Freestyle Football Compilation - Lower Style 2014

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Hey, I just want to re-upload this because I'm sure many people want to see this so here you go.

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75649 Soz
Fortunately, billy wingrove didn't get a wildcard XDDD
Alex Cid
I'm only seeing this now wtf haha
Yehhhhhh makes me wanna train so bad! :)
Alistair Hughes FS
What's with the dislike? EDM over a freestyle football compilation is quite possibly the best type of video on youtube
please have a look at my first freestyle video!!! just uploaded :) thanks
You have put a hardstyle song. Remix. Famous ;-)
Amazing video man! You have great skill! I subbed could you sub back? 
Amazing freestyle, cool editing as well.
first song?
Carlos Moreno
Firts song ?
jeko sologashvili
song 2:26 ?
Luis Staback
Name of second song?
Whats the name of the last song?
So much class freestyle in there. Who is they guy at 0:45?
Alexis Torres
second song? 
Jocelyn Flores
First song: Sparks (Vicetone remix) :)
Maurizio Cappone
Awesome compilation
Jeko Sologashvili
Whats the name song 2:26 ?
Carlos Moreno
please have a look at my first freestyle video!!! just uploaded :) thanks
Freestyler Sheriff
Hi Adam what lettertype is that? 0:05
Davide Scotta Football Freestyler
Who is the boy at 2:30?
El Méndez :'v
song 1?
Joe Zoyhofski
2nd song please? :)
the lithlez
Adam please name of the song great video :')
Nicholas Barros
What's the last song?
Ilyas Dergal
Guys I need help!! I'm a pretty good football player, & i'm good with both feet ( i'm right footed ) but when it comes to freestyling I can't do skills with my left foot!! I'm not an amazing freestyler, i'm not even good by these standards, but i can still do the beginner skills quite easily & frequently no problem.. the thing is I can't do combos since my left foot is retarded :( What can I do to improve it ?
Wingard Freestyle Football
why this video was prive? haha it's so sick omg who is the guy at 4:38?
what's the name of the first song?
Jason Bay
Who's the freestyler @ 4:55?
Aksel XL Rui
4:04 I remember that guy, but not his name. Who is he, Adam?
KingB 03
whos that guy at 0:50 ?
Sthinkhole M96
What's name of the first song?
Илья Никольский
Song:Flo Rida - in my mind
Whats the name of the trick  on 1min. ? ;)
Martin Ivanov
whats the name of first song ??