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Am i the only 1 who went straight for to the comments?
anony moose
So everything on youtube is fake now
The Insane Gamer
2:20 my boy already knew lmfao
Awakening To The Universe
I'd have knocked dude out
2:37 he can't act no offence
Even though this is staged and fake.....its still hilarious.
Wow, do people actually believe this?? It's obvious it's all staged. This didn't look even a little bit real
Rick massey
If this is real I don't think it's funny at all, has Maybe damaging to inhale. Totally disgusting prank
Sam Pound
do people actually think this is real???
sowra youil
Random stranger: you wanna try my new vape pen? Pedestrian: yeah sure You’re mums should’ve swallowed for not teaching you right
Go big or go home Productions
This needs to be updated 😂😂😂
nick greggo
literally one of the funniest videos ive ever seen
Chris Cooke
That's rough dropped a like and subscribed
Valentin Torres
do it in the hood
Moe Green
I got a black friend like that lol he would have done the same thing
Jose Rivera
yo please try me like that I would have caught a charge. left that mf leaking on the pavement..
Sonnie Hill
Bro. What would you do if some one said it was yummy and kept on hitting it😂
Supreme Leader
2:17 ahaha dude pranked Floyd and Harry’s best friend from dum and dumber 😂😂dudes like ya does smell like liquid ass
fukqyou asszhole
How much did you pay the last guy to pretend he was smoking ass and get mad?
franco Jr
Dudes have gotten killed for a lot less bro you lucky
Dalton Duncan
Oh buddy about got beat up got scared and quit the video
Second guy looks like Jason the original Red Ranger.
cindy cecil
If that was real and whatever you could did from those chemicals like accitocin
Fanthem Channel
I wish he would do that to me I would honestly knock his ass out lol 😂
Chip Rosen
That's messed up on all levels, I would knock someone out!
trevin da best
Liquid asss😂😂
Aileen Vlog
Love u man... Subs to subs guys😁😂
Michal youcandive
You should make more of this prank. It's hilarious. I can't stop laughing
Guardian Gaming
IDK if it's staged but I liked the video because of the idea its hilarious
Kliq Only
Half his profits going to NELK for getting him these subscribers
NickelPlated .45onMeAtAllTimes
1:58 I'm sitting think about how fancy that backflow with the OS&Y valve is
Cavan Irvine
That's pretty dangerous to smoke that
isaac shively
Was it even supposed to be vaped
Tony Garcia
He look like g eazy a little😁😂
The way that guy went at him at the end and that mug looked like he had liquid coming from his arse.
Jay Lord
You should tell the people that the name of the flavor is L.A. ...liquid ass.... Inspired by the essence of Los Angeles California
that guy that hit it twice 😂😂
Get Cash
Cant blame no one but yourself, ion do samples
YGN Hernandez
You guys have to make a part 2 😂😂😂😂💯
Zachary Forte
If you hem me up like that idc what I did to you, we gotta bang fr now😂😂😂
Adrian Perez
This is fake bro... 😂😂😂 this dude should get banned
Tommes Heijnis
The look on that last guys face before he pushed him against the wall😂😂
Diego Jaumandreu
I feel bad for them man🤣🤣🤣
L01 J
If that last guy had someone to hold his beer. 👊
Marko Buenrostro
Best way to make people stop smoking hahaha
Abdala Nijim
Most youtubers are trained self defense anyway. If not then tough luck. Liquid ass* 🤣🤣💩 I'll be pissed off randomly like that I'll say no thanks nd keep.it moving that's people trusting other doing stuff like that.. Haha
I so need this for those bum vapers. They love vaping but will never buy their own juice
Hiram Stewart
That guy At 2.17 smoke dope He hit that thing hard
Charlie Y
I could seriously do without that damn high pitch squeal towards the end if this video! This video needs edited again OMG!
Qualynn Anderson
2:48 That moment when your friend says Naruto is a Saiyan
your videos have become very pathetic
Jon Schultz
Yea that's a great idea.. let's make people inhale something not even ment to be used in a vaporizer.
Vincent Lopez
Your pranks are whack my dude.
D I D Y O U W A S H I T ? ! ?
BoMmArItO bOmMaRiTo 313
The sad thing is that yea it's totally fake but we keep making them relevant and they are sitting back collecting
2:49 that face of disappointment lol
Mystic Daze
stumbled onto this. ok, one i wouldnt hit a random persons vape. but if i did. i wouldv straight up beat your ass. watching others do it is hilarious tho lol 👍😎👍
if this was me id be very depressed
John Noredy
Stop smoking behind everybody you feens😭
Tyler R.
It's gross try it again hahahahaaaa hahahahaaaa
Travis Klay
Smh taking candy from strangers
Changing of the guard
the way he said. liquid ass#! lmbo. #LIQUIDAZZMA
eatenplague 181
Not every liquid makes smoke in a vape
Michael Todd
And this is Why I always have a gun on my hip lol.
Could you do heroin vape next?
Davide Cagliani
the second guy looks like leonardo di caprio
Pink Water Gaming
Next put mercury in a vape it will be SOOOOO funny
Thumbs up for making me laugh
2:33 can't stop the feelin
Casual Nesian
the way the last dude pointed his finger at him😂😂😂
kreativeasylum jh
I'd deck this guy for sure.
TrappBros enTertain
Me:this video is Trash. Friends :like what
hendrik ochoa
First of all why are you even vaping
Ancient Latin Assassin
Funny 😁 laughed my ass off. The facial expressions once they inhaled was priceless.
Am I high ?
Okay YouTube okay... I watched it, now can we please get this off my recommendation?
Booby Manfanny
Janet Jackson at the end there
o Jxhlik o
The last guys reaction killed me
craig thomas
And vaping liquid ass doesn’t have any long term health effects? If this is real which I doubt I would have BELTED you...
The last guy sounded like p2isthename
Jake Mackinson
And is this even safe to smoke
naresh s
The second guy😂😂
IncredibleGaming /xToxicCreature
At 2:37 looked like he lagged on Fortnite in game from his connection then went back in game without lag XD
Chris Taylor
I was really hoping you got beat up
Not sure how he made it out without a scratch somone should of cleaned his clock
dcnuebe TV
What the....f.....😂😂😂😂 Thats not a good idea...even for the vape user.... Any one here want some hug..comment done below then I hug you back☺☺
Steve Kosak
Your lucky you have teeth!!!!
Don't do that in New Zealand, cause you'll get the bash.
Iosif Belea
Low budget acting towards the end 😂
Rj Ramsey
horrible ACTORS
Adrian Carrera
Dude would've got Molly Wopped
CrimsonDragon Nut
Fake But do it anywhere and you’ll get beat either by the squad or one person
Tyrone Combs
I'm crying😂😂😂😂
Deftones Mike
He would got merk'd here in Detroit with that stunt! 😂
I probably would have punched that fool giving me some áss vape.
Kojima Kid
Baseball Ejected
I actually gagged watching this
Kylethegamer Mohotlane
The guy with the blue shirt almost.. Whipped the guy in the black shirt😂😂😂 2:38
Mac the Main
Machine gun Kelley wasn’t having it
Oliver Astren
"liquid ass" is definitely not safe to vape