Korn - Everything Falls Apart (Official Audio)

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Momster 666
korn helped me though my shitty childhood, it gave me strength to fight for myself. now I'm 29 and korn is still helping me, threw the death of my mother and how my family fell apart. I will still be standing while they all fall.
According to 2:38 - 3:20, there is nothing in Jonathan Davis's head.
I love this song! Definitely one of my favorite tracks on the new album.
Mary Jane
Close your eyes, fall asleep! Broken promises that you never keep! Drift away tonight! Just drift away tonight! We used to dream, we used to laugh! No one could tell us that this would never last! This ain't a love song! I would never give you one! No more secrets, no more lies! No more feelings or surprise! No more whispered words or lullabies! Go fuck your lies! Everything, everything falls with us! Everything, everything always does! Everything, everything falls all apart! I've given up, it's all I could take! My hands are shaking, my body could break! I will be lonely now! Come on and take me out! I used to care, I used to try! But what's the use it always ends with goodbye! This ain't a love song! I'd never give you one! No more secrets, no more lies! No more feelings or surprise! No more whispered words or lullabies! Go fuck your lies! Everything, everything falls with us! Everything, everything always does! Everything, everything falls all apart! THERE IS NOTHING IN MY HEAD!  (There is a voice in my head)... There is nothing, there's nothing! IN MY HEAD! Everything, everything falls with us! Everything, everything always does! Everything, everything falls all apart! [x2] All apart! [x2] These are voices in my head!...
When jonathan davis orgasms is it creamed korn?
"There is nothing in my head"
Kaspars Deičmanis
2:38 - 3:20 What i think when my mind goes suddenly blank in exam
32-bit Cloud
I just realized that "S.O.S" is the album's title abbreviated...
there's two dislikes because someone fell apart and accidentally it the dislike.
'' This ain't a love song! I would never give you one! ''
Gianluca Sorrentino
Haha I love the fact that they figured someone would upload the songs, so they just did it themselves xD
Geddy Lee's owl Nose
Best song on the album next to insane
Harles Bently
jeesus shit these vocals are beautiful but chilling to the core. deathly beautiful. love johnathons voice so much.
Sounds so much like untouchables
Bloody Jen
i cant stop touching myself
This and The Hating are some of Korn's effing best songs ever!
Jesús Rey Galván Tapia
Like if korn is back :)
Kevin Murillo
I'm not going to sleep tonight. Thank's KoRn! One of the best albums. /,,/
HOLY SHIT! WHAT'S GOING ON?! Are they uploading the whole thing? Hooray!
Scabbed Maggots
I think the lyrics are about a relationship gone wrong when the woman cheats on the man (Jonathan)
There`s KoRn in my HEAD!
Justin 3
This shits good! Reminds me of the early 2000s
Shit I have a calculus test tmr but I NEED to listen to all these songs first :DDD rip calc
Reel Prime Productions
This song is awesome and I like the part where Jonathan Davis says "there's nothing wrong with my head" he sounds like a deranged man
Justin 38045
Holy shit haters best metal album of the year period.
Hey! It's Me!
Daaaamn this is gonna be a new classic record!!! this can stand right next to Issues or Untouchables!
Jon Foster
People who dislike this simply have nothing in their head.
Jacob Zamora
Piano Girl
3:02 is when I cranked it up as loud as possible & pressed my earphones in as far as I could.
Jason Lindley
This song is fucking beautiful, dark at the same time. I know the story behind a lot of these songs. It is sad. But, the songs were written beautifully.
Not only Gods of nu-metal/metal/heavy music, but Gods of Music! KORN <3
Robert Allabauer
*THIS SONG* together with The Hating and Take Me are gonna become classics
David Is Radical
This album is their best work since TALITM. Very well done Korn!
FAAmous 3x
my x girl cheated on me after five years, aaand my dog passed away all in the first quarter of this year. korn reminded me that everything falls apart, now I feel better.
FFS this album is the BUISNESS!!! I don't fangirl/boy over much of anything... but this... God, I can't say it enough.. THANK YOU. #TakeMyMoney
Hugo F. Rocha
Frank Hernandez
I wish Linkin Park listened to this album and made another HT / Meteora
Tyler Terrell
seems like the whole album is here but I'm buying it. BUY IT TO KEEP KORN, SUPPORT THEM!
Francisco Figueroa
Escuchar este álbum cura el cáncer.
Norman Reedus
I love you Head. I wish I had a so gread father♡ Stay sic
Richard Foff
Dude this new record is badass!
Justice Anxiety
wow I see black is the soul gets uploaded listens to it, wasn't expecting the whole damn thing well good bye sleep 😂
Evan Kelly
This is the KoRn that I know, that's what's up. Favorite song off the album and best album of theirs in over a decade.
Elle Liam
The beginning is nostalgic a bit, can't remember what song though, "Dream Theater Wither" perhaps? (Not suggesting that they stole anything, there's just a familiar tone)
Jonathon vazquez
holy shit u see a album and find some songs u dont like....this album hasnt done that yet lol
those verses are so beautiful and melodic!!
Ben Reichstein
24 people are falling apart and can't deal with it yet.
Jose Oyola
My favorite track of Album The Serenity of Suffering ! Awesome Album. KORN IS BACK \m/
Yes Yes Yes
Taylor Morris
incredible!!!!!!!! im blown away
Cesar Dutkiewicz
the new fresh korn songs with their old soul and spirit! i think their new album is today modern metal style but they put some old style guitar riffs and drum beats..
Daniel Amorim
martha garcia
Mundo Productions
The pre chorus bit "No more secrets No more lies" sounds vaguely familiar..like i've heard it before but i can't for the life of me think where, anyone else feel this? but i love this, the whole album is amazing.
The only song I heard until I bought the CD was rotting in vain. I'm so glad I waited to listen to the whole thing. This album is so amazing.
Michael Leech
Without having Head in the band, everything falls apart. I'm glad that he is back.
Thomas Taylor
great track,best on the record
when you're eating kebab and half of it lands on the ground
Every song is better than the last, I love you guys so fucking much, thank you!!!!!!!!
Stephen Brame
there is nothing in my head there is nothing in my head there is nothing in my head there is nothing in my head There is Nothing In my Head There is Nothing In my Head There is Nothing In my Head There is NOTHING IN MY HEAD THERE IS NOTHING IN MY HEAD!!!
Elijah Davis
Awesome song! My favorite on album and up there with all time favorites. A whole new level of songwriting and musicianship.
Syrus Opliger
My favorite off the album
Reach Asteroids
Jesse Walters
This is so emotionally heavy not to mention every song hooks so good ... I am fucking amazed ... all those little nuances sprinkled in KoRn fashion ... way to go guys what an album ... thank you so much ... I know I am not the only one who needes this uplifting cathartic stress relief ...
David Camacho
I am in my early 40's and listened to Korn since I heard them in 94. Dude, the dark recess of my sole comes to the foreground solidifying the notion "I am human". You guys inspire! RAGE BRO's!
evert valverde
everybody says this is old korn. I can tell this is a different sound like untitled. I like it.
The best song on the album!
Jen Valenzuela
This has become my new favorite song from this album. I fucking love it.
Simon PL600
Nemanja Veljković
There is nothing in my heaaaaad !!!
Michael Collyer
My favourite song on the new album by far
kokoy chacorta
no se si exagero pero este es el mejor album de korn desde issues
patrick grondines
tiger bend
why does it feel like I already know this song for ages?
TopDog Xylophone616
168 people are falling apart
Hands down my favorite song off this album.
My personal rank untouchables issues follow The Leader korn the Serenity Of Suffering Life is peachy take a look in the Mirrow korn III Remember Who You Are see You On The Other Side untitled the Paradigm Shift the path Of totality
Allan Ruy
170 people have nothing in their heads
Psycrotes HighPriest
"I used to care, I used to try, but what's the point it always ends with goodbye" JD might be the best I've ever heard at taking relatively simple lyrics and putting so much emotion into it that it becomes extremely powerful. Cannibal and Love & Meth are the same way.
Which card is the best in you opinion?
Dathan John
Im rarely excited for a new album but holy shit I can't wait for this album to drop!!!!
Tony Shaw
head, coming back really makes old Korn sound again.
this is like the best song of the album and they didn't even made a music video for it :(
david mish
Out of all the songs on the new korn album everything falls apart has a special place in my heart. Song is just on point
Jacob Boone
this ain't a love song, I'd never give you one. It's true, he hasn't given us a "Love song "
Bobby McCarron
this sounds like Untouchables 2, KoRn is the best! no one can compare to these guys
Pedro Penaloza
I would like to comment something about this song but... there is nothing in my head
sergi r artiaga
best song by far
Mariana R.
Donovan Kirkpatrick
This is quietly a phenomenal track on this album.
korn and slipknot have helped me through stuff to like finding out that I was clinicly dead for 1 hour and 30 minutes when I was a baby I found that out when I was 12 years old and ever since then I have always listened to korn and slipknot because they helped me through this and so did my girlfriend now fenonca she helped me a lot
Quanto cazzo e bella
now it sounds like style Love and Death
Listening to this before your exams of senior year would be terrible...
Conor Marx
"This ain't a love song, I would never give you one"
I love this song so much. I can't even describe
Darko Urosevic
Exactly how i feel every day...the sooner you realize how things work, you`ll be easier to deal with all the BS that comes your way...
Jake Hill
Holy shit this is a great song off an even greater album.
this maybe the first n only album that i would listen to fully