Stefanie Heinzmann - The Unforgiven

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Music video by Stefanie Heinzmann performing The Unforgiven. (C) 2008 Universal Music Domestic Pop, a division of Universal Music GmbH Raab TV GmbH


Anthony Dickinson
this is "unforgiven"
I always look for different styles covers... People whe dare to change. So I support this version... But, I didn't really like it...but, you tried! And that's really good!
This is not a cover, this is a parody.
Fernando Freitas
I'm a big Metallica fan, but damn, this is a good cover :D
You sing good girl..but...this song is a metal diamond. a masterpiece. you just don't touch these kind of songs...
Patrick Rossi
OMG, why? why did you do that?
Do you people know that Lars Ulrich said that he likes this version?
Saint Awirote
imo its good..until 0:15 kicks in, sad but true.
I've been listening to the unforgiven since 1991 and i can say this is a classy cover!
Best Cover of this Song. I love it!
This is what AIDS would sound like if it formed a band.
Lio barkos
7 Jahre lang habe ich es geschafft diesem furchtbaren Verbrechen zu entgehen...und eben musste ich die Kacke im Deichmann zum ersten Mal hören. Habe sofort den Laden verlassen...und vorher alles niedergebrannt!!
Ali Abdi
i got a heart attack in my brain after listening this 😂😂
i have no intention to atk that girl, but did she even took the time to understand the lyrics? when u hear the unforgiven u r not supposed to get in a dancing mode, punch the wall or my face maybe yes but not dancing. and how it is even possible to think that rose petals falling from above fuses well with those lyrics? if u haven't hear the original first or do not mind the lyrics u can say it is a good song but it is kinda hard to say that if u r coming the other way around 
As a young teenage girl in 2008 who never liked metal and never will: This song catched me from the first time I listened to it. It's my genre of music, not yours, metal friends.
Jaroslav Jesenický
Original Metallica's version is better.
Mikis Pierr
Can Coşkun
Christos Vatzolas
open your minds every one is happy cover
With this song, you added a new circle to Dante's Inferno. Kudos!
Luca Salemmi
A friend told me to listen to this Metallica cover because is even better than the original one, shame on him....I mean, don't get me wrong, you have a really good voice, but sorry i can't hear a Metallica song in a Pop way, especially this song, is a pure Heavy Metal Masterpiece...
Sergio Besana
Now I'm gonna kill myself and this video is the cause. :-(
nicholas blain
Currently working in germany. Heard the opening rift and thought hell yes work music incoming...then I spent the next 2 hours pissed at this insulting cover.
Besser als das Original. Super Stimme!
Nikola Tesla
When I listen to this, I feel like dancing... I'm sorry, but The Unforgiven is not about that.
Guile Canencia
I really had so much fun sharing this video to my metalhead friends.
vaggelis papadopoulos
Laura Jayme
I just LOVE the original version so I must say that you did a nice job, girl ;) I liked it. Different in a good way.
Νίκος Κολινιάτης
Close minds everywhere..this song is amazing and i'm glad that it has a very good modern cover like this one..this cover should be loved for reviving something epic like the original song,instead all it gets is rude comments!
this is the worst thing ever to happen to music
Gary Smith
why did I watch this? Dammit. They completely ruined the song.
Christomir Rackov
I'll try to say this once again (and for the last time) because I see the ridiculous rage continues in the comments here, by Metallica fans and metal music fans in general. I think it's disgusting - young Stefanie being attacked with all those hurtful and disrespectful words, accusations of "crime towards metal music" and all kinds of mockery is simply uncalled for. You people shouldn't have watched/listened to this video at all, if you didn't wanna hear a nonmetal cover of the song, period! Apparently you are just too stupid to understand that a "cover" doesn't mean an "imitation" of a song. The girl took the melody and words of the original song and re-did it in her own style, in a completely different genre, to adapt it for HER fans and the fans of HER kind of music. Not for you, metal fans, to listen to and give your rude "opinion"! But apparently you guys don't have the mental capacity to understand that :/ (besides the fact that you're fans of noisy and aggressive music, which is already bad enough in my eyes :P though, seriously, what music you like is none of my business either)
bardzo dobrze to zrobiła.. pięknie
Paw Eł
Mogolos Schwarzpfeil
Wenn der liebe Cliff am leben wäre, würd er daran sterben
Zeena Uandes
B Bongibrother
Dadurch das mein Englisch schlecht ist und ich das ORIGINAL nicht kenne gebe ich einen Daumen hoch da mir der Song gefällt Für mich unwichtig was der Song eigentlich ausdrückt da ich nur schwer Englisch verstehe ! Der Gesang und die Melodie finde ich KLASSE Der REST interessiert mich nicht da ich einfach das HÖRE was mir GEFÄLLT Im übrigen hör ich zu 99% nur Deutschsprachige Songs... und man muss nicht immer den Text bei Englischen Songs verstehen oft ist die Melodie usw...auch nice Nachtrag: Das Original ist auch nicht schlecht ...Welche Version besser ist kann ich schwer sagen es ist Geschmackssache und für alle Dummis : Ich bin kein Experte was Musik betrifft ich hör einfach was mir gefällt ... Jeder hört das was ihm gefällt/schmeckt PUNKT
Lucas Bueno Bergantin
why the beat? no, just why? god, why????
Moonstone Games
Omg nooo :( hell no pop crap
Spiros Ioan
You labeled me... I'll label you... So I dub the unforgiven...
Katerina Karoni
what a voice!!!
Σαπίλα το κομμάτι.....ότι να ναι.......του γάμησε και ψόφησε.....άρε Φωτιά θα πέσει να σας κάψει.....κάνε και το Painkiller με τέτοια φόρα που πήρες.....Άι στα διάλα νυχτιάτικα....
It started out good, then... wtf... if she instrumentally stuck true to the original, her vocals would have some potential for a female version of this song. But the disco beat ruins the song.
Stanislav Stanev
I heard this peace of garbage in the mall just now. I'm usually balanced and open minded, but here I have to speak out against this deboutchery. Please delete it from the internet. It's a shameful attempt at a medium that you clearly disrespect. Why else would you release it under Music!?
Fawaz Alzaid
you dear lady,disgraced this song,you obviously have no clue what the lyrics mean,how can you smirk and sing this sing? and put a laughing boy? and call your self "this old man here is me?",atleast have the decancy to change that part and cover this in a somewhat manner relevant to the lyrics,absloute dislike,you destroyed this song,thanks for musical cancer you delivered to our ears!
Maria Panagiota Kokolaki
 good cover-in a super pop way !
Benjamin Biddle
im sorry but the start sounds good but the rest is to wrong. i know its a cover i just feel it umm pop
Pothitos Kourtis
all these butthurt people...the original is still the best..but you cant deny this is not good...and well ITS EPIC!!! butthurting metal clowns...
Sam Campos
This cover is unforgiven.
i liked this song when i was young.. but then i heard the original song and then i thought what the hell is this crap Stefanie Heinzmann did? this song is a masterpiece of metal.. not supposed to be a pop song to go into the charts!
I am a metalhead and i dont see any problem with this song its great even if its not metal i still like it cause its the text that makes songs. Ps Stefanie Heinzmanns is super gorgeous
Güliz Polat
ears bleeding, gotta go.
Armando Ramirez
Ben Maisch
Ich mag beide songs
Dirty Crow
ein legendäres Lied auf diese Art zu covern grenzt an Blasphemie. Grauenhaft.
Arek Bujnik
I lost 3:35 of my life
James Bond
OMG !!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! STEFNIE YOU RLZ!!! But why would Metallica steal your song? Thats strango tho ...
Lukasz Sz.
And this is how you kill the classic
Ham Mer
Normalerweise mag ich Stefanie Heinzmann ja, aber das Lied ist einfach nur schlecht gecovert. Schlimmer wäre nur noch "One" als Tanzlied umzusetzen...
Joey Thirteen
I don't know which is worse, her English or the song.....
akash tapsee
Because spoiling a beautiful song is so easy..well, congratulation.
Naya Osbourne
Why did she do that? She destroyed such an EPIC song! The original song made me freaking CRY and this woman's smiling while singing it! This is the worst cover.
Ch CHBernbacher
this Cover is great! what a voice!!!
WTF IS THIS?!!!!!!
Sergio Besana
It's unforgiving rather than unforgiven ...
jose cristiano povoas Cristiano
legal gostei da vesão
Jeppe Pilgaard
Pedro Areias
No no no no no no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Is the best cover from metallica :')
rafi star
bad cover of a great song 😢
How to brake a good song, tutorial.
Adrianna G.
I really like and appreciate Stefanie, but what's that? And why?!
Iselin Foss
Mlll Jll
disgraceful....i know people are saying she reimagined it etc....but its not articulating at all the feeling anymore of the for me it ruins it.... disgusting version
Mel Astutia
Hey Herr Redman, bin mir sicher das Metallica das Video bereits kennt und nichts dagegen hat ...
Eric Harnagel
Cover by Metallica -the unforgiven😠😑
Szczepan Milewicz
WHY!!!!????? :|
oh god why??
Oh god..... nooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Szymon Maciejewski
nice lets play !!!!!
that's the door to hell
Johan Andres Mendez
Sin Ofender Pero Se Tiraron La Cancion.........
Monkey D. Danny
When you don't know the original song, this sounds good. You guys are too protective over your likes to even see inovation in style, that's what I call limitation :v You go, Stefanie :D
I was really curious about pop version of this song but that is a big big sh*t
Sertac Sertoglu
It's actually kinda good if you just listen, but not when watching the video.
W. Scholz
Die singt das einfach super!
Domingos Saúde
Well...I like this very much.
Jesus Aguirre Migoni
Que asco
Jack Spencer
I love the old times. When I listen to this epic song the last time I was in primary school six years ago!
Βαγγελης Βαγιας
shame of metal
I cant understand why so much hate to this song, its actually good and funky cover, if you dont like it just go and listen the original one, simple as that.
Alex Pustilnik
what the hell is this..
I came here to dislike this. i heard it on the radio, its sooo baaad. sry
Leila Trajkovic Al - Samarrai
Finally!Metallica has great songs but I never could stand the singer's voice.
Iyzack San
e essa musica e show mesmo escuto ela ja vai fazer uns 2 anos
wt f