Aaron's Leaving Gas Monkey: "I Have to Go My Own Way" | Fast N' Loud

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take note all managers. you push too hard you lose your most valuable assets
He is tired of making Richard look good with his hard work
"The last 5 felt like 20." Delivered like a wrench to the nuts, with the face of someone who means it. Damn.
Blakslee Woody
Is it just me or does it sound like he's saying everything changed when the show started in 2012 and that's why he's leaving?
JT Brooks
Basically the show killed the working relationship. But its understandable.
should have made him partner long time ago!
Edd China quits Wheeler Dealers, Aaron quits Gas Monkey.....Coincidence? I smell Gas Dealers if you know what I mean lol
Owen Casarella
He's getting grey in the beard, you can see it in his eyes, Aaron is done
With Aron it was never about the money.. its about the passion
Arron is the brains Richard is the brand together they work , apart who knows ?
NonTop Racing
I like how he says he doesn't want to build a car every couple of weeks but then as soon as he leaves he has a 2 week deadline to build a car
Christa Erika
No one can fill Aaron's shoes.. Greed got the best of Richard...
J. Wolfman
I always thought it was interesting how KC quit and Aaron left a shortly after. I just bet those 2 had a conversation with Richard asking where Gas Monkey is going, if they're going to be partners or just employees... And well, I think we know the answer. With the skills KC and Aaron have why be just an employee and work for others with crazy deadlines and under crazy pressure when you can work for yourself and enjoy life while doing it?
Well hes screwed now. Good luck with the show
You know what killed it for me is when Richard told Aaron in s10 e6 "that you count the cars all the jewelry the wives the house that WE got and the car and everything else and we are still barely beginners" Idk what Richard as thinking but like who are you talking to that isn't your rich friend sitting next to you thats your worker Aaron the guy is a normal guy who has to work for his money and your talking to him about all the shit you got and how your rich and she isn't like its both of you smh WTF and Aaron is just sitting there smiling like he is going along with it when you know inside he is like I don't have any of that! no wife no big house no multi cars and no jelwery he is a regular pay check guy I swear he ment to say that to his best friend cuz his friend is rich as shit too but come on that killed it for me cuz it just shows you the levels and that it came out but that Aaron might be a friend but he is still just a worker he might look at him as a close buddy but he is his boss he pays his checks and he is rich Aaron is not and is far from it its just fucked up if you think about you sitting there knowing your enjoying your self and your boss is like man look at all the shit we have and your like none of that is mine its all yours smh
wolf flint
reminded of episode when Monkey told Aaron to build the bike as he's told or else and if he has to write down how he wants it done it'll be written on his Last paycheck . yah.. . no surprise
wtf I am happy he is leaving but how can you leave on a project and give no warning and than just drop everything and leave just like that I mean j feel like he worked his team way to hard and spends way to much money and the men don't get even close to what they should be paid and I think what really bothered me is how he treats them all and acts like just cuz his life is good that their life should be good as well and its just not I mean you pay them shit at a time of course the people who just their ass for you want to leave
Wait 2 years ! Looooooool I watch this episode yesterday :0 so we are near the end of the serie
Kade berg-cacao
he'll prob do his own show
Mark Andersen
Edd China and Aaron Kaufman should get together, bam!
He cries not bc of him more bc of the money
Thank you discovery channel and Richard for his success!
jon harris
I know how he feels, been there my self, but it's the right move, he will not regret the move....
Good for Aaron, Richard didn't see it coming, but I did.
Smartest thing Aaron ever did 666 OUT
It's like losing a brother. I understand why he's taking this so hard.
The Time
One of his first guys and I think Best Mechaniks will go and befohre He go He says some Real Points to Richard but I think its verry hard fore both. 😭 Hes One of the faces of Gas monkey
Mort DeMott
That ridiculous build schedule. is what crippled Codingin and now drives Aaron away.
Mister Mister
This is what happens when management only looks after management!
josue hemp
In my opinion this killed both their careers.
Nathan Smith
He was tired of slapping shit together to make a quick buck
Patrick S.
It would be badass to see one thing happen; one wreckage car to set up, JP Kraemer getting the parts organized, Ed China to restore it and make it run and at least Aaron boosting the engine. German engineering meeting british patience and american power lol
LeRoy Winnie
Richard has the gift of gab and with or without the bearded wonder he will be just fine!
Doug Brooks
How many of us could see this coming?
LL Prado
Greed got the best of Richard, guy wants more than he can handle and used others for self gain instead of reinvesting or crediting his employees for getting him there
Jerry Jrs Garage
A A Ron is a true champ for hanging in there that long.
Totti Netzrot
In media hungry USA were a lot of people cling on to their little fame that is a very admirable thing to do. All the best Aaron
John Shackelford
you are holding and a police car is behind you on your way to Gas Monkey Garage for Johnson Tribute car Vega build?
Gabriel Barboza
He pretty much said he is burnout ..having these tight time frames on these building those cars..for sure richard should have gave him more time off..maybe put another person to there to give another set of hands..go for guy..
Dave Wenners
Much better show without that bitchbag Aaron.
O y e y e
Til another time Aaron Kaufman.
Ed Mira
Aaron got tired of working hard for Richard he wants to get out of jail lol
Darren Jackson
Best thing to ever happen to fast and loud. If he left sooner it would have saved Richard so much money in aarons stuff ups, by the end he was useless and only eanted to build easy projects, besides Jason is a much better replacement, never seen Aaron build a concourse condition car.....ever!
Video Dude
Not surprised. I wouldn't work for Richard. Self centred, greedy and uncaring. Terrible boss.
aaron is the best ,aaron this aaron that, bla bla bla! Well, richard was a cop once and a fire fighter and later he started a printing busines and sold that and started gas monkey garage, so the man wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth or did take over a excisting busines from his dad, so he's a self made man who deserves respect! He hired aaron to work for him, and aaron took the job so the price must have bin good or else you don't stay 14 years, so there's no need to piss on richard because his garage is on tv and the tv people pay him and aaron good money, so aaron should feel lucky that he took the job and made alot of money from the tv people on the side, and without them he would never have left because they pay about 25k per episode so waaaaaaay more money than he could make on his own so he should be thankfull that richard gave him a job and made him a star aswell, because it's richards busines and aaron is just an employee so richard could have fired him a long time ago and grab al the money himself and hire some other dude to do the work, because there are lot's of dudes with skills on every fucking streetcorner so aaron is not that special! Aaron did quit and started his own busines, and they even gave him his own show, but i don't find new episodes, so i gues that it doesn't pull enough viewers so he's done already, so i wouldn't be suprised when he would come back to richard within 4 years and beg to get his old job back, just like vinnie and codie who worked for oc choppers, because those guys thought that they could do it better without occ, and we all know what happend to them, so without richard, aaron is just the next mechanic on the block, and his fame wil evaporate faster than snow on a hot stove! Aaron should have bin more thankfull, because without richard he would have bin a nobody that would work his ass off for a few hundred a week for the rest of his life in the next sweatshop! Aaron is nothing special, he just got famous but there are alot of aarons outthere that never get on tv, so when aaron would work for me and quit, well then there are 100 new aarons standing in line to take over his job, and that's how life goes!
THIS IS WHERE THE SHOW ENDED aaron was the best
aaron complains about tight deadlines, quits, and then agrees to do six week build off againts those two from street outlaws :D
Angelo Archuleta
The show killed him...lame....but bad a** either way
Roy Briggs
Probably got offered his own show
& here is where the show will come 2 a end. :(
Thank god Arron is the biggest doughbag on two legs lol quite your pouting Ricky you little man 🖕🏻
Frank Mata
At least Richard didn't bash him like Boyd Coddington did when his workers quit on him.
Roy Schrader
"And that's all I got to say about that" Aaron Gump In other words "You made your last dime off of MY hard work"
Rodjen Los
no way...
gary walker
fast & loud is the best how much for stickers for my van woching it now
i love this show, whatever happens, i love all of u
Josh Winters
Figured this would happen eventually sad to see him go
Davideo Jockey
He deserved a slap to remind him that you dont press guys that deliver like that for years he got every right to had enough they need to lay down the pressure a bit like wtf eventualy it would happen
RAJU Ramjit
let them see what it is to run a business you wanna be boss be boss i would sit back and collect a pay check for doing little
Frank D
"Go Your Own Way" was sung by Lindsay Buckingham, not Stevie Nicks.
could have given a couple of weeks notice
Mr. Williams
Everyone thinks that they are soooo talented and I'm not saying Aaron is not. However the host is the business end of the operation and he is the one harvesting the talent (putting it to use etc). You need a person who knows how to put the ideas to use. I suspect Aaron will be able to get by and most likely he will be successful. He won't reach the level that the host has. He's not the whole package.
Zico Nin
Who takes the place of Aron in the program?
Aaron is going to do his own show, Monster Garage 2.0. Coming Mondays this Fall at 9, only on Discovery Channel.
tomie 2 tone
I have always thought that when fixing and building a work of art there should never , I mean Never be a time line!!! I know these shows want to put a pressure and an attraction to a show, but I think the business and the end results are better if they take there time on certain things, but not on others. ... Things never last for ever ....
Silky Slim
Got something good you hold on too em
Jew Manji
That really hurt Richard. But I can sure see Aaron's point. Rawlings always giving these near impossible timelines. Impossible budgets. These guys bust their nuts and he keeps getting richer.
Second Take
And ladies and gentlemen, how not to run your bestfriend and employee to the ground..
Dammit A ARON
constantino almanza
does anyone knows what's the episode and season so I can watch the whole thing please .
Mark Wiersma
Richard and Aaron as a couple is 1+1=1000, which is rare. Splitting them up makes them individuals again and Richard does not have the charm and integrity Aaron has. I am shocked and I agree that Aaron should have been made full partner by Richard a long time ago. Greed has become too much of the prime drive for Richard.
I’ll definitely miss you...
Cyrano Buckminster
Евгений Глумнушин
Oh my God, no way. I'm so much love this program at Discovery. :(
Trav McHenry
This was his way of saying you have used me for far too long and who can honestly blame him
C.J Classic Car Channel
wtf !!
Duff Man
I thought this was another cooking show with the beards and sleeve tattoos
Funny he complains about deadlines and still has enough time for flying jets (and get the whole team to a airport) and build a car for a hill climb. But Aaron is not the first one who left GM and Richard is a real car salesman with the same unreliable attitude, but maybe that is the reason why people are watching.
Summer Of Sam Summer Of Sam
Why does every dude on TV have to have arm tats?
he pulled the ripcord...before getting straight into burnout
77 Datsun
No two weeks, no advance notice in general. just leaves. Pretty unprofessional.
Master Steel
Aron you have to stay with Richard, and you have to convince Aron to stay, you can not throw away this friendship, if not Aron I stop following the broadcast, I will always follow you, but without Aron is not the same thing your place, I would have paid, 10 times more to make it stay,im italy
Jose Sosa Herrera
Richard pushed his best guy to the limit, and he never noticed.
Ryan Rustvold
And because of this fired up garage is on more often. lol
raiden z
And now Aaron has his own show....... that sucks even more than fast n loud.
Best decision he ever made
see all about making money fast an now u have ur best friend an the best guy an now gone man that sucks u have to do a 9 to 5 ppl need there time with family an relax
Scripted for loss of interest? Maybe there trying to bring up there ratings, they loose against big chief.. tv shows are all about ratings. And street outlaws stole that from them. Heck I love both shows I'd hate to see AK go!!! 😂
Luke Ster
would love him to start a youtube channel and show off what hes building
Filipe Santos
Wow! It's Rick Flair!
ei guys is like WRESTLING, is not real , is TV.
DeCarlo Calloway
Aaron got punked out during that “last paycheck” confrontation. Didn’t stand up for himself now he can’t live with it so he left. Man up, don’t back down, hash out your differences, and find common ground. Otherwise, you’ll have to “go your own way”.
Steven Kel
All hell half to do is Over see all the workers. With quarter million.
Carlieto' Way
gary glackin
I don't think there's anything wrong with Aaron leaving on his own but to leave you guys hanging on that build I think was b*******! who the f*** does he think he is! He ain't jackshit!
It’s better to have work then no work
Fer A.
Aaron went MGTOW haha
Fabrizio Lupinetti
Aron❤❤❤❤❤❤Richard ❤❤❤
John Hickey
its like morty without Ric; i hope he comes back soon