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The cast & creators of Once Upon a Time took over Comic Con 2017 to reveal details on the new characters for season 7 like Princess Tiana & Drizella as well as the first trailer for the new season. Lisa breaks down all the highlights. We've got more cool stuff for you! Subscribe! ► /> Follow Lisa! /> /> />Snapchat: silentasian Daily News ► />Follow SO-M ► />SO-M Instagram ► />SO-M Snapchat ► shineonmedia Become a Fan ►

William Wade
Noooooo i wanted emma and hook to have a baby!!!!😖😖😖😖😖
Isaiah M. Owens
About time!!!! Disney has been sleeping on Tiana from the day it came out of Theatres...
Tara Taillon
None of this makes any sense, are they high? 😂
Solomon Dow
I'm beyond happy to see that OUAT has finally added Princess Tiana!
holly price
its not gonna be the same without the original characters. i miss emma swan 😓
King Alphonse
Adelaide Kane as Drizella? 😱😝 I've thought that she will be the new Snow White 😔
Okay but they need to continue the Little Mermaid storyline 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 also add Hunchback of Notre Dame and also add Pocahontas on there! 👏🏼👏🏼
please let Tiana be a GREAT character because many of the black characters on this show were not well developed
This is NOT Alice in Wonderland, if you watched OUATIW then you would understand.
Delightful Reviews
They need to stop focusing on telling a new story of a character or characters we have already seen before. Like for instance instead of retelling a story/giving a new take, why not dive into stories we haven't really gotten to see like with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider etc. Good grief.
Shawmilaedits Official
Oh god. I can't imagine Mary from reign to be Cinderella's step sis
Rebekah Huq
But now I'm just sad coz emma and hook were supposed to grow old together no matter how cheesy that sounds and they were supposed to have kids and stuff 😭😭😭
Imke Merckx
This video gave me hope for the new season.
Mia Lovely
New LGBT couple should be males. TV shows are always playing it safe by giving us to ladies together. They almost always shy away from two males together on screen. I don't think that fair. I also don't understand why 2 men falling in love is considered more "taboo" then 2 women falling in love? This show should try having one of the many prince charming characters be gay. That would be super interesting. Because traditionally, the "prince charming" like character is the one who always gets the princess. But what if in this world, the prince isn't into the princess in that way. Because he much rather be with the hot knight in shinning armor instead. Prince Charming + Knight in shinning armor. I want to see that this season.
Summer Rodriguez
i am probable not going to watch season 7 cuz there is no hook or emma or any of the charmings why fix something if it not broken?
George Hennon
"We thought it was time fore characters to get there happy endings" really so where's Reginas? Emma got hook snow got charming belle got rumple and all Regina had left was Zelena and Henry and they both are gone in season 7
Frankie Holster
My question is why they didn't cast a dark girl to play Tiana but they hired someone who was lighter skin?? And please add a gay couple not a lesbian couple there's a big difference.
Girly_im_random 11
They need to make it so that Emma and Hook had a baby. WE ALL WANT THAT
Jannah W
All i have to say is that it needs to come out faster and I am so ready to give this season a chance
m A
Dricellda is prettier than cinderella wtf😂😂
Noor-Maria Saleh
wait isn't cinderella blonde tho?
I'm actually pretty excited for this. I wanna see how grown up henry is and the new stories that will be told
Slushdog 101
Reign just ended I'm so glad that Adelaide Kane has taking a new show. SO HAPPY
Luis Perez
Look I will give season 7 a chance because I believe it's not the end of Snowing and Captain Swan so I feel they are coming back in some episodes just they will be guest starring instead of being part of the main cast
April Carman
No Ruby and Dorothy No Storyline
Mary Mawocha
I was planning on not watching season seven because I didn't wanna ruin the ending of season six or end up hating this new season because of all the changes, but I've been waiting for Tiana since I started watching so imma push through. I hope this doesn't disappoint.
A new Alice
Dustin McKenzie
I think with bringing in Tiana, they will bring in the voodoo guy. I believe he and Lady Tremaine could be working together.
Nadezhda Tzvetkova
I would like to see Ursula again in season 7
Sarah Henry
What about male villains (not rumplestiltskin or hook) like kaa, shere kaun, or scar? I believe in girl power 110%, but we to see guys in action.
Gigi 2018
This is reboot really. Peace out I am done this show is dragging on for so long. Good luck to the fans.
Kulab Foster
"Cinderelas" step sister is mary queen of Scots in reign right?
Dawit Bekele
Seriously? Not only are they going to do a different Cinderella and stepmother from another storyline but they're adding a new ALICE? Did they forget they had another Alice aka the main protagonist from the other OUATIW series just chilling? They already did this with Jafar in season 6 smh. I just hope they don't alter her character and mentioned what happened to her in Once upon a time in Wonderland which I really liked
Bryanna Garcia
Mykho Dagalea
I'm hoping for my Wicked Witch's appearance.. 💚💚💚
Nathalia Nicole
I just came because of Adelaide Kane 😍
Gigi Crawford
The show is better w/out the same gender romance.....
jack vandenbark
About freaking time the whole show tiana has been glanced over
If Hook gets a better love interest I am in. Glad Emma is gone, she was selfish, bland and boring.
riley sunderland
For me this show was over in season 5. Liked the first half of the season which revolved around Emma as the Dark One, but I was so disappointed with the second half and I was let down cause I love Hercules and I was excited for the Underworld story arc and I was hoping the season would have more to do with Hercules but he was only there for like one episode which made me upset. I just felt like the plot started getting less interesting and I lost interest over time, but what really made me give the show up was when they killed off Robin. He was definitely one of my favorite characters and I couldn't look pad them killing him off.
Swanquen is the only thing I heard after she said lgbtq
I really want red to return, I loved her
As long as they make Lana gay, I'm cool with it
Kwabena Yeboah
Goodbye, Jared Gilmore 💕
Octopus Sea
other realms other book other storyes other storybrook other characters
brielle malloy
I hate it ... I hate it so much !😶
Nerdy Unicorn
Still upset them emma and hook didn't have a daughter whyyyy
little mix
Who tf is that? Princess Tiana was a beautiful dark skin woman from New Orleans, representation for young black girls is important. This was all we had and racist ass Hollywood destroyed it with their colorist views on beauty smh. DISGUSTING
i want EMMA back
Aislee Love Greenwood
Guys, remember that Emma and Hook and all the other characters that we love are still living out their happy endings in Storybrook: having babies and growing old and all that. Be happy for them. This only continues Henry's story: meeting alternate-reality versions of the characters we know and love. These new versions are not the same people. Think of it as meeting a bunch of new characters, who's stories are just kind of similar, but with crazy new twists. I'm so excited to meet them!
Vanessa G
I want the old characters back 😂
Iris Vasquez
I hope Emma comes who agrees
μαρια Σ
i realy wand to see capten swan
Michael Brent
Ouat should put Moana , Sofia the first , and wouldn't hurt if they put Tron in the show.
Marlyn Fermin
I kinda wish people would stop wishing for a show to end instead of just stop watching. It's like you don't want it but no one else can have it or want it either. I, myself, as a day 1 fan of this series, am EXTREMELY excited for this new season. I was tired of Emma, Snow and Charming honestly, them being the main storylines kept every theme so repetitive. And there are different versions of every single story, that's what makes this great. I love the new actors coming in, change is exciting.
now we got a one sided love story between 2 fairy tale female characters and another love story between 2 fairy tale female characters so maybe this time will get 2 guys this time ^-^
Wajida abbas
WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I want Aurora back 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Looks cool!
glad to hear belle will be back for at least an episode. if nothing else ill watch the first 4 just to see emilie
Will Lyon
Can't they introduce any obscure lesser known characters from fairy tales ,folklore, legends, and literature that would be nice for a change
Josh and Tina Radosevich
I was getting board of the show before--it couldn't decide if Regina and Rumple (and others) were good or bad, but I love this idea!
Looks good but still unnecessary new season.
I think it too carzy it going suck there going end show
Kathryn Estrello
I like the fact their are other versions of the characters Bc it's true in real life lol
Hailey Flipss
Now I have hope for Rumpbelle
Natalina Renzelli
may someone please tell me if the new version of Cinderella is supposed to be the gf of henry from Camelot?
bts trash
I'M soooo happy hook comes back
Roberta Saale
So helpful
hell no no more once for me the season 6 was a perfect end 4 me....
absolutely sickening. stopped watching since that lgbt shit in the original series. why not make your own sick stories instead of tainting the pure ones
Ashleyyy Bieber
I stopped watching after season five I'm tired of this damn show it's not the same without Emma
Autumn Colors
Things they can do with Once Upon a Time: 1. Find a replacement for Emma Swan - someone that looks like her and as pretty as her 2. Use the young Snow White as the adult Snow... She grew older, she could take the role as the adult Snow White now... 3. Focus on the the pretty Snow Queen Elsa or Anna. They are both so pretty, or make Elsa the main character. 4. If the old cast cannot stay, focus on other characters such as Hansel and Greta, they are both very beautiful children. 5. They cannot just replace a character with another character like that, and change the whole story line, we are viewers, we have feelings too!!! How can the writers disappoint us like this??? 6. This is my favorite show, can’t believe they hurt us like that... 7. They can add new characters or talk about the old ones from season 1 to 6... For example, they added Tiara, she is beautiful, knows how to act and I like her. 9. I love Regina - the Evil Queen, Hook, and Rumplestiltskin... “every magic comes with a price, hummmm :) They should show more of Rumplestiltskin in season 7... 10. Hope the writers will take our advice... 11. When a lot of veiwers find a character annoying, show her less...
Danyale N
i don't like the idea it feels like the next season is gonna be about cinderella only really not to mention wth its kinda stupid to have another cinderella and stuff i mean you can't tell me they didn't have other charactors to choose from to bring to ouat. smh im lookin forward to seeing it since it is my favorite show but i really think they are getting too crazy with wanting to add so many different races and now lgbt. Now don't take me as a hater i have no issues with race or sex but when its over done its over done.... and well they are gettin too crazy with it. Yet how fair is it Tiana to be black yet we can make Rupunzel black when hello she has blonde hair and blue eyes smh we shall see how or if they ruin it all
Jefferey Morrison
We are now a few episodes in to season 7 of OUAT, and it is certainly a noticeable change. There are still some old aspects of the show there, but it is a very different feel to it altogether. I have watched the show from the beginning, and yes a ton of incredible things happened to each of the characters. In the end, everyone has a story to tell, and I am slightly going by that idea for me to continue watching the show, even of the time slot of askew. It can be hard to experience change to something that has been around for a long time, but I'm willing to see where the story continues to go, even if the adjustments are just so shocking. I can personally hope that people can be interested in the show, or find another show that can be experienced in this ones place if the situation merits it. Ultimately, the viewer has the freedom to explore what they love about television, and pursue the content which suits their individual desires.
ok what. We already had Cinderella recurring through the entire show, as well as the sisters and Lady Tremaine. And we had a whole 13 episodes of Alice not to mention Season 6 solidified her existence with Dr. Lydgate. I mean if she's recast and in another place and needs to get home, that looks like why we have Hook in a cop uniform and stuff. But why do characters already done? The only win I see here is finally doing Princess Tiana, which hopefully means at least a few episodes of Dr. Facilier, maybe he'll accidently "awaken" Rumple who also looks cursed and they'll have a showdown. It was overdue the moment jafar was in the spin off for rumple to have a male villain (that's not his son) to battle it out with. What we need is a tangled like rapunzel, return of Elsa and Anna finding their long lost brother being Tarzan (go with the fan theory because it's great), the actual goddess of the sea ursula, not the Regina or demi goddess versions. They showed Paul Bunyan in the S5 finale, so, few episodes with more giants perhaps? And Don Quixote. C'mon, this isn't that difficult. Cinderella? Seriously. Between this shows failure to do Ursula any real justice and this cinderella bs, I think I wish they'd cancel this and make "Descendants" a show instead. Uma from the sequel outdid anything once ever tried to do little mermaid related period. Also where are Malificient And Lily. this is so bad so far.
Srey Keosopheaktra
Oh... Come on. New curse? New heroes? Have you got anything new? Oh right.... Making the curssssse and heroes had to die or willing to save the realm again and again and again. Look, I'm very delighted and happy that season 6 ended with such a beautiful happy ending. Can you give them any happiness? So please don't come up with the same old story again. Ouat has not told the story behind Cinderella when she lost her prince by Rumple. And where is the original Cinderella cast? What is this? Drizella? I mean what? Aurora and Mulan story didn't end well. Where are their happy endings? WE NEED NEW THINGS, NEW STORIES, NEW TALES, NEW PROBLEMS.
Jaysen Summers
Truthfully, I am EXCITED that this is a new show basically. It was getting boring seeing the same curse arc over and over. Although I loved how each time they had a purpose for it, it just became a revolving door. I LOVE DANIA, SO SO much. She was my favorite Devious Maid. And I couldn't be more excited she is joining Once. I Love that they can show new versions of story characters without erasing the old ones. This whole idea is genius. They both rebooted and continued the show in a great way. Yes I am a bit sad Emma is no longer on the show, but I am not going to miss her. She got closure, and so did I. I respect Jennifer's choice. The only casting dismissal I am sad about is to be honest is Rachel's, aka Zelena. I really liked her and wanted to see her be more of a mommy this year. But truthfully her character had the most growth in a short time. She not only gave up her magic, but made the right decision with Hades, and Rumple nor Regina could be that strong that soon.
Singing Lady loki
Here's a cool fact for you. You know the tv show glee? I auditioned for the Glee project I didn't get to be in the show but, I had an idea for director Ryan Murphy that Archie should have a love interest and he used that idea which made me really happy and like Archie the girl was in a wheelchair too it made me really excited that Archie had someone like him that he could connect with and I'm glad Ryan Murphy went with my idea so Adam Horowitz if your listening to me, you still have time to use some of my ideas maybe it will make me watch again my ideas are good really good ideas if they weren't I wouldn't voice them but, you can still put Loki and Thor in Infinty War doesn't come out till 2018 and part 2 of that comes out in 2019. I would be really happy if you used those characters including Iron Man it would mean a lot to me and I have been dying to see a marvel crossover anyway.
Tomboy Trotter
Honestly I'm still a bit worried about season 7... Excited to see it yes but worried... I hope they are able to bring back maybe Robins son and the merry men... Robin (Zelena and Robins daughter) Neal (Snow and Charming's son) Even do more with Gideon (Belle and Rumples son) Some maybe even with Alexandra (Cinderellas daughter) Kinda develop those characters a little more maybe not so much Gideon idk... Not to mention Aurora's baby... ect but I have to say hook in his police uniform 😘😘😘😘💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ooohhhhh yesssss *drools*
M Robbie
Adelaide kane ( Drizella / Ivy ) is the best on ouat
It's garbage to make Regina the same Regina. She should be the evil queen version through and through, it'd make it seem more fresh despite the fact that evil queen "split with the sheers" character was made to be not so evil at the end. Also can we have a crossover episode where Henry journey's to the "isle of the lost" and "auradon?" Oh and they should also crossover with Sleepy Hallow and make it an ending that they with through the 7th trial/tribulation for closure with those characters too. The latter is a huge missed opportunity.
Melanie Palmer
I have found out that the cinderella stepmother is my dad's cousin. I would love to meet her and so would my dad since it's been a long time since they saw each other. Can't wait to watch I love once upon a time ♥
I love this show is a very educational show Cassidy
I guess it would be Unhappily Ever After I'd like to see a character from Amy Adventures maybe I don't know
Salem Karr
I really hope the new LGBT character is a male. It would be really cool to see how they take that. They have already had female couples, and I love it, but it would be nice for a male couple.
Sky Luis
I Want to se the shadpw men
Sabhyata Sahu
Adelaide Kane as Drizella??? She should be playing Violet , She's perfect for that role, when I heard about her casting I was sure she was gonna play Violet
Nico Cervantes
Kinda wanted Lucy's mom to be either Moana or Pocahontas or Tiana! But it's ok. IG the creators are moving down main characters; first they focused more on Snow White, now I guess Cinderella. So glad to finally have Tiana, but I do wonder how many more seasons will there be? Hopefully like Friends w/ 10 seasons
Nicole Bubble
I have been a fan form the start but this is the end not because of the new cast .I like them its, just it has been a wonderful journey and its time for the end for me.
Destiny Banegas
Adelaide Kane will forever be Mary Queen of Scots to me from Reign. I loved her in that. Ahhhh it's going to be hard seeing her as another character.
Ally Lambert
Excited for new things to come. I wanna see Rapunzel and Flynn From Tangled
Jun-Jun Amal
What happened to Cinderella's story last seasons from 1 and 2? Why did they change the Cinderella cast? It's HORRIBLE!
Erique Photograffer
am dissappointed ,it will not be the same without the original cast. what is the need of proceeding with a series if you change almost all the characters????????
Lucy Dragneel
I'm sorry, But I feel like they've gone downhill since the past season. I feel like they just need to stop and end it.
Ty'Yonna B.
I'm really having mixed thoughts about all of it really. In a way I am worried about this new plot, I think it's going to mess the hole show up for me. But I'm also glad that they're losing some characters, I never really liked Emma for starters. I felt like she was really hypocritical. She made some really stupid choices sometimes.
Scarlet Phoenix
I am not a fan of this. And I'm sure ratings will drop. Because they are taking away most of the characters we know and love. I am not satisfied with seeing them in one or two episodes. This is a stupid decision.
Michael Alvarez
i don't want her to leave )):
Im sorry but.... adelaide Kane!!!
Robert King
I bet the new once upon a time is going to be better than the last one
Glenn Elwood
Excellent first 6 seasons, worst possible idea in my opinion for a transition period going into season 7, lost interest in season 7 due to direction of series and writer's ideas, goodbye ouat for me.