Everything Wrong With The Babadook In 10 Minutes Or Less

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Read a strange pop-up book with your kid... end up with a haunting. I think. Honestly this movie is kind of confusing. Whatever, it has its moments. And its sins. Next week: Recent animated sins, recent adventure sins. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: />Sins Video Playlist: />Tweet us: />Reddit with us: />Tumble us: />Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book: Merch:

Isn’t The babadook a metaphor for grief. Like it never goes away, you just have to learn to live with it
The Yumblat
If you rearrange the letters in “babadook” it’s “a bad book”
Jasmine Lav.
For those who don't already know, The Babadook is an actual Australian folktale used here as a metaphor for grief. Her husband died in an accident the night their son was born and she refused to deal with it until all her relationships suffered. "You can't get rid of the Babadook" means that mourning a lost loved one never truly ends, you just learn to live with it. (Hence the scene in the basement - she still misses her husband, but she's not letting it ruin her life anymore.)
Cocoa Boi XD
Your not you when your hungry Mr. Babadook, here have a snickers Babadook: * turns into Kanye * Babadook: thanks!!!
Tetris Lord
Haunting is one thing but when you unleash roaches that’s too far
Even though it didn’t quite make sense, this movie had me BabaSHOOK
Pantherz 449
killing dogs in horror movies should be ilegal
Man, I hated this movie. Mainly because of the kid. The kid alone should register 1000 sins. Honestly, the Babadook was the most likeable character in the entire movie.
Colin Da Communist
I kinda feel like you missed the fact that the Babadook is a representation of clinical depression, which is why it can't be "Beaten" and it must instead be accepted and managed, and also why it's sort of but not really "possessing" someone.
*the babadook is gay*
Chloe Berry
Hi person hiding in the comments with me we have cake tea and cookies :)
Not to mention that thanks to Netflix, this movie was mistaken for a gay icon!
Baba-SHOOK, the gay agenda
The b in lgbt stands for babadook
Paige R. Hackett
How could you skip the most iconic scene!? "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NORMAL!?"
That One Weirdo
9:51 you missed a really good joke "abradook kadabradook."
Z Shank
The babadook is basically her depression because her depression gets tougher to deal with when Sam’s birthday comes around (because of the dads death) that’s why the “monster” appears and she battles it, which is her battling her depression, remember her sister telling her it’s time to get over her husband’s death? So she technically defeats her depression (and thus the babadook) but it never truly goes away, she’s just able to deal with it from now on.
cuphead gaming
Thats all it baba-took?
Charlie Rae
who else hides in the comments when their watching something scary...is it just me?
Aww man you skipped the ultimate meme scene, the "why can't you be normal" scene!
I've never seen somebody miss the point of a movie so hard.
Ethan Arrow
You completely misunderstood this movie
Sara Michelle
*makes a bad pun* *sins the movie for it*
Xx_Darian _xX
How to get rid of your worst fear: *PUNS*
Benjamin Vroman
“Hey man read my screenplay when you have a moment”
Savannah M
The "KangaLassie" he was referring to at 5:21 was actually an Australian TV show called "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo". Also known as Skippy, the show ran from 1968 to 1970. It had a 90s animated reboot and it's own movie, and occasionally still airs on most television networks. It is still an Aussie icon to this day. Great video by the way, keep up the good work, mate! 😉
The Babadook is grief! Google interviews with the writer/director. It's a metaphor. Stupid blunt Yankee Doodle Wanker.
Deleted Account
Kid: 3:25 *awkward silence* Me: ....... “911 what’s ur emergency ?”
JoJo Siwas Hair Line
Babadook more like babashook
Harsh Kanwar
This is how I get through horror movies!!! Thank you Cinemasins!!!
*dies *
I watched it and I'm scared af
lol it spells a bad book
The barbeqouk.... I was dying😂
The Babadook is one of my favourite horror movies.
Alley Oliver
He doesn’t posses, as far as I understand. He just kind of influences. Also, it’s... it’s a metaphor. Did that not come across? The Babadook is grief, if I remember right. (Haven’t seen the movie in a while). She choose her son over being obsessed with her husbands death. It’s still there cause grief never really goes away.
wait she screams loud enough to shatter glass but her son is fine...?
ReturddL L
This video was babagood
There was no haunting. It was about the relationship between a mother and her son. A mother that's going through mental trauma after the death of her husband. The mother wrote The Babadook. The Babadook was an aligory for her mental illness and grief at the loss of her partner. That alongside a misunderstood and troubled son perpetuated her downfall. I know the point of this channel is to criticise but it was clearly a literal interpretation and deliberately missed the point for the sake of content.
Grey World
This was a good movie. Isn’t the babadook the manifestation of the 5 stages of grief?
Madz c:
In My Personal opinion, I LOVED The Babadook. I always loved horror, ever sense I was 4. I feel like you really need to understand the film to get it. Well made! I feel like ever sense 2014-ish horror movies have gotten worse. But this was amazing!
Isabelle Dawson
He'll yeah straya!!🇦🇺
it's a bold strategy cotton, let's see if it pays off for him
maggie 10103
Never seen this movie
To all the people shouting "you don't get it!" or "It's a symbol for grief!"... Just because the movie had a metaphor, that does not automatically mean it was a GOOD metaphor.
Billy Sprinkle
Aaaaaaaaand dislike for sinning kanga-lassie
I didn’t know the word “reading” was a sentence
i drink clorox
one time whem i was about seven i sneaked into my livivng room and my parents where watching the babadook. and after the pop up book seen it left me scared and scarred knowing i had a closet in my room so in a desperate attempt to to forget it i started to watch mickey mouse cartoons with my brothers XD
Fatin N.C
"Ahh Krampus"
Ewan Kaye
It isn’t a kangaroo version of lassie, it’s an Australian show called skippy
Its AquaGamer
0:34 Why does this look like a blood thirsty Goofy or Boris?
Memeulous’s Wife
I am proud of him for coming out of the closet💜🌈
Morgan Wtf
I always thought that Samuel liked Amelia. You didn’t sin when the Samuel did something behind Amelia when he hugged her in that musician scene. That kid is FUCKED UP.
Madysen Stewart
When 'The Greatest Showman' comes out, you should sin that. It does have a lot of songs but there are so many sins you could point out
Norah Dacy
The Barbie shook
The Planet
Ajit pai lmao
my username smell so deos yours
Babadook =A bad book
whogoes _
this is rubbish cinemasins
Kor O'Connell
To be categorised under metaphors that went way over cinemasins' head
Banjax The Ragman
People, he's looking at the movie using what it gives him. It never mentioned anything about f***ing grief so just stop...
Frankie Hamilton
I don't think you should "sin" the movie just because it's something you don't like, agree with, or understand. Sins should be for actual movie mistakes or plot holes.. *Ding*
Camper King665
Babadook It should be Babadick
5:21 Dude... it's called Skippy
Nyonyo Mafirakureva
Babadook Description: A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.Sometimes all you have to do is read the description before you start telling everyone it's a metaphor for grief and all that 🤐
pizza cringe
the babadook isn't real It's in her head
Kieran Eustace
I thought it was a pretty good movie. The Babadook was clearly meant to resemble neglectful parenting due to pain and grieve, which is why it says "it's always there, but you can't can't always see it" and shit like that, and why Im guessing it wanted to possess Amelia and only want after Samuel, but when Amelia recognized her flaws and wrongdoings, they both had to fight it. It was a little sloppy, but i enjoyed it
Barbaquooke shushsuhsuhsjsjsjsjsjs
Shadow of the lucas
My favorite horror movie
JAX Clipz
I couldn't watch this movie because it felt like 10hrs of children screaming and depressed mother.
Gacha Gurl
Ah krampas! XD
Jessica Jurgens
Please do Coraline!
Ajit pai makes people want to Ajit die
Anas Hidri
AH KRAMPUS, that killed me lol.
Child inventors suck Child magicians are alright Children are hilarious.
blind shtick
I just babapooped
Nacho Martinez
Once again, CinemaSins shows to be incapable to understand any metaphor or simbolism. They can only see the most superficial and literal elements of a film. Of course they don't understand it, but are arrogant enough to think that this is the film's fault. It's franckly pathetic.
Fuzzy Stripetail
Winning an Australian game of Bingo, which apparently has five billion different blue to white or white to blue color changing balls, is probably slightly less rare than finding the rerun of the lone episode of KangaLassie that only aired when the Babadook haunted its first victim.
actually noodle
Everything wrong with the babadook: *n o t h i n g*
ʀʏᴀɴ ᴋɪɴɢ
This movie scares the shit out of me. And I'm watching it now 😂
Lucy Link
The Narnia clip was so funny 😂
Kawaii Biscuit Boi
Thank You Bruh!!! I knew it would happen one day!!!!
Madame Jelly
"Babadook goes through the badonkadonk" Lmfao.
Leah B
This movie actually made me feel like I could not escape. It was that depressing.
Purple Mako
T h e B a r b e q u o k
9:40 Poor Babadook he eats worms 1 like = 1 food :)
Alt Right Knight
This is one of those movies that Arty types use to show you how much smarter they are than you for enjoying the movie you hated because it had "Hidden meanings" you just SIMPLY WASN'T SMART ENOUGH TO NOTICE. when in reality its a boring pile of Babadook.
Ever watch cinemasins so much that u start retroactively sinning every episode of a tv show u watch.
Kawaii Kayla 8000
10:07 why
Karl Loic Boisrond Balmir
shadow playz
10 minutes or less ITS 11 MINUTES!!!
Sydney And Domino Studios
8:35 Sans boss fight in a nutshell
PocketChange 9000
The Babadook what a lad, always hanging up his coat and hat, retreating to his room after someone yelled at him, and not eating to much.
Katie Блять
GTA US MILITARY Official Channel
0:14 IFC n' Chill
not rainy
im babashook
Asgard Ninja
2:00 Must suck
Soooo, you did understand that the Babadook isn't real right? This isnt a monster movie. It's a movie about a women falling into insanity under the pressure of loneliness, being a pariah, and tending to a child with difficult needs. Everything "the Babadook" did was actually done or imagined by the mother. She was never possesed. She just went insane. If you dont believe me, remember the pop up book they found? Now remember the scene at the party where the mother explains that she made childrens books? Like pop up childrens books perhaps?
Nagel Appraisal Service
*Sam sucks*