Travis Barker feat. Kid Cudi - Cool Head

Artist: Travis Barker feat. Kid Cudi Song: Cool Head Album: Give The Drummer Some Artwork: Jeff Soto /> />

the intro.... needs to be a song on its own!! Lol fresh
Evelynn Alcantar
Anybody else here from 2019
Asha Bailey Couture
I need to download this album, AGAIN. #GiveTheDrummerSome
retro penguin justin
so i have missed one . time to renew the search that i started so long ago
christian benjamin
this is dope
Jay Kay
this guy woke me up.. wish I met him earlier
Adrienne Lieu
I listen to this song everyday!
Scott Jezusko
It's Travis' song, with Kudi featured on vocals
jake gavan
@mrmonkeyman117 and also travis is a genious seriously he is so versitiale and he wrote the musice so thats why his name goes 1st aswell as it being his album
I want a copy of the artwork...
@caroblast Cause its on Travis Barker's album.
Why is this not Kid Cudi ft Travis Barker??
how does this not have more views?
+N. CARO because Travis Barker was the one that came up with the idea of the Album and asked kid cudi to be in it and not the other way around...?
4 3
new god flow
Damian Kozłowski
Love forever!!!
Trevor Estrada
That flow was so unorthodox
Jason Dean
We'll always have this....
Brenden Evan
Don’t know why this song didn’t take off