Special Head Live Levitiation - America's Got Talent - Radio City

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Special Head give his live performance at Radio City on America's Got Talent. 3.5 Million Views??? Is this real life? XD Sorry about this video only being 360p...don't really know what happened

he should have won for his singing
Organic Giraffe
Lol his special head sold him out at 2:17
Xel An
"You can see his head" "His head is still there" "He didn't disappear his head is showing" WE KNOW IT'S SO PAINFULLY OBVIOUS STOP COMMENTING ABOUT IT GO FLY A KITE
1. You can see his leg holding him up 2. When he "disappears", you can see his head when it's dark
marla gomez
Bro his leg was holding him u can see it
Mr Lee
Lol.. He left his head😒
Man and I thought Britain's Got Talent was bad enough. This is fake af
gluutjeb B
2:00 i Saw his leg
Brent - Highlights
Meh. Old trick.
2:17 still can see his head LMAO
PUR3Scoper Gaming
I could see his head when he disappeared bacause it shows a black box cover Him
cletus the slob
how is this talent? anybody can do that if you have a team and script...
Fun together, Slime
Do anyone seen his leg when he is levating
Sansy Genderswap _Gaming
he teleported outside cool!!!😂 and I saw his head at the dark it's GLOW IN THE DARK
He didn't teleported. That was his twin. As you can see at 2:17 his head is hidden behind the smokes.
MelvinGamez /with AuraZCrew
when you have seizure 1:43
Virginia Velez
I saw his head in the smoke
aaaaaoooo aooooo waoooooooo if u do it 3oo times a day you will fly in the air...
Larvitar Dratini
He is the last airbender
Kerith bradshaw
Can we all agree that it's fake
Alhazeen Alhazeen
This trick was used by Mischel Head Masonic .......... during his presentation where he used the crane Haha
Isaagain Extra
is it only me but i can see the iluminati written all over this he has the eye on his head the triangle behind him WTF
ulysse othenin-girard
Guys look at 2:16 you see his head going down behind some sort of black screen
T.S Tan
is he part of illuminati ???
Kevin M.syah
he is the illuminati
SHreyas Hero
Oh Yeah!!! This is the Special Powers I Like It!!!
Pathetic , cringeworthy , awkward . All there is to it
this guy would be good at throat bass :D
Drift I AshFault
u can see his leg liftinf him up
Yaya _Volgz
Lol you could win a Grammy to even make that sound 😂
"So I spent a lot of time playing by my self" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
firstname surname
U see his head
Wynter Mcclain
I saw his head a bit when he disappeared so yeah....
Virgelio Cascalla
alien man WOW any thing is posible when we put our mind to it
Hatsune mi Is my wifu
The avatar
James Banks
1:53 when your mum won't buy you a toy you want!!
hello you there
That Father of Saitama😅 ...hahah😂
Street Fighter. DHALSIM.
Micro Tech
illuminati confirmed
Adam Smith
Theodoros PETRIDIS
How did they know where to put the camera
Jesse Pinkman
Rejoice! The broken are the more evolved.
Needless Needles
Now let's see him levitate naked. Nothing covering his body.
tushar g
1:50 it's me , when i open engineering mathematics book
im a weeb
why does this guy remind me of Zenyatta from Overwatch 😐
Hasan Usmh
yaw fako bik n3al waldik😂
Dylan Cablayan
Thin wire fake backstage exit pre recorded footage know all of it and im ten
Joseph Choi
Out of breath? must have been running fast?
if he didn't win got talent, idk what they were thunking
U can clearly see his head behind the black coverage lol FAIL! They probably filmed the roof top scene already and decided to just put it live like it really happened
brejendra bhairav
jai hindusam
he needs Jesus
While he's floating , we can see one of his legs was used to stand up and they made his leg area dark so we can't see it well . And we can see his head behind a black card board after the smoke covers him .
OMG did someone see that he stands on 1 leg watch closely
Henry Moo
This is the worst magic I ever seen. Worst than making a fidget spinner fly.
Hony Hunter
did u see that eye on had clearly got signs of coming of Dajjal
samar Shah
Why has he got the elumanati
After levitating and this explosion he's behind something black and I can see top part of his special head...
Joanna Adamczyk
widać z stoi na jednej nodze
Wesley Amaro
Emil Valiyev
He was told :"AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOO" then dissapear :DDD
Ersin Akyol
1. You can see his feet helping him to stand/fly 2.When disappeared his head u can see it 3 He is Working With the Devil He Saied "Spirit of Evil
joel the emo
I live in phoenix hopefully I can get to see him
massimo massimo
nik amak
2:!6 you can still see him .
프리메이슨 정말실다
A stupid show and one who marvels at such a show, I see that the cave man is wiser than him
AK 47 47 47
i am waiting for a day when this act is done by any indian
John Cena
Because we are humans, we can be Fooled by anyone
Just Sayin
This is so fake..there is no way he has a third eye on his forehead
Nour Takrouri
He reminds me of Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender🤗🤗
Behind his is like a hook and the hook is pushing him up and he doesnt teleport. You can see for 2 seconds his head after the lights of and the vid that he shows us was recorded before the show
secret name
well how did he get up there in a matter of seconds. not that you saw his head
he tricked us with their "monks" or etc. he just a magician !
"Because we are humans we all have special heads" Me: "Both of mine are special... If you know what I mean"
23 exmen
"Playing with myself" Ik exactly what he means
Sally Got*It*All
evil man head
if this is real everyone must now bow down to special head
Jeera Chay Gear Wala
it's like aaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooowwwwoooooooooooooooooo etc etc
Huntr3x - Gaming & Designs
if you pause it at 2:16 you can still see his head
Sean Chris
Special Head and Tape Face are always my favourites 😂
joel pejoto
..mandaraya ka
Mehmet Zahit BAL
ip var ip.
it's still pretty impressive how he gets outside so fast
Jeffry Lacanglacang
i saw his bald head after they turned the light off.. it was shiny..
Магомед Магомедов
фокус покус..
Alpha European
"I would go on imaginary adventures," * cough* sad
i love this guy he could teach me medtation all day long
A Dreaming Engineer
what happened???!!!! how is that possible?
YesIm hypE
2:16 you can see half of a face, right behind where he dissappeared.
I think he's cheating with ropes or somethin
Jacob Rainey
How did he levitate with the cane than?
illuminati exposed see the eye in his forehead and the pyramid
Benjie Lizardo
2:23 click here. This explains everything. He became judge.
Hari Niranjan S.V
Does anyone else notice his head at 2:17
Stalking Hobo
"I want to touch as many people as possible" - Special Head 2013
Gaming Time!!!!!
Don't speak like that he is good your Rude