Urn - The Burning (2017) Iron Bonehead Productions - full album

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Direct links are provided to purchase 'The Burning' on CD, vinyl, and digital format. Links are also given for Urn and Iron Bonehead Productions. 'The Burning' release date - July 28th, 2017. CD/vinyl/merchandise (Iron Bonehead Productions webshop) /> CD/vinyl/digital format (Iron Bonehead Productions, Bandcamp) 0:00 - 01. Intro - Resurrection 1:28 - 02. Celestial Light 6:26 - 03. Hail the King 10:02 - 04. Morbid Black Sorrow 15:15 - 05. Sons of the Northern Star 19:31 - 06. Nocturnal Demons 23:35 - 07. Wolves of Radiation 28:12 - 08. All Will End in Fire 32:30 - 09. Falling Paradise 35:53 - 10. The Burning Urn Facebook - />Bandcamp - /> Iron Bonehead Productions Homepage - />Facebook - />YouTube - /> Promotional purposes sanctioned by Iron Bonehead Productions.

Metal Vault II
00:00 - 01. Intro - Resurrection 01:28 - 02. Celestial Light 06:26 - 03. Hail the King 10:02 - 04. Morbid Black Sorrow 15:15 - 05. Sons of the Northern Star 19:31 - 06. Nocturnal Demons 23:35 - 07. Wolves of Radiation 28:12 - 08. All Will End in Fire 32:30 - 09. Falling Paradise 35:53 - 10. The Burning
Omar Brsli
what I've learned from metal albums: cool album cover, cool band
The artwork reminded me to Sadistik Execkution's cover art...of course its made by ROK :)
Just ordered the CD and t-shirt. Gotta support these talented guys!
Chris Hawkins
This band is hitting so many different Metal vibes, all of which are great to me. I'd love to see how they are live.
Alde Casoti
Puta q pariu que som foda do kralho ... perfeito ..
Hell of a comeback!
nicolas sobecki
that year 2017 have legendery trve shit albums in music until metal!! ( Heavy/speed/black thrash)
This album is good from the begining to the end 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Hail the King! Glad I have some more Urn to listen to. Hails!
Dejacisouza9228 Bolovia
Esses caras, foram simplesmente muito felizes ao fazerem esta preciosidade. Q maravilha de álbum!!
leandro garcia silva
Amazing album...
where can I get some Patches yo
Hermann carrkizz
Holy Beast ... cool Album Hail from AustriA
James Ní Oisdealbhach
Some good shit right here...
kosmik sacrifice
Muito bom!
Chad Edwards
KILLER !!! I have one of their early Cd's and I always loved it but this is miles ahead of the old stuff. I had no idea they had this in them WOW !!!! Just awesome fucking metal.
Santtu Kaskela
No onhan tämä järkyttävän hyvä... Kiitos
carl lasky
Very Impaled Nazerene.Very you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bianca Pereira
Mr. Ape
Viih Bathory
melhor album deles <3
Sandro Warrior
Duarth Neves
very good
oh hi
This album is so well organized.
oh hi
Hate to say, but this sounds like well balanced, grown up metal. Extremely good. 10 years since I visited URN but man has this aged well! As have I.
oh hi
Bathory, Venom, Immortal, and heavy Barathrum drums at location untold.
André Leroy
Sounds like Destroyer 666: excellent!
Eric Evans
Josh Walling
Great sound, much better than blizzard hunter and some of these other newer bands sound... I connect with this ... The others sound artsy fartsy..
Came here by accident; staying for the metal!
Holy Hell this stuff is cool. Love those echo like solo's.
Franciele Maziero
Thrash Metal! \m/
Welcome To Sky Valley
Holy shit they have improved their sound 100000%!!!
Good stuff!
Joanna Włodarska
Gajoss X
woohow..... absolutely cool. Back to 80's..... some Venom, some good ol' punk rock, all in fine trash metal gravy.... and the artwork - classic :)
Kostas Azalin
Metal album of the year 2017.....so simple!
Rob Kirkwood
Bad ass!
caner guner
Yunus Caner Güner
snaggletooth bastard
Listening to this on the shitter makes the experience that much better
Eddie S
Venom meets Metal Church
Dimitris Bariamis
José Vaz
All shall burn.. all shall burn.. no return All will end in fire.. Hail!!!! Album of the Year! <3 .\m/
Abdel-rahman Sayed
been a fan.since forever and i like how they keep on thier way not like the nowdays bands trying to sell commercial music.
Noel Gonzalez
aaaarrrrgghhhh!!! killer stuff in the early vein of destroyer 666 and desaster!
Cristian Torres
Una patada bien dada a las huevas
Kris Has
Ta muza urywa jaja! Jedna z najlepszych płyt tego roku!
This is some good shit, just found it today by listening to random suggestions!
Adriano Wotan
Amazing album! Thanks to upload this masterpiece.
Ríspido e honrado para pútridos ouvidos.
E Blizzard
Stumbled on to this meandering around Youtube, awesome stuff! METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drinking music! -Xtabay
This is some great stuff :)
Jarek przemek
good inspiration old band
Alejandro Serrano
Very good Blackened thrash metal
Adán Rosiles
This is some good shit...
Annunaki A
Bone head means new nazi?!!!! Or am I delusional ?
Sandy Koenig
Sweet! KickAss !👍👍😎
stefek burczymucha
Hell yeeeeaaa !!!
Gah Aaa
second song is straight up the ace of spades riff wtf?
Ol' School Mosher Mayhem
Modern day Motorhead......
Chau Naitae Blackwolf
Fucking awezumenezz
Very heavy
Luke Long
Awesome thanks
Until The Light Takes Us
Really fucking great music!!
jose luis Gonzalez
Roberto Uberto
aman diskara!
why the cover art is like an album of Sadistik exekution?
Use Volts
muito fodaaaa!
Sean Steele
Man this is just a killer good Time!
Александр Стрельников
Catchy as hell
Athanasios-Christos Pirtsios
Lunatic Of Pot's Creation
Very nice.
Ugrh Keav
Us United Clan
If you took away the talentless speed drumming, that fits the riffs, and actually cleaned a little of the vocals to where they fit the riffs too, this band would be a great speed metal thrash band! Trying to be Venom to much just makes them overrated and shitty!