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first girl went from normal level 1 crook to level 100 boss
Lawrence Visarra
Sitting here in my chair watching a video of people succeeding in life 😂😂
Hannah Hundermark
Talents Darcy Lynn has shown: -singing -Multitasking -talking with mouth closed -singing with mouth closed
“My friends don’t know I’m here-“ *she wins the show* Me: They better know it now Me again: *I wish I could sing like Angelica Xd*
Abdur Rahman
Simon cowel is the perfect judge. When He get 100% performence from performers then he hits the Golden Buzzer.
Minath Naseer
Acts: *gets golden buzzer* Janitors: *am I a joke to you*
Lily Ypinazar
golden buzzer goes off performer: OH MY GOD janitor: ah crap, I’m not cleaning that up again
Kawa Bozkurt
All the 11k dislikes are from janitors...🌚 Edit :1 month later: 12k dislikes... a couple of other janitors has joined the chat!
Lynns Trotter
The first one was very shocking!!! She has a voice of a old soul!!
Alison Camison
Italians are always Italians anywhere they live in this world.....I love their confidences
c l a i r e !
Like = someone here in 2019 😂😅 Omg I didn’t know I’d get this many likes!!!!
Abhirami Jayan
This was the very first 50 min video that i have seen in full of tears (but it was Happy tears)💦 Oh boy what a talents...💖 And God bless you my dear random friend who read this comment..💞
Chrisnov IT Solutions
I've been here for like thousand times and I might have left some comments before LOL
Kazza Maériné
I luv how with Courtney Hadwin (the first one) Simon’s face was like: WHAT?! at: 1:16 lol Omg them for 19 likes! That's the most I've ever gotten!!! Tysm!!!
Allie Ferraro
Who's watching this in 2k19? I'm too late on this stuff. These people are way to talented. I can't even draw a tree😂
Adeline Eichas
Okay... the first girl. What the hell just happened to the shy girl. That was a total 360° turn!
Milo Wolf
Hmm, a young girl named Angelica huh? Young, not very experienced, and let's see how she s... *HOLY* .... *JESUS*
2minnesota 2m
The first girl was on The Voice singing "I got you"
Ayush kumar
let's just take a moment to appreciate the work of mandy's interpretor
Hannah Ylanan
Me: cries because sees people crying from so much happiness Also me: cries cause is a disappointment
Kitty Kat
**Janitor has left the chat**
David Howell
Courtney (age 13) – Jaw droppingly amazing Darcy Lynn – Sheer perfection with her ventriloquism Grace (age 12) – Original and phenomenal Angelica (age 9) – Cute, adorable and an incredible talent Sal (age 20) – Love the personality and Holy Cow! Mandy Harvey (age 29) – Deaf, but with better tone and range than some people who can hear. Michael Ketterer– Very nice….soul stirring. Makayla Phillips – Beautiful face, beautiful voice with power Zurcaroh team – Spectacular…could give some professional circus acts a run for their money!
Aditya Debnath
Lol, sal's friend came on the stage with his cigar, couldn't get more italian
Cadence Michaud
The little boy crying in the performance “how far I’ll go” 😭💘‼️
These are all so emotional.....make me cry.....but cant stop watching.... I am 200 million
Alice Marie
That first girl was absolutely in the zone once the music started wow
That 9 year old Angelica is insane
Veronica whitehead
Courtey: (whispers) *I'm a little bit nervous* Opens her mouth. Me: 😱
Shelby Rickard
The deaf girl is awesome , she deserved more than a golden buzzer!💯😍
Daisy Kitiibwa
When the first girl started VOL ON 100...I fell off my chair...DAMN...😂
Ketchup SIS
When *simon* hits the golden buzzer you know it’s *good*
Lemons are life
19:48 Wait a minute...isn’t he the dude who voiced the Mouse in the movie *"Sing"* ?? They sound so alike😂
Santiago Benjamin
How I wish I had the confidence of Sal
Shallon McGowan
they all deserved it my fave was Courteney
Raith Huffman
I wanna kill whoever decides where the ads go!
That sal guy has the BEST ACCENT I ever heard. And that VOICE. Legendary.
Cynthia Omofonmwan
The first girl scared the hell out of me😂
Mitchell Evans
I feel like a Simon Cowell golden buzzer is bigger than the others
Shingmei Phom
the first girl, remind me of Freddie Mercury. Queen is back
XxYhanna ChanxX
All 12k dislikes are from the Janitor 🤣🤣heehehehehe
Emily Lovett
Angelica: *Really cute voice* *5 seconds later* She freaking hit notes that are higher than my GPA Edit: Omg why does this have so many likes😂 Thx I guess
lol smile
Is no one here talking about the acrobatic group? this is just awesome!!!! 😮😮😮❤️❤️😍
Fessiah Williams
On the first 1, when she first started dancing, i was like "aww hell naw" But then she killed it💯🔥🔥😂
Samantha Harrell
Angelica: she’s walking on fire!!! Me: I got hair in my gummm!!!! Lol sorry for that.
Lawrence Visarra
Getting Mafia 3 vibes from that Italian guy and his buddies 😂😂
T.M Tech
I m lucky cuz in 13.8k comments,you found mine. btw Who's watching in 2019? P.S: Thanks for so muuch likes
Clara Jane Diaz
Greetings from the Philippines 🇵🇭 ❤. Have a good day everyone.
Divaun Welker
The parent's reactions always get me!!! They're like i made that! Lol
Where is bars and melody?? I love them By the way April 2019?
Alexa Puppylover
Credit to awesomely lightning * hits Golden buzzer * Janitor: come on
Akiko Samonteza
*Golden buzzer * Everyone stands *claps* Janitor stands *cleaning*
How to draw It
That first girl is what goes through my mind at school😂
Neelu Agrawal
Angelica yOu arE ThE chOsEn oNe
i know you’re right but
the deaf girl is making me go blind from my tears
Alex Larios
Bro no lie that itialin dude sounds exactly like Frank Sinatra omg
fujoshichara fujoshichara
Angelica... *YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!!!!!*
Mak and Mo
Sal is so fricken smooth 😂😂
Leslie Anne Noche
I wish I have that kind of confidence also to perform in front of so many people. :<
I love how Sal was like hyper self-confident all the time, and even flirting with Heidi, and then she smacked that Golden Buzzer, he totally freaked out 😂
waconzy settor
Greetings from Ghana 🇬🇭 Africa 🌍 much love 😍
Consdri Reu
I have actually watched the performance of Mandy like for a 10000 times
Simon's face when the first girl starts to sing 😂
Kamal Elsayed
That first girl scared the crap out of me, I thought she was possessed. She was really good tho
Tomáš Uchytil
I never thought I would actually watch a 50 minute video on YouTube before ...
Peter Laurence
Darcy Lynn is a gift to mankind.
Leila Kinzom Lohani
47:38 The little boys crying!!!! awwww!!
watching April 19, 2019 and I still think Zurcaroh should've won
Stash McJammin
Janis Joplin meets the black crows
mondli mhlongo
I don't know how many times I've been crying as I've been watching this video
David Oludayor1973
You can't get tire of watching this amazing and talented young guys even in the middle of year 2019!
Chona Melody
Anyone in May 2019 ?
Muhammad Mirza
The world is full of so many beautiful and talented people!
Manhal Mansuri
Simon’s face when the first girl started singing!😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣UNFORGETTABLE! Hehheeh!
Sara Sehweil
1 like=1 show from me and i promise
Bun Vellos
The guy with the 6 kids that a real man blessing to him and his family
Hamiisii M.
i have exams tomorrow. here watching emotional stuff. in the library.
13k comments and I’m blessed that you can see mine !
Kai Ever
For janitors, the real question: *Vacuum or Leaf blower?*
Mafia boss level 100 walks in Heavenly voice entered the chat
Aubree L
I didn’t realize this was 50:00 minutes
Bailey Robbo
That was the best 50 minutes 21 seconds of my life
Mercedes Gonzales
stg is it just me or do u cry whenever someone gets the golden buzzer? 😭❤️
David Davis
I listen to these children because I cant sleep and I love every one of them they are brilliant
Raspberry Raindrops
I got to see Grace live and she was sooo cute, she was so bubbly and nervous on stage
kelsey swayze
the first girl is honestly so freaking good its crazy.
TheGoblinFriend 43
Judge:you know what Person: AHHHHHHH Janitor:ahhh
If Janis Joplin’s and Steve Tyler had a daughter! 👏🏽
I wonder who teaches the girl at 15:00 how to sing 🎵 because it’s amazing
Awesome Gaming
Darci lynne literally got a golden buzzer and I was looking at... The judges dunkin’ donuts cup
Pang Kou Xiong
Damn Darcy and her ventriloquism <2 O.O and that acrobatic show! FIRE! <3
Revviee Chang'e
when you're shy but you love music, damn girl you nailed it <3
Melody Cura Almarez Bedwell
And Darcie Lynne became the runner up in the America’s Got Talent The Champions! For me, she’s the BEST! 👇🏻✅❤️💯
Mapuia Metaholic Chhakchhuak
The first one judges told her not to be shy... "Sicko mode activated" Shyness "Am i a joke to you?" Omg i got 2k likes😍☺ The most ive ever had😅😂
Jojo Peterson
1st performance ..i love that Dad
Vanessa Dory
Simon looks like he just woke up
50 mins of happy tears 😊
Kiki Myers
MAN proud parents get me every time
Gaming Guru
"Today is the first day of rest of my life" man that was something
All Here