Atrocity feat. Liv Kristine - The Sun Always Shines on TV

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ALBUM: Werk 80 II (2008) GENRE: Gothic / Industrial Metal

atrocity liv kristine theatre of tragedy leaves' eyes gothic industrial metal

lilith luna tao
liv kristine me dolio mucho que te sacaran de la banda y si fue porque alexander te engaño es un maldito tu eres una gran mujer no hay penas para una guerrera animo y pues que ingusto elian no era como tu nunca
Ace Voyage
I like this cover, only his voice is so flat. Liv's vocals makes it better to hear.
This guy should stick to death grunts
Larissa Nogueira
Se A-Ha é bom, Atrocity é melhor ainda !
When's the 'I'm a barbie girl' cover?
god.......might as well rap the about phone it in!!!
Luis Blanco
La voz de esa mujer es impresionante :O me gusto mucho
Marcos B
aha! :)! i love Kristine
Im here for Checking out Liv Kristine.......but stop... is THAT NICK BARKER ON DRUMS????? COOL O.O
+donna marie anderson they have moved away from Tarja's straight-up operatic style. They want a singer but not a full-on-operatic singer. Tajra's professional training is hard to duplicate, let alone replace.
Sinéad La Croix
Livs Stimme ist wie immer weltklasse aber auf ihn kann man verzichten...hmpf plump und langweilig
Don Trayler
she has to give some props to the hubbys band
Shadia Mejía
1. I love how this is made by Husband and Wife 2. I love how everyone headbangs at the beginnning 3. I LOVE THEM ALL <3
that's really bad, the original of A-Ha's better. That's not a Metal song.
Liquid Ocean
Francisco Correa
Nicholas Barker.....? Hell yeah!!!
Ania Tarot y Magia
I love it ♡
Jason Voorhees
beleve me... lol
peter repeter
Atrocity feat. Liv Kristine = Leaves' Eyes, so what's with the video title?
Aha... nothing like them in the realm of excellent Synth Pop! Well, maybe The Human League as well...
Jenya The 1st
They don't want to choose someone who has an opera voice because they know that Tarja's voice is the best and the don't want any competition with her. This is why they chose Anette and not someone else.
Jenya The 1st
Nice cover to an old well known song
GuguZinhO Scabbia
bela Liv Kristine
donna marie anderson
nightwish want this singer to replace tarja, not the two they have used since
Alterbridge M
wunderschöner cover song...und das video dazu ist auch wunderschön...sehr schöner song...danke dafür....grüsse alle ganz lieb,die diesen song auch mögen...^^
Tiwanakotas Inca Vikingos
beautiful video .. ^^ \m/
Marlucéia Cristiane De Carlos
AHA;;; AHA;;; AHA;;;
Marlucéia Cristiane De Carlos
AHA;;; AHA;;; AHA;;;
best comedy ever
werk80 I and II
Nice A-ha cover, does a bit justice to the original with interesting metal interpretation.
Isabella Rusnak
was für lange haare^^
Fasel Faselchen