Jumping From Space! - Red Bull Space Dive - BBC

The moment has finally arrived, it's time for Felix Baumgartner to perform the space dive. Taken from Red Bull Space Dive. Subscribe to the BBC Studios channel: />BBC Studios Channel: />This is a channel from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.

Susan ßøt c:
skydivers: I jumped of a plane, im so good that guy: hold my milky way..
Jebus Drumpf
His balls of steel brought him straight down!
Skydiver : i jumped off 20, 000 feet im so proud! This guy : Hold my Red Bull..
Skydivers: Nothing more easy than jumping off a plane Felix Baumgartner: Hold my Oxygen
Divyansh kumar
After listening to his breath. My breath also faded for a while
Shantelly P
When you start falling asleep and you get THAT feeling....
Red Bull gave him wings That's how he survived
home tech
He completed his dream by his passion, extreme self confidence, build record on his life, that's great.😐
Amit Kumar
Yep...that..s Absolutely fabulous....now that's call out of this world...😎😎😎
@ BBC Studios...The Lord looked after that guy, that's for sure, I thought he was going to end up smashing into the ground, glad he did not though.
Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you
"I'm going home now" *jumps* Okay, that is badass
Rahul Raykwar
After the jump , the man will start loving more than the earth.
This is really my nightmare, I hv seen it many times. Falling from height😂
Peter Gibson
If he had a hard landing he would be dead and buried instantly. No need for a funeral.
Pat TheHombre
Two minutes after he jumped, I could see my house from there.
10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge
Imagine being on a plane and then you just look out of the window and for a split second you just see a man falling from the sky in a space suit
Beneficial Gaming
*crashes into building "Hey Ron" "Hey Billy" "That hurt"
Kia Rainey
And, nevermind gas money to get OUT THERE in the first place? I'm guessing a hot $20 didn't cut it. Y'all are nutty in the awesomest possible way #RedBull!!!
Salih Yildirim
Excluding the moment we saw earth like small BALL when jumper declined almost halfway of his free fall.
Beverly Gail
Oh my gosh, that was hard to watch. I could feel his fear and thankfullness on landing. Thank you Jesus for a safe landing!!!
Voicu Cristian
Her: hey babe can you come over Me: i cant im in space Her: my parents arent home Me:
Rxze Logicz
Regular skydivers: I just jump 20,000 feet Space man: hold my spacesuit
Saved by Grace.
Skydivers in local bar : We just done a halo from a C-130 ladies and gentlemen! Red bull jumper : Ohh! Really?
Little Director
He also seemed really chill about this whole situation!! 😮😧
Jason Daniel
How did he fit his gargantuan sized balls into the jumpsuit?
2019? 😂😂😂😂😂 Let’s see how many people got this in their recommendations
Jjboy Gumanit
he passed out that's why he's spinning... very dangerous but wow that was amazing
Trumpet Boy
That must genuinely be the most breathtaking view any human could experience.
Black American King
Sky instructor: you can't make a jump from space! Guy in space suit: Where's my red bull. 😂
Jjboy Gumanit
jumping from space but suddenly you realized you're not falling
*Okay, so it takes 4 minutes for that guy to reach the Earth's surface.* *But, YouTube took 3 years to recommend it to me!!*
Akki R
He be like *I've been falling for thirty minutes* ! Loki smiles !!!
Mission control->You should activate your parachute. Felix->No, I’ll wait a little bit. Felix->OH SHOOT THERES GROUND THERE!
Salma begum Shaik
Salute to you,, your confidence and your bravery are really great awesome,,, Love from India
Breaking news: Man from space spinning towards earth.
Jay Tee Kay
So strange how space is just pure darkness with the Sun as a lamp
loldab Gaming
when i was watching this the video that was playing next was a video about how it would take 2.5 years to fall from the international space station. NOT FUNNY YOUTUBE
Incoming Anarchy
Earth got more curves than an Instagram model using photoshop
gratta e vince tv
Drink redbull and jumping in outer space 👍👍
Lisa Longs
That's one lucky guy have to work on that fogging up
name less
......: we are sending you to space (man goes to space) .......: now jump back to earth man: am i a joke to you?
Harsaran Hehar
The YouTube algorithm has brought us all together
Merle Eugenio
(in loki's voice): i've been falling for thirty minutes!
Lila beth
Bro imagine landing in another country
kyle D
Did you know ? That if you Jumped from the Outer Space , you will go to hell ? . 🤔
ー Sushiジェロ
Beat that Skydivers! This guy is a SPACEDIVER!
Hardship Beyond
That explains why the western countries have less population. Could you understand me? :D
VielAngela Delbarrio
I can't believe that he made it,I feel dizzy while wathing it
I Do Games
“Red Bull space dive” Me: why can’t I see any wings?
Anthony Brantley
Plane freefaller: jumping off an airplane is easy. Space man: hold my planet
Adarsh Shrivastava
Meanwhile I can't even jump in the pool from 5ft platform
Satish Reddy
Good job bro , i can't believe this
Jordan Jude
Look I’m just saying get real high 🤙 and watch this video this guy is the man 💯 respect
ZeZe Brisky
Lol I remember when me and my sister watched this live a long time ago Life if u got this in ur recommended in 2019
Luga Maulana
even we are not related to each other im so proud of youuu felix
Nick kumari
I don’t even know how but my heart lowkey stopped when he couldn’t control himself from spinning
Watched this live and it was amazing here it is again and yes just as amazing 👍👍
anthony mcgrath
For everyone scoffing at the old man.. that is Joseph Kittinger.. the guy did this decades ago.. WITHOUT the hi tech equipment we have today. On top of that it was his THIRD attempt at the jump.. The previous two attempts there was a prob with the suit so they brought him down.. on the third the locking clamp around the wrist developed a leak two thirds of the way up to altitude.. Joe held his wrist over it to stop the leak from 80000 feet up to the top.. his hand near freezing off.. and didn't notify the team below. He then proceeded to do the jump with that air leak... landing with basically a frozen hand that was nearly amputated. The guy is a legend beyond scales of imagination we will ever comprehend ❤
3:46 Plot twist, the rocket he was in comes crashing down on him
grey magpantay
Then theres me who can't even go downstairs at 2am hahshshssu
smoke 14
The man speaking to him is Joseph Kittinger. In 1960 he space dived 19 miles.... The very first person to ever space dive.
Crush: hey where are you Me: in space Crush: I like you and wanna go on a date Me:
Luga Maulana
i am scared of height but when i saw felix did diz ..its amaze meee
Haq Ka Safar
*Redbull used to give us wings 🤔*
Man he’s gonna be soooo p-ssed when he realizes he forgot his wallet up there.
Oli Yanz
You are the bravest man I've ever seen.....I salute you Sir!
Alex y.
This isn’t real you die going through the atmosphere
Mike O’Rourke
I don’t know if I’m crying because of this or work
rina s.
"I'm going home now" wow that really made me tear up
Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you
We will never reach this level of badassery
Arun Sukumar
Tom cruise will do this on mission impossible 7
Sam Sara
What?? Only 4531 Flat-heads live on this Globus?
Rose S.
I just wonder where the camera is to follow his twirling fall???????
The Bad DudE
Who else felt hard to breathe when he was breathing harder ?.... 😲😱
I'm going home now... I was wondering which one he was talking about the one on earth or the real home up in heaven 🙏🏾🙌🏾
Abdhudaif Alhudaif
I think this guy just liked fortnite to much.....
RY Anime
Saying Im going home now, then jumping from space to earth is so fzxckin badass
Not.enough to.go.around
Ugh😷.. I can't even imagine for falling for that long.....
Alish Bodar
Why are you not playing interstellar theme In the background
jack jones
To the two polite people who set me straight - sorry and thanks. Knowing that, I regret my comment about Joe...
Lorie Estocado
literally i died for a second.
zahid mushtaq
3.21...offcourse it was tough!...but u made it dude....👍
I won’t even get on the top step of a ladder, so jumping from space to Earth is a giant friggin nope for me.
Team Savagery
“I’m going home now” I wish he landed in his backyard and his wife came out and said “What are you doing?” “Nothing much, just jumped from space...”
Kenneth Young
Flat earth let the bloom park right on the firmament
Yemi Kefene
This is amazing 😲 this video should have way way more views. This man is incredible.
Joanne Abalos
If thats me i would scream and try to fly
bm ak
Imagine doing something so incredible and landing just to be trolled for eternity by flat earth crazies.
Mike J. Jackson
I'm afraid to jump even from the sofa on the floor... Thanks for the liikeees !!!
Karl Alloosh
And I find it hard jumping outta bed for work Monday mornings😜😜
Karine Scene
People : bungee jumping & normal skydive on earth. but *Felix* : *Jumping from space* .🚀
He was lucky a plane didn’t crash into him 😱😱😱
Rose S.
.....liar, liar, suite on fire!!!!!
Mum: if your friend jumped of a cliff would you do it Me: 0:09
Gamer Sahay
What if they dont record this
Terry Pursley
Just wonder if that's not fake too
Bryan Rumble
I remember watching this live, what a feat
ash tek
I'm surprised that his body didn't rip apart , as he was spinning and moving in super Sonic all bare without any vehicle or that sort ..
car lover
This is what happens when you drink too much redbull