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"Unforgiven" is a 1992 American Western film produced and directed by "Clint Eastwood". It stars "Clint Eastwood" in the lead role, with "Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman & Richard Harris". Eastwood stated that the film would be his last Western for fear of repeating himself or imitating someone else's work. The film won four Academy Awards: Best Picture and Best Director for Clint Eastwood, Best Supporting Actor for Gene Hackman and Best Film Editing for editor Joel Cox. Eastwood was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance, but he lost to Al Pacino for Scent of a Woman. In 2004, Unforgiven was added to the United States National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Thomas Weeden
“You just shot an unarmed man!” “Well, he should’ve armed himself.”
Imagine if Clint showed up with his iconic poncho that he wore in his Dollars Trilogy? Would be like "Holy shit! It was Blondie all along."
Bob Jones
Very powerful symbolism in this film. The scene where he immediately starts to drink after having learned that his friend was murdered by Bill. After having been "cured" of his drinking by his wife, he returns to the bottle like the old days. And killing all the guys in the bar and the conversation with Beauchamp, who recognizes that he is a skilled veteran gunfighter. This is a very powerful film which, unlike most modern Hollywood films, does not signpost everything. Munny is a reformed murderer who carries the overwhelming guilt of his past with him throughout the entire film and in the end expects to die in Big Whiskey, but survives because killing and surviving are second nature to him
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
Wow, Clint doesn't squint his eyes in this scene, they're wide open... he's got some scary eyes.
Funny the things that can happen all because a gal laughed at a guy's lack of manhood.
I don't understand how this all happened. The sign at the bar declares the establishment a "gun free zone."
jobo Outdoors
How is he a cowardly SOB? He walked into a saloon by himself that is loaded with armed men that are hunting him. Badass!
NOTE TO SELF: Never decorate my saloon with any of William Munny's friends.
I think this scene is probably the best western movie ending ever. Clints awesome, but God damn Hackman is a great actor. He wasn't that bad of a guy, but he fucked up good.
eric wsmith
I don't think Clint Eastwood has to act very hard to be a bad ass.
Richard Allen
I love the way Beauchamp --- the writer --- gets a little smile on his face when Munny comes in. That's what the movie is really all about: how the heroic myth of the Old West was developed first in pulp novels in the 19th century and then in later writings such as those of Zane Grey and in movies and TV. But the point of the movie is that there was really nothing romantic about the Wild West. All too often it was just hardscrabble living and random violence. Beauchamp is looking for a real person as inspiration for the western hero he wants to for his books. English Bob turns out to be a dud and Little Bill is hopelessly sadistic. And then along comes Munny! Finally, a real live gunslinger to use as inspiration for a western novel! But of course Munny is no hero either. He's there to avenge the death of his friend Ned, and that makes him a sympathetic character in the movie, but his past was also one of indiscriminate violence, killing women and children and anything that walks, talks, and crawls. In his novel --- a bit of which appears at the very end of the movie --- Beauchamp turns Munny the killer into a hero --- a flawed hero, but a hero nevertheless. In the end, the movie is about nasty people doing nasty things and the writer who took all that nastiness and created a myth. It's a brilliant movie: one of the best westerns ever.
You'd be William Munny outta Missouri. Killed women and children. - That's right. I've killed women and children. Killed just about everything that walks or crawled at one time or another and I'm here to kill you, Little Bill, for what you did to Ned.
Cielo Pachirisu
"You think you can just kill Morgan Freeman and get away with it?"
I wish more main characters were like this. Not be all nice and forgiving. Go berserk and shit.
Matt Williams
It's funny, throughout the entire movie these killers go about pretending to be other things. Carpenters, pig farmers, valiant gunfighters, etc. Munny comes to terms with who he is at the end. He is damned. It's also why he survives while the others perish.
"Well he should have armed himself, if he's going to decorate his saloon with my friend" Cold as ice.
Get six coffins ready...
morgan painter
There's a whole room full of armed men but they are paralyzed with fear when they are accosted by one man who has no fear. I mean, to enter that place all by himself with just one shotgun and one pistol, it sends the message, I ain't scared, I don't give a shit. He cleared that room with five shots. There was one guy holding his pistol where we could see it but he was afraid to point it at Will Munny. It was hard to count but his pistol may even have been empty when he told them all to clear out. Cracked me up they were pissing in their pants.
Joe Smith
He should have armed himself if he's gonna decorate his saloon with my friend . What a great line from a true classic !
Tommy Tolo
Men never really change, they only try to do better. Little Bill was a bad person, but so was William Munny X 10. His ruthlessness is what made him so dang seemingly unstoppable when he was finally set off. I love the honesty in this movie by Clint; There was no "lone ranger"..... only men/human nature. And "we all got it coming kid"
Marc Dumont
My god, the buildup to this was so worth it
When I first saw this in the theater when it came out, I thought it was a bit overrated and too subdued to be a Clint Eastwood western. Although I was happy as hell for Clint for the Oscars it won. But then after another watch a couple years later I said "No it wasn't overrated, as a matter of fact it was the greatest western ever made". What made it so great was its honesty and the exposure of dishonesty. The Kid was a BS'er, Bob was a BS'er complete with his own biographer to write and sell his BS, and Little Bill, the only "virtuous" lawman in the west preferred to do his law enforcement with 4 deputies behind him with guns already drawn. But in fairness to Bill, none of those deputies were going to lift a finger against Bob or Will until Bill showed up. Then there was Will, the former baddest-ass of the west, now a shell of a man who freely admitted that he was mostly drunk during his villain exploits, and had to break years of sobriety and get liquored up for one last act of bad-ass. Then there's the Author W.W. After finally realizing all the BS that the west had to offer, he sees Will blast away Bill and the rest in an act that was truly worthy for one of his books without an ounce of BS. Then finally he tries to find the insight into the one seemingly only genuine character in the west and how he is able to do it. Only to get the disappointing but honest answer "I've always been lucky when it comes to killing folks."
Lou Tube
"That's right. I've killed women and children..I've killed about everything that walks or crawls at one time or another. and I'm here to kill you Little Bill..for what you did to Ned." huge bro moment right there. Got chills when he said that
Little Bill might have been a sadistic bastard but you gotta respect him. He walks right in front of that double barrel willing to take the hit so the rest of the men can gun down Will. Now that takes true grit.
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
Best bit is when he casually shoots the guy on the floor on his way out of the saloon.
Chris Ward
Eastwood and Hackman. What a great combination. Brilliant scene.
Lol that sign in the background at 4:43 "no firearms allowed on premises". That's exactly how well gun control works, right there. The only guy without a gun was the idiot who put that sign up, and incidentally he died first.
The King of the Penguins
Nobody whips Morgan Freeman and gets away with it
Lone Eagle
Two Brilliant untouchable timeless actors in one scene. Def a top 3 for me. Epic.
jason lyles
"Any man that doesn't want to be killed better clear out the back". That lines classic. Its like saying "man up and face me or die".
Aksel Newt
It's a hell of a thing, killing a man...
Mirnes King
Daz Ediss
I think the best part about this movie is Mr. Beauchamp, who is the biographer cowering on the stairs with the whores at the end. He initially sets up looking to write stories based on the exploits of what he thinks to be the true icon of the old west, being "English Bob". He chronicles his exploits and looks to him as if he was a hero, unsurpassed in his bravery & gun fighting ability.....Until he meets "Little Bill" Daggett, who sets the record straight & tells us the viewers, just exactly what English Bob is. A seemingly decent marksman with a yellow streak whose main talents seem to be bounty hunting as an assassin and shooting people who are scarcely aware that they are even involved in a conflict. You can tell the Mr. Beauchamp feels let down to say the very least by this revelation by Little Bill, and instead. Chooses to follow Little Bill around Big Whiskey & chronicle his exploits instead, believing that Little Bill was the true pinnacle of what the Wild West stood for and is the best example alive to date to write his books upon......Until this scene of course, then there's absolutely no question whatsoever as to who the real personification of the Old West is.
James Tressler
"Anyone who don't want to get killed ... better clear on out the back!"
I remember watching this and thinking...OH, THIS is who this guy actually is deep down at the core.
Probably the best western gunfight of all time. Especially in light oh Little Bill 'a earlier explanation of how real gunfights really happen. The guy who crouches and stays cool wins. Epic scene in my favorite film of all time. ( Right up there with The Man Who Would be King with Sean Connery and Michael Caine )
David Ahrens
The funny thing is that that misfire probably saved his life. If he had shot Little Bill right then everybody else would have been ready and would have shot William, but because the gun misfired everybody was surprised, which allowed William to get the draw on everyone.
Gary McCaffrey
Beauchamp didn't get anybodies autobiography, but he did get a hell of a story to tell.
Solid Mike P
"well he shouldve armed himself, if he was going to decorate his saloon with my friend" - Thats a good friend.
Omni Bala
Just a masterpiece.
taz jammer
"Well he shoulda' armed himself."
bob bobo
This scene has serious realism and incredible build up. Clint and Hackman are both magnetic and affect a parlance very similar to those days. A deliberate way of speaking. The dialog is sheer brilliance.
Evan W
"You be William Munny out of Missouri killer of women children" "that's right I've killed women and children I've killed anything that ever walked or crawled at one time or another and I'm here to kill you Little Bill for what you done to Ned" badass Machiavellian scene
The killer of women and children...that's right...that is best line...
his transformation during the movie was great. the storyline with the Kid, also great. Morgan Freeman, when is he not great? Gene Hackman, especially the rivalry with English Bob, just takes it over the top. All great acting, well written.
Joe Cannabyte
To me Eastwood will always be the Undisputed King of the westerns!
Kauan R. M. Klein
I hate westerns. Except this one. This one is in fact one of the best films I've ever watched. It deconstructs the Western genre and presents it in a brand new humanized perspective.
I think this scene is probably the best western movie ending ever. Clints awesome, but God damn Hackman is a great actor. He wasn't that bad of a guy, but he fucked up good.
Old School Gamer 788
I'll see you in hell, William Munny.
Is that the best Little Bill can do by calling William Muny a "scoundrel"?
Di Dxpeo
Ahh, i miss slow pace and realistic scene movie like this, today's fast food hollywood shit is disgusting. I was on 4th grade when this was out.
Shawn Ladue
Last of the great westerns.
John H
Best realistic scene ever in a Western!
Mike Merrill
"I've always been lucky when it comes to killin' folks."
G Fili
one of the greatest scenes ever
Clint Eastwood is my favorite actor but Gene Hackman isn't too far behind. Gene is always amazing in every role.
Lovan Productions
1:18 Dramatic thunder is... Dramatic
this is one of the most badass scenes ever!
That's one HELL of a movie!...a movie worth a separate documentary - and that SCENE GIVES YOU THE CHILLS!...MONUMENTAL CLASSIC!...
One of the best movies ever
The point of the movie is that among all of the posers and those, such as Little Bill, who thought they were more; William Munny was the real thing, the real gunfighter.  It was in his blood, and came out when he was drunk, which brought out the mean and talented part of him within.  Except, in his case, the talent was killing.  While Little Bill concerned himself with how to be a gunfighter, and spoke of rules and such,  William Munny just released his inner self, doing what came naturally to him as would a star athlete.  It was not at all what he wished to be, it's what he was.  The irony is that he really didn't like that part of himself and was not proud of it; so, while others were posing, posturing and either acting like, glorifying, or trying to be gunfighters, he was trying to keep that part of him from coming out.  Of course, when Ned was killed, he lost that battle, got drunk, and the poison-mean, natural killer inside was unleashed by his anger, with the results seen in the clip.  Fundamentally, William Munny was struggling to reform and be a better man, on no small account because of his departed wife.  In the end, Little Bill learned that when the real deal comes along, those who are not best step aside, no matter how high they are used to strut.  Fantastic movie, with more depth than most might think.
Aaron David Kapner
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him....
Rohit Chadha
The greatest gun fight ever filmed. Two legends, pinnacle of style and crisp dialogues. It can't be better.
Riff Raff
One of the grittiest most underrated westerns ever.
Steffen Ackermann
Great film of one of the best directors ever. I will watch it again and again.
"Who's the fella owns this shit hole?" Is one of my favorite lines in the movie, always cracks me up...😂
oscar hica
unbelievable... 25 years ago i watch this movie... best western ever
Love it when the good guy just kills the bad guys instead of talking them out of their shit
Frank Richards
Best scene ever..."He should have armed himself."
Slimchester 79
"Shoulda armed himself when he's gonna decorate his saloon with my friend"
Any man that doesn't want to be killed better clear on out the back. Nice
Haha In movies where the director is also a lead actor, I like to imagine that Clint is sitting behind the cameras, yells action, then gets up and runs into the scene really quick and starts acting! Lmfao I'm sure thats not how it works but the thought of that always makes me giggle!
Tim W
What a great scene...
impossible. this could not have happened. I saw a sign at the end by the bar mirror that says no firearms on premises. this was a gun free zone. so it could not have happened!
if you do a character study of this movie none of these characters were moral at all. the closest might have been ned's character who couldn't kill anymore and he was cheating on his wife with hookers. gene Hackman's little bill wasn't a moral character at all but there is a misrepresentation that he is the bad guy. truth be said as a lawman back in those days dealing with ruthless killers like English bob or munny you probably had to be that way. at the end of the day this movie is about being a dog eat dog world and only the strongest survive which proved to be munny killer of woman and children might I had. it's like what his character said to the kid who shot a man on the toilet who cut the face off a hooker. we all have it coming kid
Kathryn Springer
Best Western I've ever seen
Dixie Griffin
I think it was his best western
Hard Boiled Entertainment
"No Firearms On Premises" sign at the end. lol
Will Will
EXCELLENT, cowboy justice....
Most badass scene in cinematic history.
gilbert ramirez
But , I was going to make espresso !
bernard crowley
It rates in my " top five " movies ever !
Greg Alman
What a scene.
This is why you don't use anything smaller than .45 Caliber.
Shane Wright
William Munny walked into that saloon not as a man, but as retribution incarnate. And when he walked out, he left the fear of God inside of anybody who was still breathing.
@3:49 guy already has a hole in him.
everyone is celebrating about how they're going to go find them after drinks -- then...
Terry Ward
clint is king
Michael Lynch
He said Who's the fella owns this Shit Hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Indy BearFan
It was like a Chinese fire drill when he said "Any man don't wanna get killed better clear out the back"
Kasey Winborner Y
Any man don't wanna get killed better clear on out the back.
S Hanes
you better clear out of there, "yes sir" haha
Great movie. Goes to show how our ideas of the Western gunslinger are mostly incorrect - many of those guys were probably psychopaths or, like in this case, blind drunk when they went on killing sprees. Also how some of the lawmen back then were really no different than the outlaws.
Pretty much as good as it gets.  Double shotgun.....Two rounds.  It does make a statement.  "You be William Munny, out of Missouri...Killer of women and children" "That's right" Wow.  It's such great writing and so well acted by Hackman and Eastwood.
Ha ha he said shithole!!
Xilo Channel
"Any man who don't want to get killed..... better clear on out the back."
Cristian Diego
A real friend. Goddamm !!
Kill Everyone
One of the absolute coldest characters in cinema.
Davey Givens
Greatest western ever? Top 5 at least...
Stuart McCreadie
Brilliantly written and acted