David Gilmour - Wish You Were Here 1080p HD

Meltdown Concert 2002 David Gilmour: Guitars, vocals Neill MacColl: Guitars, backing vocals Michael Kamen: Piano, English horn Chucho Merchán: Double bass Caroline Dale: Cello Dick Parry: Sax Nic France: Drums & percussion Gospel Choir: Sam Brown (choir leader), Chris Ballin, Pete Brown, Margo Buchanan, Claudia Fontaine, Michelle John Douglas, Sonia Jones, Carol Kenyon, David Laudat, Durga McBroom, Aitch McRobbie, Beverli Skeete

Felix Otte-Pistoia
Amazing. Thank you. Wish you were here... ❤️
Crambone Fakenamington
Rip Storm, your beautiful photography is part of this iconic band, Cambridge loves you xxx
Barbara Owens
I turned my daughter on to this music, she's gone now and I can finally listen to this without crying. For Rhiannon forever 22.
Pirjo Collins
To my sister who passed away last night ,I wish you were still here 💔💔💔
Ricky Gibson
We may be lost souls swimming in a fish bowl but bloody hell as long as we have spectacular talent like this man I will swim for ever
José Marín
Masterpiece!!. Saludos desde Torremolinos (Spain)
Jeff A
Happy ‘heavenly’ 60th Birthday sweetheart. A.ways wishing You were here 💕 xxxx
George Thompson
Gilmour's voice has a hauntingly beautiful tantalising sound. I would rather listen to him than most others as it's so manly and at the same time unique. His mastery of the guitar is awesome.
Jeremy A
This is one of those songs that you almost can't believe was actually written by people. It almost seems as though the guys found it just waiting for them under a shade tree somewhere.
Dedicated to my youth that passed away about 50 years ago . I wish you were here ❤️
jim ,
Most beautiful song in the world Pink Floyd
Klaus Grimm
To my dear wife who passed away almost 22 years ago....I miss you every damn day!!!
Patricia Howard
Smooth, relaxing!!
Scott Ward
The man's a legend! Possibly the best guitarist in the world and one of the best male singers ever.
J.W. KirK
One of the best musicians in the world - David Gilmour
Terri Manuri
I’ve loved Pink Floyd since there first song,they penetrate my mind and my heart with there cool cool music,lve never grown tired of them🥰
*The Lost*
This is Music made from the heart.
Nicky Williams
Broken without you my beautiful mum and big bro luv us 🙍🏻‍♀️👱🏼‍♀️👶🏼xxxxx2019
Fábio Joaquim
Pqp....que música é essa???? Show!!!! Tem que ouvir no volume má[email protected]
Keith Roebuck
listen to the Album every night when im in bed
Linda Ann Reynolds, Ed.S.
I have Loved This Enigma called “Pink Floyd” Forever!!!! The best.
Emre Koseoglu
I remember the day I listened to Pinky first time in my life. It was a cassette, "The Wall Volume 1", that I had bought from a music store when walking home back from school, just due to experimental interest. I was 14 and I had never ever heard anything about Pink Floyd, neither I had any information about the rock music. In Turkey, mid 80's still under shadow of military regime, there was little chance for me to be culturally prepared for what I was about to be exposed to. I put the cassette into the player, pushed the button and without any warning, boom! I was petrified in awe. I had never thought such a music was possible. Soon I learned the lyrics, maybe earliest english words I came to know, and I never forgot them. Years later I can still sing every song, from The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Atomheart Mother, Ummagamma, and all. But at first time it was only the music, the sound, and not the words that started it, rather how it was sounded. It started something within me, which still keeps going with all consequences at my age of 47 today. But I must admit that first shock was so immense, so powerfull, like a strong fist to my stomach, that it took several weeks to recover from it and gain ability to think or do something other than listening Pink Floyd.
Zippi Kit
Too my Daughter.. Rest in Peace...💔
Jason Peduzzi
2019 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏 This song is timeless.
Angie Alice
We're getting ready to go to heaven ♥️we should go have fun here ??? Are you this shy My mom told me you were shy in a dream
Siggi McFee
i think always at this Time Pink Floyd was a Hero in my Head David sing in out my Heard!!! Thx David Gilmoure at the 70'ties sorry for my english
DJ Jamie Dee
Music is the world language, songs like this and concerts have you stood next to people you'd never normally mix with, just awesome, I don't get anyone who doesn't like music.
Timo Labrecque
David has still got it! He still sounds great and he still makes a guitar sing like no one else on earth!
To my Echo, I wish we were together, nothing more echoes in my soul. you came iinto my life as a promess from the past for the future. I love you, you are much more than you could think to me. your beauty is my redemption. I'll think of you the best I can. Thank you to be here, in this world. My biggest hope for tomorrow, I mean the one for a woman who loves a man.
Ronell Canamales
Who else here got goosebumps when you hear the last "wish you were here"????????
R.I.P Stine ❤️❤️❤️ I Will always love you!!!
peter charles
The greatest rock musicians in the world today are nearly all senior citizens playing legendary music that will live forever.
Micheal Scofield
Wishing, i was there hevan To hell 😊😊😊 the best of the best☺☺
Brian Kelley
Pink Floyd was a Mastery of social commentary without sounding preachy. They created a special place where you could reflect upon the world. I would always feel like things made sense when I listened to their songs. I always try to refrain from talking about who is the best guitar player. David Gilmour sure can draw a lot of emotion out of a guitar!
Kyle’s mom PacMan
To my adored son; Losing you took the roar out of my lion heart, the sun out of my sky...I am not capable of understanding why you were taken away so young, I cannot express to the universe enough how meaningful, amazing and good you were, now everyday is cruel...it’s brutal, your absence is like an elephant on my chest...I miss you, Oh god, I miss you so much! I have accepted life gets no better than the 20 amazing years, I was blessed with you. I promise to honor your life and one day sweet boy, I will hold you again...I know you are with me because I wouldn’t still be here if you weren’t. Lifetimes of Love...Mom💔 •Kyle David StrIckland• ~6/17/97~1/21/18~
Nirvik hazra
2019 anyone ?
This wonderful song makes me always cry...
Rodolfo Muralles
To my mom passed away a year ago, I wish she were here
Sara Carrion
Awww the pure joy of watching and hearing David Gilmour!! Legend and musical genius extraordinaire! Pink Floyd will be loved for many generations to come. ❤️❤️
Milan Khadka
We shouldn't be allowed to watch this masterpiece for free
Danger Will Robinson
The best of my guy from a dark side of the mine to the wall. They have captured my hearts and life. Some
Julie Stamiris
Sheer excellence in this magical song sounds straight from heaven.. simply stunning! How can one not cry with this magic from our legends.. we are so lucky...
Beans beans
Damn. This song has blown me away for forty years now. Gets me everytime.
Captain Deadeye
How do you follow-up the masterpiece that is Dark Side Of The Moon? With the even more amazing and beautiful Wish You Were Here. I still believe that Wish You Were Here is the greatest Floyd album. It conveys emotion, sadness, and melancholy over the course of 5 masterpieces of songs.
carlos filipe
how i wish...... how i wish i was there!!!
Enivaldo Lima
Fortaleza ceara 2019 Sempre externo e atual
Alan Shearer
Beware genius at work.
Brett Penrod
Incredible. Just as it was when I heard this 7684 times ago.
Rolando Chapa
God bless David Gilmour, there will never be another band like pink floyd
Ljiljana Sužnjević
Pink Floyd forever in my <3
Roasting Roaster
legend huge respect ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Charles Dickinson
Dear David Gilmour. I'm sitting hear in Temple Texas listening to you David Gilmour!:) The Worm/ GOD/ Geffen
George Thompson
Whoever gives this masterpiece a thumbs down can only have Cretin as a Christian name
Kees de Vreugd
It's awesome how looks can deceive. It strikes me every time I see videos like this. These guys look like construction workers, but gave the world some of the most beautiful music ever written.
Jeff Hartwig
This is one of the reasons I never completely learned how to play guitar.... I couldn’t imagine to ever play this clean... Great stuff!
Philip Schroeder III
Nothing else can replicate the feeling you get when you here this cord and then the lyrics play out. Truly the greatest band of all time in my opinion
Angela Alves
So, so you think you can tell Heaven from hell? Blue skies from pain? Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell? Did they get you to trade Your heroes for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? Did you exchange A walk on part in the war For a lead role in a cage? How I wish How I wish you were here We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl Year after year Running over the same old ground What have we found? The same old fears Wish you were here
B0n Jovi Fan
This song is just so good! :0 ..........
Lucas Húpalo Metzler
Eu que desejaria estar LÁ, no meio dessa platéia privilegiadíssima, que pode assistir essa apresentação tão linda! ♡
rock dog
Im amazed how good David can sing after all these years.I think he may be BETTER now than he's ever been!! Wow! He's one amazing old man!
Lourdes Pereira
Oi essa música é eterna linda 🎼🎶👏👏👏🙏😘
Linda MacBay
Oh how I miss you Gary. I loved you so much. In another life we were as one. I'll see you soon sweet baby, soon. <3
HUI Macdonald
Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Greatest guitarist ever. Big up for the cellist who played from the heart
Penny Brewer
love that little smile before he plays
dcbee z
Some people you should not wish they were here? Still love this song though. Wish I was there.
jonb astro
Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage? Amazing.
Love watching David play. Best guitarist IMO.
Water Fishes
I wish I was there with you, as well.
780 thumbs down... there is nothing in this life that can make some folks happy.
G 0114
Can you imagine of having the privilege being front row to this amazing moment in history? Wow just wow!!
michele waters
Dennao Akham
All time classics. David Gilmour is a legend
Róbert Vajda
Just fantastic , this music penetrates your soul , I started when I was 15 now Im 50 :) still the best music in 2019 ... God bless you guys and THANKS !!!
Laura Swider
How I wish How I wish you were here, We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year 🖤
Saw this in concert. 9th row center I'd never felt so goo and nott been on drugs. Such a great memory
Given Flaviano
Magnificent!!!2019 and still,,,
Paul Ruddock
Gorgeously performed version by what is for me Mr. Floyd
Corinne Triche
Same old fears...without you they are worse. I miss you. Rip brother love you Phil💔💔
Alan N
This was played at my 22 year olds funeral breaks my heart
Tom Chadwick
Truly classic tune. Could listen to Dave Gilmour forever.
Best musical song wish you were here all my friend
Frank Reefman
To my wife Molly, passed away back in 1993, how I miss you, I wish you were still here.
Awesome acoustics, amazing vocal talent blended with orchestra expression for the soul.
Mark Ruffalo is a splendid actor
This is the greatest song of all time. -02/7/2019
Mancini Explores
Thoughts and prayers to everyone who has lost a loved one, or feel lost in life. We can get through this
elaine Shelton
Perfection ....I wish I could go back in time ..Lordy mercy, I feel sorry for kds today..
Fatima Almeida
Porquê. Esta. Canção. Só. Me. Da. Para. 😭 chorar
Alby Mamo
Simply God's creation this song
Sir Winston Churchill
We’ve been so blessed here in England, so many legendary bands come this tiny island. Proud Englishman.
Bud Weiser
Can you play backup acoustic guitar to god? Please explain why you may be worthy...............
Naman Trivedi
No boobies no booties. Only pure music that touches the soul.
Pam Sheffield
Thank You guys you sang beautifully ...bless you
Still amazing in 2019
Vahe Kantarjian
The great David Gilmour performing one of the best Pink Floyd songs live and full HD. It doesn't get much better than this!
Pamela Armstrong
I am 71...I grew up with Jazz..show tunes..rock and roll and David Gilmour ..one of the best around..Pink Floyd...Shine On
Ding Ding
2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year
Bryan B
I always forget about this song as one of the "most recognizable intros" in music history.
Laughed lyric
this song is never getting old its like mood in heaven