Celeste - 5 - for the world is hollow and i have touched the sky

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where I stumble on the heart by accident, but it takes me like twenty minutes (edited out) to find I never went into some hallway. welcome to the raocow experience™ />

I think finding that crystal heart means no one can give any more hints for the rest of the LP. He has demonstrated his Raomastery.
Episode 4: Finishes practically the whole level without realizing that the space jelly refreshes your dash Episode 5: Immediately notices that the screen transition refreshes your dash and finds the hardest collectible in the level without even needing the in-level hint
Awesome Industries, LLC.
...what. The most complex puzzles, nothing at all. But the simplest paths are the biggest obstacles.
Of course, how very Raocow to find the crystal heart first and then missing three strawberries because he never went to check an obvious path!
You were supposed to look after the heart after finding it's position in the waking world which got a message all cryptic and stuff but NOPE, you had to go break the game prematurely!
I like the music in the chase sequence a lot! It's got a nice melody going on and feels just the right amount of urgent at the same time.
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Hobo Joe
So after my comment yesterday I did some digging for this game's development and yeah... The game's designer was going through some issues at the time which is where the game's demeanor and story came from. That makes me really sad since this is the runman and untitled story guy. Remembering raocow's goofy playthroughs of those happy little games and having to know the guy that made them is in mental hell right now is heartbreaking.
I am so mad you got that heart all on your own agh
Hera land
Impressed you figured out the *recharge airdash between screen transitions* trick. Certainly didn't come to me immediately.
I haven't played it myself, but I'd be surprised if the off-screen dash mechanic *weren't* intentional in a game this polished.
(5:09-5:42) Wow, that's pretty amazing that you can do that, and that the game wants you to do that, and that you figured out that you can do that! (5:49) Resurrections: "Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 2"
Aaaaaanndddd he found the only thing I had to look up by himself. Kinda figured it would happen, but... man...
your titles are starting to sound like they're from Cultist Simulator. Interesting and unsettling.
Crossing the border of sanity with raocow is infinitely refreshing!
I just... it can not be overstated how baffling it is that you didn't realize going through the galaxy goop refreshes your dash, but dashing between screens does. And last time you managed to get the fractured strawberry that requires you to get it without landing without even realizing the former. And now this. Without even finding the heart in the waking world first. Sometimes I feel like you're a being from another dimension, raofriend.
Alex Diener
Nice job finding the heart so quickly! That's a really satisfying one to get.
Burning Night
Good on you for finding that heart without even finding the hint for it. If you go to that location while you're awake (there's an actual path then), there's a book that tells you to go there in dream-zone. I forget whether or not it tells you how to do the dash refresh screen transition thing though.
It's such a surreal experience to watch raocow play a game that I've already completed. I think this is the first time this has happened to me xD and I'm really annoyed he found that heart so easily, it took me hours to find in my own run xD
lomion jones
The whole 'screen transition refresh' thing seems like a bug that was recognized as an interesting gameplay feature and worked into the game. It's a super-neat mechanic.
Figuring out difficult puzzles with little problem and then missing an obvious path that he never went through. Again, classic raocow!
I love how raocow keeps calling strawberries "raspberries"". 5:32 - This feels like something straight out of Jiggly Zone, I love it. lol
>naming videos after star trek episodes raogeek
Dominic Hekashia
Wait...THAT'S where the Crystal Heart is??? I played through this level so many times looking for it; I had no _clue_ it was there. Was bashing my head against every wall in the Eline chase sequence. Damn. Now I just look like a fool.
i'm really enjoying this lp of the 1983 atari 2600 game Ghost Manor so far
Hexx Bombastus
That heart is literally one you can only find by dicking around with game exploits... It must have been added after that "bug" was reclassified as a "feature".
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Maiku Wotaharu
Well, I didn't have to wait long for that title, did I?
Everything on display here made for the most raocow episode in a while.
Come Nerevar, take a look upon the Heart.
God raocow you're such a berry racist, raspberries are not strawberries. :P
I just love the different levels of music this level has
Colonel Roxas
You watched the hair and actually figured this neat trick out in less time than I have actually imagined you would. You are a talented guy when it comes to discovering stuff you know that?
This "mechanic" seems reaaally silly. Where you have to figure out that you need to climb the castle from the LEFT side and that transitions without wodden platforms let you do stuff like chain-air-dash... Might have been more obvious in a future level?
It's possible to look at, but not obtain, this crystal heart after Maddy wakes up, since there are a lot less walls up around there in the waking world. But there's a bunch of walls that make it impossible to get to and a hint that says "get here in the dream", more or less.
Cole Mc
Everyone's commenting on the heart thing, so I'll just say that the blank Full Clear spot is your time for playing the entire chapter and collecting every strawberry, the heart, and the B-side tape in one go.
This series has gotten me to replay Celeste and going through the early worlds knowing what I do about advanced movement techniques, this game is BRILLIANT. There's pretty much nothing I don't love about it.
So is there a record label out there printing Celeste soundtracks on cassette like that because I might need this