Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1990 Live Video

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Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1974 (Album Wish You Were Here 1975) "Live at Knebworth" 1990 Hertfordshire, England David Gilmour - Guitars, Vocals Nick Mason - Drums Rick Wright - Keyboards Guy Pratt - Bass Candy Dulfer - Saxophone Jon Carin - Keyboards Music Festival in Knebworth Park

Heads Over Hills
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Valerie Perrin
c'est juste énorme grandiose bons souvenirs avec mes potes tof emile a la rochelle💙
Rick Parker
I get on my tractor, and put on my headphones. I start the engine and away we go. The hmm of the tractor while Pink Floyd plays. Acre after acre I cruise the fields. No country music for me, this is it!
Domenico Spadafora
Derrick Clarke
5th of August 2018 I had a heart attack aged 61 thought I was going to die thought of this music my kids and grandkids xx I survived still here listening to this still got my kids and grandkids xx Thank you my god xx
(S)hine on (Y)ou Crazy (D)iamond SYD..
Анастасия Конева
Бессмертная группа!!!!!Слушаешь сто раз и не надоедает!
Сергей K
Здесь должны быть не миллионы лайков, здесь надо миллиарды лайков!
Юлия Саберова
Они с другой планеты...
jimbo 31
Alguém aí Brasil 2018?
ILike Zappa
Gilmour is a massive bender ! I mean that in a nice way . So easy to mess up that clean playing , but he cranks it out , like an English Gentleman monster. I love his tasteful approach too .
Минна Беркович
Слушаешь и,...,...........улетаешь куда-то в Бесконечность! Спасибо большое
Karlus Kosta
Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond. Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky. Shine on you crazy diamond. You were caught in the crossfire of childhood and stardom, blown on the steel breeze. Come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine! You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon. Shine on you crazy diamond. Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light. Shine on you crazy diamond. Well you wore out your welcome with random precision, rode on the steel breeze. Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!
Gaspare Reina
....Poco da dire tanto da apprezzare e ascoltare....Buon ascolto.....e mi raccomando chiudete gli occhi.....
Jesus Manuel Gonzalez Camacho
David Gilmour =Pink Floyd=David Gilmour
Hill LG Moonwalker
878 dislikes... we should get 'em up against the wall
Анастасия Конева
Шикарная музыка....!!!!!!Уж в сто раз ,лучше современной попсы...!!!!
floydian _
If there's anything better than this music then you have a problem with your ears
Eldar Vakhabov
Вечная великая композиция!
Igor Polyakov
Это вечная музыка!
Is it just me or does anyone else almost always shed a tear listening to Pink Floyd?
This is a master piece. Wow!!!!
Ursula Simon
PINK FLOYD waren und sind die beste Gruppe für mich.
Fernando Barbosa
Existem varias bandas expetaculares mais a melhor e mais perfeita chama se pink floyd
Андрій Затворницький
Таки - чудово- Божественно !!!
Rahul Kuriyedath
Just the first note on the guitar was enough to give me goosebumps..
Сергей K
Это Велико! Это навсегда! Its Great! Its Forever!
Владимир Пластинин
Мелодия из Космоса! Готов слушать вечно! Эта песня посвящена Сиду Барретту (Syd Barrett), 1946-2006, основателю и духовному вдохновителю Pink Floyd, который задал направление движения группы, но так и не застал ее на пике популярности, так как был вынужден рано покинуть ее в силу обстоятельств: из-за психического расстройства и из-за пристрастия к ЛСД, с которым он экспериментировал для расширения сознания, но из-за чего, порой, оказывался на выступлениях в бессознательном состоянии или по дороге на концерт мог на автобусной остановке просто сесть в автобус, следующий в противоположном направлении.
Wee Man
Love Pink Floyd 🌗
gianni quartieri
Niente da dire se non IMMENSI..... I would like to know those 4169 that do not like ..... !!!!!!!!
Justin Levey
they play this song when you enter the gates of heaven.
Claudemir Dias
very, very show !!!
Laura Gabeloni
David Gilmour sempre lindo !¡¡¡!!!!! Outubro 2018.
Martine Andre
j'adore , je ne m'en lasse pas
Yuri Vashuk
Привет из России
ivan kovacevic
I feel so sad for todays generation
Gaspare Reina
Josiana Dias
Wowwww...Cry My guitar....showww! !!
The best song of the World
Raymond Kang
David Gilmour knows how to make his guitar cry..really! such a talent...
Piero Di Lorenzo
marc fortin
le meilleur de toute les formes de musique et plus qu'ils sont âgés et meilleur ils ont. Tout à fait extraordinaire. la meilleur musique de tout les temps.
Adrien Bordier
Putain c'est beau
Sysy try again
C'est que du bonheur pour les oreilles, j'afore 😌😏
hamid pnl
J'avais ce 33T mes 20 ans Holala les larmes aux yeux nostalgie
Jam Christa
Simply the greatest band ever. 852 dislikes? I feel sorry for those folks.
Simple Dreaming. Soñando Fácil. TTYL
😎can Someone please tell me if this red and white guitar is a Fender, and what model, etc. I will get the Exact one. THANKS IN ADVANCE✌
Volker Mattausch
Sehr schönes stück ich habe es immer geliebt, auch es zu spielen
Jit Sauro
sem comentarios o resto é pura merrrda ! djei di bostadu k;;;; jnda bem q tão morrendo aos poucos,
Ольга Волошенко
Музыка моей молодости - НГУ, 4-ка, танцы
hamma tv
the best band in the world for me
Bar Fly
barfly shine on you grazy  daimonds
Eneida Maria
arrepiada <3 obrigada por esse hino Essa música equivale a milhões de emoções ao msm tempo <3
James Pardee
This is my favorite song in the whole wide world!!!!
Paul Reissaus
Dude, Candy Dulfer on Sax. The quality, the Sound, The video quality. One word, FANTASTIC
Dave gilmour and the
iris watts
Closing my eyes. Allowing myself to finally breathe. Shine on...
Simple Dreaming. Soñando Fácil. TTYL
🤣legend has it, that some of these comments will become world famous !LOL!✌
Raduga Sankt-Peterburg
Гениально .
Dinos 56
The Pink floyd is best group forever
Aaqib Iftikhar
ATTENTION EVERYONE !! This song is a trap. It's like a pit. Once you fall , there is no getting out. You listen to this song once and you get addicted, caught in a vicious cycle of replays and repeats. Ohh ... and one more thing... it's AWESOME !!
rita pirola
Fantastici questa si che è musica
Daniel Visscher
It's a song who you can listen if you can't get your sleep. It works. Gently you fall a sleep. So nice
Ilham Pratama
Rita Handayani W Hary H R September 2018 25 1990
I was at this concert watching it live....I can't tell you how magical it was on a summer evening......
Андрій Затворницький
10 хвилин з гаком шедевра.
Antonio d'ascoli
Remo Gatti
A dir poco da favola
Андрій Затворницький
Великі Мужі Музи.
petros pappas
Our very best wishes and many happy returns to David Gilmour, celebrating his 70th birthday today whilst in the midst of preparations for the upcoming North American tour. ..Maybe he's not the most impressive on a technical level, but no guitarist can paint such vivid imagery and sounds as Gilmour..... he's the best at transmitting a feeling to his music more than any other guitarist I've heard. His music really flows through the song as he takes you through ups and downs..... He has one of the best guitar tones ever! He has the ability to take you to places you otherwise could not reach..... he creates sounds that you feel right down to your very core.....Hope you have a great day, David!
boh non lo so
Serg N
......музыка всех времен и народов , мне повезло что люблю такую музыку
Patrice Lechevallier
the sacred tube of Pink Floyd !!.... <3
Marcello Cicchinelli
Nelya Fayzullina
Dmitriy XxX
це вам не сява в"м"акарчук
Bjarne Søegaard
Probably the best band ever
steven young
Bad to the bone bone
Claes Görhammar
Så jävla bra//C
Abdelhadi Hammoudi
Musica di qualita!!
manuel fernandez
(22.027.701 vis.)
Mauro Torriani
Ten songs in one
Enrico Manglio
Pink Floyd forever
Stephane Faucher
Hearing that song live during an outdoor show must have been an amazing experience :-p
Marco Houwaart
This is Art
Ulises Hernandez
Me encanta como toca
Over the TOP
BREATH IN ***PEACE*** BREATH OUT ***LOVE*** the holy MANTRA from MISTER D. ***PINK FLOYD*** we meet us 1988 in VIENNA with i think 55 000 human kind... 2008,,,on the ***BURG CLAM*** in ***UPPER AUSTRIA*** pssst you FEEL the ***GUITAR STRINGS*** OM by mppwd
Isaac Vargas Azofeifa
Im here alone in my apartment drinking beer and listening while everything in my life is disorganized. But man in this moment everything seems in place, and I know that tomorrow I will stand up again
mdkhalidfauziah Ogylaila
*Pink floyd legend😢💋£
***REMEMBER WE ARE 1*** haha
Lue Aranteed
🎸 toking to hem.beautiful Thank you.uh
fOrken sKumMeL
con su permiso este vídeo me lo descargo ;D
R Kotof
Super Star
Liliana Dell'Anna
Meraviglia pura
Maurizio Chiellino
Io c'ero a Venezia
David Gilmour looks a little like Hank (with hair) from Breaking Bad in this one.
As Campos
Incrível! Simplesmente INCRÍVEL!
Erol Rahim
Really Crazy Diamond !!!