Return to Thornfield Jane Eyre 1996

This is a beautiful scene from the film Jane Eyre (1996) by Franco Zeffirelli. I reserve no rights.

Aty Tate
For me this is the best Jane Eyre...I love very much Charlotte Gainsbourg and William Hurt 👍👍
David Sutton
Zeffirelli was accused of excessive emotion in former films (i.e. The Champ). Thus this Jane Eyre restrains emotion. However, the musical score by Vlad and Capponi is lush. The plot structure was amended to fit the time frame. The tension bubbles below the surface with sparse dialogue. Charlotte Gainsbourg displaces quite grace throughout, and when she smiles she breaks your heart !
As much as I love Zelah Clare from the 1983 version, I honestly think both she and the woman in this clip (Charlotte Gainsbourg) were really a little too pretty to play Jane Eyre convincingly. Gainsbourg in particular looks like a porcelain doll. Jane is not supposed to be conventionally beautiful or even particularly attractive -- she's supposed to be rather nondescript in appearance, someone whom most people wouldn't really take notice of unless she was needed. Her beauty primarily comes from within. I think Samantha Morton in 1997 and Ruth Wilson in 2006 were good choices for Jane because while there is certainly something striking about both women, neither one is what I would call conventionally attractive.
EllaIlincuta A
This is one of the best adaptation ever seen .
EllaIlincuta A
The deep romance of the movie, was given by the wonderful music .
annunziata Castro
La Jane di Zeffirelli è un capolavoro assoluto. È arte, come al solito!
Jorge Monjaraz
please, what music?