A father does something drastic when his family become strangers to him // Viddsee.com

"Closer Apart" is a heartwarming short film that highlights the importance of cherishing familial ties through a subtle illustration of our inability to value the little things and people around us in the face of modernity. As we unravel the story of a father’s increasing drift from his family, ‘Closer Apart’ reveals itself to be an authentic record of the joys, heartaches and frustrations of an ordinary Singaporean family. /> Join us as a Viddsee Patron to support more films like this. Find out how you can contribute here: /> SUBSCRIBE to us here /> Love the films on Viddsee and will like to contribute? Join our Viddsee Subbers community here: /> Follow us on Instagram /> Download the new Viddsee Android/ iPhone app to watch awesome short films offline

when he got that call,he was like:oh,NOW they care -_-
is anyone here crying harder more after pa said "Maybe i dont belong to this fam. anymore"??
Jerick Batiancila
Remember to love your parents...We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old. :'(
Sunshine Mehta
a salute to this father!!! i respect his decision. why stay in a family that can --- eat their food at a reunion without u , the head of the family ? shed tears for ur absence, rather than go out n search for u ???
He didn't make the right decision, he made the perfect one
Neny Lily Ching
There is no happiness without our parents. They were the backbone of the family especially if the father fulfilled his duties during his early days to give comfort for the family. It would be nice if he is treated well when he is now old. Having like him is a luck to a family. He is not like other father's who spend his earnings to himself, or go gambling, spend for other vices like liquors and paid women.
That grandpa is like me. No one cares, talk, or even interact with me. They just think that im a nobody to them. 3 years ago, i left my home and i didn't even receive any calls and messages from my family or friends, or should i say strangers. Today im a working student here in asia and living a hard life.
Sunshine 1234
People are like that, when they are they, we don't want them, when they are not there, we started to want them. Cherish the present one is what we need to do now
Disha Sidhu de Silva
Never take your loved ones for granted
A father as the sole bread winner is able to feed the whole family but the child is not able to feed a parent. Very pathetic 😂😂😂
Henry Shen
Why is the wife so mean! All wife's are nice but this on tsk tsk tsk not good
Fatima ali
Thr house is good eating well living nicely he is doing his job nd his son he was doing good he was stable To Help his parents especially dad! The most heart breaking part was the soup bowl placed in front of him nd the reaction of everyone was so lame
Chicken Fish
Great Vid! Every Vid from Viddsee gets me to think deep and i really like it. Thanks for your Videos
lol did anyone notice that the son said get my secretary to arrange the meeting? what the secretary got a secretary ah lol
Ying ~
Very meaningful. Please reflect yourselves, youngsters. And if you're a Chinese, do not forget the Confucius values.
Aini Savitri
Thank u for remind me to love all my family,i want my family is together. Nothing will leave or miss it!! Im getting cried
Joshua Tan
Get your tissues ready. Made me and my bro cry😭😭😭
Ant Ros
My dad in Heaven, I miss him so much.
Allison Tran
It's sad that that's exactly how I felt with my group of friends. We were BFFs for 5 years. In 11th grade, I didn't feel like I belonged anymore and did exactly what the the dad did: left. I had a similar thought process too. :(
Captain Dark
Chinease name i cry harder bro even when they try to call pa i was like 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ezen sim
Family IS A GREAT HOME.....We must treasure our own family.
Exotic Cloak
My uncle has just recently passed away...... really sad .....felt like I didn’t get to talk much with him....... Shalll He rest in peace
Manha Khan
Why no happy ending?? Cause it's the reality?
Mavis Phon
Left me in tears, but i couldn't cry out loud, my dad was just right beside me
Jennifer K
Wait so that's how it ends? So sad...but makes me really think about my own family...my family is nothing like this but makes me realize that I need to show my parents I care, respect, and love them more
Me: Hmm...what should I watch today... *sees the title of this video* Me: where my bucket at
Zainul Zufar
Never mind it was very touching  Love my Papa
dang. i promise not to do this to my dad !
Kale Booger
They didn’t appreciate what they had until they lost him
Debbie Thomas
Unfortunately, it's not just a Singapore problem but worldwide. People, if not physically, mentally checking out because they feel they no longer belong. It's sad how societies everywhere have narrowed their scope instead of broadening it towards their fellow human being. And the deepest pain comes from when it's your family!!!
Geraldine Cheong
My grandma is now overseas next Monday or Tuesday she is coming back.... Im always crying as im sad she will leave without me beside her.... I really wish no one will die...
Gary Klein
Wife can ride a broom! Hahaha! Other WIVES are more capable than YOU!
Sai Juárez
I like your videos Viddsee, make us think of the way that we walk as a society, greetings from Mexico
shabzana shabzana
self pity is quite pitiful too, he should have cracked the whip and they all would have fallen in line again. Head of the head takes charge when crap goes wrong, you don't wallow in self pity, youre the head 4 god sake!!
sahari efendi
I hope something "GOOD ENDING", but well enough.. Thumbs up..
Yan Yen
You're so lucky you have a father like him
Angel Cat lover
That's why don't be rude to your parents and grandparents
The Wolfy Guy HD
Our parents is the one who make us arrive in the world.our parents is the one that love us the most.our parents is the one that let us grow and learn and our parents will never forget us
Jane Chong
Yes, why stay on if you are no longer welcome in their life.
Lisa Hopson
This is a great video, but so sad.
Be tender with your words !
Sweet Candy Suga Army
First time I've seen hui ge act in a serious role!
Will Of D.
You better cherish and love your parents before they leave you behind. 😭😭😭
Adrian ragasa
GREAT Video ! This is perfect for my project . We are having a short film making for my final project in my multimedia subj. Is it okay if I use your storyline ?
Rick Goh
what is the ending song name?
Tri Daryanti
So sad
Mehreen Syed
We have to take care about ur parents but never live them alone forever when we growing up we have to respect ur elders Vs parents also u that 😔 😂
This One Got Me Good ): I Cried So Hard ):
Randolf Villanueva
I really appreciate vidsees videos it make me cry 😭 and think about my families..Thx vidsee you make the world 🌎 better i like this!! God bless You Vidsee.
BTS and more _ Kpopfan_Taekook
I was crin when the pa was talking
Nono Smi
Noble Sierra
This short film was really well done. A feel minor problems with it tho, in some scenes, such as 5:44, there was no white balancing, resulting in a sudden change in color and making the scene look warmer. The scene where the wife was consoling the husband had continuity errors, the husband seemingly stopped crying in what I assume to be the master shot, and continues crying in the medium close up shot. However, the audio was great, and most of the other cinematography of the short film was alright to me. I liked the narrative, and not to mention the acting as well as the moral behind the story, that is to appreciate your loved-ones. Probably one of my personal favorite short films from Singapore, and having Henry Thia in the cast just made it so much better!
Omar Onn
The wife is so ungrateful. So what if other people have Mercedes? Be realistic and see how much you can spend base on your own budget. Spend within your means and know your priority. Who cares what others think and what they have? Maybe she should get a job if she wants to buy an expensive car herself? Furthermore, the kids not caring for their father and treating him like a stranger - hence, seemingly ungrateful, is reflective of their mother. Yes, we both should love our parents and not forget them. On the other hand, our parents should also do their part to teach or remind us to love and respect them both although they have friction with each other. Just because your parents are at odds with each other, it doesn't mean they don't love you. This is something they need to sort out themselves.
Owen Chua
So sad....
Duy Phan
Anh la ai nguoi my hat tieng Vietnam
Wen Lai
Thank you for reminding me to care about my family.And happy new year to all of you.Stay cool forever.🙂
Diệu Liên
That story will be for me down the road, I already seeing from my kids, but at a mother I always will give the love and always will be 💖
Yeoh Peter
Minery Lasac
Its sad that the grandfather went awy because his children are all grown up and they care about important things While the grandfather doesn't get attention for a little bit
MyMagic LouLou
If the parent is too work hard, children get neglected. But if the parent is too much take care of family, children instead looking down on parents. The real problem is he is too much take care of family without trying to improve his work and income. I guess parent should be balance on their work and family
Roman Kingston
I am so fortunate because I treasure most of the moment with my parents until passed away.
Jau Yun
每次泡給她, 她都没有喝。
le-enn chang
I’m kinda scared to watch this becuz I know it gonna be sad
-slime- Gaming
Wait the coffee shop u saw at the first part is downstairs my house
Amira Umarova
This is such an amazing channel and a great video. Viddsee nice videos all of your videos make me think really deep thank you for making this channel and these videos
Mira Rami
Ini namanya sih :" Kalau berdekatan, jadi bau.... Kalau berjauhan, jadi harum" 🤔😅🐴
Angelyn Natasya
i will share with my family and my friends and all people to have to watch this because we have to love and care our family
Anamika Nv
I luv my father and my family a lot....this made me cry a lot...
So he doesn't come back? I know he feels left out but I'm a sucker for happy endings.
sohftcreme •
who’s heart broke when the flashback started playing :,((
eye-opener for us, children of our old, very loving parents. thank you for reminding us.
Nin Ja
I can’t stop watching these sad videos
The Aloy YT
Amazing Acting skills by 辉哥 and the fellow actors.
Amira Umarova
Y can't I stop crying this is so sad. We, I, you always have to be respectful to our olders. 😭😭❤️❤️
Yee Hian Tay
what's the song at the end?
Alishba Rasool
We all should respect our elders,parents,siblings and everyone.all we need is to respect everyone even small children also ok???like if u agree
S Lim
Of all the days he chose to leave. Lolz
this made me cry
Narendra Chaubey
i wish everyday that you keep making stories like these... :) thankyou viddsee :) Lots of love from india.. :)
Mono Pilot
To be blunt this feels too one dimensional and over sentimental. Typically the family member being ignored should have shortcomings of some sort that rubs others in the wrong way. And children have problems of their own, I've seen a lot of examples where people haven't been able to care for their parents because of frustrations with their own lives. This short film shows none of those elements. We don't have a switch we can flip on to start caring for people, managing our own emotions is far more complex.
530 time
watching this many time.. still cant handle my cry😭😭 it's so damn hurting me
michelle x
I was crying
Is it just my eyes or it looks like the father has blue eyes?
Sharon Tio
Oh so the father is a SBS Transit bus driver
Tariza Shie
So sad....always love our parents....we are too busy to think about ourself but sometimes never think about their feeling....they are getting old everyday....so waste the time to make them happy
Kenny Lau
the different staying with dad and staying outside..
Adoracion Unclara
Remember love your family if there is a stroke father help them😭😭
iluminado 2016
This video makes me very sad and take care of your parents when they old
Anthony Jaya
Henry thia so good at acting 😍😍😍😍
In most family just because the mother is femine, the childrens always sided the mother. The childrens over looked the Father loves.
Agnetta Osewe
This is what it means to be taken for granted
Crying after watched this
We must always love our parents. They raised us with love and now that we had grew up, we should repay them by giving them some love. Love you Mummy, Love you Daddy
Simply Mitchy
:'( did the father really left for good? :(
We don't often know the sacrifices our parents make
Footy Banter
made me cry
Matthew Cheng
no subtitles
Indoraptor The dark energem
This is standard and why people commit suicide. Humans always abuse and hurt each other while keeping the one who is suffering alive to cause more suffering