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Fe Man2324
Batman Begins(Fear), The Dark Knight(Chaos), The Dark Knight Rises(Pain). My favorite trilogy!
The Joker Lannister
The Dark Knight, the best super hero movie of all time.
God I love Bale's Batman so much. He's my fave actor of all time.
Romes Franco Jr
That cartooned Warner logo always reminds me of bugs bunny.
rodolfo velazquez
BEST: The Dark Knight WORST: Batman & Robin
trajoan Mayberry
Batman 66 3/10 Batman 89 9.2/10 Batman Returns 10/10 Batman Forever 7/10 Batman & Robin 4/10 Batman Begins 8.3/10 Dark knight 10/10 Dark knight rises 9.1/10 Batman v.Superman Dawn of justice 5/10
Anyone else skip over the "Batman & Robin" trailer.... lol
Logan Graham
The quality difference between batman and robin and batman begins! Like a breath of fresh air after sitting on a bus with a smoker
Dylan Rychlik
Worst to best: Batman and Robin  Batman Forever  Batman Returns  The Dark Knight Rises Batman  Batman Begins  The Dark Knight
rodolfo velazquez
best to worst in my opinion 1. the dark knight 2. batman(1989) 3. batman begins 4. batman returns 5. the dark knight rises 6. batman forever 7. batman and robin
butcher bane
Michael Keaton, take first place hands down.
Nerdy Burd Recaps
I don't know, but when you put Nicholson and Ledger's performances of the The Joker together, you now get Mark Hamill. But, I wish, Ledger would've stayed, he was supposed to do Rises' as well, but he died and so Nolan had to write the Joker out by saying he escaped along with the other inmates in the third installment. Bt I agree, Rises scared the shit outta me, made me realise how much I hated Bane, thanx to Hardy. I hate Bane, he played the character well tho, and now with BvS: Dawn of Justice. With Affleck playing the role, I don't know how I should feel about it. I mean,Bale was good, but it was Nolan's universe. However nowadays, I think we all have to watch the movie, before we all judge Affleck's performance. He's no Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney or Bale, not to mention the animated series Batman's, so until we see, or me for instance, I'm going to watch BvS first before I comment of Affleck's performance. I'll give him a chance!
Chris Glass
7. Batman & Robin 6. Batman Begins 5. The Dark Knight Rises 4. Batman Forever 3. Batman 2. The Dark Knight 1. Batman Returns
Evan McCarty
Does anyone one else notice certain parallels in the batman cinematic franchise (Burton, Schumaucher, and Nolan's movies) with what batman did in each chapter of the dark knight trilogy? Hear me out on this one: The batman cinematic franchise 'begins' with Burton's movies ('1989 batman' and 'returns'), just as batman/Bruce Wayne did in batman begins, because before Burton's dark, action packed movies all we had in live-action batman was the Adam West movie and tv series, which were classics but were nevertheless hard to take seriously, especially for the batman we all know and love from the comics. The batman franchise 'falls' with Schumaucher's movies ('forever' and ESPECIALLY '& Robin') because of how bad they were, and everyone dislikes batman because of these movies, just as batman had to go into hiding at the end of 'the dark knight'. And finally the batman franchise 'rises' again with Christopher Nolan's movies ('Begins', 'Dark Knight', and 'Rises') because they brought batman to a whole new level with their dark, realistic, action-packed tone, just as batman 'rose again' as the forever hero over Gotham after he saves Gotham from Bane and the league of shadows. Not to mention that the time between TDK and TDKR, batman had not been seen for 8 years in that universe, and the time between 'Batman and Robin' and 'Batman Begins' was 8 years in the real world.
The change in quality between Batman & Robin and Batman Begins is astounding.
Anthony Timmons
Ledger + The Joker = Genius.
Mitch Farkas
Literally the first 5-10 seconds of the Batman Begins trailer is better than all of Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.
The dark knight trilogy is best
Why are old trailers always bad?
I don't care what people say about Bale, he's awesome!
Batman Forever Batman & Robin doesnt elong in this list. Since it never existed
Alex Wolf
Awesome video, I'm watching the Nolan batman's....dark Knights....whatever. Anyway I was looking for a video of how batman looked throughout the years and this was perfect. Thanks
Interesting they used the Danny Elfman score for the Forever and Robin trailers. I was always disappointed that music wasn't in those movies.
Gulyanne Cepeda
Jesus Christ,and people complain about trailers spoiling too much these days?
Konstantine L.
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark knight Rises with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger as Batman and Joker are the most epic batman movies!
XxThecooldude xX
Favorite movies batman begins,dark knight and dark knight rises
F. Rodriguez
Batman begins to return and rises forever.
Bales batman is so much better than Afflecks version. His suit is even better! It's that nice tactical matte black. Don't even get me started on the Bat mobile!
Marcus Hardy
Batman & Robin was the worst of them.
Ethan Corti
and every batman was good. best 2 face was tommy lee riddler is jim carrey ... that part was made for him
Ken Kaniff
6:39 prop malfunction? I feel like they just filmed him squeezing it until it fired 😂
Michael Keaton, 6 feet!?!? LOL!! Affleck had been the best Bruce Wayne/Batman.
John Doe
the people who died before batman begins, I feel very sad for them. I feel blessed to be born in this generation
JShizzle 63
Did batman forever really used the Michael Keaton Batman music for its trailer?!
Aleks D
Personally I prefer Ben Affleck's batman, he seems to be more tough than Bale in terms pure looks, and he seems to fit the role more nicely I think. Also I wouldn't really compare Bale's batman and Affleck's in terms of pure strength, because of different producers. Christopher Nolan made his trilogy as realistic as he could, in other words, while Bale's batman is a realistic version of batman, like what If batman actually existed. Afflect's batman already contacted with aliens, and gods, and is waaay more stronger than Bale's batman. He even fought superman...
The only Bat nipples I can approve are Batgirl's.
Armin Arlert
I'm not going to act that batman forever is better then the first two, but the line "may I convince you to take a sandwich" and "I'll get drive trough" are just golden
fars Youssef
16:45 amazing
Warehouse fight scene in Batman vs Superman is better than all the previous Batman movies........COMBINED!
Dimitri Tribble
all the Batman movies were good
Juan Manuel Hernández Alvarez
Am I the only one who actually hates Jim Carrey's Riddler? Jim Carrey's not an actor! Every single Character portrayed by him is the same! It's Him! He transforms his characters on ridiculous versions of himself! This Riddler is just like watching "The Mask or Ace Ventura with a little of a gay twist on him.
Dig Nity
My opinion Tim Burtons Batman movies were Dark Joels movies were corny And Nolans were Epic and went from Dark to Complete Darkness
Wow, people really got better at making trailers over the years.
it's like you thank God when you get to the Batman Begins trailer
gerardo lopez
BATMAN: Good Batman Returns: Bad Batman Forever: OK Batman & Robin: GARBAGE Batman Begins: Good The Dark Knight: Exellent The Dark Knight Rises: Good
Matthew Sedillo
Happy Batman day i like these movies i love batman i am vengenge i am the night i am batman
Stelios Nathanailidis
batman's skin in the batman begins movie is the scariest and coolest i ve ever seen !
Fabio Luiz
Körssi Kynsi
Best Batman is in Tim Burton movies= Batman and Batman returns
1. The Dark Knight 2. Batman Begins 3. The Dark Knight Rises 4. Batman 5. Batman Returns 6. Batman Forever 7. Batman And Robin
Jasonliriano concepcion
I'm batman returns for really I am I tend to it in batman dudududen dun dun dun dundin
Маргарита Исламова
Interestingly, of Joker I, if treated in a psychiatric hospital. I'd like to play a similar role to herself, when I first began to paint her lips scarlet lipstick, after briefly tonsured, when it was all quite alien.
Stephen Smith
Batman '89 still entertaining to watch after all of these years. The Nolan Trilogy...not so much. Kind of boring movies that drag on too long actually. I'll stick with Batman and Batman Returns.
Heart Breaker
All trailers are my favourite special batman begins and batman and robin
naruto94 cool
BATMAN! !! is what bad guys say
Noblesse K
omg george clooney as batman Muhahahaha
valentino zampa
mi lista!! 1 batman inicia! la mejor lejos ! 3..batman 1989 nostalgia 2 the dark night rises amo a bane .4 el caballero oscuro
Christos Mironitis
george clonney worst batman ever
jaime lacera acosta
Маргарита Исламова
Obazhaet all of the films about Batman and the Joker. I'm sure both of them would have been a great team of reliable friends, not enemies.
I just realized its July 18th (Dark Knight)
matthew krojnik
batman forever and batman and robin ist no original trailers because in trailer dont play original music but 1989 batman movie music
Prince Sarma 2
Christian bale's Batman movies are the best ones
Darth Z
10:22 for the good trailers
Ramsey Soussi
Batman Returns was the most creative of the series.
Heart Breaker
Also the dark knight
Marco Poggi
My list: 1. Batman 2. Batman Returns 3. The Dark Knight 4. Batman Begins 5. The Dark Knight Rises 6. Batman & Roibin 7. Batman Forever
Morbid Mansion
منال خضير
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Cash Don’t Last
Screw you judgements 7- Batman begins 6- The dark night 5- Batman and Robin 4- Dark night rises 3- Batman 2- Batman Returns 1- Batman Forever
trajoan Mayberry
favorite tim burton Batman film is Batman Returns Favorite Joel Schumer Batman film is Batman forever Favorite nolan Batman is dark knight rises
Fred the Fish
I think Batman and Robin is a good movie
Diego Doton
1 batman 2008
Fred the Fish
All batman movies: Batman (1966) Batman (1989) Batman Return Batman Forever Batman and Robin Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (coming soon)
They used the Danny Elfman music to lure people in to Batman Forever. Did not remember that
The Turtles
I like Alfred
Tommy Carr
Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Forever are, and always will be, the best for me. Everything about TDK trilogy is overrated, and it's about time people started to realise that. They're soulless and charmless, lacking any fun and tries way too hard to be dark. Guess what? Burton's Batman films effortlessly combines fun and darkness together, and both of his movies are full of moments a lot darker than anything in the 'dark and gritty' TDK trilogy. Bale sucks as Batman as well, his gravelly voice wasn't dark and scary. It was laughable.
David Torres
Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones were the worst villains of all Batman movies (they are more appropiated forma a parody).
Војкан Селаковић
If only Nolan wasn't lazy or stupid enough to place Batman in some shitty NYC inspired city rather than a dark and grotesque Gotham. His movies are superior to all of the rest, but his world has 0 atmosphere and don't actually feel like Batman movie, just any random action flick set in present day USA...And those are the things even Batman Forever got right, and Arkham games captured beautifully...So, Dark Knight is best of these, but none is good enough. A bat in daylight...absurd really.
Loose Cannon Pillman
The Dark Knight 2008 is the best!!! The Dark Knight Rises 2012 is the worst!
CK Sythlos
What an old movie
Down to Earth
Well thank you for putting them altogether
billie ewing
I like all of them I am a humongous batman fan and I am 9 years old
shyamali dasmazumder
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M.A. Moreno
I enjoy this entire franchise, including the two Batman film appearances we saw this year. Batman '89 and The Dark Knight stand out as the best, but they all have their moments. The main problem throughout the series has been weak final acts. B89's showdown at the parade and in the cathedral looks great, but the logic is a bit shaky. Batman Returns is almost worthy of its predecessor until the penguins with rockets show up and strip the movie of all credibility. Batman Forever saw the entire third-act payoff of its Red Book subplot left on the cutting room floor. Batman & Robin's ending would've been fine for the movie it was in if they hadn't changed into those silly new costumes and if Robin had contributed anything whatsoever to saving the day. Batman Begins takes a sharp turn from realism into silliness with the microwave emitter climax. The Dark Knight hits us with the one-two punch of the contrived ferry sequence and the over-abbreviated Two-Face narrative. The Dark Knight Rises just sorta assumes that we're so tired by the two-hour mark that we won't bother to ask how Bruce got back to town or care when a clumsy nod to the Boy Wonder is shoehorned in. And most recently, Batman v Superman tacks on a whole sequel's worth of story after the proper ending to the movie thus far (Batman saving Ma Kent) wraps up.
Connor Whitaker
Batman (1989) Really really great movie 9/10 Batman Returns (1992) Very Dramatic movie and very good 8.5/10 Batman Forever (1995) Carrey's Riddler is the only good thing about that piece of shit movie 3/10 Batman and Robin (1997) Worst comic book movie EVER 0/10 Batman Begins (2005) Very epic and awesome beginning to a great trilogy 8/10 The Dark Knight (2008) Best movie with a joker that literally stole the show 10/10 The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Very very epic conclusion to a great trilogy 8/10 Batman V. Superman (2016) Piece of shit 2/10
Did clooney just say hi im batnan? Instead of batman
Sameer Khan
batman the movie 2/10 batman 1989 8:7/10 batman returns 6:2/10 batman forever 5/10 batman and robin 0/10 batman begins 10/10 the dark knight 10/10 the dark knight rises 9:7/10 batman vs superman 9:5/10
miguel angel rios buendia
Burton's Batman : The Dark and best Batman, Schumacher's Batman : The Suck and stupid Batman, Nolan's Batman: The Real and second best Batman.
Just kidding I hated the 89 batman he broke the one batman rule. My favorite batman is the bale batman
Claudio Gonzalez
El mejor superheroe lejos y ciudad gótica el mejor marco para un cómic o una peli esa dualidad entre el bien y el mal es muy buena!!
Juan Manuel Hernández Alvarez
Batman Returns with that "grotesque & Burtonesque" Penguin is for me as bad as Shumacher's Batman and Robin or maybe even worse. The Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot's backstory is so... absurd! Being raised by the penguins of a zoo! C'mon!
dionathan pereira
7. Batman & Robin 6. Batman Forever 5. TDKR 4. Batman Begins 3. Batman (1989) 2. TDK 1. Batman Returns
Gaming Akshat
I like tdkt batman
Antonio Valero Valero
batman 66 1/10 batman 89 9.6 /10 batman returns 8.6 / 10 batman forever 7.0 / 10 batman y robin 3/10 batman begins 9.2 / 10 batman the dark knight 10/10 batman the dark knight rises 9/10 batman v superman damn of justice 10/ 10
Batman forever and batman&Robin are the worst... Worse than Bales, that I don't also like atoll.... Batman and batman returns are the only best movies ever... After the Burton movies, all the others started to "demolish" the character!!! That's my opinion..
My favorite 1. Batman - it took the franchise from 1966 campy style to Batman as a true bad ass again thanks to the brilliance of TimBurton. 2. The Dark Knight - only ranked higher than BMR because of Heath Ledgers Joker. He stole scenes. 3. Batman Returns - Dark and just so good. That was because of the addition of the Penguine, Catwoman and a dark storyline. Tim Burton raised the bar after the first one. 4. Batman Forever - wasn't a bad film . Kilmer was an underrated Batman/Bruce Wayne. Oh and Jim Carey as the riddler. 5. Batman Begins - great reboot with the Batman backstory by Christopher Nolan 6. The Dark Knight Rises - Not a bad sequel, just didn't like the Bane character as much in this version. 7. Batman & Robin - Absolute garbage. It was campy, ridiculous and corny. Batsuit was a joke. Clooney was too old as Batman. Batgirl storyline was wrong . Too many villains. Joel Schumacher killed the original franchise with this film.
Derek Gorman
Batman fighting crime in the 20th and 21st century, I love it, (even if the Batman Forever and Batman & Robin movies were rather lame)!
Ethan Corti
dark night..... ... thats it can never top that movie... ever..