Windows Evolution

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Windows History Windows 1.0 (1985) Windows 2.0 (1987) Windows 3.0 (1990) 3.1 (1992) and 3.11 (1993) Windows 95 (1995) Windows NT 4.0 (1996) Windows 98 (1998) and 98 SE (1999) Windows 2000 (1999) Windows ME (2000) Windows XP (2001) Windows Vista (2006) Windows 7 (2009) Windows 8 (2012) and 8.1 (2013) Windows 10 (2015) Tracks: Twin Musicom - Not Without the Rest THBD - Lost In The Night (ft. Pipa Moran)

0:33 the best error music 🎵 =D
1:14 I see half life 3. Very sneaky, very sneaky indeed.
Windows 7 is what I use in school Windows 10 is what I use in home
Kevin Borkloe
Oooohhhhhh God that XP startup at 0:28 sounded so satisfying to my ears. I miss those days.
The Flower In The Garden
You forgot: Windows 3.0 Windows 98 Windows NT 4.0 Windows NT 5.0 Windows Neptun Windows 2000 Windows Whistler Windows ME Windows Longhorn Windows 7.5 (preview of windows 8) Windows 8.1/8.1 pro
Pipa Moran
Thanks so much for deciding to use my music in your video. Would you mind crediting myself and THBD and leaving our links in your description please? We put our music out for free and the credit and recognition really help us out. Also if anybody reads this comment could you give it a "thumbs up" so that the OP can see please? :) If anybody watched this video and enjoyed the music, there is a link to download it for free on my channel! Thanks so much x
1:13 Half life 3? O_o
When a Pentium 4 is faster than your computer...
Do Linux evolution next! Just kidding, Linux has so many distributions and insignificant kernel versions, that a video like this would take years to finish.
*syntax* *error* =D
DogeRisas Funny videos
Windows xp is the best
LazyBoy9196 // Generated Buffet
0:52 4 GB OK
Ozier Hastings
0:51 illuminati
Endy :D
Portal meme glados in bsod screen 0:46
Vania Kucher
Half-Life 3...xDDD
Windows i used : Windows 98 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 10
Why am I crying?
stefan palenc
Yes. I have a windows 10. I'ts not funny ;-;
Salut Salutovich
0:46 GLaDOS из Portal 2
Like if you have windows 10!
0:34 was the best bit
Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish
0:38 those screensavers gave me flashbacks
you skipped windows 98, windows 2000, and windows ME
Guys, The Last song name is TBHD - Lost In The Night (ft. Pipa Moran)
Can this channel get 1000 subscribers by 2020?
When you discover that ALT+F4 has always existed: 0:14
Name of piano music?
LazyBoy9196 // Generated Buffet
1:03 look at the taskbar internet explorer and windows media player isn't in the taskbar
Qebite TV
Какого хера тут англичаны??! Тут же сказано русским!
Lena Sky
Первые успехи и первые провалы в Майкрософте. Тронуло до слез
Steven 2327
4096 Is RAM 4 GB
comando N
0:37 el mejor juego
Daniell Veramendi Rivera
As I see, this is the evolution based on the interface. The complete history would be: Windows 1.0 (1985) Windows 2.0 (1987) Windows 3.0 (1990) 3.1 (1992) and 3.11 (1993) Windows 95 (1995) Windows NT 4.0 (1996) Windows 98 (1998) and 98 SE (1999) Windows 2000 (1999) Windows ME (2000) Windows XP (2001) Windows Server 2003 (2003) Windows Vista (2006) Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 (2009) Windows 7 (2009) Windows 8 (2012) and 8.1 (2013) Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 (2013) Windows 10 (2015) Windows Server 2016 (2016)
You forgot windows 98... Also love the meme remix on windows XP! (XD)
Who see the Glados error xD
Nick Valentine
Почему так мало русских?
Александра Каченя
А если не трудно, можно песенку с Windows 7? Please! Заранее Thanks you!)
EJ CitiGaming
0:47 am i the only person who noticed the GLaDOS BSOD?
Go 60,000 special!) Давай специально для 60к подписчиков!)
[ Rock Pock ]ロックポック
0:50 That PC with Intel Pentium 4 1800 clocked at 1.40 GHz boots faster than my Intel Core I5 8250U clocked at 3.40GHz. How is that possible?
Сергей Сухарев
Tunj Than04.
Nice video ^_^
Arnold Ziffel
+4096 I must say. Your transitions between the years in these videos are amazing.
Tj & Ja
if you look in the corner in AE at the end it says his user is stoni.
• Darky •
Oh, my first windows - Windows XP. /Windows XP - Windows 7 - Windows 8/ 👌
papuga tvn abc
Where win 98 server nt and MORE
Ты из России?
potato potato potato potato potato potato potato
that gta vice city icon is different!!!
ItzLokyz GT
Im playing fortnite with 6 fps I'm using Windows 7 and no PC gaming :D only normal pc
Microsoft Windows XP
Usuario Perdido
Linux is Better!
I have windows vista but I broke it xD
X Games
0:53 easter egg
Matheus Fazzion
1:07 Is Windows 8.1 At 2013. Not Windows 8 At 2013.
0:52 Wait, your PC is a pentium 4??? at 1.4GHz!? Good luck playing Windows 7, 8 and 10.
the most majestic sound in the world 0:27
Virgil the Fox
0:47 *Neurotoxin. COUGH COUGH. So deadly. COUGH.*
Half Life 3 Sabpee
Devon Alfiano Lexius
0:47 GlaDOS portal 2 :v
Window 7 was the greatest.
Devon Alfiano Lexius
0:35 if you found *error* beat, *clap* your *hands*
Carles Ethan
Awesome animation.
Boris Gajic
Very good animation. i like it🖒
Paul Castillo
Guys, tell me... Which windows OS is the most beautiful to look at?
Cool , i love windows XP the most *it makes me fly*
0:06 please say a music
0:28 jajajajaja
NikiTOsIK Games
can you please give the windows 10 wallpaper with lights? gif or mp4 whatever please.
Jorclax Peña
you forgot windows 98 , 2000 , me and 8.1
PurpleGirl 885 [OFFICAL]
I got Windows 10 :3
Bence Steszli
0:46 music ?
Sean Lecca
this video sucks
Jesal Gandhi
How do you do this animation style? Please make a tutorial
Daniel Myslivets
1:09 - Имя пользователя "Maks" ;)
🌈Dina animation🌈
Жесть какие мы продвинутые :''''>
Oana-Elena Mihai
i love windows 95/98/XP/7/8.1
Well that is kind of..... nostalgic :/
Esti roman , te-am prins :))
Какой же бездушной выглядит десятка после семёрки
TheEPICpr0z Gaming
Windows 7 Still the best of all
Спс круто А вы не дизлайкайте это круто что ты сделал я так не умею мантировать
Владимир Кузнецов
Пришло время переустанавливаль шиндовс. Шиндовс сам не переустаностся
Quartz The Animator
0:46 Unless you have a plan for building some supercomputer parts in a big hurry, this place isn't going to be safe much longer.
Maciej 8 K.
0:30 gta vice city
harmony of the seas гармония морей
Какого хрена здесь англинчани если видос русский лично мне понрааилось особенно windows xp с музоном
Steve Jobs
Что за музыка от 7 и дальше?
Alsafejri Szemi
My cracked Windows 7 Ultimate is the best. ;)
Денис Шелуха
0:36 Бля, у меня тоже на старом компе этот клип был... Эхх, ностальджи)
Александр Кептя
Ролики у тебя классные! Сделай так про macOS и Xbox)
Polaris Lakewell
90% of the comments are "oh you missed Windows 98 2000 Windows 8.1 Beta versions" Well there is Windows 8.1, notice the start menu, Why cover Beta versions? Also Windows 2.0, 98, 2000 and Me are far to similar graphically. Also if you think there will be Windows 11, there won't be since Microsoft is going to update Windows 10 instead of coming out with a new OS So if you will, shut the fuck up
Александр Кептя
Ролики у тебя классные! Сделай так про macOS и Xbox)
WinI5 s
Анимация сделана так красиво,словами не передать!Особенно понравился запуск Windows 7,Ах да,ПОЧЕМУ У ТЕБЯ 4 ПЕНЬ?(Pentium 4)
Dislike doesn't matter
Windows 1.0 = Dog POOP for 99$? Windows 3.1 = Good for Working Windows Chicago= Most useless POOP Windows 95 = Better Windows Workstation NT= Good for Working too Windows 98 = ok Windows 98 Plus = More Better Windows 2000/Me = sucks Windows Longhorn= Most Beautiful Music Windows XP = Best Windows Ever Windows Server 2003/ and the other ones = WTF THEY ARE BAD FOR GAMING AND FOR WORKING Windows Vista = Really bad full of viruses I got a bSOD Windows 7 = King Windows 100000000 People are using this today Better then Windows 95 Windows 8 = Dog Food/Dirt Windows 8.1 = Better then the Dog Food Windows 10 = Co-Leader of Windows 7 Like if you agree
0:49 evolution starting:) Начинается эволюция