If - a poem by Rudyard Kipling, as read by fathers, mothers and god parents

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Watch an authentic reading of Rudyard Kipling's world famous poem, If. A moving collaboration between fathers, mothers and god parents. Filmed to coincide with the Cheltenham Literature Festival 2015, this film was planned and shot over the last weekend of September 2015. The film was created with no-budget and everyone generously volunteered their time. Shot in the cellar bar of Café René, Gloucester, UK - Gloucester's best known secret. Show them your support and share this video. A collaboration between two Gloucester based creative groups: Artists Collaborate and Food for Thoughts. Created by (in order of spoken words): Magdalena Payne, Daniel Woolf, Stig Godding, Steve Bracewell, Salvador Moncholi, Angela Bracewell, Kishi de l'Allebone, Joey Gill, Kieron Bates and Chris Atine. Arran North ([email protected]): Camera/Audio/Creative Direction/Editing/Grading/Production Tara Kaliszewski: Concept/Creative Direction/Asst. Editing

quetim porta
I couldn't help sharing a tear. Very touching indeed.
The Thinking Man
Beautiful work! This is the best version of this poem on YouTube! Congratulations and enjoy the very bright future you have ahead of you)!
Rob Lavis
Brilliant work.
Excellent. I showed this with two year 10 groups and two year 11 group at my school. Some of the students are getting together to make their own version. The older students took away copies of the poem as leavers presents.
Andrew Cowman
Beautiful, inspirational & poignant. Words which the ignorance of the students in Manchester fail to see the strength of these words & how they touch & inspire. Wasted upon many a Snowflake
Emilio Marín-Roig R
Wonderful. :-)
This poem touches my heart.
Edalet M
0:46 best voice... would be better if he read out the poem alone.