The Dark Knight (2008) Official Trailer #1 - Christopher Nolan Movie HD

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I wish I could go back in time to watch this movie for the first time again
The wishow show
Back when the Dc movies were good
Don't Read My Profile Picture
Movie came out in 2008 This trailer was uploaded in 2013 Seems legit.
Giacomo Simoni
I choose Marvel over DC... But I choose Nolan over Marvel.
Aniket Wakade
The only movie i saw where audience gave standing ovation and clapped and wooud in theatre!!! Omg! hope they'll screen it again! Since it completed 10 yrs!
I hate those assholes who says that Heath get oscar only because he's dead. He was phenomenal as Joker. Well deserved oscar.
Mrs. Muffin
Christian Bale- best Batman ever Heath Ledger- best Joker ever
Roadway Automotive
Daniel Dominguez
When i hear the Joker saying "This city deserves a better class of criminal and i'm gonna give it to them" I think of Heath Ledger sayimg "Hero movies deserved a better class of villains and I gave it to them". 10 years have been since TDK and no one has even got any close to this standar of a villain. Tom Hardy made an awesome job as Bane but to me that just gives him a solid 2nd place...
Critics. 94%. Audience. 94%. After 10 Years, It Still Is The Best.
Ruben Quiros
This is still ,by far, my favorite movie of all time.
"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" And that's what Batman did one movie later
Rangikura Kingi
10 years. RIP Heath. ❤❤
Emmanuel Garcia
Just watched the movie again and gosh darn it its so good. The acting, the depth of story and character, the script, the grief, the cleverness, everything. And the fact that Nolan doesn't need violence or foul language and nudity to trick ppl to watch in all his movies, just pure intellect and depth of story. Freaking genius.
Mr. Bubblegum. jr
Best comic movie ever made
N. Ayancan
Is this the best superhero movie to this date?
Russel Conor
Brilliant trilogy, which changed superhero genre, its a fact. First superhero movie with actual substance. Bale was fantastic, his performance was complex and subtle. He was distant, introvert&obsessed as Batman and the same time vulnerable and smooth&sexy as Wayne. He didn't have to kill/punch ppl like Fatffleck to mean smth. Affleck is nowhere near Bale's acting skills. Bale was the best Batman&Wayne, period.
Shreks newborn son named Larry
I dont even see the dark knight trilogy as DC movies. I see them as Nolan movies. All other DC movies suck. Marvel is better but the dark knight trilogy is a masterpiece nonetheless
Erick Kevin
It's 2018, I've watched all the superhero movies from both Marvel and DC. From Iron Man to Infinity War, and from Batman Begins to Justice League. To be honest, nothing can compare The Dark Knight and its trilogies.. still my favorite film of all time. The cinematography, origin of each character, philosophies inside every scene, the motivation from each hero and villain. Damn, Nolan indeed has set the bar way too high. I'm so glad I watched this on the theater. P. S: i'm not a fanboy of Marvel or DC. I enjoy both of them. Cheers :)
Balkaran Singh
Heath deserves a separate oscar for every single second as the Joker. He was THAT good.
Big Flipping Boss
2018 anybody?
Alice Crawford
That laugh so creepy and awesome miss you Heath Ledger
A much better super hero film than anything Marvel has ever shat out...
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Am I the only one that hates the the Ben Affleck batman ?
You know, TDK feels more like a crime thriller that happens to have batman in it, and that's not even a bad thing.
Damn Son
Just saw Infinity war trailer and came here to see why DC is better than marvel
Dakshesh Thapa
not just the best superhero movie one of the best movies of all time .
The Supreme Dragon
This is the reason Heath Ledger will never be forgotten
First movie where the villain actually convinced me to root for him! Heath is a legend!
The greatest superhero movie ever made. None of the over bloated cgi stuff that’s made today even deserves to be in the same sentence as it.
Abhishek Tiwary
This video came in my recommended list and I opened it just to see the joker.
Neo Luthuli
"This city deserves a better class of a criminal and I am going to give it to them" classic and take note Zach Snyder
S Sid
The Dark Knight > All Marvel movies
Just popped in to see Heath Ledger...
Juicy Is my name
I miss Heath Ledger
Nina North
jared leto will never come close. heath ledger id honestly give up a leg for youre ressurection.
Josh Reidy
Jared Letos Screen Time : 25 mins Heath ledgers screen time: 28 mins Oh, but Jared didn't get enough time
Trevor McGuffee
One of the most realistic Superhero-Crime Thrillers of all times. Also one of the best.
Best movie of all time, period.
The Dark Knight turns 10 years old today. It was released in theaters July 18th 2008. I remember going to see it when it first came out and it really is truly a great movie.
Tyrique Mitchell
Trailer still gives me goosebumps
R.i.p. Heath Ledger😢😢😢
takerkarthik A
Who is here after joaquin phoenix leaked joker footage. :)
Kenny Tee
You either die a trilogy, or you live long enough to see yourself become BvS.
that laugh..RIP Heath 10 years today
Thomas K96
Happy Ten year Anniversary to the Greatest superhero movie ever made.
DeadpoolFan BvS
Today has officially passed exactly 10 years since its release. Warner, please re-release the movie THE DARK KNIGHT in cinemas to celebrate 10th anniversary!! Just.. One more time
Mad Max
10th anniversary. This film was brilliant but I thought Rises was better. All that stuff in the cave where he had to build himself up again to pull himself out was just absolutely genius.
Marvel has to up their game to get this good of a performance It almost happened with the winter soldier but it needs to be darker, the villain needs to be really feared like the joker and it needs great drama much action
Alwalid Daer
just finished watching aquaman and shazam trailer i felt disappointed so i came here to feel good of myself
I mean I didn't hate Leto as Joker, but come on. Nothing can or ever will top Ledger's performance. People say Leto didn't get enough screen time for people to see him as a good Joker. This trailer alone proves to me Ledger was the best Joker there ever would be.
King Cobra
"Rachel has told me everything about you." "I certainly hope not." 🤣
Michael Ramirez
Heathe ledger was a genious
Evan Ritchey
7 years later and it's still the best movie in its genre
Eng 2008rt
It's been 10 years since this masterpiece.. Time flies by man!
Krit Xeno
Rest in Peace Heath Ledger.
Brandon Saha
Ten years passed still legendary movie
YT Channel
*Talking to DC* A year ago these Marvel fanboys wouldn't dare cross any of you. *DC: So what are you proposing?* It's simple, we fire Zack Snyder
Sagar Srivastava
And who would knew, that this would give birth to the best supervillain of all time - the Joker.
After 10 years of this movie's release I still miss you Heath.
Sophie Becker
Best joker and best batman movie tieing with the Lego batman movie
That line will always give me chills... You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Shubham Poddar
Honestly, I am a big marvel fan but this is the best superhero movie ever made I watch it again and again but I never get bored
Zillion1950 Channel
Memes Shame
When DC was good
Mike Tidbits
The thing that separates this movie from all other super hero movies is that it is a good movie FIRST, and a superhero movie second. They built a solid plot and script around good acting which happened to have a dude with creepy makeup and another one with a cape. Marvel and post-Nolan DC try and make superhero movies that compare, when in reality they should try and make films that compare, and than add the themes of wonder and superheoredness
Oscar Jiro
Ahh, 2008. When people made great movies but bad trailers
General beastmode
Still the greatest CMB movie of all time!
selfie kroos
In 2008 everybody thought DC was in charge lol.
Debajyoti Bose
Probably the greatest DC movie ever made !
Damien Wayne
This is the most epic movie in existence
Phil Leotardo
top 3 best superhero movies: 3. The Dark Knight Rises 2. Batman Begins 1. The Dark Knight BTW this is from a Marvel fanboy
Perfect fahim
He is a true legend Rip😭😭😭😭... Best actor
Alexeyev Martinez
Came back to this for the 10th anniversary, such a wonderful masterpiece.
Honey singh
Still gives goosebumps after 10 years
Daniel Anyamele
The Dark Knight: The First Ten Years
tom campbell
If they kept Nolan, DC might have stood a chance against Marvel.
Tirupathi Makela
Still in 2018 ? Its been 10 years...
laura -x-
I'm so sad that Bob Kane didn't manage to watch this kind of take on the Batman movies and his last one was Batman and Robin
This was not only a perfect superhero film it was a perfect film it had everything, a terrifying villain, perfect suspense, the best depiction of a vigilante, emotional depth, some of the best action in a film. This is just a timeless film and it's so sad to see DC fall from it's Grace
sylvia anggraeni
2018, 10 years have passed, still remembered ,,,
Abdullah Hussein
Came here after the mess that was suicide squad. Christopher Nolan is the only one that can do DC
The greatest superhero movie ever made, end of story.
The bar is set too high that the MCU still can’t reach after 10 years.
Fun is something most consider when watching most of DCs movies But this trilogy does put a smile on my face
Absolute Masterpiece! Hands down one of the greatest films to ever be made! + One of the greatest Trilogies ever made!
Daniel Brande
these 2 minutes and 30 seconds still give marvel fans nightmares to this day
Matt King
Makes me sad that Heath Ledger never saw the completed film. He was phenomenal!
(7.8/10) *Too much awesomeness.* *-IGN*
Shaikh Ahsan
Anyone watching in 2018????
Bugsy !
The only way the DCEU could be saved is if Christopher Nolan directs them
Mauro Rocha
People who disliked are people who likes michael bay
Julius Nicholson
1:15 If that guy can make a car explode my just elbowing empty air.. Imagine what he can do if he put his full effort into hitting something?
Pro Ninja Alpha Lazer Gunning Machine
If DC had been making movies like this since this movie, Marvel would be like "Stan Lee, I dont feel so good" and sease to exist... But sadly... No 😑
Fen Seti
who could dislike this masterpiece?
Mahmoud Waheed
R.I.P Heath Ledger after six years we still feel the pain of losing such a great talent. we won't forget you.
Avinash Francis
Best trailer ever!
avengers for life
Back before dc went down the drain thank you Christopher Nolan
Movie Authority