Fast N Loud's former mechanic Aaron Kaufman has huge net worth in 2018

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Aaron Kaufman worked together with Richard Rawlings for 13 years before parting ways in December 2016. During that time, he earned a huge fame as a Gas Monkey Garage member and a Fast N' Loud star. Through his long journey as a mechanic and appearing in the mainstream reality show Fast N’ Loud, he has accumulated millions of dollars. His garage Main Street Shop has also added to his net worth. Since leaving Richard Rawlings' garage, his workshop The Arclight Fabrication Co. is helping him in living his dreams. Aaron Kaufman Fast N Loud | 0:05 Aaron Kaufman Gas Monkey Garsge | 0:15 Aaron Kaufman & Richard Rawlings | 0:46 Aaron Kaufman Leaving Fast N Loud | 0:55 Aaron Kaufman Arclight | 1:29 Aaron Kaufman 1984 Jeep Cherokee | 2:00 Aaron Kaufman Net worth | 2:38 Full Coverage: /> You May Like to Watch: Former Fast N' Loud Cast Aaron Kaufman Net Worth 2018. New Show in March /> Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman net worth: Who is richer? /> Richard Rawlings is super-rich: Net Worth in 2018 /> CHECKOUT: Gas Monkey Logo Adult Pajama Pants: /> Check out this awesome channel by Jimeez Photos: /> Check out this awesome video by Jimeez Photos: 302MPH! SCOTTY HEAT'S 50 CAL JET DRAGSTER RUNS [email protected] AT RT66 /> Subscribe our second channel for lifestyle-related contents: /> Footage Credit: Discovery Visit for more celebrity updates. Thank you for watching. Please like, comment, share and subscribe. Ever been in a position where you're the last to receive the latest news surrounding your favorite movie/TV shows and celebrities? We got you covered. eCelebrityFacts is the go-to source for everything entertainment. From celebrity gossips and facts to movie updates, we aspire to accustom audience around the world. #AaronKaufman #RichardRawlings #eCelebrityFacts #FastNLoud #GasMonkeyGarage #ShiftingGears #RealityStar

Lucas Ladeia
Aaron Kaufman is nice guy and has a lot of knowledge. Would be good have him and Edd China in the same car show.
Richard and Aaron, too many egos around. Richard was stupid for not locking Aaron into a partnership deal, that then would have made it difficult for Aaron to just 'walk away''
Pirate Labs
Aaron always appeared to try to make easy jobs look very hard and complicated. He was always saying this, or that can't be done. He claims he is a master mechanic...I never saw any evidence of that. Aaron: "We have to replace the air filter in this 1970 Dodge Charger which means, we have to remove the wing nut and take the entire top off of the air cleaner and then...we have to attempt to remove the old air filter. If we can accomplish that, we have to do our best to get the new filter installed where the old filter used to be. This could be very tricky and a million things could go wrong. I just don't see how we can get this done inside of 2 weeks."
Andrew Wilson
Guys has done well. He worked bloody hard for what he has got and nobody can take that away from him. The bottom line is his passion for cars and his work means more to him than money. The easy way would be to stay on the Gas Monkey TV gravey train but staying true to himself meant that was not an option. Job satisfaction and happiness inside more important than money ,fame and TV land publicity. Way to go Aaron, respect from the true car enthusiasts out there. You don't want to turn into another Jesse James or the Tutells!
Mike Hundley
If Aaron is such a master mechanic, then why did gas monkey always send their motors out to be built?
kenneth moore
His car building arsenal is chop and drop and bag it every build . Boring builder
Jesse Dugger
Aaron you worked for your money and plus you make a big mouth (Richard) rich. I am with you my friend
jT Mase
Who gives a F*ck. just glad AK left that show. Now you're gonna watch that show die off slowly
kelly carlson
I remember in one episode he burned up a rebuilt motor because he refused to put break in motor oil, even after being told by the resident clown mechanic. That Richard fired. Shoulda kept the clown, because at least he was funny..
84k1986 84k1986
net worth is not really money. it's wait someone thinks your worth. you might only have 20$ in your pocket
Jeff Roscher
Probably got tired of the douche
brian john
can't help thinking he,s shot himself in the foot with this move , maybe forgot it's gas monkey that put him in a position , beware biting the hand that feeds you.
BENDER tharobot
Its none of our business how much money he made thats americas problem too many nosey maw fawkers
Johnny Yanni JR
F Aaron he wouldnt have a quarter if it wasnt for Rich Rawlings putting the deals together getting the cars for him to build this is in the beginning using gambling with richs money than TV time hits richard held out for the right production company to go with and it paid off so richards hands may not be dirty but thats not his job and im sure he was and still is stressed out every week bet Aaron and the guys got paid weather cars we're done wether cars or not good or bad sure its reality TV but as business buddys who started up each had a job to do and im sure none of the other guys have $3 million to talk about im sure RICHARD will be fine hopefully better i liked Aaron like everyone else but i have NO respect for him that race car build he coulda stayed and worked with his guys to build that car but he had enough he said he needed a longer break so whats he do gets himself on the same show building his own car again riding on gas monkeys coat tails thats a spit in the face Fuck Him stay on vacation
Butch Funke
Good Luck Aaron, You' re the most talented Monkey......mechanic......but you're getting into another territory1
Minor side note: He said "To quote Stevie Nicks, I need to go my own way." "Go Your Own Way" is by Fleetwood Mac, written & sung by Lindsey Buckingham. ☺️
William Tesene
Good for you Aaron! I don't know how you put up with that pompous ass as long as you did, but apparently you did alright for yourself. As a welder fabricator and mechanic of 25 years myself, I take my hat off to you as one of the best! Best of luck bro!
LOL...Aaron, according to this video, made $3m for the show? No wonder he left.
Towards the end it looked like Mr. Kaufmann was getting tired of the clowning around in the shop. He's trying to work and meet a deadline while co workers are standing around and making jokes directly at him. Then Mr. Rawlings walks in the shop and treats his partner like one of the help. During the second Hot Wheel build you can tell Mr. Kaufmann had enough IMO. Mr. Rawlings new show looks like somebody let the air out of his tires. His fifteen minutes are almost done.
John D
That reality show turned to shit after second season. He made the right choice to go his own way and leave that moron Richard to himself.
Andrew k Adams
Just glad his ego didn't blow his head apart like doesn't seem so anyway. Richard probably tried to corn-hole him on pay without even spitting on it and he quit. That's my guess anyway
Ian Thompson
I didn't like either of them but I think I hated Aaron more. Richard was a doucebag but he owned it. Aaron thinks his shit smells like roses
miami boi305
Problem with a owner is they think the partner is always cool being the second man. People have their own goals and dreams
Aaron does NOT currently hold ANY ASE certifications. (Richard used to call him their 'master mechanic', which in CA the term is generically used for 'a decent wrench', and in no way translates into ASE certification).
Travo Powell
dude needs to go on roadkill and mighty car mods for guest appearances
Brian Samac
Aaron Kaufman seems like a real good guy. I wish him the best
andrew wright
Good on him, well earned and not money for nothing. More power to him and his family.
Actually, it was Lindsey Buckingham that said "go your own way" Stevie was in the background tapping her little tambourine.
Pete Schemberger
You guys know all that shits fake and everyone on the show is an actor right ? The real builders and mechanics actually come to work on the projects after the camera crews leave .. so you're pretty much watching actors pretending to work on cars... No real talent on camera at least..
He should join Edd China in a new TV show!
rick mack
Dam.....could you run that disclaimer at the any faster
Mark Jacob
Richard's ego is way over blown.
Tommy Baynard
The show was great until they started doing those little acting skits like with Smokey and the Bandit after that they started taking the focus off of the cars and put the focus on all that crap. Aaron is a great mechanic and unless you work for a dealership or gonna put a car back the way the factory did then you dont need to be "certified technician" I wish I knew half of what Aaron knows
Jen Thomas
Fast and loud. Dauuuuhhhhh
Bethany ann Hick's Hicks riggs
loook howw cuute hhee iss allready alright betr b
midnight rider
I have respect for kaufman's knowledge and craftsmanship with cars, but i admit i wasn't a big fan of gas monkey garage when they stripped down a classic car and deviated from the car's original style & integrity. I thought originality was paramount to a classic car? Oh well, smart guy tho.
Taco Bob
I never seen a show when they put a new engine in a car truck what ever and it started up with out any problems. and they say Kaufman is a master at what he does. all them dudes are jack offs
Jay B
logan adams
aron is smarter than Richard the non mechanic afraid to get durty
Chuck Keough
Meh, I could blow through three mill in a summer on blow and bookers.
Ed Arroyo
I always liked Aaron because he was humble and the kind of guy you could hang out with. Richard on the other hand was a pretentious blow hard.
Mark Jacob
give Aaron his own show..
Barbara Minchew
Katelyn Robinson
every thing he worked on went somewhere to get completed..
Heart and soul-less. To me Aaron was the heart of the show and Richard was the souless $$$ chaser. I couldnt stand listening to him. Enjoyed Aarons input and work ethic enough to watch it
Jermaine J
"TV needed cars that were much smaller." I assume that means the TV execs were like we need cars that we can show within a season from start to finish, and unless you have a ton of money big project cars don't turn around that fast.
Aaron and Richard both are bad car builders,they never once did a complete rebuild,always the same old builds.
dictated G
Aaron Kaufman is the freaking man my dudes hardcore he's the best mechanic I've ever seen or should I say engineer. I love everything about this kid the inspires me to work on my truck. I wish I had his knowledge
lowell mccormick
Accumulated?   How about earned?
Jack Flash
That's all after working at GM and doing all those projects for RR?!  Sad.
Jesus Christ
I would love to see him start a YouTube channel where he could take his time and go step by step. I think he's a great mechanic and a true artist.
Rich Leviness
He's no Chip Foose thats for sure .Never liked the guy, all he did was bag everything.
Stefan Lauzon
The only mechanic in the world whos actually wealthy
Michael Anderson
my grandsons name is Aaron, Aaron Kaufman is worth $3 mill no he is priceless...
Lito A
Aaron you’re the BOSS‼️‼️ the BEST mechanic in the country 👍🏼 you deserve a lot more b/c made Gas Monkey Garage one of the top and famous shops in the country. love your work and watched as many episodes b/c I love vehicles like u. Aaron you ROCK‼️‼️
Antisquad Pank
Fast 'n' loud without " Aron " --no way .
former youtuber eric the car guy is going to be the new co star ... dont tell anyone
James Leslie
Thanks Aaron, now I have that song in my head
Carlos Quintana
I wish you the best luck my friend 👍
gerald obelenus
more like master bator!
M 310
Aaron is the star of the show.
Gary Demag
no, aaron is more like innovator, edd is a restoration guy, have you seen ed install air ride? something like that..
Greg H
Mark Bennot
good for him.mechanics make shity wages.
William Tiedje
I would thank God if I was Richard, don't need Aaron around to drag the place down ...
logan adams
Jim whyte is a hot mess of back yard hack/mauler, I have every ASE certification they offer , makes me smarter than jim TOOL
Robert Rockwell
can't stand these shows and crooks
mike Lane
Rick Blain
Aaron was clearly the brains and experience on the show. Gas Monkey garage is devoted to Richards ego. Without the TV income, I personally believe he'd be selling used cars att 'Fast Eddies" by now.
Never heard of him, never seen it, Don't want to. Thought this vid was about monkeys, now I see that it is.
Ismar Castro
He was a Jackass
His 15 minutes is up. He should have rode Gas Monkey till the end. No one's gonna put him on television again, bet on it.
P Tourne
what a useless video.....
Jim Marriott
"Go your own way" are Lyndsey Buckingham's words. Stevie Nicks' words on the same subject use a different approach, checkout "Landslide". After hearing Aaron's vacation plans, Richard would have felt a lot like Stevie Nicks hearing "Go Your Own Way" for the first time. Great song unless you're​ the one it's written to. Got your meaning nonetheless. Beep, beep....
Vic Mikes
Why would anyone be interested in showing their net income, or any personal information like that, other than expressing their ego. The show is great, but really all it is, is a few guys boasting what they have and what they will get. That is just ego driven and has no educational value. The first few seasons were good with great characters and some good ideas. Then it turned into....well it turned into Richard. Its all about him, his cars, his money, his mates and his beer, his drag cars, his Monster car, his energy drinks, and sometimes he would even show the wife he has even thou he speaks of having a wife as some kind of virus and must be avoided, and finally its all about Richard and his lack of ability to see everyone else around him because he is sooooo EGO driven. The last season so far was complete rubbish, and even Aarons departure was the act of a little spoilt child. I guess its no different than Counts Customs, now theres an Epic delusional ego that if i ever saw one in host Danny.
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
Actually Aaron is worth closer to 6 million dollars now having been successful with a few other projects. How ever he is not the only one that can work on cars Richard had been working on cars sense he was a young man. But after time of taking chances in businesses he mostly lets others such as Aaron get his hands dirty as they both had roles to carry out in the tv show Gas Monkey Garage. Plus it was Richard that had the money to open up his garage with Aaron working for him. Their big break game when the took part in the motor cycle build off against Jessie and the Orange County Chopper Clan. Once Gas Monkey won the build off there was no looking back for Aaron and Richards Gas Monkey Garage once they won the build off. Richard's net work has been climbing steadily the past 2 years and his net worth is between 15 and 20 million dollars from his successful restaurants and a few other adventures he is doing. So Richard isn't a dumb ass when it comes to working on cars he just would rather not get his hands dirty from the the role Discovery channel wanted him to play from the beginning of the show. We all know these tv or cable programs are scripted for the most part after all they are being paid some big dollar to entertain us.
No show other than "Fast n Loud" & "Counting Cars" bring that classic car vibe to true car fanatics.
Brian Royer
So if he was so loaded with $ why did he take a high interest loan from Richard to buy the Ford Falcon to build up to race Pikes Peak?
David Fowler Jr
If Aaron returns to TV, you know Richard Rawlings will come snooping around, just the same as what he does on the "Misfit Garage" show that also has his ex co-workers
Richard Munford
It's a shame he has left the show, he definitely was a good half of the shows popularity without his value as a mechanic. Looks as tho he hasn't suffered financially but good luck to him for thayLastly in some ways the earlier episodes were the funniest and best as the average person can relate better to a struggling business
I quit watching this show after they butchered up that super clean (68?) Dodge Dart.
Amandine Fontaine
etc there phrase debate living proposed residential tuck religious any.
kelly carlson
Chris Hamilton, good to know when I have to call a fake ass out, I'm not alone thank you for you're reply.
carving carnavor
Aaron built gas monkey.richard sucks just has money. Loved he showed his self on the race show with street outlaws.puss
Graeme Williams
Exactly what someone did with Boyd Coddington.
I know where a 1963 Ford falcon is setting just outside of St Johns AZ
James Wright
Go Aaron, I look forward to seeing what you can do!
Ben Parker
this is great I always said the show would be way better with out Richard.,lol he won't make it without Aaron .maybe soon sick will be off the air
Steven Liszkai
Great, one more shit-for-brains with an ego bigger than their intellect. What's new?
But the truth is, he was a player in the bitcoin game and cashed out before the crash. :) Seriously though, I cant wait to see that new show!
$3 mil net worth and just a mechanic! Gives me hope lol ;)
Gabe Nelson
his own place - his own pace - right on!
And the point of this video? Good for him. He deserves it.
I would be happy to watch a show with aaron. RR is a douche and made me not want to watch any gas monkey after discovery made him even more douchey if that's possible.
He will fail without Richard!
Steve Andrews
never really like the guy
The channel is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
Joe Valdrighi
If this is true . They should get on his hands and knees and beg for his job back . Because he damn sure and worth that