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The runner/messenger ran from the battle of Marathon to Athens. It was 26 miles. Thats what marathons are based after. When he arrived in Athens he yelled "Nike" meaning 'victory'. Thats where Nike clothing named themselves.
Larry McMorris
Fun movie but is 98% BS
What you say around 11 Minutes isnt fair... at Marathon there was not a real orderly battle... the greek heavy infantery waited hidden at the Dunes as the Persians landed their Ship,and then attacked Cavalery Soldiers who had their Armor and horses still under Deck,Archers who had no Arrows,Infantermen who dont had Shields or Spears.... it was an excellent Ambush and they slaughtered them at the Beach.... from Persian Perspective there was nothing which would have let them thought that their Army organisation is inferior...they just where attacked in the worst moment possible....
I never liked 300. For me, it's the prime example of what a movie with style over substance is like. But that's just my opinion. One of the other reasons I did not like the movie was because of a reason you stated yourself. I did not like Spartans at all.
But just how historically accurate was the SLO MO?
Even History Buffs whose channel is supposed to enlighten about the real history behind movies still cirulate a lot of falsehoods in this video. 1. To say that Spartan warrior were the best is a bit of an exaggeration. They may have been slightly more skilled than their other greek counterparts but not by much. In fact the rival city state of Argos was more famous for their warriors than Sparta was. In the legendary battle of the champions where 300 spartans fought 300 argosians sparta lost 299 warrior and the argosians 298, so it was extremely even. 2. Spartan men didn't spend all of the their time training and fighting, in fact much of their lives was spent on learning and studying, dancing and things like that. The agoge was not just about making boys into badass warriors, it was mostly about making them good citizens who were educated, wellspoken, cultured etc. 3. Most historians despute the fact that Spartans killed of infants who weren't perfect 4. King Xerxes I did not have an army of 300 000, that is complete horseshit. Modern estimates say it was probably around 100 000. 5. The battle of Thermopylae was never intended to a suicide mission where they would fight to the death.
Suleiman The Magnificent
SPARTANS HAD SLAVES. And Persia actually had a pretty western society
Yamcha Dragonball
What, no mention of the fact that the persian empire didn't allow slavery. That one line where Leonidas talks about free spartans and persian slaves kinda bothers me.
Jeddaven the Canadian
The thing that bugged me most about this movie was honestly the fact that the Spartans had no fucking armor. Based on a graphic novel or not, I mean... Come on.
Robert McMillan
Numbers don't beat superior tech? Soviet Russia disagrees.
Theo Sims
Fun fact: Ephialtes' name, the traitor in 300, means nightmare in modern Greek. It's also used akin to Benedict Arnold or Judas in Greek culture.
Matt Sheppard
i really hate how people attack this movie base on 100% history, instead of the graphic novel is was based on. Even then I love how your not allowed to make a fictional story based on a historical event
Âraš Kamândâr
I think you have no idea about Persia at all. Because this movie is entirely fiction when it comes to represent Persia.
There s NO PROOF that Spartans had sex with kids. The Spartans left almost no written records so all we know about them is from other sources. Many of these came from Athenians who HATED Sparta and would have no reason to talk them up but every reason to make them look bad. Modern :historians" seem to over look this fact when talking about the Spartans.
"That's gay!" "Yes sir, very gay!" XD I love you.
How can you make a history buffs video and not mention that "300" is completely innacutate, there were 7,000 Greeks at Thermopylae as well as a naval force at artemesium even when Leanidas told the other Greeks to leave after they were betrayed 1000 Thesbians (don't quote me) stayed with his 300 men, the whole film is fun and I'm in no way hating on it but PLEASE don't say that this is an incredibly accurate depiction because it just isn't
How would homer, a blind poet even know if they were beautiful
Alex Jackson
Which is more authentic? Apocalypto or 300? :P
I'm pretty sure that the worst aspects of Spartan society that you're referring to here are exaggerated by rivals and enemies. Athenians in particular. Helen and Menelaus were pre-Dorian Greek. Not the Spartans of Leonidas and Gorgo ilk. Their decendants became the helots. The "If" quip was a response to Alexander the Great, not the Athenians.
Rango's old dead chann
Couldn't stop laughing at the gay part
Larry McMorris
Spartans are the slavers and pedophiles.
It's also worth noting that the events of the battle were described by Aristodemus (Delios in the film.) As such, a storyteller needs to make their tale sound as exciting as possible; in order to grip the audience. So, all the odd creatures and the praising of the Spartan armies were simply him trying to inspire others to join the fight. With that in mind, I would say the film is half history and half legend told by one of the troops
Kurti Ar.
In reality it wasn't 300 Spartans but more like the thousands. Herodotus on work here.
1 minute intro? what the hell, dude
The spartans were technically a bunch of greek proto-nazis, creating their semi-arian perfect warrior race. Their legends and heroes are all about disgusting warmongers. Even the movie speaks in favor of many of these appalling prospects. Why does everybody appreciate them so much?
Monty Patton
12:00-12:13: the main reason why the Spanish won was due to diseases brought by the Spanish.
would you consider reviewing the 'Spartacus' series from starz? When I watched it I assumed most of it was made up, but then I heard that a decent chunk of it actually happened. I'd be curious to see what your take on it would be
paco ramon
Leonidas was 60 years old.
So Greece had early Democracies and early Fascists, interesting.
Tyler Malone
Do Starship Troopers! I would like to know more.
p f
It is a fact that ancient Greeks are in love with making up stories. They are great exaggerators. Or better to say "liers"
Rico Man
There wasn't just 300 spartans. There was also a few thousand other Greeks there as well
The minute long intro is a bit much.
This content is top quality you need more views.
Actually double consonants like ei,oi make a single ''ee'' sound in spoken greek. I'm just saying this because the way he pronounces ''homoioi'' sounds kinda funny to be honest. It is actually pronounced ''ho-mee-ee''. Same with ''perioikoi''
Bishal Timung
Another thing there were more than approximately 600 to 750 spartans and many thousands army from the other kingdoms to fight the Persians.
This is Sparta!
The truth about Thermopylae is far more interesting than this abominable fiction. First, there weren't only 300 Spartans defending the pass; there were also a few thousand other warriors from allied Greek city-states. Second, the Persian army was at most 125 thousand men, and that includes courtiers, cooks, women, etc...there were a lot of non-combatants because that's how the Persian king rolled into war. Third, the stand at Thermopylae wasn't a suicidal mission, it was actually a clever move; the counterpart, which is never discussed, is that the Athenians were to hold the Persian fleet at Artemisium, while the Spartans and allies held the pass; because the secret passage was betrayed, their mission was fatal and tragic, but all in all, they weren't blood-thirsty maniacs rushing head-long into death, as portrayed here. Fourthly, the battle of Thermopylae is not the most important thing; the subsequent victory by Athens and other Greek city-states at Salamis and Platea was far more important. But of that not a pip. No movies, no legends, and that's why I say, forget fiction and nonsense, you wanna know what's really important, study history. Sadly, most people's knowledge of ancient Greece will be limited to this horrid garbage.
lor cringe
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lazyartist Last
fun fact, king Leonidas 1 was one of the few kings of Sparta to actually undergo spartan training. the King's First born son was exempt from the spartan training, and Leonidas, not being the first born was not exempt.
Archmagos Calces aeternam
Nice mix of comedy and history
Scott Emerson
So 300 is ok because it was based on a graphic novel, but "The Patriot" and "Apocalypto" aren't because they didn't have a graphic novel to descend upon, just fused fiction and some fact? Essentially script written "graphic novel" when it comes to story boarding? Sure, I wish the movies I mentioned had more realistic approaches, but you should maybe review the older "The 300 Spartans" for the accuracy. All these comments aside, love the reviews :) !!!
The Cool Persian
I see a lot of comments talking about how Nick didn't talk about this historical inaccuracy, or this historical inaccuracy, but if you watch the video Nick said how he wouldn't talk about all the historical inaccuracies because the movie's source material was a graphic novel and not history. Believe me, I know how inaccurate this movie is ;)
What you are saying is true about the state of the Persian infantry. I think their technical superiority lay in their cavalry (they were early practitioners of cataphracts and shock cavalry). However, they did not use heavy cavalry in great numbers until the Partho-Sasanian era... where often their entire armies was made up of them.
The whole "Spartans were pedophiles" is questionable at best. There are all kinds of contradictory sources. Xenophon, a contemporary Athenian who's sons actually went through the Agoge, stated flate out that it was not true and explicitly forbid, And of course Spartans themselves left little written record So most accounts are from outside (IE; questionable sources)
Charlie Khosravi
Persia all the way!
Daniel Flanard
I wish we could send all of the gruff men at there saying society is too soft nowadays back to ancient Sparta and see how long they would last
Whicker isn't even an acceptable material for trash cans let alone instruments of defense.
António Zúquete
Dude,please don't ruin 300(im talking about Leonidas being gay)
julius ceasar
will you be covering rise of an empire with eva green
Uploader, your comments are biased and I can understand that since you declare that you do not like the Spartans. Half of my family is from Crete and half from Sparta. Those tribes have a common ancestor, the Dorians. In the Dorian society, homosexuality or boy loving activity was perceived as a disease, therefore it was non-existent. The purpose of the training from a young age, was to allow friendship among men to grow, which even nowadays is at the top of the respect in the Hellenic society. Friendship among men, has stopped several vendettas as many of those men know each other from a very young age. Homosexuality and boy loving was easier accepted in Athens only, and even there It was only among the elite of Athens. As I said, in the societies of the rest of the Hellenic city-states, it was perceived as a disease. Now, if you want to refer to a special relationship that could occur (and still does) between any combination ie men with women, men with men, women with women, is the so-called, Platonic love, which implies a special relationship and a strong attraction and bond between two people, without however having sex. Wont get into much detail cause its gonna be a long post, but please google it. So your comments about “historians” saying about Spartans being boy lovers, its actually full of shit so STOP IT NOW. I’m not allowing you to insult my ancestors in the way you do just because you wanna make this a “Hollywood-style” bullshit presentation full of inaccuracies and disrespect. Also know that we even nowadays we are referring to Iran as Persia, out of respect of their history and their past, despite we fought them. Its all about respect. Perhaps you should start learning. So, REMOVE YOUR COMMENT ABOUT SPARTANS BOY LOVERS NOW. If this is not done within a week of my current comment, I will have to report you and also press charges.
Lance Uppercut
I really liked your intro But don’t wanna watch as it’s rips apart what we love grrrrr
Helen of Troy was from Mycenean Sparta. Long before the Dorians came and made Sparta into a warrior culture.
Marcus Celt
Would you have said you dont like Spartans to a Spartan?
300 is still to this day the only movie ive seen more than once in an actual theater ... loved the graphic novel and really enjoyed the movie
the big issue with your review is that most of what we know about Spartan society comes from sources of its major opponent in Greece - Athens. so we can't know for sure if what we 'know' is accurate, especially since the Spartans didn't write too much down themselves and the Athenians had quite some reasons to not be to kind in what they wrote down about their biggest competitor
MrSave TheDay
No one needs a 50 second intro. No one.
Joseph Krakowski
Well the Persians were use to quick warefare And the Persians at marathon had loaded there Calvary on there ships and some of there infantry Then the Athenians sprinted down the hill surprising the Persians and massacring them
Mackenson Sparks
How about one on Troy? I love that move. Brad Pitt is badass.
I think a major misconception about the Greeks is how open was homosexuality. It could actually varied from city state to city state, and Leonidas's joke about 'boy lovers' of Athens is not only accurate but also makes sense from the perspective of the Spartans. Granted most historical accounts paint the Spartans as an outlyer, but hear me out. The Spartans not only illegalized Pederasty(which is what Athens and many Greek city states engaged in) they also outlawed homosexuality. This was done, according to legend, by Lycurgus the founder of the Spartan polis. Pederasty was far more normal then what we know or consider to be homosexual relationships(keep in mind also that in Athens, the division of age between a man and his wife could be quite far whereas in Sparta the couple were usually of a similar age give or take a few years). A lot of this is based on Xenophon's experience and documentation of the Agoge, in which his sons attended. Granted I will give that this particular issue is a bit of divisive thing amongst historians, however I think it makes it interesting how various city-states could be distinct in many way. This may also be supported by the fact that women had a higher than average position within Sparta, so men and women would be able to develop more traditional(or rather a better term might be similar in this case to the West) heterosexual relationships. In fact it could be drawn that in terms of social views, the two states could be compared to a general ideal of Western Civilization(Sparta) and Islamic Civilization. Whereas one abhors(or at least a couple of decades prior) both forms of homosexuality, the other is completely fine with Pederasty and considers it normal. Which again is a reflection of the way how each civilization allows men and women to interact.
I'm really disappointed. No mention of the thousands of other Greeks who fought at Thermopylae? Quite a glaring omission considering how much the 300 Spartan myth gets repeated in popular culture. I suppose this video was more about the Spartans than the Battle of Thermopylae itself, but still...
Gazza Rover
LMAO thank you for an entertaining and honest review, well done.
altered states
Do Count of Monte Cristo! One of my favorite movies ever
Hazaa Alawadhi
I swear I keep thinking that the Persians gave them swords or Spears and shields then they’re ready to be put in the frontlines
Ali Lazim
Homoioi homo...
The Gaming Kitchen
History channel needs to be in touch with you.
IRL the Spartans kicked even more ass than in the movie...
ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!
Do Ben-Hur the original.
OcarinaSapph1r3 -24
They call it the Laconic sense of humour - some say Australians inherited it, lol
Devin McEvoy
Not to be that guy but I think you don't really have much of a grasp on this historical subject. Xerxes didn't spend 10 years preparing to invade Greece. He had to put down a revolt in Egypt just before he went to fight the Greeks. Darius the Great's plan was nearly complete when he died, but as they do, people revolted. Not only that but the Persians were used to fighting everyone else in the world aside from Greeks with their current weapon system. They used a massive amount of archers supported by a rank or two of light infantry holding short spears and shields. The entire Persian strategy was to whittle enemies down with arrow fire and then use their massively superior cavalry to ride them down once they broke or flank with them. Obviously the Spartans at Thermopole had a massive advantage in positioning and equipment. However, you don't just change all your gear and tactics of your entire military when you are winning every other fight you get into. Plus, lets not forget who won at the Hot Gates. Also, best not to forget who ended up fighting for who in the future. Far more Greek hoplites ended up fighting for the Persians in future wars. Persia didn't need to bet the Greeks in open combat. They just paid them to kill each other which was a ludicrously effective strategy. The Persian army eventually lost to the Greeks in later years but in the end it did pretty much nothing to their power and afterwards they just bought Greeks like toys and smashed them against each other. It's tempting to demonize the Persians because of the whole Eastern vs Western thing but looking at the facts changes how the whole story goes. Not until Alexander the Great came along and really whooped the shit out of the Persians did they have much of a hiccup in their near world domination. Not to mention that by the time of Alexander's death he had taken up the dress, fashion, and manners of the Persian king of kings, in Civ they call that a cultural victory. :P Love your stuff! Keep it truckin'!
Shane Luby
Have you ever considered 'Quest for Fire', I enjoyed this film all those years ago.
Username 122748909298443
I support the Persians! Fight me, greeks!
Filimon Prig
The word ephialtis in Greek means nightmare
Also, the only reason why the Greeks were even defeated was because a man told the Persians about a goat pass that allowed them to flank the phalanxes and encircle the Spartans.
Finally, someone who gets it! The entire story was told through the lens of a Spartan, and that particular Spartan was trying to roil everyone's blood up before a massive battle. If you're ever read any Greek stories, then you know how much they loved to embellish the hell out of everything into wild, fantastic proportions. So the fact that the movie is so crazily exaggerated is, ironically, one of its more historically accurate features.
Spare the persians, they lack bracers.
First video I've ever pushed play on, on your channel... Subbed at the intro. Paused at 0:38 to say well done.
Wilhelm Kiev
Do generation war, u wont
11:54 the soviet union says hello
Evan Rees
You should have mentioned the immortals and how they were actually called the immortals not because they were hard to kill but because there were so many soldiers in their unit that they seemed to be immortal, everyone you killed was replaced immediately.
Still more accurate than Pearl Harbour.
Takos Cheese
9:57 Made me laugh like a hyena
Can you do a history buffs video on Troy?
richie rich
Check out DR Bill Warner ???  Brilliant
The Persians had high ranking female military personell, there was even a special faction that only contained women(can't remember the name). The Persians were more equal than any other people!
King Greed
1:33 Hey Nick, that is a Goat Demon-man.
Oopsie Poopsie
The Spartans weren’t even great warriors they spread that rumor after the battle of Thermopylae. The Persians where the good guys from a historic stand point
Justin Hernandez
Who also likes the intro?
Arian Mahrokh
As a persian I really hate this movie
Should've also pointed out that Persians treated women well for an ancient society, unlike what was shown in 300 where the ambassador scoffs at the idea of a woman speaking freely.
we need the movie of the 700 Thespians
farbod khorrami
does someone know the name of the song at the beginning?
Come home with your shield, or on it.
Jorge Allthedrums
I find a strong resemblance between old helenic societies and the latter european monarchical societies. A nation's identity cam almost exclusively from the ruling elite, almost being sinonymous with each other, Sparta and Athens being lead by th very small minority that were citizens just like the nobility during the Old Regime were the ones that actually had rights and on top of that the flags that identified said nations were the family crests of those who ruled. These same minorities dedicated their to perfecting themselves as philosophers and warriors (nobles became knights, wore the best armor and learned to use the sword with deadly skill as well as writting, poetry, math and history) while he masses had almost no rights, worked the fields and fed their masters to support their wars in which they had no say and most likely had no interest in, and they themselves would eventually change hands as part of the lands conquered by the neighbouring lords.
Red Coat
I love how this video slowly turned into a rant about the real life incompetence of the Persians.
Alex Vavas
where did this cocksucker get his info ?.........WAS HE THERE ?.......if a historian at the scene says 2.5 million persians, what gives mr. Fellatio the right to say 300 thousand ?.......AND....W.T.F. did he get 10 thousand persians dead ?........try over 50 thousand, fruitcake !
Soul of Cinder
No, I am Sparta.
Canadian Guy
11:52 Unless your the Russians