Naruto: 4th Great Ninja War [Full Version]

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When your mom says one more video
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Is it just me or who watches this video over and over?
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lol madara: IVE BEEN WAITING TO KILL YOU MADARA Hashirama: no later ill take the ten tails down first madara: *gets uppset*
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Sharingan Is red, Rasengan Is Blue , give me ramen or I will chidori you 😀
See you in 7 hours 😋
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Man this is long
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Legit skipped accidentally to the part where naruto dabs 5:40:18
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Aw shit, I got so caught up in it I didnt realize its already 4 am lmao Edit: who needs sleep anyways, am i right?? 😂😂
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lol why does sasuke wants to be a hokage when he tried to kill sakura and naruto
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Tsunada should have married raikage lol
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In German please
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imma just download this, get in my time machine and give it to myself 3 years ago.
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So true when the community don't aid each other the community weakens . When the community is together they are stronger, Imagine real life they were samuria led by clan leader then by the regional daimyo. Daimyo is like what we view as the governors position. They might of been 70-100 samuria families in a town or some towns. They were like the knights holding common law sometimes they would take hostages from other clans and train them as their own but other then that they were merchants artisans peasants the farmers then the samurai's. For a person to be given chance they had to be showing talent to a samuria that came across their path then if samuria lord accepted he or she would start training. But for most part of year they couldn't dream too much they had work to do like working in the fields from morning till night. But for most part samuria had their clan in samuria known neighborhoods, separate from other people within the village, other then be given the rare chance to be a samuria most were born into it. Most of the many daimyo had their own agendas they set up the samurai's then their samuria fought each others daimyo samuria, its like having governors have military bases and then their military bases and their soldiers fight other states against their daimyos soldiers which is silly. This lust for power is what made them fall towns were not supported only used by the samurai's to get their taxes from the people. As a community they were weak the people suffered education was not acessable health care ect its like having a state with towns and each town having a lame mayor not supporting the people. That was the reason they did not grow as a nation too much fighting not enough economic growth ect. Lets use the anime TV show Naruto for example. They had ninja instead of samuria which was lead by the daimyo in their world, The Narutos village their hokage was like the mayor and military base leader in one package , only the best soldier can lead the people. They had trade routes ,taxes from their region known as the fire nation, which support the military base it was more like a capital like how it was tokyo to Japan . They had health care they had schools for the children they wernt stingy in knowledge, knowledge was more accessible to the people put it this way they wernt devided by class structures or family ties. Like how south Korea grew in past fifty years they put knowledge first the parents worked hard so kids can have education, over time their kids became doctors, engineers, architects,soldiers many jobs came to the people the nation grew. I think its the same case in Naruto they were successful leaders ,teachers actually made a decent life for people they are a strong community unlike samuria were. Narutos village had decent armies in the thousands ect unlike samuria it was more like a big family of fighters in a village but usually less then 200 that's about it. Its only a matter of time that small communities see their ease of life as children flock to bigger communities. Money will grow they have to build more cities ect. Point is work together grow together be strong together.
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Lets hope tv tokyo dosnt take this down cause thins is so good
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6:05:26 how does kaguya know about indra and ashura!? She was sealed by hagoromo and hamura even before they were born
Sunny clard
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4:03:08 If this isn't one of the best parts, I don't know what it is
6:39:48 Very Emotional :(
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I still can't believe the amount of effort you put into this, well done man
Thats E P I C !!!!
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Godammit Haku is still hot ;o;
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I Love You Bro ! Thanks For This Wonderful 7 Hours.
OMG. This is awesome, thank you so much! really, this is beyond amazing 😍
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Does this really from ep261 until ep479
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I really just did it.  7 hours. well spent, very well spent.  what now though? EXPLODING HUMANSSSS!!!!
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Legend says Deidara is still in da fucking box after many episodes he finally explodes
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Someone will find this comment one day.
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Well I just spent the best 7 hours of my life
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Dang gara. Father like you have friends got me sleep
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Extremely good ? But why have you edited and cropped out so much of stuff ?
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Who like Naruto?
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Talk no Jutsu xD
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It made me cry a lot😣😭. Thanks for uploading this👍👍
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The best 7hrs of my life ! But it's the saddest too since Neji and Obito died 😥
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3:35:203how tf they survived this
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2:32:17 omae wa mo shindeiru
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4:52:16 obits face looks like Danzo/Shisui
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Naruto for life
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5:18:30 sakura fists naruto while making out with him lol
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Thank u for putting this together. U removed fillers and gave us some great relax time. Now everyone get ur popcorn and sit down and relax for 7 hours of straight awesomeness !
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This is my third time watching it and I'm still loving it
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Thanks dude for uploading this.. now i can watch the great war in 1video
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Best 7hours of my life! Thankss
Vortex - Critical Ops
Nothing else to say.. ur a legend.. How long did it took u to upload it?
I’m happy to watch this before it’s gonna get removed!
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6:37:21 lol
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Took me 3 days to finish watching this 👀
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Madara: I'm immortal now. You can't take me down Naruto: you idiot, I'm not taking you down *Sasuke appears* Naruto: we're taking you down
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Did anybody noticed that madara is the hardest one to defeat
Whait sow the four tale is called "Son Goku" dbz has infiltrated the naruto series
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Did you see the moment when sasuke killed hashirama
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Nigga!!! 3:14:01
am i really about to watch this...
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2:09:15 that what i have came for.
4:02:14 Hokages Time ! ❤️
Pass the popcorn below.
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rating 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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I watched it in one shot
Good work so BAD 😎
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Lool @6:12:13
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If I was naruto I would just reincarnate Minato all the time manly because of how strong he is and could help in battle sort of like a summoning jutsu but also because he's his dad and could teach him many things
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bp _2113
youre a legend
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Over again over again over again how much times will I see this movie......!!!!!!!!
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sauske was the real final villain
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Yo dis movie actually change my life dis movie is a fukin legend 🔥🔥🔥
🤙🤙legend I m suprised that do that 😁🎮🎮
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44:50 When you realise those yoga lessons paid off
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5:15:00 4:15:30
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Minatos arms should have recovered by now
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joshua lucido
Things are awkward because of the clam LOL
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Awww not dub
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5:39:19 The Strongest !
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is a Legendary of The Shinobi Wars I am call you Legend Man
Awesome keep it up nice work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
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Second mizukage was funny af
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Saviour from above!!
Sakura is the dumbest broad in the leaf
its anime
What after this which episode to watch?
Awesome. Thank you for your effort.
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The 7 hours chalange lol EZ
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