A Journalist Arrives - Lark Rise To Candleford - Series 3 Episode 1 Preview - BBC One

SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel 👉 />LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to watch full BBC programmes online now 👉 More about this episode: A handsome young journalist, Daniel Parish, arrives in Lark Rise with exciting news for the Timmins family: Emma is set to inherit a fortune, enough to move the family to a big house in Candleford. Will the Timmins turn their backs on Lark Rise forever? #bbc

Julia Ogne
The last episode of season 3 was broadcast in Sweden last week. Only a half year til season 4 ...
MsK Mac
Rocio Sisterofnight
I completely agree. Series 2 were the best.
Ebenezer Marley
Oh Alfie, you make my heart flutter! My most favourite programme ever. I watch it on dvd frequently. I am transported to Lark Rise and Candleford. Anyone know if series 3 is the last? I watched the final episode last night and it did seem to tie everything up.
Not according to the show itself. There was an episode last year where Emma's father, "Old" Edmund, came to stay, and it was explicitly stated that Dorcas' father was Edmund's elder brother by two years.
Its not that their fathers were brothers but that their mothers were sisters that is how it works out
Rocio Sisterofnight
I miss James!!!! Please BBC, Bring him back !!!!
I miss James Dowland . It was the Dorcas and James Romance that kept me watching . I hope the writer's don't give up on the James Dowland character . I would still love to see James & Dorcas as a happy couple together xox . P.S Thankyou for posting clip .
Nice clip...except that Dorcas and Emma's fathers are brothers. So Emma's maiden name should be Lane.
: )
uh-oh...that can't be good ..
Ben Pritchard
quiero ver los capitulos subtitulados pero no los encuentro por ningun lado..alguien sabe donde puedo verlos??