Batman (The Dark Knight) Rises - Movies Trailers 1989 - 2012

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Romes Franco Jr
That cartooned Warner logo always reminds me of bugs bunny.
rodolfo velazquez
BEST: The Dark Knight WORST: Batman & Robin
Fe Man2324
Batman Begins(Fear), The Dark Knight(Chaos), The Dark Knight Rises(Pain). My favorite trilogy!
Logan Graham
The quality difference between batman and robin and batman begins! Like a breath of fresh air after sitting on a bus with a smoker
The change in quality between Batman & Robin and Batman Begins is astounding.
God I love Bale's Batman so much. He's my fave actor of all time.
Anyone else skip over the "Batman & Robin" trailer.... lol
Wow, people really got better at making trailers over the years.
Dylan Rychlik
Worst to best: Batman and Robin  Batman Forever  Batman Returns  The Dark Knight Rises Batman  Batman Begins  The Dark Knight
Anthony Timmons
Ledger + The Joker = Genius.
The Joker Lannister
The Dark Knight, the best super hero movie of all time.
rodolfo velazquez
best to worst in my opinion 1. the dark knight 2. batman(1989) 3. batman begins 4. batman returns 5. the dark knight rises 6. batman forever 7. batman and robin
Evan McCarty
Does anyone one else notice certain parallels in the batman cinematic franchise (Burton, Schumaucher, and Nolan's movies) with what batman did in each chapter of the dark knight trilogy? Hear me out on this one: The batman cinematic franchise 'begins' with Burton's movies ('1989 batman' and 'returns'), just as batman/Bruce Wayne did in batman begins, because before Burton's dark, action packed movies all we had in live-action batman was the Adam West movie and tv series, which were classics but were nevertheless hard to take seriously, especially for the batman we all know and love from the comics. The batman franchise 'falls' with Schumaucher's movies ('forever' and ESPECIALLY '& Robin') because of how bad they were, and everyone dislikes batman because of these movies, just as batman had to go into hiding at the end of 'the dark knight'. And finally the batman franchise 'rises' again with Christopher Nolan's movies ('Begins', 'Dark Knight', and 'Rises') because they brought batman to a whole new level with their dark, realistic, action-packed tone, just as batman 'rose again' as the forever hero over Gotham after he saves Gotham from Bane and the league of shadows. Not to mention that the time between TDK and TDKR, batman had not been seen for 8 years in that universe, and the time between 'Batman and Robin' and 'Batman Begins' was 8 years in the real world.
Chris Glass
7. Batman & Robin 6. Batman Begins 5. The Dark Knight Rises 4. Batman Forever 3. Batman 2. The Dark Knight 1. Batman Returns
Armin Arlert
I'm not going to act that batman forever is better then the first two, but the line "may I convince you to take a sandwich" and "I'll get drive trough" are just golden
Real Cosmic Builds
I don't know, but when you put Nicholson and Ledger's performances of the The Joker together, you now get Mark Hamill. But, I wish, Ledger would've stayed, he was supposed to do Rises' as well, but he died and so Nolan had to write the Joker out by saying he escaped along with the other inmates in the third installment. Bt I agree, Rises scared the shit outta me, made me realise how much I hated Bane, thanx to Hardy. I hate Bane, he played the character well tho, and now with BvS: Dawn of Justice. With Affleck playing the role, I don't know how I should feel about it. I mean,Bale was good, but it was Nolan's universe. However nowadays, I think we all have to watch the movie, before we all judge Affleck's performance. He's no Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney or Bale, not to mention the animated series Batman's, so until we see, or me for instance, I'm going to watch BvS first before I comment of Affleck's performance. I'll give him a chance!
1. The Dark Knight 2. Batman Begins 3. The Dark Knight Rises 4. Batman 5. Batman Returns 6. Batman Forever 7. Batman And Robin
The dark knight trilogy is best
Ethan Corti
and every batman was good. best 2 face was tommy lee riddler is jim carrey ... that part was made for him
Batman Forever Batman & Robin doesnt elong in this list. Since it never existed
Interesting they used the Danny Elfman score for the Forever and Robin trailers. I was always disappointed that music wasn't in those movies.
Alex Wolf
Awesome video, I'm watching the Nolan batman's....dark Knights....whatever. Anyway I was looking for a video of how batman looked throughout the years and this was perfect. Thanks
Matthew Sedillo
Happy Batman day i like these movies i love batman i am vengenge i am the night i am batman
Dig Nity
My opinion Tim Burtons Batman movies were Dark Joels movies were corny And Nolans were Epic and went from Dark to Complete Darkness
Marcus Hardy
Batman & Robin was the worst of them.
John Doe
the people who died before batman begins, I feel very sad for them. I feel blessed to be born in this generation
Marco Poggi
My list: 1. Batman 2. Batman Returns 3. The Dark Knight 4. Batman Begins 5. The Dark Knight Rises 6. Batman & Roibin 7. Batman Forever
No i mean with the suit and the logo. You know, classic Robin.
Alex Kerr
Um Robin was in it, just not as Robin
Leo Oliveira
My ranking of favorites: Batman (1989) Batman Begins Batman Returns Batman Forever The Dark Knight Dark Knight Rises
They should put Robin on the 3rd Nolan movie.
Kelly Grettner
The best one was the Dark Knight Rises!
Louie Rican Nerdy Channel
Tim Burtons and Chris Nolans batman filems are the best only joel sch i think its good was forever but hated how they made two face as a comedian
Sam Misner
Tell me Doctor, do you like the thircuth?
Could you imagine what the last 2 movies would have been like what Bane could have been like, if they had let Tim Burton film the rest.
Leonel Gutiérrez
I agree with you, totally.
And to be honest, it was the only Batman film of the Burton/Schumacher films that is the most about Batman.
Leonel Gutiérrez
Exactly, Batman Forever was actually pretty good back then, despite that "Jokerized Two Face".
Oh how I regret not watching The Dark Knight in the theatres :(
Tailer Torres
1:04 hes the batman XD
Dimitar Georgievski
batman begins and batman 1989 are the best
From Tim Burton's gothic and campy to chessy Schumacher movies to dark, gritty and realism of Chris Nolan's movies.
Fuck Batman 89!!!
I would skip Batman and Robin only.
you should skip "Batman forever" and "Batman and Robin"
Jag Gogs
you mean, from charming to dark to corny to awful to dark to darker to darkest.
de los mejores videos que he visto
No, From dark and noir, to corny, and back to dark. Got to give Burton credit. His movies were pretty sweet. And then he left. Such a shame.
ryan deery
10:22 Is where the Trailers start for me=)
Bat Mannington
This is so cool. It's interesting to see the difference in how the villains are portrayed especially if you compare Burton's joker to Nolan's joker
Jared Wignall
10:21 for the Bad Ass ones.
Jared Wignall
From awesome, Burton's films, to shit, Schumacher's films, to Bad Ass!, Nolan's films.
Richard Howard
Milan Montelibano
From corny to dark!!!!
next time you sholud add the very frist batman movie trailer (1966 version)!
damn george clooney is shit for a superhero
Andreas Gramkov
Its very Nice:-)
This. Is. Absolutely. INCREDIBLE!!!!
fars Youssef
16:45 amazing
JShizzle 63
Did batman forever really used the Michael Keaton Batman music for its trailer?!
Konstantine L.
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark knight Rises with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger as Batman and Joker are the most epic batman movies!
Gulyanne Cepeda
Jesus Christ,and people complain about trailers spoiling too much these days?
Ken Kaniff
6:39 prop malfunction? I feel like they just filmed him squeezing it until it fired 😂
Raw Grant
gerardo lopez
BATMAN: Good Batman Returns: Bad Batman Forever: OK Batman & Robin: GARBAGE Batman Begins: Good The Dark Knight: Exellent The Dark Knight Rises: Good
They used the Danny Elfman music to lure people in to Batman Forever. Did not remember that
trajoan Mayberry
Batman 66 3/10 Batman 89 9.2/10 Batman Returns 10/10 Batman Forever 7/10 Batman & Robin 4/10 Batman Begins 8.3/10 Dark knight 10/10 Dark knight rises 9.1/10 Batman v.Superman Dawn of justice 5/10
Fabio Luiz
Fred the Fish
All batman movies: Batman (1966) Batman (1989) Batman Return Batman Forever Batman and Robin Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (coming soon)
Ravi Raman
Bale is the best for Batman... He is perfect for his character Batman
Down to Earth
Well thank you for putting them altogether
Om Gendut
This is why Superman works alone. - George Clooney -
Émile Talbot
Batman (The Dark Knight) Rises - Movies Trailers 1989 - 2012 Batman Suit-up Compilation.
The Dark Knight Rises is in the same category as Batman and Robin. Just blasphemy.
1. The Dark Knight 2. Batman (1989) 3. Batman Begins After that batman is awesome in general but...
I just realized its July 18th (Dark Knight)
Michael Keaton, 6 feet!?!? LOL!! Affleck had been the best Bruce Wayne/Batman.
trajoan Mayberry
favorite tim burton Batman film is Batman Returns Favorite Joel Schumer Batman film is Batman forever Favorite nolan Batman is dark knight rises
Why are old trailers always bad?
RobloxPokemonLetsplays -
Is there gonna be a movie after The Dark Knight Rises? I have been told there is going to be one called "Robin"
XxThecooldude xX
Favorite movies batman begins,dark knight and dark knight rises
Ramsey Soussi
Batman Returns was the most creative of the series.
batman has so many different origins im just noticing that
Aleks D
Personally I prefer Ben Affleck's batman, he seems to be more tough than Bale in terms pure looks, and he seems to fit the role more nicely I think. Also I wouldn't really compare Bale's batman and Affleck's in terms of pure strength, because of different producers. Christopher Nolan made his trilogy as realistic as he could, in other words, while Bale's batman is a realistic version of batman, like what If batman actually existed. Afflect's batman already contacted with aliens, and gods, and is waaay more stronger than Bale's batman. He even fought superman...
Hat Man
1:01 I don't I've ever seen that versoin of the scene before, where Joker loads a sawn off double barrel shotgun.
matthew krojnik
batman forever and batman and robin ist no original trailers because in trailer dont play original music but 1989 batman movie music
Heart Breaker
Also the dark knight
osmar sandoval
I Love Christopher Nolan Trilogy (The Dark Knight) My Favorite, but it would be awesome Tim Burton Trilogy
dionathan pereira
7. Batman & Robin 6. Batman Forever 5. TDKR 4. Batman Begins 3. Batman (1989) 2. TDK 1. Batman Returns
Loose Cannon Pillman
Michelle Pheiffer is the best Cat Woman, more time better than that ugly Anne Hathaway or Holly Berry.
Batman Returns, Batman Forever and TDK are my favorites.
Sameer Khan
batman the movie 2/10 batman 1989 8:7/10 batman returns 6:2/10 batman forever 5/10 batman and robin 0/10 batman begins 10/10 the dark knight 10/10 the dark knight rises 9:7/10 batman vs superman 9:5/10
I had no idea Mr.Freeze was played by Arnold
Val Kilmor was underrated as Batman. Better than Ben Affleck.
Andrea Piccini
the best of the best
Guillermo Barbarán Gámez
Oh God i love Heath ledger
valentino zampa
mi lista!! 1 batman inicia! la mejor lejos ! 3..batman 1989 nostalgia 2 the dark night rises amo a bane .4 el caballero oscuro
amer muhib
back when the batwing have machine guns and everybody loves it. when ben affleck batman batmobile have a single double barrel turret everyone goes batshit crazy.