Marissa Rosales - LOWRIDER Roll Models Ep. 25

"There's no rules, do whatever you feel...your car is an extension of you." The newest member of the Lowrider Roll Models family has arrived!"

Rip Rydah
Much Respect to the lady
Luis Esparza
I'm from SD and I've seen her and her car. Great story much love and respect for her and christine! Another inspiring rollmodel.
Omar Hernandez
Marisa Rosales.... you are awesome, God Bless
Love your story you have a beautiful heart. The world needs more people like you. God Bless
Manuel Quezada
Beutiful story and that Hudson is Super Clean.
Exactly what the RAZA needs, GENTE like her . 💯✊🏼✌🏼
a shitty life that lead to a beautiful car... DAMN, it's a shame that sometimes your own family members will do more harm to you than a stranger. i'm glad she made it through
Cha Lam
Great story. Thanks for sharing. Continue to shine your light to show others the way.... God Bless you.
Samuel Sanchez
Marisa mami, you remember me of my jefa..a single mom standing on her own two feet in a macho world!! I love what you do and what you stand for ...
Dewayne White
She did a hellava of job on this car! RIGHT ON! LOVE IT Awesome my friend nicely done my Latina sister!
Love the car, and the story as well much respect I wish more gals would get into cars.
Rene Jimenez
Yes... GOD BLESS You.... Ms.ROSALES. you are an inspiration 😎
fastest eaton lightning in socal
Wow came across by accident..loved her life story
You are AOK in my book good looking out👍🏽
Dillavedder X
Very proud of the strong independent woman you've become! One closed door just opens another and we push on to become stronger, never looking back ! #LIVINLOWLIFE
Anthony Villareal
Good for you girl. GOD BLESS YOU.
Italian Spaghetti
God bless you Marisa, you are a true inspiration and angel to la raza. ✌
Grey M
Blessing's Fam ... Dad above always watch's over us...
You are a true blessing thank you for everything
God bless you!
Alfonso Garcia
Wow awesome story, love how she came up with the cars name 👍👍
Mohan Dandamudi
Holy shit that car though, you’re ten times cooler than I ever will be.
Joel Sepulveda
Good job!!! Lowrider Magazine for showing positive stories and for showing positive role models to our young chicanos out here. We need more of this. Keep it up! Gives me chills and at the same time motivates me !
Amanda H
Christine is STUNNING❤Respect🙏
R Lewis
Great story much respect you don’t meet people like this very often. Good heart, many blessings to all.
Hardy Meza
My god,,, your beautiful,,, tu corazon lo bello que tienes!
Pancho Villa
Marisa you are amazing, what a beautiful human being you are ✌️
David A Graziano
Any one that helps kids is my kinda of people, much love and respect! Oh ya''nice car''.
DeShawn Shinette
I love your story Marissa. You've got a beautiful heart. God Bless you!
Stephen Herrera
Very nice story Marissa Rosales. I like what you said about the design, less is more. But even more important is that you did go to school and now you help those in need, especially the children. Keep at it! I am a educator myself and am trying to do my best. Never lose faith in humanity. God Bless!!
Julio Vega
Great heart.... that car is super gangster!!!! That thing is hard!!!
Jose Salgado
Why do I relate sooooo much ❤️💯
Damnit. Great job
That's role model you dope
Marisa very clean ride she's a Beauty👏 I hope I can build a lowrider one day😞 lol well take care much love and respect BUGSY SIEGEL👋👍
Fantastic!! we need more people like this (And more Hudsons)
E. de, mesa,Az
Amazing story!!!😎✊
Jesse Gonzalez
Nice lowered thanks for sharing your story
I love these awesome story god bless
R Go
God is w you ! God bless you . Very powerful thx u
Eli Acosta
Much respect
jdslick 53ford
Damned lady much respect...😎you don't even know but you just help me...nice😀🍺 hard times you know i try I try and same shit....I'm not going to give ☝🌿😎
yo momma
Bless your heart lady
Alex Rolon
Lowrider magazine is wack now it's not even Chicano owned anymore.
Jerrett Whitelaw
Great story always like the Lowriders
Respect Amiga❤️❤️
Doc Hudson looks badass with some flakes and pun stripes lol
Just what I needed. God Bless.
Anthony Lewis
God bless you
Deez Valdeezy
Amazing story! 🇲🇽
rodrigo oliveira
Amazing. I Love it. Greetings from Brazil.
master DOGE
Why y'all always make em wipe the car with dry rags.
Johnny Vielmas
You have a beautiful story! Loved it
Baby Huey Sr.
God Bless you
Manny Gee
Beautiful car much respect
seductivesecret garden
A beautiful sexy women with a wonderful story to having cancer I've lost a lot starting my life all over again . you give me inspiration may God continue to bless you years to come. your story is similar as my life story , me black sheep of the family😘😘😘😘🙋
Ray Chambers
Beautiful car love red ,low and slow that's the way to go! Makes a nice change from ratlook,love from UK.
carlos vidrio
Very inspiring. Thank you so much.
Bobby Rose
I em 64.❇3 JOKES
Il be a lowrider model one day cuz my history and story to tell belongs on here....much respect to her!
Alex Rolon
Much respect to this lady and her car , but not to lowrider magazine
Jorge Contreras
Veterna with a bomb? Super firrme 😎👍
Great story, awesome car, terrible thumbnail.
cf mechanic
Awesome interview and story. What a beautiful woman inside and out.
Daniel Vasquez
Oh that was funny when she joked about the owners of the car.!.
Big Dogg
Wow you rock!!
Mazin almaimani
Daniel Vasquez
Nice ride and she knows her car. Great story
Carlos Ballesteros
Beautiful hearted woman and car
t k
thank you!
Jose Zavala
Nice story badass ranfla and a pretty lady
That car is emaculate
Anthony Capone
Zenith Wheels! she hard!
John Boy
Beautiful story.
Rick James jr
What a beautiful woman
J. Lo
That, please can I have a ride ? I'll sit in the back seat and promise to stay quiet.
you're my hero....
Joaquin Linares
Marisa your what this country is all about.
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Shelton Johnson
i love it
John Doe
I WAS A BULLY TOO, But i only fight boys and i have back up too. my last fight the hold school pause and my boys was beside me, tell them don't come in. i'm a JA aka Jamaican. we all have a story DON"T. love you lowriders, i am 40 never fight since
G Will
Marissa Rosales, I love your story and you are a true role model. Your car is amazing and I thank you for defending the kids of the future today.
Miguel Leon
She’s is a hero !!!!
Anthony Romero
Awesome story.
Johnny G Ride
I like this lady ...
Kingsize Customs
What is the song at 7:17?
Great story home girl
Pablo Silva
Love it
Snooty Fox
Tony c
Love it
Mario Mosin
Wow what a beautiful car and such a wonderful lady very creative.
Nelson B
Cool story. 🤗
Javier Sahagun
luis h
much much respect que hermosa bombita !!! my Raza has riches that no money can buy very proud of my gente ...................
Prophets 4 Profits
So beautiful
Mike Nino
PProbably did voodoo on the poor guy to keep the car🤣🤣
Mike Nino
Ugly for a model