Windows Evolution

Windows History Windows 1.0 (1985) Windows 2.0 (1987) Windows 3.0 (1990) 3.1 (1992) and 3.11 (1993) Windows 95 (1995) Windows NT 4.0 (1996) Windows 98 (1998) and 98 SE (1999) Windows 2000 (1999) Windows ME (2000) Windows XP (2001) Windows Vista (2006) Windows 7 (2009) Windows 8 (2012) and 8.1 (2013) Windows 10 (2015) Tracks: Twin Musicom - Not Without the Rest THBD - Lost In The Night (ft. Pipa Moran)

0:33 the best error music 🎵 =D
Windows 7 is what I use in school Windows 10 is what I use in home
The Flower In The Garden
You forgot: Windows 3.0 Windows 98 Windows NT 4.0 Windows NT 5.0 Windows Neptun Windows 2000 Windows Whistler Windows ME Windows Longhorn Windows 7.5 (preview of windows 8) Windows 8.1/8.1 pro
Đông Trạch Vũ
0:47 *Press any key to flood the facility with deadly neurotoxins* Yeah I see
Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish
0:38 those screensavers gave me flashbacks
Windows 1.0 is faster than windows 10
this video is so pretty but it also made me sad
Boe Dillard
I appreciate that you included the crash of Vista.
Adriansyah Firdaus
POST / S.M.A.R.T sound at 0:50 is really nostalgic I hope I can modded it into current gen PC:(
> sees Half-Life 3 Don't give me hope, i must Valve/sound/hgrunt/c2a5_hg_abandon.wav
sellen Je
I really miss windows xp ..brings me a lot of memories 💔
Boris Gajic
Very good animation. i like it🖒
*syntax* *error* =D
Custom UI Gamer
I remember my first computer was on Windows 7 and as a kid I just to count seconds till that windows logo came I remember it take 12-15 secs for my PC to show windows logo...Old mems
Paulo Roberto Elias
Nice vídeo, but the effects gave the wrong idea about how that systems used to work
Windows 7: Perfectionist of stability Windows 10: Perfectionist of functionality I can't decide which one is better
Liked the Windows XP bit, it brought me back...
Go 60,000 special!) Давай специально для 60к подписчиков!)
farisaiman jen
DAT LAST OUTRO OF WINDOWS 10 wallpaper IS SO SATISFYING TO WATCH someone make a wallpaper engine out of it 😍😍
I still have 7. It's still the most satisfying to use. I also have an XP. IMO, the best two operating systems Microsoft ever put out. My XP wasn't obsolete until about 2014.
potato potato potato potato potato potato potato
0:29 anyone notice that vmware toolbar on the top of the screen?
A Travelling Bleach
Innovation to... unnecessary innovation.
20%: great video 80%: HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
lyllian soane
R.I.P GlaDOS on Windows Vista 1992-2007 you are not the best forever! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
[ Rock Pock ]ロックポック
0:50 That PC with Intel Pentium 4 1800 clocked at 1.40 GHz boots faster than my Intel Core I5 8250U clocked at 3.40GHz. How is that possible?
Half Life 3 at 1:13 and a portal reference I see you're a valve fan
GamerFoxy4 Galix
*Slams computer* MONIKA!! STOP IT WITH THIS NONSENSE, also, your piano Is getting better!
Rebecca MacKinnon
I miss windows 7 Ultimate ;-;
And yet again I got recommend this amazing after effects legend
Mohammad Hadi
I know people using Windows XP in 2019
Shreerang Vaidya
I use Windows 10 in school. At home, it's Windows XP and Linux Mint 19
Vania Kucher
Half-Life 3...xDDD
i want that outro as my background demn
When you were supposed to finish your homework yesterday 0:28
acho que é cedo demais pra fazer um video nesse estilo...
Sweettv -
NOSTALGIC ABOUT THE PUZZULE GAME And purble place dang the good days
Arnold Ziffel
+4096 I must say. Your transitions between the years in these videos are amazing.
PolaCZek Gamer
Wow, I am really impressed. :O Awesome editing job done here.
I just got a windows upgrade ad......absolutely brilliant windows xp/10
ÅvÅ Friends
'memes that cured my depression'
1:13 Half life 3? O_o
Do Linux evolution next! Just kidding, Linux has so many distributions and insignificant kernel versions, that a video like this would take years to finish.
Matty L
That portal reference was genious
Because I'm Batman!
Fcuking nostalgia... I WANNA CRY!
the most majestic sound in the world 0:27
Pipa Moran
Thanks so much for deciding to use my music in your video. Would you mind crediting myself and THBD and leaving our links in your description please? We put our music out for free and the credit and recognition really help us out. Also if anybody reads this comment could you give it a "thumbs up" so that the OP can see please? :) If anybody watched this video and enjoyed the music, there is a link to download it for free on my channel! Thanks so much x
The Windows Vista start up made me cry in nostalgia
ItzLokyz GT
Im playing fortnite with 6 fps I'm using Windows 7 and no PC gaming :D only normal pc
Endy :D
Portal meme glados in bsod screen 0:46
Вольпина Кей
Ciocan Miruna
Windows xp is what i use at school. Windows 7 is what i use at home.
Jacob Bingham
I like how you animated the UI changes smootly!
My first computer was running windows 98!!! Good memories!! 🔥👍
When a Pentium 4 is faster than your computer...
KB878 878
The second one is on Roblox windows sim lol
watching this on my MacBook Pro lmao
0:52 Win7 on a single core P4?
Rayyan Hussain
Windows 10 is the best
you skipped windows 98, windows 2000, and windows ME
DEViL'Z, iNC. #43
Wait for "Windows 43" You will get suprised.
Mr Shyguy 2
You literally need to work as a video editor! Awesome work!
Virgil the Fox
0:47 *Neurotoxin. COUGH COUGH. So deadly. COUGH.*
I LightenStar I
That was the coolest outro I ever seen. The
Where win 98 server nt and MORE
Vista was so pretty.
windows 7 will forever be my fav XD
KimJongUnVEVO Official
You forgot win2003 , a hybrid of 98 and xp.
Jesal Gandhi
How do you do this animation style? Please make a tutorial
Quartz The Animator
0:46 Unless you have a plan for building some supercomputer parts in a big hurry, this place isn't going to be safe much longer.
Smash Hit Network Kapamilya
1:03 Microsoft Windows With Rosie Huntington-Whitekey!
This is actually very nicely done.
GLaDOS: * Press any key to flood the facility with deadly neurotoxins... Portal?
Ryan Devine
pinball gave me fat flashbacks
Voyage Nebula
The final with the windows ten logo was the best. Very, very beautiful.
Half lyfe 3 confirmed
Ajax Charles
I liked the affects
The end was beautiful. I now have faith in windows. #animatedbeautywindows *watches those windows forever*
I LightenStar I
That was the coolest outro I ever seen.
jay t
Left windows on Windows ME and got a mac... Got pissed off with OSX and high priced Macs in 2010... went to windows 8 and then 10 and love them. Maybe I missed out the crap I between
This is nostalgia asmr
Daniell Veramendi Rivera
As I see, this is the evolution based on the interface. The complete history would be: Windows 1.0 (1985) Windows 2.0 (1987) Windows 3.0 (1990) 3.1 (1992) and 3.11 (1993) Windows 95 (1995) Windows NT 4.0 (1996) Windows 98 (1998) and 98 SE (1999) Windows 2000 (1999) Windows ME (2000) Windows XP (2001) Windows Server 2003 (2003) Windows Vista (2006) Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 (2009) Windows 7 (2009) Windows 8 (2012) and 8.1 (2013) Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 (2013) Windows 10 (2015) Windows Server 2016 (2016)
Neeraj Kungwani
Man the transition are pure aewsome
Командир Блай
I-GLaDOS? Aperture science-Yeah I-Oh,neurotoxin... Aperture science-Don't worry,we just do GLaDOS how a virus,but for Science. I-God dammit...
Muzic (^_-) *lost in the night - thbd*
Danny K.
0:28 AHHHH NOSTALGIA!!!!!! :””””(
Citi416 YT
0:47 am i the only person who noticed the GLaDOS BSOD?
When i had to internet in the XP ages. Instead of playing those free games I'd watch the various screensavers the entire day
Павел Косенко
It's Windows degradation
Helpful Apple
It went from Windows Bacteria to Windows Homo Sapiens
Windows 7 last decent version
Matthew Armstrong
This guy is amazing at editing videos! Well done 👍
После XP, не evolution, а degradation какая-то!
Sweettv -
I remember windows 7 kinda
Phillip J Fry
Windows 10 the best !
Yusril Atfan
Bad news that Windows 7 Security (or something) end at January 14th 2020.
0:28 When the Memes began