Full House Take 2: Full Episode 12 (Official & HD with subtitles)

Watch the latest dramas and movies with subtitles: Watch the most recent K-dramas: />Watch more Dramas: /> ************************************* Join the Viki party, subtitle your favourite show and share with other viewers now: www.viki.com/community ************************************* "Full House 2," a remake of a widely popular South Korean drama from 2004, revisits the concept of an adult longing to regain a childhood home that holds special memories. Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo) lost his parents at an early age and was driven out of the home that he shared with them. He grows up to achieve success as half of a K-pop duo called TAKE ONE with his singing partner Won Kang Hwi (Park Ki Woong). As he grows in popularity as an idol star, Tae Ik's main goal is to reclaim his childhood home. But things get complicated when he meets Jang Man Ok (Hwang Jung Eum), a former martial arts instructor who is forced to take a job as the duo's stylist to repay a debt. A love triangle ensues between Man Ok and the perfectionists Tae Ik and the free-spirited Kang Hwi. ************************************* Opportunists begin to surface with random photos of both Kang Hwi and Tae Ik in compromising positions and try to extort money from the music company to keep quiet. Despite Senior Manager Hwang's efforts to stop the blackmailers, the photos are printed and released online, fueling rumors that Kang Hwi and Tae Ik are lovers. Fans stage a sit-in, refusing to believe their beloved Kang Hwi is gay. L.J. wants Tae Ik sidelined, but he refuses to cancel his appearances. *************************************

paradiseana1 ana
One of my favorite dramas of all time. No Min Woo most beautiful man I ever seen, he became my number 1 bias watching this drama.
jamie dornan
16:05 CAT BURGULAR!!! I laughed so hard
Saisai Grg
Wow everybody has dimple
Whalienbutterflea52 Baepsae
Man I wish I had a girlfriend like Man Ok
Pretty Kagome
oppa kang hwi doesn't know what the result of his examine!!
Kim Taehyung
7:50 what song is playing in the background?
Hazal Byungyeol
only min woo love<3 very love you.happy birthday<3 hairs,face and eyes perfect<3
Danielle Barnayha
oppa kang hwi is like a kid when he hugged jang man
Colleen Bighley
Do you know stamp'y Love carter
Ririn cyute
Same story drama you're beautiful
يخبووول فديتهم~^O^~
sabearynarh 98
Those two girls were really noisy..
ikrimah omar
Kang hwi stealing food..soo cuteee
Noriko Encalada
Desde que vi.esta parte no lo pude evitar y apode a park ki woong como Gatito ame su como se ve con esa ropa de gato
Tasha H
His name is Park Ki-Woong and he is an actor but has sung a few songs, and obviously this soundtrack ^^ he was in the new film with kim soo-hyun - secretly, greatly ^^
6:30 song?
ثامر العتيبي
الي اعجبتة الحلقة هذة يعطيني لايك
nhey annil
yehey,. thank you. :)) it works after a few mins.
nhey annil
it doesnt work. hoho i already click caption.. but still no eng sub title
nhey annil
how can i find the CC? hoho pls. sub title
Aqilatul Badr
Why it does'nt hav sub?
Ven Glad
Kang Hwi is so cute and adorable. Just want to kiss his baby cheek lol his smiles Omg his dimples,,,,,,, Omg faint lol
Kpoper Monster
Whats kang hwi's real name? Is he in a group or something?
the song of the minute 6:56 what it is?
Marwa Waleed
كوماوو اوني
that hairstyles suits her. plus it's different than the other normal wavy/straight hairstyles. different is good.
Ruth Jimenez
I like her hair. I think it's necessary so they can reveal a more beautiful man ok in the end. You know makeover haha
Chu- ChanMusic
Yes!!!!! I hate her hair
Kübra Karatas
This hair ahhh this driving me nuts
yeaaaah! You are right! XD Asian Jasper: Lee Tae Ik!
Georgia Andrea
It's funny seeing all this things going on under the rug, I wonder how many dirty little secret the entertainment industry is keeping us away from?
i am erura
vikidrama please upload more kdrama. thanks for upload ^_^
Marian Cabamongan
She should really change her hairstyle. Viki thank you for the subs.
can't she change her freaking hair style??? she said she is a stylist fgs!
noon abbas
omg that what i was thinking he look the same
Jha M.
i think she cried bcoz of a fire accident happened in the past that both killed her parents.. #Iassumed
Megan Lam
susmita kunwar
i don't know why but no min woo role remind me of lee min ho role in boys before flower i really really love this drama thanks for subtitle ^^"
Miley Stuart
thank u so much for alll subtilies:)
Roo Ovejero
wooooow muy bueno :)
sorry, why no chinese subtitles? i tried to view in the tab
Seoul Sucker
What got taken....salad, juice and mineral water lol lol lol
natalli gar
love park ki woong
Mj Bernas
Kwang nim is so cute!! I think that I fell in love with a baby.. >_<
Mj Bernas
Imaarotul Khusna
I love this drama <3
oMmokk Leya
Man Ok ! . why your hair look like an anjumma ? .
Love, R.
Kang Hwi 3
I also want to know that.He said that word many times in the drama.His trademark!!.-p
Yvonne Au
She's like a wife to both of them
adeq jin
why the boys r prettier than her aish
korsiah shukor
You guys know that when tae ik smile it look like a smirk And im jealous of man ok Kwang hi is so cute
Kayla Myers
i love this movie this stuff happen in real life i feel people need to pay attetion
hikari alba
kang hwi opaa!!! SARANGHAE!! <3 so cute!!
Kudo Kraftster
Augh I can't stand that Ahjumma hairstyle on her >_<
yamileth bastidas
kk lindoo mi oppaa k la rescatoo
Kenia Gonzalez
She needs thinner eyebrows and they could have done her hair prettier -.-
Amy Zhang
I know right?! :P
Amy Zhang
yuvicsa Rodriguez
Ese presidente o lo que sea tiene que ser exterminado ahaha XD
Hope Wook
خطييير ذا المسلسل بس غريبه مهيب عربيه اللي منزلته ؟ كيف طلعت لي الترجمه
HD وترّجممَه رآئعه ليت كل المسلسلات بذاآ الدقهُ
alya lyna
the last part is my fave!!! XD
uwoh, magic, howd he close the passenger door when he drove off? but wat evs ahhh this is good so far >_< but frustrating D:
I want Jang Man OK with Kang Hwi ㅠ.ㅠ
Star Luna
^_^ Gamsahamnida ^_^
Yuri G
tae ik mi heroe que lindo .asi se mira mucho mejor que con su cabello medio risado
thanks for uploading
IIvocalize Herobrine
Take it lightly vocalize .. You know we are joking right ? :D
IIvocalize Herobrine
Black Market :D I'm in xD..
Sunil Kharbuja
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Ghada J
I'd be too mad if she left kang hwi !! Although i like the other guy but i prefer kang hwi oppa <3
No offense but I think her hairs ugly :P
Binta Keita
Lol That So Funny
ugh.... the second guy never gets the girlT_T Kang Hwi is so much cuter;) no offence to any of the Le tek fans.(Sorry for the misspelling)
fitri djaelani
um Battal
مره حلو لما يصحي مصممة جان وبعدين شلها مره رااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااائع
I have never seen any1 drink milk so elegantly :D
Daphne Goh
@farhana u must be rly ignorant. Don't u know Koreans eat rice for breakfast zzzz
Arwa Queen
i cried at the end =(
carmela espero
Kang hwi is so cute! :))
novem _
Asian peple eats rice for breakast , me too -.-
novem _
Love note - ailee
Star Luna
como se llama la cancion que aparece en el minuto 6:26? pleaseee ^_^
Nize Laduj
Kang hwi is really cute on that Cat custome :3
farhana farish
who eats rice for breakfast?!?!
what a chaos!
24:54! The lamp! I have one! xD
Gen Gan
it doesn't flatter Man Ok's face. you'll see, in the later episodes they change Man Ok's hairstyle to one that's more flattering. :)
If you dont like their hairstyles, then just shut up and stop watching
zinc goh
lol so funny
what is wrong with the hairstyles
Gen Gan
they seriously have to do something about their hairstyles...
Thank you! :D
Agatha Moh
my reaction at first watching the drama:"what kind of hairstyle is that(both Tae Ik's and Man Ok's)??" haha! but im getting use to it now. it's okay actually! i bet if im going to have that hairstyle,i will look like a 50years old aunty instead XD
15:27 'Is there a beggar in my stomach?' HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA is there even? xD
Which episode will they get married in? Which episode are you referring to?
Habiby Chanel
It's all about photo
ana beatriz
porque nao ta traduzido em portugues?
So no one knows that song at 10:30 ? Surprised they dont have it up yet. Please lmk if you know the song.