held Alexander for a week with a force numbering 500 soldiers against 400000 Macedonians for a week
Rick Maurer
Few points to answer your questions brought up about Xerxes and the Persian Army. 1. Like all absolute monarchies, the Persian Empire suffered from civil war and unrest every time the King died. Quickly, the various satraps and royal heirs would struggle to claim the throne. Xerxes was one of the many contenders and had to defeat them before focusing on Greece. 2. The Persian army was not a professional force maintained by a centralized state, but a polyglot army of various regions and satraps with their own language, weapons, and styles of fighting. The King really controlled his elite guard of Persian Immortals that served as heavy infantry and at a high cost to the Persian monarch. It can partly explain the disorganized and inept performance of this massive army against the Greeks. 3. The Persians were victims of their own success. Having eliminated all enemies, they had no competition and became complacent like all empires throughout history. Rather than learn and adapt, Persian rulers and generals preffered to employ Greek mercenaries particularly Spartans. It was this hubris that would end.with Alexanders march a century later. 4. One thing you didn't mention that I hated about the movie was the total lack of acknowledgement for Athens part in Thermopolye. Without the Athenian navy harassing Persian supply ships and keeping the Persian fleet transporting troops around the pass, the Spartans would easily have been cut off and crushed quickly. I personally thought a scene with the Athenians saying the Spartans may rule on land, but Athens rules the waves would have been great. Also a forshadowing of the future war between Athens and Sparta.
The runner/messenger ran from the battle of Marathon to Athens. It was 26 miles. Thats what marathons are based after. When he arrived in Athens he yelled "Nike" meaning 'victory'. Thats where Nike clothing named themselves.
Eric Coldfire
While both Sparta and Athens practiced "bashing shields" with young boys, the "Boy Lover" bit refers to how Athens would groom young boys and adolescent men to keep them looking young and "pure" by shaving facial and body hair. Once a Spartan adolescent reached an age to have said facial and body hair, he was deemed a man and off limits. Because of this restriction, Sparta was considered "bizarre" by the rest of the Greek world. In fact, Aristotle said the reason Spartan women were so "unruly" was because Spartan men, to paraphrase, weren't gay enough. And while on the subject of Ancient Greek Pedophilia, while Athens had women married off and pregnant as young as the age of 13, Spartan women were to wait until they were 18 before having children because it increased the chances of bearing a healthy baby.
DJ Founten
I can’t believe you still haven’t done Troy
The "Spartans, what is your profession?" line gives me absolute chills every time I see it.
But just how historically accurate was the SLO MO?
Michael carroll
At least it was historically correct in what King Leonidas looked like just like Gerard Butler!!!
Ed J
Just imagine hearing this 7:58 before, during or after a war as the opposing side, scary AF
lavar anthony
The only thing wrong with this video is he basically pronounce everything wrong , well majority
Tomas Juarez
That story about the war with Athens where the Spartans responded “If” was actually in response to the message described sent by King Phillip of Macedon(Alexander the Greats father) but all those one liners from the film and the famous THIS IS SPARTA scene are all real events except the Persian emissary was pushed down a well and not a giant pit
Fun fact only 299 Spartans died because 1 left
iceturtle 1025
I thought the “If” quote came in response to Phillip the 2nd of Macedon, not the Athenians
For everyone who wonders about intro song; It's Escala - Palladio
Dark Horse
Do one one the 1947 film "Battleground" a film about the 101st Airborne at Bastogne during the "Battle of the Bulge"? Beneath Hill 60.. Lost Battalion...
Chan Ho Woo
It must be pointed out that wicker shields aren't as weak as one might think. The way they were weaved made them extremely tough, so much so that they were even worn as padding. It was developed mostly as a product unique to the east where archery in warfare was more prominent, since wicker shields were excellent at blocking arrows. They were definitely not as effective as bronze shields, but they weren't trash. Eastern empires would continue to use wickerwork for centuries to come for a good reason. It was cheap and effective enough to do the job.
i swear you've got the most badass video intro of all time.
“Persian Ships, staggered line! They outnumber us 3-to-1!” “Then it is an even fight. All Athenians, attack at will! Burn their mongrel hides!”
Akram Jerab
EWW: History Buffs. 55 seconds of fu***ng intro! Ding!
Why Jay
9:19 Hey, the ancient Greeks didn't have smallpox vaccines.
Robert McMillan
Numbers don't beat superior tech? Soviet Russia disagrees.
Isaiah Lali
Spartans what is your profession?
William Mullaney
Gotta love a minute long intro
The Outback Tinker
"that's gay".... ROFL
Please do "Spartacus" show!
Quinn Stone
History buffs: "NuMbErS AlOnE dOnT wIn WaRs" Soviets: *Observe*
Isaiah Lali
"Then we will fight in the shade"
Deftones Dsm
You like this? Listen to "Dan Carlin's King of Kings" 3 part podcast. ITS AMAZING
Tappa Tappa
You like 300 but not Braveheart .....whaaaaaaaaaat
Bird Up
If y'all want a better fictitious Thermopylae story, read the novel Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. Zack Snyder is just such an awful director.
Manatee Man
10:01 if you take nothing else from a History Buffs video, remember this
Lucius Sulla
Best damn intro on YouTube
emilio arce
Y don't watch your videos regulary but your intro is AWESOME.
The Cool Persian
I see a lot of comments talking about how Nick didn't talk about this historical inaccuracy, or this historical inaccuracy, but if you watch the video Nick said how he wouldn't talk about all the historical inaccuracies because the movie's source material was a graphic novel and not history. Believe me, I know how inaccurate this movie is ;)
Theforcer 1
14:42 TITS!!!!!!!!!!
Brendan Miller
Though there were only 300 Spartans there were also an extra 6000+ from other Greek city states. which failed to enter the movie or your take on it.
Isaac Truex
HB: “Numbers alone don’t guarantee victory.” Soviet Union: *33.7 million deaths later*
Greatest intro of all time.
Brent McClay
love 300. review was spot on.
That's not how you pronounce helot
Quintus Manilus
Anyone know the movies those spectacular cavalry charges belong to in the intro?
"That's gay."-Xerxes2k15
another Templar chuunibyou desu!
9:40 i love the tone of how he dubs "WHILST NAKED"..
toxic anxiety
Idk if any of these theories about the Spartans accurate or not but theres one thing i know for sure... They got more trash talk then any NBA player lol
Serguéi Ignacinsky Benitóvich
12:05 You forgot to say that the Aztecs couldn't fight without their leader alive, who was killed by Cortés and his commanders. Then, the Aztecs troops started to run. A battle has to be analysed in all its aspects. Technological superiority doesn't always explain a military victory.
Suad Ikanovic
I mean, you're either the best, or you're not.
that intro is 10/10
Sundance Bauman
I don't care how inaccurate this movie is, its amazing
And the Spartans also spoke with English accents just like in Rome, Troy, and in every other gladiator flick.
Swiftie Forever
What the hell is ''MACEDONIA''. I am done.
The Angry Badger 2506
“Spartans never die. They’re just missing in action.” - Catherine Halsey from the ‘Halo’ series
Sai Kiran
Thanks Nick for history buff, I appreciate the knowledge you share with your audience, I really like the episode were talk about Hypatia. Can you please do an episode on Troy(homer's iliad)
Ephion Kemuel
Well at least Space Marine initiates weren't buggered during their training, selection or augmentation
#1 intro of all time!
The gamer
11:54 unless your the Soviets then it won't work pretty much
Kian M.Tamar
Fun Fact: 300 is only 15 minutes long if played at normal speed and not in *slow-motion.*
Harkaran Dhami
Everyone who says “numbers can’t beat tech .... except Russia” completely forgot about the fact they were fighting over mostly flat ground and you are also underestimating soviet tech.
One thing that should be mentioned, is that when the Spartans were at war, they lavished each others bodies with olive oil, and wore silk garments underneath their bronze armor. The reason they lavished each other's bodies with olive oil was not because they were homosexual, but because when an enemies weapon pierced a Spartans body, no bugs or dirty things could live on the wound. And the reason they wore silk garments was because it was a strong fabric, and when a Persian's weapon pierced the Spartans body it would either be deflected or the silk would cover up the wound and be pushed into there. In other words, it would be like stabbing someone, and at the same time you are pushing their own clothing to block the bleeding. So if you were ever wondering why the Spartans were so damn good at doing battle, it was because of these three things: Bronze, Silk, and Olive Oil.
Kiwi Spartan
300: Rise of an Empire
Six Beer Math
Yeah, remember when Greece fought instead of just letting persians just run through it
how about Das Boot?
Bates Jernigan
Don't mind me, just rewatching all of these videos again until he uploads again. One of my favorite series on YouTube.
Misty Meadows
Great! Really informative and balanced.
"300 rise of an empire" was an absolute shitshow.
Tom McBriarty
I could put this comment on any one of the HB vids. Easily one of the most valuable channels on YouTube. Absolutely brilliant.
Nick G.
If Greeks lost the Greco-Persian wars the world would be nothing like we know today.
dude this isn't accurate history. The Greek were tyrant and the Persian are the savior
Bradly Miller
There was a movie from the early sixties called "THE 300 SPARTANS" enjoyed it much more then 300
Moff Xanatos
Xerxes, champion of Slaanesh confirmed.
So Greece had early Democracies and early Fascists, interesting.
Kyle F
That was well put together and valid points backed with facts, you earned yourself a like and a subscribe.
Nico Bruin
8:29 Where dou you get that figure from? The population of Athens is said to have been about half that. Spartan society comprised 170.000 people if we go of the numbers you yourself provided. 600.000 for the whole of greece is a vast underestimation. 2 million seems more likely.
iris boker
Great! Will you do the Red cliff? It does have details from history and from the book - the three kingdoms. Thank you.
Jammit Timmaj
"If" Epic comeback.
Helen of Troy was from Mycenean Sparta. Long before the Dorians came and made Sparta into a warrior culture.
Jennessa Beckett
I legit watched this in my ss class at school today bc we are learning about the Greece and Persian wars
That goat guy? That is Warframe's Oberon. So why did they lose? Did they just get to tired, while the Persians kept pouring in more men? I know something about that sekrit pass.....that was did it?
The Rogue Clone
Sparta, the ancient Soviet Union.
Megaroad Producciones
Please, please, do a historic review on Baahubali movies!!!
House King
when you talked about it being gay my windows 10 settup was at 69%