8 Little Known Nuances That Make Tom Hardy's Bane Awesome

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Tony Tornado
The visual aspect of Bane in this movie is SO incredible and intimidating, it should be the canon visual for Bane for ever. even in the comics
And yet, Batman fanboys will still criticizes Dark Knight Rises as a horrible and weakest out of the three Nolan Batman Trilogy. I love it. Tom Hardy is a complete badass.
As much as I love Heath Ledgers Joker, I absolutely love Tom Hardy's Bane even more.
Tom Hardy's Bane is was and forever will be perfect .
Michael Bleckler
Nolan's trilogy was meant and made to be realistic! That's it.
Hardy acted with his eyes again in mad max and then again in Dunkirk. Guy is fantastic
You don't even have to watch the whole movie to know why Hardy was cast as Bane. Watch the first scene and keep looking at his eyes during the airplane scene. That's all.
Chill Hill
That's a badass bomber jacket with the sheep insides bane wears
Sarah H
So if you're over 6 feet and put on muscle you're cool but under 6 feet and put on muscle, you're overcompensating and pathetic? ...
Happy Industries
When they showed Bane for the first time, I honestly couldn't tell it was Tom Hardy, even when knowing it was him.
patti broom
The saddest part for Tom Hardy fans is Tom's mouth is covered, those beautiful lips. Shame.
One thing I noticed and LOVED was during the scene where Bane reads Gordon's resignation letter on love TV, at one point his brow furrows and he stops reading for a moment as he very slightly shakes his head in disappointment. Those two tiny gestures define Bane so much. He truly believes that he MUST do what he is doing because everyone else has failed Gotham, including those who said they were there to defend it. He's truly disappointed and disgusted with Gordon's lie, believing it to be a greater sin than anything Bane himself could ever do.
Indrid .Cold
And I thought spitting in someone's face was disrespectful. Laying your hand on someone's shoulder is so much more intrusive. LMAO Damn, I should've done that to my previous supervisor. "Do you feel in charge?"
Jay Y
I would say Hardy's rendition of Bane was on par with Ledger's Joker.
Rusty Shackleford
He is a big guy!
I didn't need this video.... Bane was outstanding
"You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back...Admirable, but mistaken" I swear the first time I heard him talk I was like "Huh"? It was so hard to hear him with that heavy accent and stupid mask. Now I see, the man was a poet in this movie!
Memphis Ashes
man Nolan really did set the bar very very high with his.Batman trilogy, I don't think we will ever get another comic movie even close to being as good as these were
Sam Sayabalian
Great to see someone who appreciates Tom's work in The Dark Knight Rises!
Dwywaith dair
You cannot put 30lb of muscle on naturally, especially in that amount of time. Look at him and a lot of the weight is fat, which is fair enough. Great performance. Beast of an actor.
Dessert Storm
Guys he wasn't that fucking big when he played Bane, there's only that one scene where Dent first meets him he looks pretty huge, but he probably got a pump for that one scene where he's shirtless because most other scenes he looks fairly big but not huge. What I respect is that he looked natural though. He was big and bulky, looked to be above 20%bf, unlike other actors who beef up for roles yet still have vascularity and 6 packs and are obviously on steroids.
Cristian Dumitru Ungureanu
Romani gypsies have nothing to do with Latin peoples! Romani gypsies originate in India, even though the name sounds similar to the Romans' (the Latins) and Romanians' (one of the peoples of latin origin).
Bruce Wayne
"You have my permission to die" Best quote from TDK Rises
Weeded Materials Productions
I thought this movie was pretty good. Not great, as some people say, or horrible as others say, but worth a watch. Hardy still has me coming back now and again, whereas nothing Batman Begins had to offer made me excited to revisit it.
Rhoan Suede
dr pavel, im cia
Mick Leonard
I'm pretty sure Bartley Gorman was an Irish gypsy, not a Romani gypsy. That would also make his accent Celtic/Germanic not Latin. Who got mixed up, whatculture or Tom Hardy himself?
"Do you feel in charge ?"
Henrik Knudsen
He's a big guy
He is equally fantastic in the tv show Taboo now.
Dr. Prajwal K Shetty
Tom Hardy is Super Awesome
Jonathan Szuch
Tom Hardy is crushing it in the show Taboo.
Eye of the Tiger [][][]
What happens if Bane takes off his mask? "It would be very painful..........for you."
kamal saloi
Peaky blinder
Too bad that even with heels he looked disappointingly small for the role. To be fair i think they shouldn't even use Bane in the movie since in comics he is the size of a big minivan and that is kinda hard to replicate in the real world. To me he looked like someone cosplaying Bane.
André Tavares
The best ever bane Tom hardy is a master at what he does
Tom Hardy played as both Bane and Venom. Interesting...
He was truly awesome.
Then why did you put Bane on the "Top 10 Most Disappointing Villains in Movie History"
That *impossible* dialogue gave me chills...
DavT 86
Crashing this plane!! With no survivors
Victorian Ravenwolf
Holy shit I’m an inch taller than Tom Hardy!
Don’t ruin this fantastic villain
Matt Pannell
It's a new corner that acting has taken. I rate Tom Hardy as the best English actor. The subtle performance technique is the new form. This was pioneered by Anthony Hopkins, and I regard both of these actors, to be the best actors on the planet. 🌎
Raihan Zahir
Best bane ever.
Renz Dale Go
You should have respected my authoritae.
imjennylyn 12
I love that bane says thank you to the person that was holding his helmet
# 1
gotta love tom hardy!! can't wait for venom
trick chins
couldn't take Bane seriously. His voice threw me off too much, I laugh everytime I hear it.
Master of subtlety and imbuing his characters with dynamic energy
Personally I loved his performance in TDKR, despite what others may think of the movie it was fun to watch and was an exceptional finale to the trilogy.
there is nothing "latin" about Gorman's accent, at all.
Tom Hardy is sexy too!
totes magoats
Tom is so handsome!
Johnny NoGooD
I thought he took the voice inspiration from Adam Sandler in Billy Madison.
Goat actor tom hardy
Thibault Boivin
You guys know you made a video saying Tom Hardy's Bane was a disappointing villain. (he's not in my opinion but still...)
Sleeve Of Wizard
Steroids man! Steroids!
mr. beat the indian out of me
tom hardy got swag.
Clint Beastwood
The hospital scene I dark knight was not improvised btw
Darth Dani
Also the nod he gives to a random stranger when he walks into the stock exchange
Luca Giambelli
Just love this version of Bane, maybe better than the cominc's one
Bill CIA Wilson
0:35 So... Are you telling me that he is not Big guy after all? No. No! That's not true! That's impossible!
Wrong - Nolan didnt saw Bronson - he chose Hardy befpre watching Bronson.
Lee Wightman
Hes the same hight as me. 5.9
Tom Hardy said that Nolan never watched Bronson.
The Warchief Zeke Jaeger
Bane? Tell me about Bane.Why does he wears a mask?
Heath Ledger Joker < Tom Hardy Bane
G Tv
That lovely voice part is pretty funny 😎😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Javier Aguirre
i cant stop thinking how a justice league in this universe could have been
lol CIA is a bigger guy than Bane.
j ha
Using steroids
Don Fanto
doesn't matter. the movie sucked and the bane was hilarious, not menacing.
Rj Diggs
The only thing I didn't like about hardy's bane was his voice.
Doctor When
He played a big, strong baddie so the most obvious voice to use would be a deep, gravely, menacing one. Instead, as if it proved he was a genius, Hardy chose one that sounded like Mr Peanut. Bravo for trying the unexpected but it was totally unsuitable and made Bane memorable for being a little odd. The only thing menacing about Bane was his strength. Hardy's portrayal didn't add anything and in fact made him less frightening than a typical bad guy performance would have.
HalJo Dav
1:49 - This actor looks like he came out of a 1930's baseball card.
jay sullivan
Bane's voice sucked. In fact, Rises wasn't all that good. That movie was filled with worse decisions than having Liam play Ra's Al Ghul.
Twisted Rem
There's also the fact that he left Littlefinger to die in a plane and that he snapped Director Krennic's neck.
Thomas Buckley
that's not a roll, that's a cob
Armed Raptor
1:52 "Be careful not to choke on you aspirations, director."
Oh man! Bane was terrible. Truly an awful portrayal of this amazing Batman character.
MasterMike 000
Here's a hard question: Who didn't like the Nolan trilogy?
Jeff Stringer
This movie was ridiculous. In the traditional meaning of the word.
Frank Ford
Tom Hardy's Bane was embarrassing. #whitewashed
Voracious T
i don't think Bane was bad, if anything i reckon tom hardy and his character was the saving grace of the dark knight rises cause really what is the one thing you remember about the dark knight rises 1. Bane 2. Bane breaking batman's back 3. Bane's quotes 4. The movie's plot holes
VIZON-ARY productions
Its not BAYNE , its Bane
I liked Tom Hardy better in Star Trek Nemesis
Mr O
nothing awesome about tom hardy's bane. it's lame and weird.
Home Boy
Bane was without a doubt the worst character in the Nolan movies.
Muhaimin Zulkarnain
Nolan made the Scarecrow into a formidable and realistic villain. I always wanted to see his take on the Killer Croc, Penguin or even Clayface.
Kieran Nelson
Tom Hardys Bane was shit, anyone that knows anything about movies knows it
Hubert Jadczak
I think Bane's character was wasted... He didn't look that big and where is his recognizable stuff like cables with green drugs?
Yaboi Yaboy
For you.
Bane was the absolute worst thing about the entire trilogy. He's The Jar-Jar of the Nolan-verse.
CM Pork
Say what ya want about the movie, but Tom Hardy was a phenomenal Bane. He was easily the MVP of the movie despite the movie's direction to have him be an oversized pawn than the main threat. An interaction between Nolan's Joker and Bane would be described only as... Glorious!
bane was a tea sipping redcoat, the least intimidating batman villain ever.
Danny Tan
Why everyone love Nolan's dark version of batman, but slam zack's version of Superman with Critics badly? The man behind DCEU was also Nolan guys....
Emil C
I can imagine offset nolan is telling tom hardy he should do this in the next scene and tom would lay his hand on his shoulder and say do you feel in charge ?
Iacomus Lycanthropus
You might note in the hand gestures of Bane, that his index finger is extended. Relaxed, but extended. This is a habit, I have noted, in many martial artists who study sword art. You tend to see it in shooters as well. Trigger discipline follows them everywhere.