How to Build a Lowrider Pt. 1

Hey guys here's one way how to build a lowrider. There are some good tips for the beginners out there. Hope that some of the advice will help those who want to build models. Have fun and stay creative. Lowrider Lou! Check out some of these other channels: /> />

Whiteys Workshop
Very cool video and car man! I separate my parts the same way that way when I go to paint their all ready to go! Very nice....... Mike & Cindy
Lazaro Z.
it's gonna be a targa top impala
Can you show how to build not show the part
Samuel Najar
Sup bro nice work just got into building models do you sand you models before paint? Do you use primef to paint ?
xwiggle090x RBLX
Where do u get the 64 from i got a 64 from amt did u order urs or buy it from a store?
Luis Hernandez
How do you chrome plate your parts? Is there a chrome plating kit and what did you use to cut the top? It's nice and clean, straight cut.
Good roof idea haven't thought of that one yet or seen it yet.