Volleyball - Russia vs Brazil - Men's Gold Final | London 2012 Olympic Games

Watch the unforgettable gold medal match between Brazil and Russia on 12th of August 2012, one of the most incredible comebacks of Olympic Volleyball history. Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Find more about the Olympic Games at /> Follow your favourite athletes on the Olympic Athletes Hub:

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anyone else here cause haikyuu?
Conrad Smith Lacsina
This is epic. Muzerskiy and the rest of Russian team is epic. I go back every now and then. I get inspired each time. And I'm not even Russian.
Carlos Eduardo Miranda
I don't know which was sadder, this game or 7-1 against Germany in World Cup
edgar fuentes
Two words: Dmitriy Muserskiy
I still remember well how my uncle and me where sitting infront of the tv till the last moment and cheering on the Russian team :) It was fantastic :) And unbelievable :)
Marco Casimiro
I'm Brazilian and I almost died watching this match! Congratulations Russia!
don't mind don't mind!
John X
The Libero of Russian not missing one receive at the end of 3rd set.
Kyle Smith
don't mind don't mind
Уже можно сказать легендарная победа наших.
Сергей Благодаров
Просто ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНАЯ ПОБЕДА!!!! браво парни, вы наши ГЕРОИ!!!
haikyuu tho
Andrew T
This is the classic game where 2 teams could loose the final. Bravo for both teams ! I remember that in 2001-2004 years the Russian squad was potentially strong
Neil Helsel
Anyone else see lucarelli at 1:05:05?
Anne Eggebrecht
I really like the Brazilian team, they are awesome. But this is the legendary defeat and and russia deserved it! Brazil was too arrogant and lazy. They had a matchpoint and in their heads they already stood on top of the podium, but russia came back. A little more concentration and they would have won 3-0
Cano Manuel Gonzaga
I was very upset back then. Well deserved win for the Russians.
Даниил А.
Epic Game! Thx for fantastic mach Brazil🙌 Потрясающий Мусэрский!
Gary the Snail
1:04:56 Bottom middle of the screen. I found Lucarelli, young outside hitter for the Brazil National team
It's nice to see how much respect the Brazillian players have for Tetyukhin :)
eduard turcan
Больше чем золото (Волейбол) (Лондон 2012)-фильм
Oh wow. Brazilian spectators really are some of the worst.
Spiritt Chaser
William Brander
At 2:18:54, the ball does hit the net, not the block!
mohamed thariq
thriller game👍👍👍👍
Zenit Kazan volley school, best team in the world at this time
Mikolaj Wojnicki
Russia vs Brazil in the UK but Polish fans are the most visible. LOL
Дмитрий Кононов
Знали бы вы как мы тут в России орали от счастья!!
Ashish loharu
very nice match
Berg Rezende
Independente do crescimento da Rússia na reta final do set. A perca da medalha de ouro foi pura imcompetência do time. Nada justifica á perda do ouro. Teve um certo comodismo dos jogadores que pensavam que o ouro já estva ganho.
Russian (USSR) is the best men's volleyball national team in the World history.
Jose Espinosa
Don't mind! Don't mind!
Aditya Agarwal
The last match was only for 15 points?
Zira Tival
Brazil choked a 2-0 lead in the Olympic Gold Medal Match
Johnny Yang
best match ever:)
Nick V
1:24:55 Brazilian girl calling on the phone and celebrating a victory. Prematurely.
Jerry Y
This is sportsmanship.
Oikawa Tooru
Lack of insight by the commentators spoiled this video. This was one of the greatest finals to date.
Skylake Broadwell
Sergey Tetyukhin is my husband.
Vídeos Bem Amadores
Seven doped Russian players.
Marcos Cordero
2 GREAT first sets...and then......total debacle....Brazil shouldve been the one at the top of that podium!!
Naralex -
Olympics medal standings in London Russia 82 medals. Ukraine 20 medals XD
Por um país de Direita
O juiz estragou a festa dos cara
Gold doping!
Raposa Cabuloso
russia doping...
Iziane Mourad
good match
Wait for the phenomenon in volleyball's world IRAN.
up till now... i dont get why dante was subbed out
Yeahhhjh Russia♥♥♥
Milena Ditsova
Savage Russian feat
W Santos
Seven doped Russian players. It's an embarrassment!
O Rei da Noite
esse dia foi loko, bernradinho tem vazar da seleção já.
Logan Muller
why are these idiots commentating where's paul sunderland
ART Volleyball
_Ребята вообще красавчики, правда нервничать заставили, ну ладно._ *_Лайк кто болел за Россию_*
камон камоныч
Вот так ломают уверенность
luca luca
que coraje, desilusión, frustración y tristesa, haber ganado los 2 primeros sets de nada sirvió, lo trabajo muy bien Brasil. pero al final lo merecio Rusia
-love Russia-
камон камоныч
Isabel Calheiros
Where's the final?
Kakashi Hatake
Yea, Haikyuu
Li N
Davai davai
Crazy moments
До сих пор мурашки от этой победы!Просто фантастика!!!Пересматриваю каждый год,чтобы получить вдохновение!
vk srpski
Пока проигрывали, изучили все их сильные и слабые стороны... Потом зацепились в третьем сете... И поехали! Какие великие молодцы!!! Россия вперёд!!!
tanmoy chakravarty
At 41.10 the commentator says he may not find Tetyukhin in Rio for the next plympics. Commentator's curse :D
Diggy Dumbo
I remember that i was 11 years old when the match happened, this match was pretty sad for us in Brazil :/ but in 2016 we won, so... at least i saw my country winning a gold medal in volleyball
How did everyone miss Tetyukhin blatantly going into the other team's side on gold metal point lmao.
Chubi Del Rosario
taht vingage iphone 4 on taht asian woman
John X
This is a devastating turnover for Brazil.
Somchai manman
in brazil u cant wacht on youtube they are shrit block
Kamen Petrov
I think the brasilians got broken at the 1.38.45
Emily Ruan
what are with these ppls serves
Same thing happened on the womens side instead.
Charlie Cao
i saw Lucarelli from 1:04:55-1:05:06
Ezequiel Campos
They all need haircuts.
Somchai manman
hate FIVB
Meff Mefiozo
Zagrali jak My ;) Piekny mecz :) Brawo Oni :)
почаще бы так...
edgardo nunez
Lucarelli at 1h 4'56 ??
Евгений Брусник
Monkey D. Luffy
1:03:50 drake's brother
Diggy Dumbo
comes e bébes
Iga tor
G Enkhtuya
wonderful game
Tęczowy Patatajus ZagładyNa SoczystymPoluKukurydzy
Brazil [*]
Maria Matta
Pavol Benacka
Meff Mefiozo
K..... Klasyk
Park Jeongah : 박정아
Russain guys so handsome
Israel Vargas
Aan Januar
Alhmdllah RUSIA is the champion,, champion in olympic brazil 2016 volley ball.. Aminnn... Congratulation vladimir putin is best patner indonesia.
I cant play ... Why???
Aaron Cumpton
47:00 poor Russia
Why do they keep missing serves? These are the top 2 teams in the entire world and they hit at least 1 in 10 serves out of bounds. You would think they would be 99% consistent at that level.
Vũ tuyệt Tâm
2012 not use haw eys?
this is trash compared to volleyball now
John Doek
Unfortunately the impression from this match is not as it could have been, since the yellow / blue ball is very difficut to recongise and see in the every moment of the  game... A white ball which was used before  1998 was much better visible. I recommend to watch the  OG maches 88, 92, 96 and to compare. Without slow motion replays it is not possible to follow...