Rebelution - Bump [HQ]

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A brand new single from Rebelution's upcoming album, "Bright Side of Life."

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cisco kid
the 68 people who disliked this song do not know good music at all
Michael Casares
So hear me now while allowed It's a good time to tell you when to smile, not to frown Yes you're all shot down and you might ask how Time flies by and you just found out You're almost to the point where you can't turn back You've got a leveled head on a one-way track Don't tell me there's an end to a road Your goal set on hold, don't think that you can go alone okay? But keep me up to date I promise you I'll never lose the faith When you get up, go on escape to a scary world The old cliché is true you do what you gotta do I'm tryin to put out something new I'm always at the edge of my seat Constantly containing that kinetic energy Constantly I'm reigning in the sweet melody And I'm humming tunes to sleep Watch me hit the peak and I'll stay up for good This is what I'll say to you This is my advice for you Show me love and I'll come through This is what it comes down to And I'll be shouting with my hands in the air I don't care what they say, stop the hate I'll replace it with my eyes focused in on a place Designed to keep a peace and refrain from race killing race Oh my god, did you hear? The time it takes for me to make a difference is a near And I'm a keep on trying cause there ain't nothing I fear On the real, hide the tears We'll keep it flowing with a beat right here This is what I'll say to you This is my advice for you Show me love and I'll come through
francisco garcia
chingen su madre alos k le pusieron manita abajo no saben d musica
GOD bless everyone
Angie Nataly Ramirez
I like how they use a good amount of reverb and yet it sound beautiful and great
Lluvia Garcia
This song always lifts me up got to love it one of my fav songs
Ena Šarić
My favourite!!!
Sean Fleming
Love to start my day to this jam!  Or really almost any tune off Bright Side!!!
Awww yeah.. Good vibes alllllll around
Roxann Charley
oh so sweet my home loves rebelation my fren Osif introduced me to this band at a concert, then we went back stage and met them all in flagstaff it was the bomb, so laid back guys roxy from the Hopiland, AZ. I will never, ever forget that night and the songs, thank you guys keep skankinnng rasta fy.
Cherry Pie
My happy song!!
Loving this jam in the 586
Eric Alba
Classic song & classics album👌🏽 rebelutions older albums are better than the newer 1s
Mustafa Durgun
Thanks to Dan Bilzerian snap story
Ningsih Alatas
waahh keren musiknya...
Right? It's the other way around for me!
Paul G
all time favorite
Maxwell Teixeira
The guitar is suh-weet
Roger Podacter
watch this "music video" on acid....its beautiful
Brandyn mitchell
This most definitely isn't "HQ". Good song still. Probably should buy it
Samuel Thomas
If you dislike this song..well..your no friend of mine. Peace
Dan Y
the 73 people who disliked it know how to play all the chords to their songs LOL
bayu pamungkas
so good
This song is Legendary ❤️💚💛
Joe Doug
Aye yo for yayo
muhammad siing-75
kalau ga salah ini musik sambalado
William McCovey IV
Awesome song
Michael Prophet
Sublime - Rebelution - Pepper - Slightly Stupid - The Expendaples Good Cali Vibes
That guitar still gets me...
Alexandros Efthimiou
Take a look at the tree. Its like a game of I spy. I see a women at the bottm, hands shaking on the branch. There's more
Alfad Laucher
Danny Lev
guitar is yummy af
420 cpt
great music I wanna see them live
Ace Samudra
the best music reggae
Nabil Afdal
Just nice 🙇
Rendy sahriel
lagu nahaon eta
Agi aryandii
NICE Rebelution :)
jose Lezama
Rolling a blunt to this
Ryan Leftwich
Andri tea
steve tyrrell
One of the Best songs ever composed.
David McElveen
best song ever..
Kanalu Okimoto
gaurentee not
Kanalu Okimoto
cuz its local hawaii jamz, not haole music
Kanalu Okimoto
they it would be played as _____ the hate on the radio hahahahha
I would literally pay any amounts of money to watch Rebelution in a full length concert.
yudha prawira
@Inzunza06 I'm gonna start drinking it. See how it goes.....
Zaenall Lampdaurd
What 144 dislike ???
zacharias abel
Judgement Day:May 21,2011
reminds me of the elephant man and wyclef track
Mitchel Stewart
Rockin song, love these guys there so chillin Check out my channel! Id love to hear what everyone thinks about my music
Joshua Dressler
Rebelution. Words to Live by.
Endhe Rifky
BackTo Black
Bilzerian’s instastory brought me here 😄
swerve set
@DopeHeavyMetal75 more like rebelution = weed or rebelution + weed = :)
Brandon Conwell
Yay pot
i fucking love this song!
CharlieTea irie
this is the best! asdgkja;lskd;akjsg;ksad! no words just crazy
@colemccamman they where most likely accidents.
Vidais real
i believe that everyones opinion is valid but those 66 people have never been so wrong
Werverton pimenta Pimenta
maneiro estar regue
Guillermo Galvan
How can you dislike any of Rebelution's songs!!!!!!!?????
Shane Martin
Great track!
@Johnniezplaylist I agree! :D
Zack Mcmahon
yes you can
@myfreetime123 You are an idiot - everyone has to pay the piper - all this drinking gonna catch up and all this smoking gonna catch up - it might sound better today but its gonna sound worse tomorrow - yeah buddy!
You are an idot. You are all shot down and you might ask how. Times flies by and you just found out. What are you, 16?
What are you, 15?
@StickItToTheMan2012 its in the song..
god i fucking love this song hella relaxing
@Johnniezplaylist well said bro...
shade-tree pilot
i only clicked dislike to make the bar look more like a joint...
jason nosaj
my fav list only had 2 songs.. so high and feelin alright now i'm adding this..
Melon Cake
there will never be a band like Rebelution...
@brokenbylaw2 what are you christine o'donnell you are me i am not you, if i was you and you were me weed be us and we clearly are not us as we occupy two computer screens. and weed HAS been here forever its also one of the only plants that grows in 6 of 7 continents naturally as i said before i know what you are talking about i know all of your arguments already. i've had them. all i am saying is that weed is not fully legal in any country as i am aware.
@brokenbylaw2 did i? i honestly dont remember saying that. i said talk like your educated i never said you weren't. which as you have proven you can do i do not see why it is such a taxing request that when you argue for marijuana to do so with diction. it helps your arguments so much more when people see you as educated. anyway i dont think i called you uneducated at any time in these posts.
@musicaldopeable nah im actually a business management major.
@StickItToTheMan2012 did you just ask him if made up a lyric to the song your listening to. what are you just listening for the music or for the friends it provides leeches like you? and dont blame it on the weed thats not a valid excuse you were just bobbin your head not listening to the words.
since when are potheads so oblivious this is 'sposed to be an enlightening drug. i was never talking about potheads i was talking about stickittotheman who is clearly just in it for the scene if he didnt hear that part i heard it on the first time i listened to this song. im sorry if it upsets you that i dont appreciate every little kid running around smoking weed just to be high perpetuating the negative connotations ascribed to weed users.
carlos Becerra Ramirez
I love this song!
@brokenbylaw2 wow did you call me brah? improve your dictation and your grammar because it's smokers like you which give the rest a bad rep. you have facts so misconstrued leave marijuana's justificationm to NORML they're the best. weed is not completely legal in almost any country not holland, jamaica, spain, canada, nowhere so dont go hard on me when you have never even heard Anslinger's speech. Henry J. Anslinger look him up he said weed makes mexicans violent
Hugo Castilho
Muita onda. From Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
Estevan Trejo
Show me love and I'll come thru...
Alex Lopez
Wish they would release more songs like this, they're getting too used their slower tempo music
eastbay mobshit
i need herb to enjoy anything..dnt ever disss tha herb again mothafuck.
Roberto Monsivais
My fav song from them, hope they play it tonight when i see them in austin
Villan ThaHero
@DaNo44you'd love the first album too before Matt Velasquez left the band and they had 2 diff singers!
Alfonso Gutierrez
totally agree...i do love to smoke weed and listen to rebelution though...definately my favorite thing to do when listening to reb! but I'm not always high when i listen to em and i don't feel like i have to to enjoy it
Jhon Smith
kickazz reggea!!
Carlos H
Listening to rebelution and smoking some pure og medical chillen with my girl cant get any better then this
its the same people that think lady in white is about a lady wearing a white dress lol
Rowdy Rob
@StickItToTheMan2012 Hahaha yea must've been on some serious shit!
Mat Czichas
113 people were way too high when they tried to hit the like button
jorge rivas
"Mota"vational jam. Big BIG PROPS TO BAND.
George Gamez
@Johnniezplaylist It helps though.