Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich 2-0 - UCL Final 2010

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Rehan raza khan
Milito looks like young Silvester stallone
Milito is a legend!!!
Rob bery
Leo man
Luis sebastian Rodriguez
Milito > icardi Milito> dyvala Milito> higuain
What a team... Inter was so good back in the days.
Sourav Mitra
Julio Cesar is inter Milan's wall.
Fadli Kusuma
ballon d'or 2010.. "Milito" or "sneidjer" not messi
Dhanang Wibowo
The moment when you realize Balotelli had won UCL but Buffon hadn't. 😅
Ryuga Lyrics
Bayern Munich looks Like Sunderland 😂
kibbosince 2000
Rambo two Goals
Leonel Messi
Estas eran las verdaderas finales de champions
Adriteyo Das
See what Jose can do with a decent team? Nobody can do anything with a team full of dabbing merchants
Dr SubNeat
How the fuuck didn't sneijder win the ballon d'or that year ?
Angel Jimenes
y asi maradona no llebo ni zaneti ni a cambiazo tampoco a walter samuel y que hablar de diego milito no los llevo a al mundial
yudha widi
Manu Ricco
Milito hay uno solo ooo 😍😍
L. Leans
7:28 la imagen que quedara en la historia del futbol mundial
El Conserje
Ese año el mejor delantero argentino del momento con 31 años ganaba una champions siendo figura. Pero al mundial llevaron a los fríos de Higuain, agüero. Y milito ni lo tuvo en cuenta el diego.
tommi amin santoso
When Robben and Sneijder got sacked from Madrid , they came back to the stadium for playing UCL FINAL !!!
Simba Choga
mourino's success has always been strong defence
Andrianirinjatovo Kael
Diego Milito was just WOOOOOOOOOOOW
Alex H an
forza inter!!!!!
Keshar Gc
Definitely Militto is Star, it is not doubt.
luis vindas
What a striker milito was..... Outstanding performance!
Locorinthians 92
Forza Inter! Solo noi! Principe ci manchi⚫️🔵
El último equipo italiano en ganar la champions ahora los equipos italianos son una lágrima !!
Arjen pierde final contra ínter y final del mundo vs España, pedazo de jugador pero no lo logro
A. Salgado.
El segundo gol, como le quebró la cintura al defensor, tremendo⚽💪💪
Ihsan Fahmy
Mourinho needs no superstar players. He just need the players that obey him and have no selfishness
alex nice
Sameul Etoo with the best assist to Milito🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲
HaRuka tetew
Akhir dari kejayaan duo milan😭😭
андрюша андрейкин
Снейдеру золотой мяч не дали в тот год, а равных ему не было
Noshal Hussain
Mourinho smiled when his team was 0-0 😭
Ihsan Tria Pramanda
7:27 the world at his feet
Chris Tanada
LVG in the final, Mou winning his 2nd ucl, then you look how they were dismissed with man united, surely the players are at fault, look at them now, bunch of people playing for themselves.
juan pablo
Como disfruto verte perder van gaal hij0 d3 Put4
Giacomo P
The best! FORZA INTER 🔵⚫️
Nhi Ronaldo
I feel really unfair for Sneidjer...He should've had more recognization....Especially, While Luka Modric fianally is reagarded with great honor, Sneidjer decided to end his career at national team....These two amazing football players both have incredible brains.....
Arjun M
4 Argentininan legends in that inter starting 11....What a time 😒 it was....
kan smile
Mamos Gakkos
I miss you old football players 😑😑😑
vaso Xiaomi
The look of murinho at the end watching Santiago Bernabeu because he knows gonna coach Real Madrid after inter
Erwin Kaka
Beautiful memories,, legends
What a memorable night, great ending for a stunning inter's treble winner performance, proud as Interisti
Marco Bazzo
Quante emozioniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mammamia che INTER STELLARE 🔵⚫💙🖤💪⚽️ A RIAVERLA UNA SQUADRA COSI VINCIENTE MA SIAMO SULLA BUONA STRADA INIZIALE 🔵⚫💙🖤
Berit Belyov
today 9 years ago this match😊
Ron Bonora
As an Inter supporter, this game was an unforgettable moment. Mourinho did a great job with this team. Wish he would return to straighten the team out once again. Forza Inter Milano!
Murodjon Ibragimov
это было сумасшедшая Интер forza Inter
Hippy Trippy
Last match of inter in the seria against Siena considered as final inter won 1-0. Milito gave that goal Final of coppa Itália against Roma inter won 1-0 again milito Final of champions league inter won2-0 once again thanks to milito
pogba = bubbleba, Jose you don't buy bubble
bow revenge
Diego milito is the best
Ibadet Iskandarov
Sneider-seria a champion,coppa italia,champions league,world cup 2 place ballon dor messi
When future former United managers met.
Максим Новиков
Bayern is better than Inter
maulani 13
Final ini sllu jd kenangan terindah saya...krn bertepatan besoknya sya dterima pertama kali masuk dunia kerja setelah lulus kuliah🙏
rozi hanafi
Mourinho dream team. Look at Inter line up...this team is so scary.
Alban Strakosha
1:50 Volleyball Penalty
joko ardi
Sneijder balon d'or..
Ricordo che ero ad un pub quando fecero la finale, lo schermo grande fuori, il 2 a 0 di Milito e l'esultanza dei presenti... bell'anno il 2010
zanetti,cambiasso y Milito q grandes jugadores
Luis Quintana
Ese 2010, Robben fue el salado del año,perdió la champions y el mundial. 😂
В том году Интер был очень сильным 🏆🇮🇹
I’m a loner
Let me show you lil history inthe makin son<><>
Giovanni Cannizzaro
Is it just me or Robben never had hair lmao
Bingjie Han
They all got fired by Manu.
Sandra Mcfly
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Patriot Squad
Любил смотреть игры Интера в далёком 2004 ые годы, потом забыл про этот тийм
Abdirahim Mussa
Luis van Gaal setting down as usual
mou the special one with love ❤❤❤
Joshua Ngiboli
This​ are​ the​ real​ footballers​ not​ youtube​ footballers​ we​ have​ now​ in​ utd
Suliyaa Mantaw
Mourinho Is Legend but whats he doing in United.
Hopefully, Juventus will win it this year.
Оо Оо
Отдайте снэйдеру его Зм
why was their tactic to shoot from long range on each free kick?
Esta temporada sera para el Ínter por su cuarta Orejona ★★★★
javier mota
Bayern was a rat team in that final
Two hand balls against bayern but as always they can never win at the bernabeu
nir nir
someone knows what is the song that played in milito goals?
Radya Zld
The Italian team without Italian player in starting XI
Death Rager
julio cesar maicon - lucio - samuel - chivu javier zanetti - cambiasso sneijder eto'o - milito - pandev. pretty sick
Erick 2014
Jose mourinho & louis van gaal = former train manchester united 😁
Michael Fellner
Its sad how bad our Team actualy was that Season ( im a Bayern munich supporter ), we reached the final with very much luck. Inter deserved to win this. But peepz, dont overvalue Milito pls. Surely a good striker but he is far from beeing a legend.
Best Tutorials
how can they win when they dont put ribery klose on starting lineup.?
taylon wilker
Big Inter!!!!
Emtza Tarlmou
Tiger Anatolian
2010 's Hero Diego Milito..
nir nir
what is the music that was play in the goals?
Mou is the best!
Ryan Veyr
how times have changed. damn.
Miss that Inter Squad.
Fadli Kusuma
ballom d'or.. "Milito" or "Sneijder" not messi
Diego milito mi jugador favorito
Marat Makeshev
Militoga altyn dop beru kerek edi. Messige emes. Milito super
Marcos perez
Inter tenia en su mayoria jugadores sudamericanos ,Julio Cesar ,Maicon y Lucio son Brasileros ,Zanetti ,Cambiasso y Milito Argentinos
alan Ruiz Zuñiga
k k golazo el de mmilito
Adrian Boyce
If Jose get these kind of players had he would win titles this inter team is a good team an remember they destroy Messi an co in the semifinal with mister pep at the control
Cristianoel Messi
6:59 materazzi anyone remember??