Beauty And The Beast S01E01

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Never thought I see Lana Lang in law enforcement with a gun.
Mimi Anastasia
I'm going to watch this now because it has a happy ending.haha...kristen kreuk is so pretty ...I love their tandems with Jay Ryan.
Collins Cannon
You person reading pples comments ..hi
Dolly Bello
i need another show like this. any suggestions?
Dionne Cox
Lovely moves to watch on tube
Entertainment blog
The video ends at 42:00 , the remaining is repeated by YouTube.
I remember Jay Ryan playing Billy 'spider' Webb on Australian show called Sea Patrol
cel mendoza
I love dis girl so much shes really pretty and good actress kristine 🤗🤗🤗😙😙😙
diamod gabby
Love this show la la la
love ly
Ok I'm watching right now cuz i'm curious about what Lana Lang role is in this show..
diamond perkins
They need to bring it back
Ahmadsyukri Mohdhussin
240p =sin at 2018
Grace James
What kind of this move no story
Luis De La Cruz
hello, sorry you could upload the 4x03 please
Sabrina R.
name of the song @ 04:00
Aletha Cates
Good fighting in high heels
Patsy Faulkner
that voice singing is Ricky Astley
Laura Saraullo
Sottotitoli italiano???c'è....😏
Meg Anderson
Robert from the royals
sabiha sabiha
lovely movey
Giro Lover
I love this series😍
Ako Lang
really i love this show
Akira Washington
edidiong johnson
I enjoyed this movie so much!
KaitlynsCool Corner
I don’t remember this?? But I am season 3 episode 36
Asmitha Reddy
Best show ever 😍
qamar zafar
Nice movie
Rai Saan
Can anyone pls tell me this is a movie or a show.. So that I can continue to watch this.. This is lovely
Sarah '93
loved her in smallville... Tom welling also was another reason for watching
Indomitable T
23:32 is a nice touch: blood flung at the camera lens 🤔🤭🙃
Najax Ali
Lana lang where's Clark kente I mean smallville
Claire Valdez
Love the Beast!
Shafina Omar
Best movie
Gwer Gwer
I like Vincents hair this way than when its short.
Caprice Ocean
She wasn't saved by the beast. She was saved by stunner.
Alfi Siswosugito
ooyeaah those song, never let me go by florence and the machine. i love that song since forever
Lauryn Jennipher
Tc a nyc movie
Aletha Cates
Let's get hit by a train confronting someone 😲
Aletha Cates
Always checking things alone...
Lois Lane
Can you make more episodes like this for all the seasons?
Bonnie Hernandez
Loved this movie
Ana bei
What’s that inicial song showing the city??
I cnt stand Catherine she mkes me so sick with her goody goody morality of right and wrong thats what mkes Vincent weak when he needs to fight the bad guys, everytime you look she right there tlkng about innocent lives and right and wrong and normality every time she opens her mouth she makes me sick I just ate and I swear I don't have a strong stomach for listening to her crap.
Malina sharma
Nice movie.
Lulie Lawry
ALL women should trained in self defense.ALL!
Marizandi Burger
Please tell me this isn't a scary movie....
Elza Sousa
Amo essa série
Milly Beattie
Wow looks like an interesting series, haven’t even come out in NEW ZEALAND 🇳🇿 LOL
Grace Floriane AHIMAKIN
La suite du série beauty and the baest à partir de la saison 2 épisode 7 est en anglais moi je comprends pas l'anglais merci de bien vouloir y penser
Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to upload this TV series. I really appreciate it. Cheers
Sindy Ramoutar
This episode is really long!!