Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You (Live at the Edge)

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Three Days Grace perform live at 102.1 the Edge's Sugar Beach Studio in Toronto.

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Megan Brown
looks like a really pathetic crowd....
crowd sucked and the instrument volume was way too low
Simon McDowell
That is a tough crowd. I can sense frustration in Adam.
Is it just me or does Adam's mic stand look like a terminator's arm?
ilias thanos
The crowd is dead
Gabriel Mazon
His voice... I can feel the pain that he feel singing...
What's wrong with the crowd?
Eleder Onaindia Delgado
Worst crowd ever
Abraham Lincon
RIP Three Days Grace. (2003-2012)
Being a singer myself. I find it funny seeing people saying his voice is worse.  It is basically the same if not better than before. The only problem here is the tension and the problem Adam seems to be dealing with right now giving him a weird presence on stage (but not affecting his vocal) and the audio that his mixed weirdly or poorly.  But any singer or people that work in the music industry can clearly tell that his voice has no problem. In fact "Live at Palace" Adam had more problem keeping his voice during scream but the audio was mixed better.  He just seems to be dealing with personal problems on this one. Nothing more.
sabine bartels
that crowd sucks.
John Borie
Adam is the best thing to come out of Canada and justin beber is the worst
Barry looks like doctor Strange (from Batman: Arkham City) without glasses.
Jessica Gladys
Adam come back! :(
Marta de Pobes
If I was in the crowd I was the one who cry, sing, jump and scream: Adam I love you you are so hoooot!!!
Oml. That's Adam?
USABZ bzusa
He smokes.Nothing to do with his age.
Sabrina Ferreira
melhor versão do grupo! :)
Angel Rose
dead croud omg what it the first time i seen a croud that dead 
Ibrahim Tura
tuylerim diken diken oluyor sunu dinlerken ya
Andrea Mitzel
This has got to be my favorite band.
Tough crowd.  
Hala K
I hate Everything about this crowd!
Игорь Хаперский
Жаль что его больше нет
egehan yücetürk
What a song!
Curtis Lee
Whoever mixing this audio sucks
Montana Int.
right before Adam left the band
Hircine -
He is getting old, his voice is getting worse
Hircine -
There my favorite band tho :,(
I cant hear his guitar in a lot of the videos. he shouldve put the amp volume louder -__-
Allen Mueth
Cry all you want about Three Days Grace, Adam left the band deal with it and by the way Matt had nothing to do with Adams idea of leaving he gave up his own band to help his brothers band. And if Matt is so bad that explains why Three Days Grace let him sing for them it was there damn choice.
I love how he makes the crowd sing one of the choruses, dead crowd or not that's a little thing I adore
Felix Gomez
Great!!! I am mexican is this magnicfic... sorry for my inglish...
Naysa Hearn
Rain Lucid
System of the down though
Ryan Morris
There's no audience microphone
Ryan Morris
What the
Turj0 Benningt0n
crowds are drunk 😒🔫
worst. crowd. ever. i would have gone apeshit the second i heard the riff..
DeadSpace HellHound
Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! i love three days grace!!!! i seen their concert about 5 Times and met them back stage
if I was in a band like 3 days grace and the crowd was just totally dead. I would get discouraged to even play anymore songs lol.
Travis Mayea
They mute the crowd alot so that you can hear the singing, the crowd isn't actually that bad.
Hunter Kelley
I actually dont mind matt. Adam will forever be better. But i think matt brought the band back to where they need to be with painkiller. I really couldnt stand chalk outline
Циничный Критик
very theatrical... is not true
Dead Bone
You here that pre-pubescent 11 year old little girl boy in the crowd?
Александр freetime
голос уже не такой сильный 
Level.100 Games
So glad I got to see them before adam left
Nadeem Hussain
Its canada place of hi, thank you, sorry etc... lol canada is aight
Jayden Moreland
What wrong with the crowd????
Matheus Vinicius
Nem se compara com o show que eles fizeram no Brasil em 2004 no Coca-Cola Vibezone!! Aquilo sim foi um show, todo mundo cantando, nem se compara com esse público morto!!!
Abdelrahman Tawfik
the crowd sucks
Efe Turhan
0:58 "you" detone but nice
Adam canta muito, e o Matt não canta nada aquele sem talento do caralho.
He is just 33, man .-. The drugs did it to him.
Frederik Johansen
He sings so awful live
Jonathan Quijia
m gusta el reguetton .3
Jesse Nowers
this crowd sucks
Yukki Katsuki
Despite Adams great stage presence this crowd is just not into it i mean come on this is just pathetic it all looks so halfhearted from the crowd
His voice sounds different and a bit on the regressive side, but he still fuckin' nailed this one! #ADAM  
Jeremy Cedillo
his voice sound ugly live Matt sings this song better live
CN Wred
That guitar is from the Break video. In fact they all are, even Brad's. Also Adam's jacket is from the Chalk Outline video.
James Hetfield
the editor muted the crowd...
Farmy Tunez
No, no. Just their hockey team. :P The Three Days Grace performance I went to in TO was pretty good. They were having a good time and the crowd was more than alive. Just these guys are dickheads. :P
Maaike Broekhuizen
Adam's guitar looks like a unicorn came all over his guitar... I LOVE IT
Paola Mortari
I look more excited than that crowd sitting in front of my computer, wtf people
Forfeir Schnitzel
Maybe just filtered.
His voice is like mixing Chris Cornell and Benjamin Burnley kinda.
It is not like dio replacing ozzy. Adam is so unique.
Quintin Mailhot
Don't speak too soon, the replacement was amazing live.
Дмитрий Кукса
Jason Burkardt
Lol this crowd made adam leave the band!!
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The Monster O' Dub
I think they're trying at 1:20 ...
This is a couple of months before adam left the band, so I'm sure this is around the point and time where he was hating the band.
and @the Palace..
Danny Sands
They muted the audience it's not that they are quiet
shitty crowd
Erin McKenna
The Canadians are too nice to sing about hate. That's why they won't sing along.
Justin Lewis
The crowd sucks
This doesn't sound right. I remember these guys sounded way better when I saw them in Oklahoma City, Kattfest.
The Heisenberg
Adam is not sick. lol
is adam sick here already?
they are singing it's either acoustics or because the cameras microphone only picks up whats in front of the microphone or because the equipment is hooked up to something so you can only hear them instead of the crowd, but in reality they are singing along
Frinch Frie
that crowd sucked. they didnt sing along
breaking benjamin announced their return
adam cormier
what a boring crowd..
what do i write here?
you can tell adam was sick of singing the old stuff in this video, watch him live on this song back when first album came out vs this video, all the power and energy is in the old one, this one i think he was just trying to get thru it :(
Griffle Ball
I'd rather watch this whole concert on YouTube than go to a Three Days Grace concert without Adam.
They do, it's just that they're cropped out for some reason.
Adam saw the crowd and thought: "it's all over".
Huehue Huehuehue
i guess she was talking about the audience, not about adam ^^
Aioria Sama
no, noes lo mismo u,u
Dajka Ferenc
hahahaha no1 knows the lyrics and they are still awful... you guys should let the fancy machines in the producing room make your voice sound awesome and stop embarrising yourself and not do live shows.
patrick hernandez
damn Canadians...
Curtis Vanin
Curtis Vanin
linken park sucks
Yeah, it's probably because the band was falling apart.