11 Yr Old Teacher! Amazing!!

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Tim Bedley, 2013 Riverside County Teacher of the Year, develops leadership skills in his students by training them to lead class discussions. In this video you will watch McKenna, who is only 11 years old, use Whole Brain Teaching techniques to engage the other students. This is her FIRST time ever using the Whole Brain Teaching classroom management system. For more teaching techniques, please visit To learn more about Whole Brain Teaching, contact [email protected]

Freddy Ramirez Gallardo
Great to apply these techniques in my class. Thanks a lot !!
Thomas Lim
at 3:42 did that boy say mr.bedley? if he did which one?
Tim Bedley
Great observation Judy. Fortunately, we do a lot more than what you see in this video to instruct writing. The students are given a great deal of direct instruction and teacher input. This is just an example of what kids are able to do WITHOUT the teacher being the centerpiece. Blessings.
sen duong
that cool
amram rede
Great video. Is this method take place in my country, indonesia?
i like the kids' vocabulary!
Noah's Music Showcase
1 time wen my teacher had 2 go print 30 copies of sumthin I did dat since I got a+ on 3 of the nine weeks in math class
That girl is 15 now.
Tim Bedley
14 people who have no experience working with elementary aged children.
@terror0earth they are sad because they got dexter credit that means the teacher didnt see like barely any hand jesters so he didnt give them credit
@tbed63 i know that is just weird
Tim Bedley
@terror0earth Search Whole Brain Teaching here on YouTube and watch the basic video on it. I think that should help you understand. It would be hard to explain it in a few words here.
Tim Bedley
@BlueRonin44 You have misunderstood some things. First, there are no punishments. Second, just because the students are encouraged to use hand gestures does not mean that they are being taught to use hand gestures OVER verbal communication. You don't hear all the verbal communication between students in this video? My classroom is all about students learning to express themselves verbally. I do appreciate the interaction with you though ; )
Tim Bedley
@BlueRonin44 You are so correct. Who do you know that is teaching children to use hand gestures over verbal communication? Tell them to stop! ; )
Randy Kothakonda
I dont understand what they are doing at 5:05 the sigh of dissaproval? Im confused
sophie byrne
@tbed63 hey!! lol
Tim Bedley
@Frenchie1656 The students are commenting on the writing of another student. All students have their papers displayed for critique at different points. The point of the video is to engage the students in critical thinking about peer work rather than fostering reliance on the teacher to do all the thinking for the students. How to apply this to younger children? Well, that's a very big question that can't be answered in this space. In short, ask the kids to evaluate student work before you do it.
Thanks for sharing this video. Are the students commenting on work of another student in the class or is it a work sample? Could you give some suggestions of how to adapt this for younger children?
Cristina Ker
Its kindda easy.
Asgeir Ragnar
Great job McKenna !!!!
Hey this is cool... they obvisouly have a good teacher modeling good teaching!
omg that looks like fun
Jake Harvey
As you say I am watching a small clip from one day and I don't know the background of these particular students. Which is why i was commenting on the clip, and the students behaviour in it. What I said was a fair critique of a short clip regarding the teaching style presented. No need to take it personally I meant no offense to you or your students.
Tim Bedley
@archibaldthesimple Thanks for taking the time to comment on my video. By "uni" do you mean university? I'm curious about which university is critiquing my video. That's very cool! You may want to proofread your comments before posting, especially as a university student. It also helps to lend credibility to your critique. "Their" is "they're" because it's a substitute for "they are." That's something that I worked on quite a bit with the kids in the video.
Tim Bedley
@archibaldthesimple Your logic is quite flawed. First, if you've ever worked with 10 and 11 year old kids you know that they do not have great acting skills. So to say the fact that they know they are being video taped changes the validity of the pedagogy makes no sense. Who is Mr. Belling? Do you mean Mr. Bedley? That's me. I didn't write a single thing for them to remember.
Tim Bedley
I train the students through hours and hours of critical thinking exercises. You are correct in saying that the students are being rewarded for enthusiasm. However, this is NOT at the expense of being rewarded for critical thinking. You are watching a few minutes of day after day lessons. Critical thinking is the number one behavior that is acknowledged and fostered in my classroom.
Tim Bedley
...Lastly, lack of confidence? Are you serious? Some of these students have language processing issues and therefore hesitate as they speak, but lack of confidence? Those experienced with children this age can easily recognize the amazing things going on with these kids.
Jake Harvey
We were shown this at uni and broke it down in to is basic elements and found it to be very flawed as the students know their being filmed, and only proves that a select group students know how to read and remember what Mr Belling wrote as an example. They are also given credit for enthusiasm rather than for higher order thinking. They are using advanced language however the students are fumbling over words which shows a lack of true confidence, Confidence being a key indicator of understanding.
I like her use of oral cloze when she was reading aloud at the very beginning.
Tim Bedley
@hardinmichael1981 It is a public school. This is a high achiever class. However, the criteria for 'high achiever' in our school is not the same as in many since we are a Title 1 school. Most of these students would be considered average in a higher Soc. Ec. school. I agree about the gesturing. Since they are 9-11 y/o kids, this is a way to begin the training of using ones hands to speak. I don't expect them to perfect the art form just yet.
Michael Hardin
@tbed63 that's very interesting @ gestures. I asked b/c many listeners and even many speakers can find their own gesturing, as well as the gesturing of others, to be very distracting. I suppose as long as it doesn't get out of hand (npi) and become a poor habit that it could be beneficial. the whole class seems very engaged and the quality of their critiques was often very impressive for their age group. was this class in a public, private , or charter school?
Tim Bedley
@0774SPLV I can assure you they are nothing like silly drunks because, if that were the case, I would not be able to tolerate their presence. Again, because of the nature of the audio in a video, the cacophony appears to be much worse than it actually is. They are perfectly normal and quite calm. They just are not taught to be sedate robots who do not think for themselves like what occurs in many learning environments.
Artye Asvui
I did not mean to insinuate that as individuals the kids are not pleasant but that the cacophony would interfere with my ability to follow or enjoy the lesson. Kind of like a group of silly drunks. Would prefer to engage with them when they are calm and more normal.
Tim Bedley
@lilianmay444 McKenna definitely had instruction, but it was more in the form of modeling. The students in my class are trained in leadership skills and public speaking throughout the school year, so what you are seeing is more the product of many many hours of hard work with the kids. We don't waste many minutes of class time! ; )
Tim Bedley
@0774SPLV I totally agree about the grades. There are much better ways to motivate students and assess learning. With regard to the volume, the video blows the noise way out of proportion from what it's like in real life. If it was really this loud, it would drive me insane, too! Hating to being around them as adults? I think you are being very harsh. Do you really think that 33 different individuals would all be hard to be around? These kids are actually very nice, easy-going kids.
Tim Bedley
@hardinmichael1981 I was skeptical about the hand gestures component until I used it with my students. There are many benefits. First, students must look at the speaker in order to copy his/her gestures, thus fostering better listening skills. In addition the speaker practices good public speaking skills. Also, the kinesthetic learner benefits because of greater retention of the material. I hope that answers your question.
Michael Hardin
what is so great about hand gestures?!
Artye Asvui
This would give me a headache if I was a kid. I would even hate to be around them as an adult. Way too loud.Why do educators love those elements of totalitarianism? Why the obsession with freaking grades too? Pretty lame.
Tim Bedley
@lilianmay444 It's going to be hard in 500 characters to explain everything to you ; ) Basically, I train the kids by slowly handing over responsibility. I obviously have done the lesson you see here, with me as the teacher, several times prior to the making of the video. McKenna did everything on her own in this lesson. I just told her to lead a discussion on the writing sample and use Power Teaching. I occasionally intervene when students lead something like this. Nrmlly let them fig. it out.
Tim Bedley
@1inspire: Great critical thinking, if you are inferring that the kids need to be called on more fairly (i.e. TOSA training.) Obviously at 11 years old, my 'student teacher' hadn't quite arrived at a state of perfection yet ; ) I normally use the sticks in a mug method for equity.
Jessy Angulov
amazing power of that little girl. great teacher. congrats.
There are some videos where power teaching is used in a college setting as well. The purpose of it, to me, seems to be keeping energy at high levels (which I know that high energy = better information retention rates from your students), and by having the students participate, they seem to be learning by rote. The possible downfall I see is that I wonder how this may affect individualized learning in the higher grades.
Tim Bedley
Well, it's like anything else. It works only as well as it is implemented by the teacher and carried through by the student. She is definitely one of the best at it, but I have had several students who do a great job without the looks and popularity. You have to have a solid foundation of respect and discipline in the classroom in order to try something like this.
Johnny Wilson
One Comment - Alfie Kohn
Tim Bedley
The kids are so good at it for a couple of reasons. First, this class is mostly high achievers. Secondly, I do critical thinking activities where I engage all learners on a daily basis. You are correct that the kids don't give enough praise. I find it more challenging to get the students focused on the positive rather than the negative. Of course, we adults tend to have the same problem.
Tim Bedley
I use the Power Teaching techniques sparingly in my class. I found that once you trained the kids, all you have to do is say "Teach it" without all the gestures and hoopla. It's the concept that is so important...engage engage engage. Never yack at the kids for longer than a couple of minutes straight without some sort of involvement by ALL students.
I'm a 6th grade ELA and SS teacher. I've just recently started using Power Teaching because a lot of my students didn't seem motivated and I wanted to reach them. Most of the kids seem on board and really enjoy the gestures but I have a few who just don't seem to be buying the kool aid I'm selling. Does this get "old" to the students if you're using it all year, and what do you do with the challenging students who have the entire class saying rule #2 and 3 over and over and..over?
Tim Bedley
The ultimate compliment! Thanks. They are just an average class but I've spent a lot of energy training them to think and act like you see in the video.
Tim Bedley
She already is a teacher. Not being sarcastic, nor does she have a degree. We don't need degrees to be teachers. All the students in my class are taught to teach. Some are better than others. She happens to be quite adept at teaching. In fact, she's probably better at it than a lot of teachers with degrees.
Tim Bedley
She already is!!! ; ) She'll probably be president! She's one-in-a-million.
Wow! this is so wonderful! The interaction among the learners is fabulous. I think it's great for kids to be able to express their viewpoint and it's very effective...!!
Thanks for your thoughts pazsion! Actually the noise level is accentuated by the mic on the video camera. It would drive me crazy too if it was really that loud. It's not nearly as bad in person. ; )
hehe, wel it's good for teaching them to respect and listen to peers. And emotions yea! these are usually dicouraged in public classrooms.. the noise level and chatter would make it difficult for me to learn. but these are kids =) and they usually dont miss much regardless of distractions. power teaching, whoda thought?
Rachel Romero
WOW! This is GREAT!