8 Little Known Nuances That Make Tom Hardy's Bane Awesome

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Happy Industries
When they showed Bane for the first time, I honestly couldn't tell it was Tom Hardy, even when knowing it was him.
Hardy acted with his eyes again in mad max and then again in Dunkirk. Guy is fantastic
And yet, Batman fanboys will still criticizes Dark Knight Rises as a horrible and weakest out of the three Nolan Batman Trilogy. I love it. Tom Hardy is a complete badass.
Juan Gallego
You don't even have to watch the whole movie to know why Hardy was cast as Bane. Watch the first scene and keep looking at his eyes during the airplane scene. That's all.
patti broom
The saddest part for Tom Hardy fans is Tom's mouth is covered, those beautiful lips. Shame.
Michael Bleckler
Nolan's trilogy was meant and made to be realistic! That's it.
Tom Hardy's Bane is was and forever will be perfect .
Chill Hill
That's a badass bomber jacket with the sheep insides bane wears
Tony Tornado
The visual aspect of Bane in this movie is SO incredible and intimidating, it should be the canon visual for Bane for ever. even in the comics
Sam Sayabalian
Great to see someone who appreciates Tom's work in The Dark Knight Rises!
Jay Y
I would say Hardy's rendition of Bane was on par with Ledger's Joker.
Rusty Shackleford
He is a big guy!
Indrid .Cold
And I thought spitting in someone's face was disrespectful. Laying your hand on someone's shoulder is so much more intrusive. LMAO Damn, I should've done that to my previous supervisor. "Do you feel in charge?"
As much as I love Heath Ledgers Joker, I absolutely love Tom Hardy's Bane even more.
Andrew Elie
"Nobody envied Tom Hardy when he stepped into the role of Bane" Agreed. I didn't care (or know, for that matter,) who he was until he put on the mask.
I didn't need this video.... Bane was outstanding
Filip Petrovski
Tom Hardy is such a great actor. He nails every role. His new series "Taboo" is just pure gold. Go watch it!
Bruce Wayne
"You have my permission to die" Best quote from TDK Rises
imjennylyn 12
I love that bane says thank you to the person that was holding his helmet
He is equally fantastic in the tv show Taboo now.
Then why did you put Bane on the "Top 10 Most Disappointing Villains in Movie History"
Iacomus Lycanthropus
You might note in the hand gestures of Bane, that his index finger is extended. Relaxed, but extended. This is a habit, I have noted, in many martial artists who study sword art. You tend to see it in shooters as well. Trigger discipline follows them everywhere.
Eye of the Tiger [][][]
What happens if Bane takes off his mask? "It would be very painful..........for you."
One thing I noticed and LOVED was during the scene where Bane reads Gordon's resignation letter on love TV, at one point his brow furrows and he stops reading for a moment as he very slightly shakes his head in disappointment. Those two tiny gestures define Bane so much. He truly believes that he MUST do what he is doing because everyone else has failed Gotham, including those who said they were there to defend it. He's truly disappointed and disgusted with Gordon's lie, believing it to be a greater sin than anything Bane himself could ever do.
5 foot 9" ?! I always thought he was 7 foot 4 or something . Seriously this actor is just ridiculously epic ! What a performance in The Revenant .
Eric Stevens
Tom Hardy was also chosen for the movie Dunkirk because of his characteristic eyes. He was to act with his eyes while wearing the flight mask during his Spitfire flying sequences.
"Do you feel in charge ?"
Tom Hardy is sexy too!
Dr. Prajwal K Shetty
Tom Hardy is Super Awesome
Master of subtlety and imbuing his characters with dynamic energy
Matt Pannell
It's a new corner that acting has taken. I rate Tom Hardy as the best English actor. The subtle performance technique is the new form. This was pioneered by Anthony Hopkins, and I regard both of these actors, to be the best actors on the planet. 🌎
G Tv
That lovely voice part is pretty funny 😎😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Luca Giambelli
Just love this version of Bane, maybe better than the cominc's one
André Tavares
The best ever bane Tom hardy is a master at what he does
Raihan Zahir
Best bane ever.
kamal saloi
Peaky blinder
Cristian Dumitru Ungureanu
Romani gypsies have nothing to do with Latin peoples! Romani gypsies originate in India, even though the name sounds similar to the Romans' (the Latins) and Romanians' (one of the peoples of latin origin).
Jonathan Szuch
Tom Hardy is crushing it in the show Taboo.
Mick Leonard
I'm pretty sure Bartley Gorman was an Irish gypsy, not a Romani gypsy. That would also make his accent Celtic/Germanic not Latin. Who got mixed up, whatculture or Tom Hardy himself?
Muhaimin Zulkarnain
Nolan made the Scarecrow into a formidable and realistic villain. I always wanted to see his take on the Killer Croc, Penguin or even Clayface.
He was truly awesome.
DavT 86
Crashing this plane!! With no survivors
Auron 888
The Dark Knight Rises > The Dark Knight and also Bane > The Joker
Rob Irvine
The jokers hospital scene was in no way shape or form improvised. It's an urban legend.
Bill CIA Wilson
0:35 So... Are you telling me that he is not Big guy after all? No. No! That's not true! That's impossible!
Tom Hardy played as both Bane and Venom. Interesting...
Bryce Krispiez
“Peace has cost you your strength, victory has defeated you.” Easily one of the best lines in the movie
Raoul Asare
You missed the Darkness...Also.... Notice the reverse Superman Punch?
Herset patsea
Oh my god! @adamblampied talking about Tom Hardy's Bane...in 2018......glory
Dwywaith dair
You cannot put 30lb of muscle on naturally, especially in that amount of time. Look at him and a lot of the weight is fat, which is fair enough. Great performance. Beast of an actor.
Crusty The Wanksock
Nobody ever mentions The Take! Imo that was Tom Harry's best role.
"Step forward those who would serve, for an Army will be raised"
"I LOVE YOU!" *Breaks batman's back*
Henrik Knudsen
He's a big guy
Kevin OHara
Brilliant breakdown of a genius at work!! I love it!!
Renz Dale Go
You should have respected my authoritae.
The fact that Bane speaks well and is calculating makes you root for him.
Josh Nelson
The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite Batman movie
there is nothing "latin" about Gorman's accent, at all.
"You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back...Admirable, but mistaken" I swear the first time I heard him talk I was like "Huh"? It was so hard to hear him with that heavy accent and stupid mask. Now I see, the man was a poet in this movie!
Armed Raptor
1:52 "Be careful not to choke on you aspirations, director."
King creeper killer #1 fan
Imagine bane going to his local library to print that picture of Harvey dent
John Smith
The shadows betray you because they belong to me. Chills every time I hear it.
Rhoan Suede
dr pavel, im cia
So what you were saying is, the role of Bane... was extremely painful
I had no idea Tom Hardy could play this muscle bound creature. But he nailed it.
2 guns frase
"The man is into Jesus that's alot of har hard work "....?????
Number 1? He crashed a plane. WITH NO SURVIVORS
Yo props to you for speaking that fast and smoothly lol and great video I was like Whoa!
Memphis Ashes
man Nolan really did set the bar very very high with his.Batman trilogy, I don't think we will ever get another comic movie even close to being as good as these were
George Jackson
Bronson was the SHIZZ-NITE!!!
Richard Major
It's pronounced Roman-ee, for example "John fro Rome, he's a bit romany" I know "Romani" isn't to do with Rome, but that's how it's pronounced
illiterate thug
"blindly jumping into a roll" Haha, that one was genius
Strange Attractor
02:12 'blindly jumping into a role' accompanied by an image of Stevie Wonder in a bread bap... brilliant.
Dillon Howells
He is a great actor. And the Batman Trilogy, of the Nolan variety was a very good set of movies indeed.
a. banks.
Talented... So simply talented... Did I say TALENTED?/Awesome abilities, and deep use of his craft!
Darren Bates
"Blindly jumping into a roll" with that visual had me chuckling for a good few
Roland Waites
I did'nt like it.The mask was horseshxt. His accent was ridiculous.I felt like i was watching the Masterpiece Theater version of a Batman movie all the way through. I was waiting for the PBS clip begging for money to come up at any time.
Do you feel in charge?💀. And this gives you power over me?🧐
Skullknight 10
Long live Tom Hardy. Guy's a stud.
Pete Musgrove
I loved every minute of that! But Dude....have you noticed how much your voice sounds like Hardy's? Right off the bat, I thought, Is that Tom Hardy narrating?...wtf? It made the video even more enjoyable :-)
Mumblix Grumph
He wore three inch heels? He's a big guy, For you.
Callum Reid
How short is the guy who Bane put his hand on? Compared to Batman and Robin's Bane, Hardy's was fantastic; not an OTT body, great fighting scenes and improvisation acting skills. 10/10 for Hardy! Root for a Bane prequel
Am i in heaven? A whole video on bane and by whatculture non the less!
Sim Lew
He is exceptional in Bronson. Interesting note about him acting with his whole face, as he did the same in Dunkirk. Bet it was proper tense on set though with him and Bale. I've heard some pretty scary stories about Tom Hardy and his behaviour on set.
Jason Copeland
"Blindly jumping into a roll..." I'm goddam dying. XD
Diego Veloso
"blindly jumping into a role" *shows* *stevie* *wonder* *in* *a* *dinner* *roll*
Haunted Knight
"Ah, you think darkness is your ally?..."
Global warming Ltd
Jez the " jumping blindly into a role " joke was hilarious! Stevie young in a roll ! Brilliant !
Pffft, i know all of this.. Hold up.. ohh yea! This is the video that thought me all of this facts lol!
Johnny NoGooD
I thought he took the voice inspiration from Adam Sandler in Billy Madison.
James Grey
He is just a remarkably talented guy. He can do every and any role convincingly and flawlessly.
Honestly Dark Knight Rises gets so much unfair critizism. Yes its not perfect, but i think people judge it by the quality of The Dark Knight, which is unfair as that is one of the best movies ever made
Jimothy Snooker
"a bare knuckle boxer's voice" *shows a picture of a boxer wearing gloves*
Algol 865
His hand on the shoulder is probably my favorite scene. Even cooler knowing it was improv
Trinity Schiel
Omg he talks so fast😂😂
The Warchief Zeke Jaeger
Bane? Tell me about Bane.Why does he wears a mask?
HalJo Dav
1:49 - This actor looks like he came out of a 1930's baseball card.