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My Family Vocabulary For Kids | Pronouns and Contractions | ELF Learning A simple family vocabulary chant and pattern practice video for kids. This video highlights pronouns he and she and also introduces contractions for ESL and EFL learners of English. Practice asking and answering the simple patterns: Who is she? (Who's she)? She is my (mom). (She's my mom.) Who is he? (Who's he)? He is my (dad). (He's my dad.) Who is she? (Who's she)? She is my (sister). (She's my sister.) Who is he? (Who's he)? He is my (brother). (He's my brother.) Who is she? (Who's she)? She is my (grandma). (She's my grandma.) Who is he? (Who's he)? He is my (grandpa). (He's my grandpa.) What's this? It's my spoon. Make sure you subscribe our channel and never miss a video : /> To watch other learning videos, Click here: /> Like Us on Connect with us on G+: />Like us on Facebook: />Tweet us your favourite videos on: /> You can learn more about ELF Learning here: Our School: />Visit Our Website: />Alternate YouTube Page (for teachers and material support): /> ELF Kids is a Channel just for KIDS! Lots of Songs and Chants for Children. We make some of the most popular videos on YouTube for kids! ELF makes fun songs and videos for children around the world. We've created a mix of fun songs, vocabulary videos for EFL/ESL children, and a lot of alphabet, phonics and reading videos for young learners to enjoy.

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This is so wonderful!
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I like that you have the "is she" and "she is", but then also the contracted forms.
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Для маленьких деток мне нравится такая техника погружения в язык. Можно заниматься даже не зная языка. У меня есть пример результатов таких занятий на моем канале.
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