The Yacht Week - Official Trailer

Join The Yacht Week in Greece, Italy and Croatia for the summer and the British Virgin Islands for New Year and Spring sailing from €500 pp including a skipper! For more information and dates: /> Executive Producer: Maurits Christiaan Klapwijk ( />Director: Hubert van der Want Cam 1 & DOP: Michel Mölder ( Cam 2: Dennis Mulder Cam 3 & Editor: Thijs Engelbertink Drone: Lucas van Oostrum, Robin van de Putte, Hidde de Vries, David van Waart ( Sound design: Raemon Lens ( />Animations: Stein Roeland Made possible by Sony Europe FS700 ( /> Music: Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay - In My Mind Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun Otto Knows - Million Voices

Benjamin White
27 people are dyslexic when it comes to thumbs up and down. How can anyone dislike this??
whoever edited/filmed this did a sick job! Also id love to do this one week!
hey Daniel Bautista, do you still want some girls to join you there? your email address doesnt work and im interested!:)
Roll Like Boss
Check out 'Roll Like Boss' for a detailed Yacht Week review! TYW = Boss of all holidays!
Busy Bee
Ife been im Croatia now since May with a few weeks in Montenegro, its a great place and the parties are just unless, bring a fishing rod and catch your own sea bream... You might need a license. Mussels as bait, job done :-)
santa im
Hot summer is Yacht summer come on hot yacht.Lover like.U know.
heath piper
one of the best weeks of my life, Split, Hvar, Korcula, Dubrovnik, Trestenik, Markaska and back to Split, non stop drinking and partying, if u do a european summer this is a must.....
Daniel Bautista
We are looking for 3 chicks to complete our crew for Yachtweek Croatia. We leave on the 17th of August. All expenses are paid for you just gotta show up. We had a couple ladies drop out late for school so we need 3 girls over 22 so we don't have to cancel our trip. Hit me up on [email protected]
Suleman Malik
See u this summer!
These are sailboat not yacht XD
Solo Backpacker
berend griffioen
I'm 12 and woul have love to do this :)
santa im
Really Good Jobs.....!
Janne L
Really great ad! love it! I am sold!
joe elhaiby
this look insane, cant wait to book for summer time :)
Mahiedin Ayadi
Etant allé a la yacht week l'an passé je le conseille a tous et toutes sa vaut le coup ;)
annie law
what is the name of the song at the end?
just go and see:) calculate the flight costs, boat costs, around 80-100 euros to by snacks and boose the first day, then u decide yourself how much u spend in pocket money. a beer cost around 4-6 euros in a bar.
Every route is awesome, BVI is just "special" as the destination is unique. Here is a tip...don't just go with your mates. Get a mixed crew of girls and guys. It will create better chemistry onboard. Also, all-guy boats are not always as "welcomed" when trying to socialize with other boats. I'll put it this way => when you go to a party, you don't come empty handed, same for yacht week...come with a mixed-crew.
Liam Dillon
BVI looks so good, I was thinking about going there too, but it's so hard to choose. Obviously you've loved it if you've gone more than a few times, do you recommend any one place/have any tips ?
Hey Liam. I'm pumped, I'll be at TYW BVI in 10 days!! So how much you spend is directly linked to your personal behavior. Are yout the type of person who buys 2 bottles in a club or a few beers will do you just fine. After flights and TYW boat...I think it is safe to say you will spend around 80 euros a day. Again, this depends if you want to go out to dinner every night. I am doing TYW this Italy this summer. However, 20years old is quite young, Italy will be 25ish crow, croatia is younger.
Liam Dillon
So how much did you spend in total? I want to do a Yacht week for my 20th. And what locations did you visit? Italy looks mint.
Liam Dillon
This looks soooooo good
those are sailboats not yachts ....
Gabriela Bi Madeira
patrick watson music and the yacht week video.. what a combination <3
hhahah that's not nice
This trailer sells lifestyle, but take it from me - it's a fucking good lifestyle. Well for a week anyway, wish it was more
Fernando Pero
muito louco !!! alguém me chama aeee ! tão precisando de marujo ?
I don't have boat and money. I can go?
I have been on 4 Yacht Weeks with 4 different groups. Once on a boat, it depends on your lifestyle. Do you buy bottles in clubs, do you want to go out to dinner every night, rent a scooter? If you just want to sail, go to parties and eat on your will spend very little. Grocceries for the week with lots of booze is around 80 euros per person per week. If you cook all your meals, have drinks mostly on your boat, you can spend as little as 200 EUR . Some spend that in one night...
why not?
For anyone who has been, how much did you end up spending for the week? I saw the prices on their site but with all the additional costs I'm curious what one would end up paying by the end of the week
whoever disliked this clearly hasn't been....losers
Mariana Monteiro
Been to Greece, fabulous.. It was not supposed to be the yacht week... it should be the yacht month!!!!!!!!!!!! Croatia 2013
Kyle Wardin
British Virgin Islands... find me there
Mahiedin Ayadi
Yeah!!w south croatia for summer 2013 3 3
Great video...but nothing beats being there in person!! I <3 TYW
nice fake acc...
Maria DeGuzman
soooooooooooooooo...... who wants to fund my trip there!? don't get me wrong this looks hella amazing life experience, but so pricey!!
Caio Siqueira
this is lame compared to the original trailler...
Sara Bretón Prado
been to The Yacht Week. insane week; best vacation ever. Would do it every single summer. everyone should try at least once in their life ;)
Victor Shiramizu
I think there was "imitation" when compared to Tomorrowland Aftermovie, but these songs marked the summer.
Sea, sun, good girls, good music, beautiful country : what else ?
Would do anything to go there