Rabbit distress call

This is a recording of me using a Primos Still Cottontail rabbit coyote call. This is a very easy to use and very good sounding call. Hope you enjoy and the rabbit video that is shown was taken at a separate time and just seemed to fit with this video. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

KDOGG88 arts&gaming
that is not that a rabbit sounds like that is a rubber chicken
Sounds kinda like a baby crying.
Maui the demi god
The rabbit isnt making this sound!
It sounds like a squeaky rubber duck, not like a rabbit at all lmao
Kaywolf Reacts
it sounds like a rubber chicken...
S. Giles
I guess no-one reads descriptions before commenting!
shadow wolf
Omg illuminati Bunnies are Rubber chickens
Dayna Braganza
You gave me a good laugh lol.. my genuine sound search continues..
Hula Hula Saturn
that's a rubber chicken...
Sounds like a squishy toy to me... But still poor lil guy 😓
lee hancock
Coyotes love that sound.
Annalise F
I swear that's not the rabbit
Mike was right
Gametrue 22
How do you the call by hand
Colleen Lavoie
No way
Rowan Deane
cheers can use dis instead of buyin it
B York
0:29 it jumped lol
That is not a rabbit distress call
Ryan R
This was not amusing.
Iodine Kaida
What is the purpose of this video if the call isn't actually being heard by the rabbit but separately recorded? Kind of redundant.
The rabbit is scared by the sound. The sound is fake
Kurtis Playz
Sounds a bit fake to me 😑
Pajkim Thao
thats not a rabbit
ThunderMountain Tactical
Ohio Finlander
someones behind the camra making the sounds
Orhan Kemal
How buy ?
Alex Cruz
it was going away tho
Sara Tinessi
Rabbit running fast with screaming rubber chicken
Sounds like screaming chicken toy.
danielle and more
My sister: "that's not the rabbit" Me:...
memefully memed
sounds accurate
That’s a rubber chicken...
Mike was right... this is terrifying
Lauris Fjodorovs
Rabbit was like wtf
Caustic Dew
It is just cruel to force nature into something
Lol it sounds like one of those rubber chicken toys 😂😂😂
Kitty Cat2_0
This is fake
My new ring tone...
My brother has heard a bunny scream This isn’t it
Molly Elwood
I hope you used this call to attract the bunny just to look at it and not to kill it.
Leslie Robloxian
Did not work for a rabbit in my front yard ._.
amritpal parmar
that was so fake you could here a lady in the backgoung too
I've heard a rabbit I distress before, this is no where near what they sound like.
Scott Russell
blowing on it waaayyyyy to hard,,, lighten up on it and it will sound a lot better
Random Girl
A rabbit in distress doesn’t make a call it screams to let whoever is making them mad to back off
Kill Me Formerly known as James
Fake m8..
Nikolas Stokes
Dog toy ?????
Eden Walker
The rabbit's distress call is EEE EEE EEE not AAAA AAAA AAAA
Dragotized 969
Squeaky Toy?
Fart Sucker
I’m here because of Creeps
Eden Walker
That noise is not a rabbit in distress
this is fake thats just you scaring the poor thing with a squeaky toy
Landen Polimeni
Not a rabbit
William Henson
THAT IS NOT coming from the rabbit. Does anyone actually believe this crap?
Because I have heard a rabbit before calling right in front of me, and it is nowhere near what I have heard. That is why '''Junkies". (Pure junk ye are)
This video is crap
Eden Walker
More like a human baby
tw 126
No no no..... Stop it, get some help👎👎👎👎👎
Lila sings Rose
Funny 😀😁😂😂😂☺😀😁😂
Andrew Calabrese
Fake af
Joel Montgomery
very annoying