Everything Wrong With The Babadook In 10 Minutes Or Less

Read a strange pop-up book with your kid... end up with a haunting. I think. Honestly this movie is kind of confusing. Whatever, it has its moments. And its sins. Next week: Recent animated sins, recent adventure sins. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: />Sins Video Playlist: />Tweet us: />Reddit with us: />Tumble us: />Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book: Merch:

Sara Michelle
*makes a bad pun* *sins the movie for it*
Alex Miotke
Only a Russian can beat the Babadook because they show no grief
Oral-B Brittany
Charlie Rae
who else hides in the comments when their watching something scary...is it just me?
Isn’t The babadook a metaphor for grief. Like it never goes away, you just have to learn to live with it
I like how in the end, the Babadook t-poses and than just falls forward.
nowhere animations
Thats all it baba-took? Baba-cook. COME AND GET IT. BADONADONK.
JAX Clipz
I couldn't watch this movie because it felt like 10hrs of children screaming and depressed mother.
Purple Mako
T h e B a r b e q u o k
Paige R. Hackett
How could you skip the most iconic scene!? "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NORMAL!?"
Jorden The Master
Everyone: Why can't you just be normal? Youtube: *SCREAMS IN KOREAN*
May Tastic
It's 11 minutes and 3 seconds *triggered*
The b in lgbt stands for babadook Edit : Hey, thanks for the likes! I don’t usually get attention.
Big boi Billy
You gonna be SHOOK when you read the BOOK of the BabaDOOK so don’t LOOK at the BabaDOOK BOOK
The babadook is Willy Wonka on drugs
Title: "Every thing wrong with the Babadook in 10 minutes or less." Video: 11 minutes cLiCkBate
DansGamers 01
Of course you can get rid of Babadook JUST SPREAD THE HOLY WATER AND USE THE BIBLE
How to get rid of your worst fear: *PUNS*
It's Just Me Aidan!!
The babadook is a metaphor for grief that never leaves you, Just like her child
Alley Oliver
He doesn’t posses, as far as I understand. He just kind of influences. Also, it’s... it’s a metaphor. Did that not come across? The Babadook is grief, if I remember right. (Haven’t seen the movie in a while). She choose her son over being obsessed with her husbands death. It’s still there cause grief never really goes away.
Nicole Connelly
Me: **reads babadook** Babadook: hello Me: OH HELL NO Babadook: ? Me: **moves away** Babadook: fml Edit: thanks for the like it’s not the most i got but still thanks :)
Fatin N.C
Regin Studious108
Son:you wanna die!??! Me:yes, son that is my wish Son: ._.¡¿
Deleted Account
Kid: 3:25 *awkward silence* Me: ....... “911 what’s ur emergency ?”
Jasmine Lav.
For those who don't already know, The Babadook is an actual Australian folktale used here as a metaphor for grief. Her husband died in an accident the night their son was born and she refused to deal with it until all her relationships suffered. "You can't get rid of the Babadook" means that mourning a lost loved one never truly ends, you just learn to live with it. (Hence the scene in the basement - she still misses her husband, but she's not letting it ruin her life anymore.)
AH KRAMPUS, that killed me lol.
Gta ac solid dude
Cinemasins is the babaDUKE of sinning movies Plus I have johnny Depp I have knives I have a coat and hat *BAM* The babadook
“WHY CANT YOU JUST BE NORMAL” .....define normal.
tit serise
10 minutes or less 11:02 minutes long Yes, but actually no
Even though it didn’t quite make sense, this movie had me BabaSHOOK
Alissa Smith
babadook? more like babadick. edit: i just realised he said that. ;-;
The Kangaroo tv show is Skippy the bush Kangaroo. Its a HUUUGE Aussie show
Leon Sugiarso
"in 10 min or less" He said It said 10 min or less ITS 11 MINUTES
Lucy Link
The Narnia clip was so funny 😂
Madame Jelly
"Babadook goes through the badonkadonk" Lmfao.
Cascadia Yt
Everyone: Me: what did you sAy a🅱️out 🅱️a🅱️adook
Know the Unknown
Says 10 mins or less. Video 11:02 SIN #1 for this channel 🤣
Charles Tennis
Do everything wrong with salad fingers 1-11
Latte The Furry
8:35 Sans boss fight in a nutshell
Cocoa Boi XD
Your not you when your hungry Mr. Babadook, here have a snickers Babadook: * turns into Kanye * Babadook: thanks!!!
wink YT
*explained under 10 min* Is actually 11
*dies *
I watched it and I'm scared af
Katelijn Hovestad
can you please do "everything wrong with the shining"???
Ewan Kaye
It isn’t a kangaroo version of lassie, it’s an Australian show called skippy
5:20 it is called skippy the bush kangaroo and yes it is a lassie clone
The person. Person
Billie elish would hate this
Oliver K
Redd Family
“One could say this is just one big pile of Babadook.” *YES.*
Aww man you skipped the ultimate meme scene, the "why can't you be normal" scene!
Ralkade 407
Man, look see sure has upgraded.
Jumbo 726
Video: EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THE BABDOOK IN 10 MINS OR LESS Me: the vid is 11 mins long
Savannah Ashton
One could say the babadook has got me baba-SHOOK
PocketChange 9000
The Babadook what a lad, always hanging up his coat and hat, retreating to his room after someone yelled at him, and not eating to much.
"That's all it BabaTook?" XD
Lilah McKeown
Cinema sins: there is so much wrong with the babadook Billie Eilish: hold my avocado
Rhod 87
If this was filmed in Australia it should be called Koodabab
PANic! in the darkness of my soul
I watched the Babadook soley so I will understand this video
ArArArchStanton -
Wasnt the creature just a metaphor for her own fears and inner demons? Pretty sure thats why the creature logic doesnt always work.
Thomas Gingell
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo!
my username smell so deos yours
Babadook =A bad book
King Patzandor
Babadook is just willy wonka on with claws and has the presence of rudeness
Baba.. Baba.... Sigh. I'm not creative enough for this..
The Babadook is one of my favourite horror movies.
Amaya Akane
Omg you should do Dont be afraid of the dark next! XD
Aesthetic Angel
When I watched the movie for the first time , I never knew she was playing with herself.... or well, SAW that part.
Zen Hydra
The real "horror" of this movie is understanding how devastating loss can be, and how one's grief can lead to terrible treatment of others. It can make a monster out of an innocent child in the resentful mind of a grief-stricken parent.
Tiffany Pillans
Babadick I'm screaming 😂😂
PANic! in the darkness of my soul
If the babadook left roaches in my house I dont care wtf it is I'm gonna kill it.
I Changed my Name Now
this is not just a bad movie but its a bad book
footballXdankmemesXmusic r my purpose to live
Fook Why's there a dark figure in my room Kinda look like the babadook Welp something dropped, boom
Ever watch cinemasins so much that u start retroactively sinning every episode of a tv show u watch.
Samoan Mud Crab/Somerandomcrab
500+ Sins, the Babadook is powerless in light, so just turn on the Lights!
Jessica Ram
i fell bad 4 the mom :(
9:40 Poor Babadook he eats worms 1 like = 1 food :)
Jared Sergent
Oh my god the Babacook I'm dead 10/10
Turtlesoar gaming
babadook is an anagram of "a bad book"
am i patrick_
1:37 a meme appears LET ME IN LET ME IIIIIIIIIIIIN!
Pulse Blitz
Put play back time on 75%
iLoveNutellaGirl xoxo
I'm sorry I couldn't take it seriously when you said he Ben Hanscomed himself, sure bringing pennywise up made my IT senses tingle now your bringing Ben into it? *1 Sin*
*the babadook is gay*
American Military Travel EliteAmericanforces
If it's in America and its not dead 1 sin no FBI OPEN UP INFINITY SINS
Matilda Raison
I'll have you know that kangaroo is called Skippy, and he is the pinnacle of Australian culture!
shadow playz
10 minutes or less ITS 11 MINUTES!!!
I hid in the comments because I didn't want to Baba *look*
Benjamin Vroman
“Hey man read my screenplay when you have a moment”
whogoes _
this is rubbish cinemasins
Razawa Ari
The world: why can't you be normal America : screams in farehiet
Vanessa Li
the fact that this was filmed about 20 minutes from where i live chills me
luna lovegood
this movie's intro... i played this three time
Not to mention that thanks to Netflix, this movie was mistaken for a gay icon!
Should have been called Babadookie
PhoenixRider 27
8:47 wait... if that's he case then just ask it what the answer to 2/0 is
Nick Hammick
5:23 nah that's Skippy the Bush Kangaroo I used to watch it lol
Woomy Kid5
#part where kid gets thrown up the stairs is like Hi mom! Bye mom!
"that's all it baba-took?"
Riot Soldier
And the babadook apparently has the force
3:09 That killed me😂
Osh Rou
Hey ! Don't pick on Skippy the bush kangaroo ! Ain't got nothing on Lassie !