KoЯn - Everything I've Known ( Guitar Cover )

Album : Take a look in the Mirror Tuning : ADGCFAD

i want your amp, lol some kid tried to tell me this song was tuned to E standard XD
Sebert Dinnall
fukkin awesome dude
Jannik Hansen
You shud have played a.d.i.d.a.s with that shirt ;)
Teach me master
Satans Son
@Gen0cid3 nice. i got original blaze's out of a steve vai universe in mine
Ben Måsstaden
@deathcore1239 blaze customs
Satans Son
@Gen0cid3 that and tuning are my only real bitches about the guitar. the rest is fair quality. and the necks not my favorate. im used to wizard prestige 7. what p/ups did you get?
Ben Måsstaden
@deathcore1239 hahaha yeah i know this guitar isnt that great ^^ but i already bought some new pickups for it .. sounds much better ^^
Satans Son
funny you have an awesome amp with a shit guitar. i have an awesome guitar with a shit amp great cover dude
Boris Anđelić
man, i dont know, but theres no diffrence xD very good!
Asad Mahmood
Seems as if the whol room is shaking.....lolz.......nice cover though!!!
wow man , this is really good , there are some little tiny mistakes , but it doesn´t matter , the way how you did the intro was kick ass!
beindruckend du hast wohl nen guten Lehrer gehabt ^^
Ben Måsstaden
Danke , eehm zu der zeit warns 1 1/2 jahre
wow... grossartiges cover Wie lange spielste den schon???
No ur not getting less views bc of that, haha. Sweet cover! love the shirt :)
yer i saw that after i wrote the comment but on some of your other korn videos you dontt
Ben Måsstaden
mhh really ? i wrote "korn & KoЯn " as tag
you know your prob getting less veiws because of the backwards R
Hey man, i made a new user to upload korn covers, i posted a video response too, if you don't remember my old user was called "baguett" ;) greats job again * :)
Ben Måsstaden
Ehm you can see my amp in the background ^^ ive just put my cam on my Desk ^^
Dude how did you get the camera to like..shake while your playing? did you like put it on top of the amp or somethan?
Ben Måsstaden
i can try, give me some time
Ben Måsstaden
Thank you bro ! love that song too =)
GREAT GREAT GREAT....one of my favourite songs from KoRn...perfectly played...super sound...keep on rockin man
Ben Måsstaden
yeah it sounds good with the right effectpedal =) anyway thanks for watching man
Damn..first time I've seen that, VOX head & cab to play some Korn...fkn nice man
Ben Måsstaden
thank you dudes ! next korn covers coming soon