Killer Romance Poem

Killer Romance (c) 2011 from "Things That Go Bump In My Head" Killer Romance Spoken Word Poetry By Sumiko Saulson People love, you know... We do love, untrue love, and there are puppies and kittens, chubby babies who don't have bows... and arrows... All trivialized in February (that was my grandpa's birthday) Because they are now Iconic representations of an infatuation More impure than The sweet-smelling rose We chose To kill, to represent... Incense, sickly sweet I have allergies It makes me sick It reeks... like a grape-favored cigarillo And I know that you know When it lies...   I like the natural look of love You know, the way it is. I said I was tired And you didn't keep me Up all night... Almost like you recognized I was a human being With needs Like sleep To me, that is love. But I am not Romant-ick... It makes me sick Like if sex is good You don't always have to Talk about it You're too busy Doing it... And love is like that If you do love True love Not just constantly hot New love... It's real. Like a kitten, not a card Like a baby, not a cupid Like a grandpa, not a holiday Like a real, live, rosebush It lives because You tend it Like a garden I water my garden I don't just Write poems to it