Best of Rallye Rally Crash & Mistakes 2018 by ToutAuCable

Best of Rallye Rally Crash & Mistakes 2018 by ToutAuCable Résumé Bêtisier d'une saison de 27 Rallyes, du championnat du monde, en passant par le Championnat de France des Rallyes et de la coupe de France. Au menu des figures (tête à queue, tout droit...), quelques sorties sans gravité pour les équipages, de la manette et du gros passages. Abonnez-vous ! N'hésitez pas également à me suivre sur les réseaux sociaux : - Facebook : - Instagram : - Snapchat : Toutaucablesnap Si tu as aimé cette vidéo, n'hésites pas à la liker, la partager et à la commenter! Prochain Rallye : Le Rallye Monte-Carlo A très vite pour de nouvelles aventures, Raphaël! #toutaucable

Jérôme Bienvenot
1:30 le voilà notre champion !!!
Dustin Mcdonald
1:52 let me go help ahhhhhhhh my foot btw it is the guy you n the black shirt
Nitro Heal
0:56 do you need four wheels to drive ? ofc I dont
En 2018, les spectateurs ne savent toujours pas où se mettre pour être en sécurité......
Artur Bagiński
Really terrible drivers. Very far from professional level. It's a direct result of "Safety First" BS... People can not drive fast on daily basis (even if have safe places to do it - I mean good enough visibility that in case something go wrong they won't harm anyone, perhaps them car only). Preventing people from exercising good driving permanently makes them bad drivers forever :/
Szymon Pietranowicz
Nagrajcie w Lubeni 😀😉😉😉😉😉 ..............
toño vlogs
1:50 en que va corriendo casi se cae 😂😂
DETOdo0 .X
too much "blyat" for today
Jack Lili
Remarquable la voiture et le pilote à une minute 54 voiture numéro huit. Quelle marque et modèle ? Quel pilote ?g
Tom P.
nice Video,orig.Sound👍👍
Eden Rm
Im said about those cars
1:52 ese vato casi se cae :v
3:20 - "Ей Сука" ;D Ahaahah))
le fnafeur
Wtf is those reactions?
sneaky Raccoon
Peugeot dentro de todas las marcas que aparecen en esta colección de stages por mucho es la menos capaz. Toyota subaru, mitsubishi y citroen, simplemente impresionantes sus prestaciones en rally.
А ни чего так!
The people rushing for strayed cars remind me of zombies rushing for fresh meat !
Haider SuLTan
One chance needs this game
Good mix of crashes and great saves. I like it!
Ray Boccino
@11:02 That Fiesta sounds quite like a V6! Is it the 3-cylinder EcoBoost, maybe?
Jonathan De Gouveia
3:46 LMAO The man that said: KAWAII KAWAII! HADSFHHA
Sebastian Nowak
1:05 YEET!
ruben svensson
this is tourist
1:30 it so handsome 😂😂
Eoin Keegan
If all I had to do was crash and come off the track. I would be a professional rally driver. It’s all the, not crashing and shit that makes me not a professional.
Cuffinit G
0:00 when you just watched baby driver
Tanja Abramovic
Idiot drive with three whels
เล่ง จุตตะโน Mobile
artur dav
Why they run and help
andré rasemont
C'est fort bien surtout quand il y a du verglas ou de la neige, j'aime ça.
Tomas S
7:11 Was that a rallye 350z?
Waflo Kazmierczyk
70% czechoslovakians :/
0:55 O O F
Nadif Viantio
Ganti balap truk aja
Back in 92 I was buying a Video that had been advertised on TV over the phone. As we were wrapping up the order, the person on the other end asked if i wanted to buy to include a VHS tape of car crashes for just another 20 dollars. Can not remember what video it was that made call in the first place, but that VHS tape of Rally crashes (had never heard of Rally at the time being from the USA) was definitely worth that 20 dollars. Now I get to watch it for free on You Tube :)
artur dav
They get paid for this
Logan Campbell
Almost a broken ankle at 1:51
miskate first, then crsah
Slovak foreigner: D
3:20 "Ей сука"
smkmuh01 pgy
ok yes
fornite equipo trump chinjongun putin hilari
new sub
Japan Fermer
Japan car surer!!!!!!!!
M_ skylox
0:40 sylvain pussier
Сергей Кузнецов
3:20 "Ай сюкаа"...))))
Team Yamaha DT
8:06 😂
Diego Q
Mucho auto muy poca conducción
Deon Cameron Ruzinaki
can anyone tell me what the car is at 14:50
Suba Ruban
Watch out!
micky pitt
1.52 😂😂
M Maryanto
1:52 Nice save
MyUsernamesThis fan12893
Why you never show singapore crashes?
Cái ông áo dem puang bo ĐMM
Petru Catalin
7:09 that sound <3
Анатолий Ходос
Это сюжеты как не надо ездить?
Khav Lauj Youthub
Kv xauj ntau lm cs tsi muaj 1 tug hmb cmmt kiag li
André Félix
0:43 WIN
Dumisani Mtshiya
update on car racing in mpumalanga 26
Rato BR
Those motors sounds are best than F1, so cool!
Petar Petrovic
Haider SuLTan
I like this game
Robert Joseph
Yea, mash it up and I can’t even buy a second hand car.
NoN stop
2:22 typical bmw... Audi Quatro better
x i l l e R
1:52 That Guys leg almost broke!
sanali madubashini
#nooneelsecreation #qatarracing
Nigel May
at 40 seconds he did a double twist on the snow on purpose, does not look like a mistake imo.
Сашок Пригоршня
what car 14:16?
Shahina Saif
Some cars are not expensive but mortifided
miraç çelik
*Digame Como hizo este Choque* *Ehm Pues* 0:05
tf why they dont steer?
Loïc Bontiff
Vraiment déçu en terme de tenue de route pour les Fabia 😂😂😂
Doug M
You can really tell the difference between amature and pro. Not that I can do any better but a pro knows how to throttle his or her way out of trouble where amatures will lock the brakes all the way to the crash site lol.
4:14 C'est dans quel pays ça ?
Nobby Barnes
More of 'Men With More Money Than Brains"
J'aime bien les petits coms des vieux cons derrière . . .
Supasit Pimsen
Press Y for Rewind.
Ciro Ferreira
Alguem do brasil
Mister Bean
What is the fun of this ricers destroying cars
2:50 Without that tree that would have been a very long way down. jees..
Japan 4ever
1:10 "Louez moi chez.." hhhm peut-être une autre fois.
I enjoy watching french trash cans wreckage.
Ramazan Bakır
5:48arabayı kullanmayı bilmiyo
Jack Lili
Merci bien, et c’est ce que j’ai pensé après… Je pensais cependant qui s’agissait de la même portion de route où toutes les précédents concurrents se casse la figure. Ce qui donne l’illusion que la Sub à roues passe les doigts dans le nez. Mais quand même ça c’est quand même une sacrée voiture incroyable quand même toutes ces séquences dans quelle région cela se passe-t-il. La Haute-Loire ? Ça a l’air joli
İdris Gönül
5:35 :O Good Racer, Good Car! Hyundai
Quelle est la voiture a 7:04 ? Sinon belle vidéo !
Keem Osabe
freakin frogs
andre vieira
real rally 4:12
1:52 break a leg :D
Аига Спичка
thedogefogx420 thedogefox420
4:14 What Rally is this from
lukasz ciszak
Suba Ruban
Rallye pêche chasse 42
Super vidéo
Lol Lol
He he he he he he
Kenan 094
jordan dods
three wheels to drive hell yeah