The Dark Knight (2008) Official Trailer #1 - Christopher Nolan Movie HD

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The Other Side
*10 years later, still one of the greatest movies ever made.*
Fariz Ramadhan
sorry endgame, the dark knight still better.
If your here to refresh your memory on Heath ledgers joker performance ..
Ryan M.
Rest in peace heath You’ll always be known for your amazing work and outstanding performance This joker has and always be the greatest villain of all time
Giacomo Simoni
I choose Marvel over DC... But I choose Nolan over Marvel.
Autumn Munden
Here to reminisce a masterpiece after watching the new joker trailer
gajanan atram
Movie where VILLIAN is more loved than the hero 😭😭😭😭 we will miss u legend
Eric Schmitz
A movie where every line of dialogue is quotable. Truly amazing writing.
Demonic Refusal
The Dark Knight didn't need 11 years of buildup and 20 movies to be epic. It gave its character arcs that can stand on their own instead of being developed by other movies.
Farhan Farooqui
2019 april? Difficult to find anyone here?
Jim Musk
Just saw Avengers: Endgame, The Dark Knight is still better
Trailer %10 Batman %90 Joker
Chethan Kumar Naik K J
Who is here after watching Prabhas Saaho(Indian) trailer??
daphix what would’ve been Heath Ledger’s 40th birthday.
Roshan Zameer
Someone: dark knight is always better than every other movie of it's genre. The others: yes
Madhukar Soni
jeet dutta
Happy birthday legend Anyone here today?
N. Ayancan
Is this the best superhero movie to this date?
GJ Studios
This was and still is *one of the greatest movie of all time!*
Thiru Moorthy
I'm from the future. Let me tell you something, there isn't even a marvel movie ever come close to this masterpiece.
abderrahim elhamdaoui
I wish I have like a machine to remove this movie from my mind so I can watch it again and again and again ... the precious pearl and the legendary joker
Batman on his motorcycle Joker in the truck Joker:Here.s my car. We want heath back 😞
Michael Kukor
2019 anyone? Just watched the trilogy again
The Dark Knight = in top 5 movies of all time
Defsoul will produce the SOTY
You don't need to compare Endgame and Dark Knight.That's it.
Ken's Studio
Sorry Endgame but The Dark Knight is still better and also Superman 1978.....
Evan Ritchey
7 years later and it's still the best movie in its genre
Edwin Moncada
No Marvel movie will ever top this masterpiece. After more than 10 years it still is the best.
I just realized nothing will ever top the Dark Knight movie.
Samuel Bunghai
Dent-Rachel told me everything about you Bruce-Well I certainly hope not😂
Mathew John
One of the greatest movies.Better than any marvel film
Roadway Automotive
AJ to the M
When he said “This city deserves a better class of criminal.” It gave me CHILLS
Natanael Aguilar
Whose here in 2019
Chenai Kanenungo
This is one of the best movies ever in history.
UnkNowN #1
I'm here after watching Endgame and for me this is still the best movie
Ruben Quiros
This is still ,by far, my favorite movie of all time.
Jordan Nnaji
I just watched endgame and I have to say that this is still the best superhero movie ever made
Blue Lake678
End Game is a KID infront of this MASTER CLASS.
Honey singh
Still gives goosebumps after 10 years
cak sontong
Heath Ledger's Joker alone > all marvel universe characters
Mr. Payne
Here to desintoxicate myself after Batwoman trailer
Han Solo
Anyone after Batwoman trailer They have ruined Batman franchise to please some sjw's It still can never beat this one
Ricky Dif
I wish i can go back to the first time when this movies cooming out.. and watch it on cinemas. This is masterpiece! And after 10 years still same even after so many superheroes movies coming out
Mohammad Tareq
Dose anyone here after new joker movie 2019?
Prxnce Anime
The one and only legendary joker😴
whitestar liew
I don't expect what Avengers have being great because The Dark Knight is the best in all time superhero movie
Rockstar AK
Who is here after joaquin phoenix leaked joker footage. :)
Richard Halverson
The dark knight not being nominated and awarded best picture will always upset me.
Kyle Korver Fan
Happy birthday Heath Ledger.A true legend.
Gem Iñigo
Heath Joker: this city deserves a *Better Classic Criminal* and *I'm gonna GIVE IT TO THEM* Me: *indeed he is.* 😍
Tanoy lul
had to watch this trailer to cleanse my soul after batwoman
The Joker
Batwoman tv series : *exists* Me : *Some men want to see the world burn*
Daniel Dominguez
When i hear the Joker saying "This city deserves a better class of criminal and i'm gonna give it to them" I think of Heath Ledger sayimg "Hero movies deserved a better class of villains and I gave it to them". 10 years have been since TDK and no one has even got any close to this standar of a villain. Tom Hardy made an awesome job as Bane but to me that just gives him a solid 2nd place...
This movie should have won Best Picture of 2008. Agree?
The Undertaker
“You either did a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”
aayush limbu
He is the villain who have superpower on his mind👏 Greatest masterpiece was created♥️
James Bodolay
The one Marvel will never beat.
The Infiscape
2008 was the year DC and Marvel made cinematic history
Mohamad Hilal Hafzam Bin Azman
11 years later this film was still the masterpiece.
Giri Giri
Will endgame dethrone this legend? 🤔 probably it's impossible
Ricardo Meza
11 years later and it's still the best movie in its genre ( Evan Ritchey )
YT Channel
*Talking to DC* A year ago these Marvel fanboys wouldn't dare cross any of you. *DC: So what are you proposing?* It's simple, we fire Zack Snyder
Dave Richards
I remember watching this over a decade ago. First thought, well im sold on heath as joker.
Who's here after the Joker teaser?
Schweizer heil
better than end game
Lady Criminal
You live longer untill u becomes villian 😎😎... Anybody in April 2019 ? I think u guys forget 😓 Heath 💓
Pablo Marcos
Vengo del futuro y Joaquín Phoenix te está haciendo la competensia, leto no:v
On Jah
This does ... put a smile on my face
H Maq
How many are here after seeing the joker movie trailer...
Harry Sanjaya
Marvel fan. You love batman?? Ya same i love iron man Marvel fan, You love Joker?? HELL YEASSSS!!
The wishow show
Back when the Dc movies were good
Gagan Thind
June 2019❤🖐🏻
Apple Guy
I need healing because of that batwoman trailer
Happy fullofhate
2019 Ledger best Joker ever.
Luke O'Brien
Wtf my class chose to watch The Darkest Minds over this masterpiece. People really have bad tastes in movies.
That line will always give me chills... You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Micah English
JuSt sMiLe ☠️
Roope Setä
World best Batman movie RIP Heath Ledger 1979-2008 too young death off :( best Joker actor cool man i miss you Heath Ledger.
This city deserve a better class of villian and i am going to give it to them . You will see . I will show you Yes you surely did ❤
suhas p
Let's put a smile on that face.🤡
Kenny Tee
You either die a trilogy, or you live long enough to see yourself become BvS.
ENDGAME will be great 'hero' movie..but always 'best movie' is The Dark knight.
Patrick O Malley
Joker Trailer anyone?
Jorge Pablo López Mola
I´m not a Batman fan, even I don´t care the comics or something, BUT this movie is A MASTERPICE, that joker is INCREDIBLE, you can feel the evilness and if you use a little imagination you can feel that Ledger enjoyed that, he enjoyed be the bad, he really felt... I LOVE IT.
Akshay Kanchan
We will miss u Heath ledger...😥😥
You know, TDK feels more like a crime thriller that happens to have batman in it, and that's not even a bad thing.
Yash Ugavekar
Avengers Infinity War-"We are the best superhero movie ever made" Heath Ledger-"Hold my glass and Oscar pls"
Ricky Saikia
Joaquin Phoenix will get real problem to win people's heart because this legend (Heath Ledger) is on his way
Soufiane Karroumi
17 May 2019 just seen the BatWoman trailer and wanted to come back see the trailer to remind myself how good things were like!
The Dark Knight > Avengers: End Game
Just popped in to see Heath Ledger...
Im a marvel fan, but i still think this is the best superhero movie ever made
It's so amazing they didn't gave away the Joker's outstanding performance in the trailer, just presented him. That's so cool.
Heath Ledger , always the best . Rest in peace .
Pedo Bear
Me: Nobody will ever portray a better joker than heath ledger (sees joker trailer) Me also: Wellllllll.....
Nam Minh
I don't know why people think Civil War is as great as this :/
The Dark Night goes down in history as a cult movie period. The level of darkness that movie exploits is unbelievable and no one can come close to Heath's Joker fight me all you want! I'm excited for Joaquin Phoenix but that role died with Heath and that's it we all know that! I'll never forget what that movie made me feel the first time I saw it!
Mohamed Wael
Who came here after watching end game
Gellert Grindelwald
The Dark Knight>>>Any Marvel movie