British Man Converted to Islam | Extremely British Muslims

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His children are lucky to have him as a father.
Shahzad Ali
I personally beleive that a person Converted to islam is a better Muslim than a born muslim because he experience all the circumstances around him and them choose the true relegion
alhamdulillah, he is a better muslim than these born muslims. it just shows that Allah ta'ala does not need us & can replace us in an instant with other ppl/nations, who will be better muslims than us.
Adam 1782
I converted to islam too💚💚💚💚
Borame hargeisa laascanood burco berbera cergabo
I love converts so much I think they special people allah choose them masha allah
Shahbaz Ansir
Those kids are lucky to have him as their Father
He's a damn good dad
kraiw john rever bot
I revert to islam five year ago
very lucky sister who is married with this great chosen man
Dara Dara
As a converted he knows more islam than the muslim from born. Masha Allah.... May Allah grant him Jannah...
When your Saxon step dad is more Muslim than you
Nelli Julia
What a father..the two grown up sons should respect him n learn the islam knowledge fr him..
anjuman786ara Anjuman Ara
May Allah bless him and his family,
Alfie Moon
Mashallah that family should be lucky to have such a devoted man of Allah as their step father. One day they will be grateful to him inshallah although they do not see the benefit yet.
Ashraf Sokwalla
People who convert to Islam are better than born Muslim.
"He's like a book" 😂😂😂 that is one of the biggest compliments you can receive
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Ok let's settle this revert and convert thing! Like- Revert Comment- Convert
True .children are lucky to have him as a father
waqar khan
The children r lucky to have such caring father. May God bless u all
nora abdul
MasyaAllah...stay istiqamah ..may Allah ease you on what you do and ease you to jannah...aaminn
Mohammed Yakub
when someone converts, he is really special because he was not born into this. this is not just a cullture to him, its not just a habit that he grew up with. he CHOSE to do this so you know he has pure intentions
So Lo
Congratulations, brother. We have a big respect for you. 😊
eno papua
Respect your parents and thank them because their fully loves you in islam....Masha Allah
Just like my father 😂 god bless him ❤
That was really interesting
Razaul Mustafa
wow😍 . that toilet reasoning is amazing. i didn't know that . even though i am a born muslim.
Tariq Alodat
A wonderful father..reverts are sometimes the best versions of true Islam.I hope his stepsons will listen and follow and research along with him.They really dont know how Allah has blessed them with this man as a father figure and if they are smart then they will InshaAllah become wonderful fathers amd husbands themselves one day.A bonus for a healthy community
Hannan Soman
What a great man. GOD Bless you and your family ✌️
عوام پاکستان ۔
Love u from Pakistan
Lola Azougagh
بِسْم الله ماشاء الله عليه He learned every details.
Rafli Rinaldi
After all this time... I know why we use left foot for entering bathroom
Turki Al-shalawi
﴿ وأمر أهلك بالصلاة واصطبر عليها ﴾ And enjoin prayer upon your family [and people] and be steadfast therein What you’re doing is right and normal not extreme
mohammed aljaafarie
They are so lucky and blessed to have a father like that May Allah bless him and his family
Somali Muslim
The word "extremely" in the title is it for click bait? ?? Coz there is nothing extreme about this blessed muslim father. Ma sha Allah he is trying his best to thank Allah. This is the beauty of Islam.
Music locate
I know those kids they used to study and Joseph Chamberlain college and they got kicked out
Lord 7
He looks very kind and his sons
Samira13 abdi
To be honest his kids are very lucky to have him as dad. The should listen him and obey him before it's too late.
Wish my fiancé was like him ..but he is not
Dina Danielsen
Mâ shâ Allâh he is really great May Allâh swt bless him and his family They are very blessed to have him as father Mâ shâ Allâh
Taha Hassan
allah bless this man forever with health and wealth and most importantly with eman
He is good man my Allah reward him to paradise the highest level Ameen
Love you Brother from Pakistan
Abdul, it's not easy raising teenage boys. I'm so proud of you.. you're like one of the sahabas (companions of Prophet pbuh) who are always striving to do what's morally awesome. keep it up. May Allah swt bless your family and bless you with afiah ameen
Anonomous Muslim Girl
💕 May Allah grant you happiness
Leo khotana
What a fantastic man and them kids are very blessed to have a father like that, Mashallah great video😍😍
Ilyas Jumma
MashaAllah great role model... taking his sons to pray fajr in mosque 🕌 soldiers 💪🏼 May Allah keep him steadfast for him and his family and may Allah bless men with these qualities
Abid Momand
Respect from Afghanistan 🇦🇫 ❤️
Haadi Ali
Good muslim man and a good father. God bless you and your father my brother!
mimi fifi
Lucky to have him as a father and husband.
God bless our British brothers and sisters All humanity will unite under the justice the truth Islam ☪️
Free World
Subhanallah walhamdulillah walailaha illallah wallahu akbar. ❤ May Allah grant you jannah. Ameen
Alfi Cammy615
Respect him for everyday perform morning prayer in mosque that was really tough to do wake up at 4.30 am literally everyday and perform it at mosque even for me I had a hard time doing it
Sami Rahman
May Allah bless him with peace happiness and strengthen his faith Ameen
Why can't u convert to Judaism, if u do really want to follow the religion which is chosen by God. The empty vessels make the loudest noise ! This seems to be an empty vessel. The fact is that the majority of Europeans are not true religious they are born in a religion and living without religion, enjoying all the worldly pleasures, finally they end up in depression, they are fed up with usual stuff and looking for change!!! If this fellow had met with a Buddhist, jain, Jewish, parsi, Christian or Hindu monk instead of a Muslim orthodox man, he would have converted into Buddhism/jainsm/Christianity/Hinduism /Judaism. No wonder.... It is an open market for every one.... Any extremist from any religion can go to Briton. (even u can make your own new religion but it should have a little philosophy and attraction) Definitely they will have a future and they will have huge followers...and money. Its just a simple evidence . Simple logic is that they are looking for change and identity.... And if u can give them... They are yours... Your slaves Slaves of religion, and u know Religion is the best business to collect huge money and a single businesses to evade taxes and acquire power, luxury life, fame etc Guys don't miss understand I am not Atheist but strong believer in one true GOD. Religion is not my god and religious manics are not my friends. Being human is my religion. Human beings are my brothers and sisters. I am sure God did not create any religion or division but human beings.
Easy Company
His is a very2 good father...Alhamdulillah...
Türk Oglu
MachAllah brother Allah bless you and ur family
Matthew Hall
yeah...looks like a fun and heartwarming faith there.
imran akash
Wow look at his face , shining and so much simplicity just love it,brother you look so handsome with this natural look❤❤
What a cool guy I wish you a happy life brother 🤗
Hhj Hhg
Woow i am a muslim and i said barak allah fik wich meens god bless you my freind
Wasif Chowdhury
Greatest man. Mashallah Allah bless you and your family 😇😇😇
These boys have no idea how much Allah blessed them with a great stepfather like this man.
Chammm Lammm
A lot of young people don't agree what the parents are saying and how they act untill they do grow up, usually they end up getting the point and being thankful
de sp
2:03 This contradicts the rules of symmetry in science
Gabeer Lazem
Mashallah. He is And example for all mankind
Dare Devil
ahahah 😂😂😂 oh Allah .look at them my brother is smilling . my mother also waking me up like this and i love it. love from pakistan
People should do research on Islam. Before converting to a religion they know nothing about. The history of Islam is all built on lies.
Doesn't Islam prohibit adoption?
world beauty is temporary
The son said "he is like a book" what a great father! He is amazing may ALLAH bless him and his family
moosa josay
There should be great full to have such a great step dad mashAllah
Bulwadda Shafik
may allah bless us with this kind of taqwa. that enables us treat children that are not ours with respect and kindness. he woke them up for subhr, teaches them deen. may allah bless us with this taqwa. mad respect for this man.
Amelia P
The kids. Lol. What a lovely family. Maa shaa Allah.. may Allah bless them 😍
Shezad Khanan
MashAllah May Allah be bless with them and his guidance for his family
Umar Farooq
These Pakistani Teenagers Like Us Are Mostly Fun Makers...
Anees Ali
SubhanAllah what a great man, may Allah grant him succes in this life and hereafter
Mohammed Khider
Inshallah one day you will succeed brother.. thanks for acknowledging with logic behind going in bathroom..
Abu Muhammad
Masha Allah this guy is a legend. Masha Allah tabarakarahman. I'm also a revert ☝️
Pitstop2 Kanal
"He's like a book" hahahaha :D
mohsin ahmed
Hahahaha what a man wonderful he is a wonderful man may ALLAH bless him
Umm Zaynul
SubhaanAllaah May Allaah azza wa jall bless you and the family and keep us firm upon Tawheed Aameen
may Allah grant them Paradise
tu kehndy tu
Assalam o alaikum brother," May Allah accept your Shahada.
Khalid Mehmoood
I liked this family 👍🏻
Atif Rasool
Masahallah. May Allah bless you... Ameen Summa Ameen ...
May Allah grant you jannat el ferdous el a3la. You are a true man with pure imaan subhana Allah.
Javed khan
But why
Zember Begum
Masha Allah subhan Allah! He is one in a million. May Allah reward you the best Ameen!
Mansour Abdulshafea
What a great man & teacher Discipline is the foundation of life
Subhan ALLAH. May ALLAH SWT Bless you & rest all of us with the spirit of Imaan. Ameen
Man like a Abdul. Bless you bro 😊
ما شاء الله تبارك الله ،اين نحن منك.
Mashallah what a good father. May Allah bless you with peace love strength health and happiness
Zora i
May Allah swt guide you more, to.teach your family and the wider community and that we learn from your knowledge insha allah remain on the true path. Jazak allah khair
dont worry if your sons dont follow you sometimes its their age they will understand you one day.
Gun Fighter
Allah bless him with his own bloodline righteous offspring aswell. Ameen
asif ahmad
Masha Allah..A blessed family👍👍👍
ايمان امونة
Alhamdulilah, may Allah keep guiding him and his family and bless them 💜💜💜
Aziz Tokhi
Ma sha Allah may Allah swt reward you and your family Ameen
Amantur Nuraliev
Allah bless you brother amen
Sardar Shariff
Islam, the perfect system...