GLORY 1 Stockholm - Albert Kraus vs Mohamed El Mir (Full Video)

Albert Kraus vs Mohamed El Mir at GLORY 1 Stockholm in May 2012

Live Free
Great fight. HD videos would be appreciated
when is there gonna be a new glory card i've been waiting for months
Excellent fight
jonbon jones
I never understood why Kraus didn't become a boxer. He hardly kicks, or execute any technique for that matter other than punches. He did the same when he fought the K1 Max in Japan, and that's why after he got the belt in the K1 Max in the very beginning, he went downhill.
Fransje Klaver
Ongekend wat een power die Kraus weer .....TOPPER
FELLscp !
Bad fight, both have low technique..
Patrick Smulders
Mooie wedstrijd terecht gewonnen