New Order - Blue Monday

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Original song from 1983

new order blue monday long version 1983 extended

Danilo Stoskovic
How does it feel to treat me like you do? When you've laid your hands upon me and told me who you are I thought I was mistaken, I thought I heard your words Tell me how do I feel Tell me now, how do I feel Those who came before me lived through their vocations From the past until completion, they'll turn away no more And still I find it so hard to say what I need to say But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me just how I should feel today I see a ship in the harbor I can and shall obey But if it wasn't for your misfortune, I'd be a heavenly person today And I thought I was mistaken, and I thought I heard you speak Tell me, how do I feel Tell me now, how should I feel Now I stand here waiting I thought I told you to leave me when I walked down to the beach Tell me how does it feel, when your heart grows cold, grows cold, cold
Who's listening Blue Monday on the Blue Monday (15/01) ;)
Gary Lee Brinks
2018 here we come!
mattost 12
Kto słucha w Polsce ? #Poland
Char Nadine
Christmas is on a Monday this year!
specialunit 042
i fucking love music from the 90 and below (80's, 70's 60's 50's etc). this is number 1 on my chart of 80's songs (number 2, Marc almond and Gene pitney: somethings gotten hold of my heart)
Cicero Arrais
1987---------------2017 here now!!!!!!!
Phil Bishop
Timeless brilliance.
Raffaella B
I love this.. It's Like a spiritual sound
The Hamburglar
FASH WAVE anyone? 🇺🇸👌
sam lewis
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to Info-wars with your host Alex Jones!!!
Juanra 00
Who is listening in blue monday?
maria villamil
Shas'O Swoll
Happy new year 2018 !!!
I want to listen more music like this please give me some titles
Ricky Wilson
I can't help but to dance my ass off to this tune it's quality
Sounds like something that could fit hotline miami
January the 15th 2018 #BlueMonday
December 2017 and still AMAZING!!!
Vanessa Araújo
Ready Player One
Good, old beat...
David Harkess
If Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division, didn't take his own life this would never have been made.
Yeong Heo
1983 was when 4A-GE engine and the legendary AE86 was born. hope this kind of magic happens again.
Nicolás Norambuena
Krzysztof Orzeł
Niech zyje Joy Divission
Agent Chaos
It actually caught me off guard when I heard a voice in this. I thought it was instrumental/beats only.
Betty Bop
Speed 2x try it
Nenad Redzic
Game News
Happy Blue Monday Everyone
ludwig corpus gonzales
es muy buena cancion...
I told my husband I was coming to bed. I'm instead on a massive 70s and 80s binge.
Jorge de Souza
01/15/2018 i survived!
Albe Van Hanoy
Listening to Blue Monday on Blue Monday.
One week left ;_;
Paul Lagrandmaison
Happy Blue monday!
Adam Tomaszewski
Sounds like 2083 ...
László Kezi
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עוזי זכאי
Uzi zakay... Love.. You tub.. Sony.. Google... IBM.. YouTube... Love... The.. One... Dear.. Israel.. Polic.. God.. Bless.. Us.. All.. Aameeen... Love Flow.... Dear us 3... Uzi.. Love 3... Dear 3... America... Uzi... Zakay.. Uziorzakay music models u c... Israel
עוזי זכאי
Uzi zakay... Love.. You tub.. Sony.. Google... IBM.. YouTube... Love... The.. One... Dear.. Israel.. Polic.. God.. Bless.. Us.. All.. Aameeen... Love Flow.... Dear us 3... Uzi.. Love 3... Dear 3... America... Uzi... Zakay.. Uziorzakay music models u c p israel
Dominika Cylke
listening to "Blue Monday" on Blue Monday 2017
danny newey
only England can come up with this excellence. America wouldn't even dream it and the rest of the world would never even get to sleep. Unbelievable fantastic song with breathtaking music!
RP McDonald-Bell
One of the greatest songs ever recorded IMHO. Always loved it.
Jefferson Motta
The British are the kings of music, greetings from Brazil!
Ayan Games
A true electronic simphony.
Johnathan Matthews
FIFA '05 soundtrack, anyone ?
Good song to enter 2018 with
Avan Kari
Kako seksi pesmica
dobrze rżną!
those drums at 3:31 to 3:34 appears on some electronic song, from chemical brothers of daft punk or something. what song am I thinking of? driving me crazy
Beautiful. Remember walking into clubs in the 80's with this blasting your ears.
За шкварка
This music plays in my head, when I play Wolfenstein: The *New Order* .
Duyoutube Duda
Tenho 10 anos, e adoro Neworder😎
Joshua van Meuwen
Today, it's actually Blue Monday. And if you're also listening to this song on Blue Monday: good job. And good luck.
Cyrius W
Happy new year 2018
The Roadwarrior
Forza horizon 👍
Chris D'oulmeth
C h e r r y C o c a i n e
Jane Barton
A Classic Anthem & band coming from for me & many, back in the 80's.. R.I.P Ian Curtis
Mazzire Acevedo
Ready Player One ? 7u7
nice bass||
Leko Tutoriais
Shoulda been the first record I ever bought but was sold out in every music outlet in Glasgow.Was a blue Saturday never mind Monday.
Epic song from the eighties!
Joshua is gay lmao
when I first heard this song I couldn't believe it was from the 80s!! it sounds so futuristic!!
alexandre soares de santana
Meu finado amigo herói pirava num New order descansa em paz herói ✝.
barry carroll
which imbeciles would unlike this !
15 January 2018 - today Is Blue Monday
All Motor No Boost No Spray
Vice city stories brought me here.
Don Corvo
IT iS AMAZING §§§!!!!
DHanks Gaming
This song played for my dad's friends's funeral today
Linda Stead
December 2017💃
Susanna Patrignani
Bella scelta New order per il negozio di via ceccarini che ricordo aprì nell'ottantatre' se non erro ah ah, prima di diventare new order erano i joi division
rosser man
One of the greatest.
Rodrigames 19
Go rickybaby!! Go rickybaby!!
Anyone knows a song similar to this ?
Michel Marchange
no-dance !just'B in '-i=
Koni niko
Mato je maler najveci na svijetu!
Michael Kienzl
Ich weiß noch genau, wie ich 1985 mit New Order Musik im Kopfhörer über Walkman Tags und Nachts durch die Räume der Kunstakademie Stuttgart gegangen bin, 3 Tage am Stück für mein Diplom nicht geschlafen habe (ohne Kokain oder Meth, dafür mit Schokolade) und dann war alles super. Danke New Order, ihr seid heute noch meine Helden!
My ex wife described this as repetitive. Bit like herself lol
blue monday is one month late in real life, the dip is bitcoin, all money is spend and you lose your job :)) 1 thing is positiive the STD-test
Brando Albrighi
0.75 speed is the way to go
Where would we be without the 80's eh????
Razor Bean
Nostalgia and A E S T H E T I C S
Laura Marcus
Happy Blue Monday!
Hydro Honey
To think that Ed threw this at a zombie, unforgivable.
angela green
I will be 55 this year and absolutely love this song one of my top favourites since released and hope continue enjoy hearing for next 20-30 years fxxcking terrific!
Dog Head
use to love hearing this in the night clubs when i was young great times
tazy scrat
Is this style new wave ?
Marina Perroni
this is probably the other way around, but when i heard this the only thing that came to my mind was TWO OF HEARTS, TWO HEARTS THAT BEAT AS ONE!!! #partymonster
Hans Fijnzand
Happy blue monday everyone!
Psyte Scene
s'a classic. Heaven is not gonna disappear. Who knows, as time passes, most things improve, we are moving away from violent conflicts. Thank f***, eh? *lol*
Cristofer Ribeiro
Essa música é muito top!!!!