Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria [Explicit Version] [Official Video]

Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria [Explicit Version] [Official Video] iTunes: />Spotify: /> Alex Gaudino began his adventure in the music business in Italy in 1993 at the famous Flying Records and UMM. In 1998 with the support of Giacomo Maiolini, owner of the legendary TIME Records, Alex became a&r of Rise Records, which soon became one of the most respected European labels, signing hit records like The Tamperer and Black Legend. "Destination Calabria" is the single that elevated Alex to the level of international top djs as Eric Prydz and Fedde le Grand -- it reached Number 1 in the European Dance charts in May 2007 and has already achieved the following national chart positions - No.1 in Belgium, No.4 in UK, No.6 in France, No. 10 in Holland Alex Gaudino inizia la sua avventura nel music business in Italia nel 1993 nella famosa Flying Records & UMM. Nel 1998 grazie al supporto di Giacomo Maiolini, proprietario della leggendaria TIME Records, Alex fonda la RISE Records, che presto diventa una delle label più rispettate in Europa, grazie alle hits come The Tamperer e Black Legend. "Destination Calabria" è stata tra l'altro una vera hit internazionale, come la sua recente "I'm In Love". Like us on Facebook: />Subscribe to TimeRecTv!!! />Time HEAVY ROTATION on Youtube: />Time HEAVY ROTATION on Spotify: /> Get TIME RADIO on the app stores!!! iOS: / Android: />BlackBerry: /> FOLLOW US! Stay Connected: /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> #alexgaudino #destinationcalabria #timerecords

Time Records
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I hope this army invades my country.
El Patrón Garen
Yup, I'm so not gay.
foxy gamer521
I came here for good music... Was not expecting this...
Olivia Kukahiko
My goal: being straight My obstacle: this video
MasterBait or MasterBaiter
Not today PornHub.
hi there
2:16 that is a very inefficient way of drinking water
Dr. Freedom
If you are a man and confused about your sexuality just watch this video it should clear things up for you in no time🙂
Fabian Ortiz
As a kid, this made me feel things I didn't know I could feel
the point of intersection between femininity and masculinity. The patriarchy approves
Goldinga 111
Who else made it full screen to hear it better?
Producer: So how many hot scenes do you want in this MV -yes
Everyone is too busy to realize saxos are sounding but they´re playing trumpets.
Cotton Candy
Isn’t this a good part of being single TBH IM CRAZY
Tommaso Passariello
Youtube: 2011 - Wtf is this? 2019 - Hmm.. i should recommend it
Cameraman was filming with 1 hand
Give me Bacon
I aways watched it when we didn't have XVideos and stuff
Flossie Sunshine
Man if only marching band was like this am I right? 😂😂😂
I’m only 30 seconds in and I already want them to blow my trumpet 🎺 👌
Kyleigh Copeland
Mom: hey son have you seen this video? Son: nope can i watch it Mom: no
David Bustam
my music teacher told me to go on youtube and see videos about people who play the saxophone, well now I do not know how to explain that to my teacher
Me: This is a really catchy song! Also me: *types in pornhub destination unknown naked*
Meep Meep
Marching bands suddenly seem more arousing than cheerleaders
Legomix Music
Ok. Convinced! I'll follow you (-;
Me: I wonder why this is being recommended to everyone now Also me: TY youtube for recommending it to me!
John Smith
This song makes me constantly look over my shoulder.
Youngnam Kim
ahh youtube recommendations truly knows what i want
terkex max
I´m still waiting for the feminist comments against this video
Rubi X
Me: Mom, I'm gey Mom: No Mom: *Show me this video* Me: I'm SuPeR sTrAiGhT
I got this in the recommended tab... i guess youtube knows what i like
Kerim Kerim
Yep I'm not gay.
Damn, those are great...uh...lyrics
Ben Christiansen
This army would’ve done a better job invading Russia in winter than Germany
aWiZor El Carritos
Imagine this videoclip being released in 2019...
Joshua Lares
Ok but why hasn't my YouTube recommended me this before, or should I say beforehand.
Clever stanley
Camera man was the luckiest guy.
my 14 year son old really likes this song and i dont exactly know why
Damien Smith
I’ve never been so sexually attracted to a band
saiya nox
Nobody YouTube: We Recommended This Video
Kyle Bentley
Sexiest video I've seen in a long time. Love it! Who says band class is dull now? LOL
ramiz raza
Accidentally endup here but no regrets. Just looking around 😅 Yes it's safe.
Samuel CITY
Soy el único latino que piensa que esto debe estar en brazzer
Ben Aki
Why did they stop producing these Angels ??? The society today is just not fair....
No car, no home, no traveling, suddenly my dream is only become the camera man :)
just a lonely human
those are some nice hats
Me: i am not straight *watches the video* Me: ok maybe i am straight
Juan X Naranjo
I just found out I have a new talent .... being able to type fast with one hand ;)
Juan X Naranjo
I just found out I have a new talent .... being able to type fast with one hand ;)
Lily Roch
After watching Ricardo. i visited this and finally got my Testosterone back.
Daniel Andres Cubides Rodriguez
Watching Ricardo Milos: Mom, i am gay Watching this: Mom, i am straight again
Gabriel Meneghetti
Ar Ziel
Its from my Country. Camera man is super talented its one Hand work in only one shot cut. Iam proud we have so great producer.
Her Slave
Thanks for showing on my recommendations after 8 years.
this is the only exciting clip I've ever seen.
Michael Wescott
I liked the one with the green top and black skirt.
Steven Day
My bone went away immediately when I realized she didn’t even know how to play any of those instruments
I wouldn't mind banging her drum, wink-wink.
Ricardo Marin
don't even know how many time I fa-.. played with myself
Dominic Perez
I was unbelievably infuriated and then I played this and I feel better. Now rewatching it for the video, I am even happier.
King Fischer
If you focus really hard, you will notice they are playing music. 1k likes, nice.
it's one of those songs where you kinda just have to stop what you are doing and watch...
Jelle Van Merrienboer
Music? Nah, videoclip is better!
There's a pretty good pmv for this on ph
Erik Wagner
Did no one notice that they use trumpets, but the music is played by a saxophone? xD
I used to listen to this when I was 5-6 lol
Yana Kravchenko
Артур Пирожков (Александр Ревва) Овца,овца,овца,овца,овца.. Кто помнит?
UVF fuck the ra ask yer mea kaid
0.75 play from start sound like east enders
Ghail Rex
I think Youtube is trying to make me lesbian....
Tom Brodrick
2005-2009 were the horniest years in dance music MV history istg
yo can someone take out the music at add the actual sounds the instruments would be making like when they are hitting the purcustion
the unknow
Mom:hey it's about 1 hour you are in the bathroom!! Me: one minu--OOOH DAMN!!
huh... tht's interesting. I, didna kno tht, ther wuz a song which accompanied ths video; musta had tha sound off. (annnnd..., after all-these years). ; ) ; ) uh-ohhh... "My 'naughty-bits' are pokin'-about..."
Mark Herman
Initial response: Wtf YouTube? 11sec In: Terrified YouTube can somehow read my mind.
Luis Garcia
2 0 1 9 ?
Jam 19
Who here form that dude beatboxing a the airport 😂😂
Christopher Ducra
Everyone saying this proves you are one way or the other - this video is PURE camp - Enjoy it as you want to - THAT IS THE POINT
Me Me Meの実写版や! みんなスタイル良くて、魅せるMVですね(^^)♡
Vasache Persad
This is why im confused about my life choices..... I just wanted good music ;-;
Darth Pool
This was pornography for me in 2007
The Red Baron
Они... блять даже одыкватного слова не найдётся,они охуенные и песня,и девушки.
Melon Boi
Me: goes for a relaxing holiday on a cruise ship Cruise ship: how about we only play this one song for the whole cruise
Wtf, how have I never seen or heard this. Wtf, so "insert happy face!"
GodEater69 :
Soo many waxed legs😍
when my government blocks Xvideos
Русские тут ? Дайте шума
Benny's Benassi's "Satisfaction" for a new generation?
The finest 1st Only Female Imperial Guard regiment!
Sero Hanta
So this confirms I’m gay. 🤷🏾‍♂️
didn't know the name of the song so searched for "old song with fit women in green dresses dancing" Still comes up
Thicky Nicky
Lol this is the clothes in 2006/2007
The best of God's creations.
Our civilization is doomed
Aleksander Bies-Czady
Gdzie są nasi? A zapomniałem w tych czasach to nie było takiej gimbazy i nikt tego kawałka nie pamietajo teraz
Youtube -> This video -> redtube
Richie Ingpiece
...well, I didn't need a wank _before_ watching this....
Никита Боровченко
Jesus christ, i love middle 2000s)))!!!
2:11 the world realy need a 10h loop
mio ne
"Sir, we only have one person to make a music video" "Say no more"
Thomas Louis
Nip/Tuck season 5 brought me here !